January 8th 2009 1:18 am PT

Halo Wars coming February 28th (Updated)

It was just announced at CES that Halo Wars will be available on February 28th (see below with world wide dates) with a demo hitting Xbox LIVE on February 5th.


Edit: There has be an update to the Halo Wars release date. In addition, I have details on specific regions:

Japan and Asia Pacific: February 26
Europe: February 27
North America: March 3

Note: The demo is still on track for a February 5th release.

Halo By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Michael

    Nice, thanks for the update Major!

  • OwNaGeR20

    Sweet can’t wait to try the demo

  • anon


  • Vasilii Zaytsev

    Awesome news Nelson! I can’t wait for this demo/game.

  • RedPhoenix HD

    Yay … been waiting a long time for this.

  • Gordon

    Always good to have demos to play, thank you Larry.

  • Spencermx14

    So it’s coming earlier than expected!!! that’s amazing cannot wait!


    I will buy this only if you can produce warthog units to attack your opponents with. As with Halo 3, it is customary for me to sing out “WHEN I WAS A YOUNG WARTHOG” over the mic whenever I killed someone with said unit. This experience must be provided or no sale…

  • http://www.lifeinsidethebox.com Brian Perry

    Is that NA territories, or UK, JAPAN? I seem to remember reports that it was going to be march 3rd in NA.

  • padilla21 Live

    cant wait!

  • Scimac

    Looking forward to it :D

  • r3dreck

    Who cares… well, a lot of people do but I could care less.

  • Dark Knight 2K

    No date for Primetime though, huh?

  • Raz 360

    I thought it was coming out on the 26th in Japan, 27th in Europe and March 3rd in America? Someone needs to get the facts right and tell us EXACTLY when each region will be getting it!

    Heres where I was getin my info: http://www.shacknews.com/onearticle.x/56257

  • OMGz It’s TA Noob Pwner

    It’s Feb 28th For Asia and asia Pacific
    It’s Feb 29th For Europe
    It’s March 3rd For South and North America

  • Joe

    I hear ya r3dreck! I’d rather play Interpol than this boring crap.

  • a peeking duck

    *pours a 40 for Ensemble*

    Their swan song.

  • Matu Flp Krawfe

    In a strange twist for me I’m so excited for Halo Wars that I’m not going to download the demo.

    For something of that calibur I know that I’m not going to be satisfied with just a sneak peek so as much as I want that game as soon a possible I’m going to hold off until release day to actually play it.

  • Aliasalpha

    Glad to hear a demo is coming, I’m interested but I’m way too pessimistic of RTS controls on a console to buy it without a demo.

  • Imrane 117

    Cool, but I cant wait ! :)


    Looking forward to it…

  • TES7769

    What a DUD of a CES keynote by MS in ’09.I wasn’t expecting much, but i expected more than Halo Wars(sorry i won’t be buying, i’m all Halo’d out)and “Windows 7″.I wouldnt be surprized to see Nintendo’s keynote to be more exciting.

  • El Jazz

    Wooo! Fantastic news :)

    el jazz

  • Grumpy Jedi

    Wait … February 28th is a Saturday. A Saturday street date? That’s unusual, isn’t it?

  • CKaz

    still boggles the mind MS unglued Ensemble =b

  • Goodeye84

    @TES7769 Why? CES is not the place MS wants to or used to announce big things with Xbox they could and they have before but CES is more than just video games.

    E3 or many other gaming conventions are more of a suited place for gaming announcements.

    @Grumpy Jedi Thats 28th for Asia,

    Here in the US it will be March 3rd.

  • J4mesM4n


  • AblativMeatshld

    There. NA gets the game AFTER everyone else. Are you people happy now? :)

  • Ganon255

    Is the Demo gonna be Gold only? Not that it matters to me, just wondering.

  • Sir Doctor

    Wow Europe getting a game first? And It’s a halo game?
    That is kind of creepy…


    I’m disappointed such simple facts can be spoken incorrectly at such public events. The original dates stand as before and yet Robbie Bach spews errors by the bucket load at CES.

    I suggest Microsoft make it happen Feb. 28th just to calm down the masses.

  • Raiden BR

    I think Microsoft is afraid to release Halo Wars on the 27th because of Killzone 2.. that game is so good that it’s capable of push Halo Wars into the shadows.

  • anon

    halo sucks

  • anon

    @Raiden BR .killzone 2 will suck,ps3 is a good blu-ray player…thats it

  • Da Extender

    Can’t wait!.. 27th for me… ^^

  • RFT 123

    Finally us Europeans get something before the Americans…besides Christmas of course! :P

  • DarkBlades25

    March 3rd for North America? We should get it earlier, Halo was born in the US. -_- Oh well I can wait a week later.

  • AOClaus


    They might be worried, but then the first Killzone was such a major disappointment that trepidation on the part of those who bought the first, and might have been/might be interested in buying the second, could very well keep the game from breaking any sales records.

  • Ollyh

    Not very fond of RTS games on consoles but I’ll give the demo a try.

  • Nibbles37

    So Has this been confirmed for a PC release? I’m sure my PC wont be able to play it but RTS were made for PC I just can’ see myself playing this on 360 without getting very frustrated.

  • JohnnyricoMC

    @Nibbles, how in God’s name can you say that without having tried it first?
    don’t forget this game is made by Ensemble Studios, these guys are gurus when it comes to RTS games, I’m confident their controls will be well thought-out.

    see first, conclude later.