January 13th 2009 3:00 pm PT

Upcoming on Arcade: Castle Crashers DLC and The Maw

The Castle Crashers: King Pack will be available this Wednesday for 160 points, and next Wednesday we’ll The Maw from Twisted Pixel go up for 800 points.


Arcade By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • kentaa

    Yes great new game well done.

  • David

    Like many others, getting more & more disappointed with microsoft and the way they’re managing XBLA.

    I mean we know there are dozens if not hundreds of games complete and waiting to be released(have read countless developer interviews where clearly even they are puzzled and disappointed that their games aren’t being released still months after they were passed certification).

    Why on earth are we still seeing “no new release” weeks, not to mention the vast majority of weeks where we receive a single and stinking game.

    Step up the program microsoft, even WiiWare is trouncing XBLA lately in my opinion and I never thought that would happen.

  • emuholic

    @Quaranj – I use the word only as I was hoping for more. I have completed the game a few times over and got sick of waiting for the update to fix multiplayer which I had never been able to play until Christmas when the update finally arrived. So for me a couple of extra characters etc. that they probably had left over from before the release isn’t enough for me to warrant a purchase. If new levels had been included I would have been happy to pay 400 or 800 points depending on the number of levels.

  • Exu

    Oh that’s great, charge for DLC that’s already in the game for a game plagued with problems that have ruined the game since the beginning and have still not been fixed, just given a largely inneffective patch.

    Maw looks okay but we’ll see.

    OutRunOA is due this month.

  • bob101910

    Wheres UNO 2!!!!????

  • SkyyPlum

    So I say I’m not a troll and you get rid of my messages Major, real cool. Cause I’m upset about the recent games and no release this week I can’t say so? And because Molasses whines about my comments and I respond you get rid of my messages, why not get rid of his for calling me a troll. I’ve read a lot worse messages on hear that continue to stay up but because I respond back to harassing remark I get mine deleted. If you can’t tell I’m a little upset by this and I pray we get some good games soon or at least some games that cater to a larger audience.

    Plus really why can’t we get release dates on upcoming arcade games like we do for all other games? These days so many games are delayed so I don’t think it would be a big shock to see an arcade game delayed with our knowledge.

    I know you work for ms Major and are not gonna bash them but at least some explanations to some of the decisions now and then would be great. And please don’t delete this message.

  • SkyyPlum

    Sorry Major, you didn’t delete my messages. I was reading through my posts and saw the same messages from Molasses and figured it was the same topic but it wasn’t. So you can just ignore the first paragraph and last sentence of my last post.

    Plus Molasses stop calling me a troll, I don’t call you a ms *** kisser do I.

  • Gorkinlot

    Please Peggle come soon

  • Turtle502

    sigh…3 red flashing lights tonight :(

  • Herblaw

    The Maw is a XBLA game, huh why did I think it was a full one…

    Trial first, buy later.

  • DrOctagonapus12

    So, when can we think to see The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai, hmmmmmmm?

  • ElektroDragon

    This better not be the only thing released tomorrow after 3 weeks of throwaways. WHERE IS PEGGLE??

  • Blue Thunder28

    dish washer, please.

  • SourNotHardcore

    Hmmm, sweet.

  • Utako

    Where’s “The Maw” please ?

  • Daboss1026

    Peggle should be OUT very soon as it is being released on Pop Cap Arcade Volume 2 which releases in Early February.

  • FR3SH JIV3

    Where is The Maw? I see the Castle Crashers content but can’t find The Maw anywhere.

  • FR3SH JIV3

    I completely misread that and just thought The Maw came out today. No Arcade release this week? That is disappointing, especially after releasing junk like Interpol the week before.

  • mb

    errr, no christmas for xbla users, no happy new year, wake up guys, we need good games (no interpol, no castle crashers -fantastic game- poor DLC, no puzzle arcade…). Come on, do your job, like in summer !

  • Drunk Ste

    At 108 KB I’m guessing its just an unlock key.


    As the Behemoth said on their dev blog site: “All pricing for this and future downloadable content is entirely decided on by Microsoft. All we can do is throw in our input (free!!!!!) but at the end of the day it’s their decision.” So if you’re gonna whine about the cost of this DLC, at least choose the right target!

    And if you’re still having problems with this supposed “saved data loss” bug (though this recent patch seems to FINALLY have taken care of it), all you have to do is just log out of XBL and back on within the game, and all your saved data will show up again. It looks like it was a DRM issue, since I only noticed it happening after I used my same HDD on a replacement Elite I got back after a RRoD repair.

  • Warrengonline

    I’m with Blue Thunder28, I want Dish Washer x 1,000,000,000. The demo was awesome and totally unexpected fun. “Mario with a knife and goth clothes!” (smiling). I am wondering, how do you guys and girls have all of the time to play games? I’m just asking, my work (school?) and projects tend to leave little time to play (lately). So if 2 weeks pass and their is not arcade game – good or bad – I don’t fret and look at old stuff I have not purchased. Heck I have arcade games I have not played in months (Worms, Duke Nukem 3D, Tetris Splash, DOOM, Frogger, Smash TV, Omega Five, Street Trace:NYC and more). “A new Arcade Game A Week” is NOT what I desire. I desire a good game, tested and 95% bug free, good sound & effects and graphics with good game play that are released per 2 weeks. Some of you need to backtrack, round up some friends and have a good time getting some achievements, but have fun doing it.

  • Anonyourmom


  • ColdMolasses

    SkyyPlum = troll

  • Jeff

    For those of you upset for not having a game this week — GO BUY INTERPOL. Released last week, it’s a fantastic game.

  • SkyyPlum

    Please just grow up Molasses, I doubt that will happen but please. Calling me a troll is not gonna make me one, I’m not one and nor will I ever be one. I don’t say things to start arguments like you are doing so that would make you the troll here whiz kid.