January 14th 2009 4:57 pm PT

New Avatar clothes available

A brand new bundle of clothes is now available in the Avatar Editor:

Striped Polo Shirt
Striped Jacket with Polo
Checked Jacket with Polo
Open Neck Cardigan
Embroidered Pants
Suspenders with Hi Pants (Dress Up)

Hacking Jacket
Chinos with Belt
Rainy Day Boots
Scarlet Pumps
Lavender Polo Shirt

As usual: All clothing choices are free, and will remain available. It is easy to tell what is new when you are in the avatar editor, just look for the gold star. Any item of clothing with a gold star is new since the last time you signed in.

Gaming By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Eraser Reign

    Awesome. I have the best time with these customizing my avatar. I just want some game themed clothes. Like maybe a t-shirt with the Halo 3 or Gears of War 2 logo.

  • Joergen8

    Well, I’m pretty sure we Lutherans would say that its inappropriate to link superstition with the celebration of the birth of Christ. Unless it says “Its bad luck to keep your christmas tree after the 5th day of an ISO calendar year” in the Bible, its superstition :P

    But thats interesting. Over here, some people turn off their yard decorations around easter when they realize its the next holiday already. Some not even then.

  • HeavyComponent

    The clothes are lame, all of them! They need to let us put whatever color we want on the clothes. That way no one will have 2 of them same shirt on or pants.

  • Annoyed

    the nxe, avatars, and optional clothing posts remind me how different MS priorities are versus my own.

    – MS is nickel and diming customers on fluff stuff.

    – I have been waiting for updates to the Media Streaming interfacing. Hoping for MPEG2, Album Art on WinXP, heck even fast forward and rewind, WMP11 mp4 native support, better wi-fi throughput, DHCP that fails less than half the time.

    Please please please forget all this avatar cr*p and spend some investment on improving the media streaming experience. The hardware and pieces are all in place. I don’t want to have to buy a box just because of software deficiencies.

  • HunCity87

    hmm…I usually take mine down on the 25/12, I just don’t see the point in keeping “Christmas Lights” up after Christmas….but maybe that’s just me…

  • SeNiLe911

    For those that want to see a sample of the clothes http://x2theg.blogspot.com/2009/01/go-preppy-with-new-avatar-clothes.html

  • Pogra

    Hacking Jacket?… Prepare to lose your account with my amazing jacket.
    It’s sexy

  • Warrengonline

    Hmmm, more free stuff. My next order a ‘No Shirt’ option (summer is almost here, well in Orlando, FL its almost summer now with a few cold days), a ‘Tank Top’ and a pair of Beach Shorts (blue with giant yellow poka-dots) and ‘No Shoes’ for bare feet. Are we going to get some Namco Clothing Designs? Why only RARE?

  • Vasilii Zaytsev

    Who the HELL designs this clothing?!

  • oAssassin Xo

    Well instead of my typical rants I think I’ll just do the list style of stuff that sucks now with 360. So sick of making speeches about it:
    -360 Games cost to much and usually give to little.
    -NXE was flop. Just offers more stuff that cost more money.
    -Netflix did one thing. Took away more movies that you were available to view online before! Pointless.
    -Arcade has turned into a junkpile. And most things now cost 800-1600 for stuff you can download for free on the net half the time.
    -Add-Ons and other stuff for games are a rip.
    -Community Games is a joke. You know its bad when a fire log is the top seller.
    -Avatars were suppose to be these awesome free things. Instead we are now told we get free crappy clothes and have to pay for “better” stuff. Is anyone surprised? MS is never giving.
    -Anything else on 360 you have to pay for. TV shows for instance. Why? You can watch them online for free! Themes? You can’t even preview them and yet we get charged 250 to see if we get stuck without a refund! MS is about nickle and dimming you to death in these times of economic struggles. Fail for MS!
    -Xbox originals is a fail too. Why pay that much for games that have many glitches and you will lose if something happens? You can buy those same games for like $5 new now! lol.
    -Gold is a rip too. MS throws “Play games online” in the package so you forced to for Gold. We all know playing games online is free and thats why you buy a game. I don’t care about 101 of these stupid features that come with Gold. I just want to play games online. Thats it. Make gaming online for Silver membership and keep those stupid other features for Gold…for people who are sheep.
    Finally for anyone saying otherwise to anything I say. Mods on pc are free. Playing games online on PC are free. Chat feautres on pc are free. Doing anything on a pc is free that you can do on a 360. Pretty much that is. MS just knows people that own a console are sheep and follow them hook, line and sinker. They know people believe that because its a console that somehow they SHOULD pay other fees beacuse thats what you do. Thats the “down side” to consoles.
    What? 360 is a PC! HELLO! MS did nothing special to make a chat or to make you play games online! ITS MS FOR GOODNESS SAKES! They make more then everyone combined here! Lastly if I was wrong about online gaming for instance then MS wouldn’t have got its butt handed to them on the PC when they tried pulling the same thing with Gold. PC users told them “HECK NO! Online gaming is free!” MS knew PC users weren’t dumb and made it free like it always has been.

  • Wickedneoq

    1) I’m really enjoying the rhetorical BS in the comments from people as clueless as ever about the point of Avatars. Considering add-ons for games a rip-off is definitely a load of crap, since people really enjoy buying them. If you make it, they will buy it. End of discussion there. (Includes you nickle-and-diming argument people. Make a better argument, please, you’re making the philosophy students laugh.)

    2) That “Striped Jacket with Polo” is awesome for Nova Scotians like myself! Totally rockin’ the NS-colors of blue and yellow. Who do I thank for making that shirt choice, Larry?

  • Anonymous

    when are we getting a shell suit for us scousers ?

  • vveezer

    great! new clothes

  • Raidmeuk

    Always good to see a freebie.

  • IrN ChRiZ

    A ‘Hacking’ Jacket is worn when horse riding. Kinda like a blazer.

  • IrN ChRiZ

    @ oAssassin Xo

    You again, why don’t you go off and talk to someone who gives a stuff. Plus next time get all of your facts right before posting your hormonal rants.

  • JohnnyricoMC

    @oAssassin Xo

    you’re always free to leave Xbox for what it is and go to Playstation.
    with live you get a working matchmaking system, you get active cheat protection, connection priority over silver members when downloading.
    and your comparison with PC just shows you’re an idiot.
    the money you think you’re saving by playing on a PC gets lost on the continuous upgrading required.

    you’re accusing gold members of being sheep, yet you’re a gold member yourself.

    with that comment about avatars accessories you just show you’re either stupid or too lazy to read the major’s words: “All clothing choices are free, and will remain available”

    lay off the crackpipe and get a job so you can afford games, live and marketplace content instead of coming here to whine, you’re looking like a chav.

  • oAssassin Xo

    “All clothing choices are free, and will remain available”
    Ok? Point being? lol. In cased you missed it MS said over the Live on YOUR 360 that the Avatars will have free cloths every 2 weeks for a awhile (aka the crap stuff). And at some point there will be a Avatar store where you can buy clothes, animations, sounds…. etc. Key word being “BUY” as in once again we get the crap stuff with every feature and the nickle and dime you for anything thats REMOTELY worth anything.
    As for PC. You only have to upgrade every other week if your stupid. You can live on a upgrade for years if you need to. I upgrade my computer every other year with maybe a new Video Card and thats about it unless I really need something else. So my console cost about the same as my 360. Ok maybe my pc cost a little more. Still PC gaming is relatively cheap unless your more worried about hardware every week then gaming.
    And as for my facts. Nope. They are all accurate. Some of us have read everything there is. Which yes that means I got nothing to do in my free time. I am sure most of you do more then me so I think I know more about whats going on then you.
    Of course I have Gold Not exactly like I have a choice. MS forces you to pay for it if you want to play your $60 games online. Its either that or NOT play them online. You can always complain to MS…oh wait you can’t. When you call you talk to “Bob Smith” the the guy from india who never understands what you want anyways. So its not exactly like you can complain when no one speaks english right at customer service.
    Another example of MS’S cheapness. They avoid customer complaints by getting cheap workers to work customer service. If “Bob Smith” gets a complain he only knows to tell you “I am sorry for your dissatisfaction. I can’t do anything for you right now. Please try later thank you!”

  • JohnnyricoMC

    dude, if you’re so pissed off at MS cause you have to pay, go to playstation and use linux on your pc.
    have fun with cheaters online on the PC and a poor amount of good games on the PS3

    don’t like it, leave.
    it’s not like MS is FORCING you to buy avatar clothes.
    besides, there are free alternatives to live like xbconnect and leaf and xlink kai.

    if you’re really that pissed, stop being a whiney bitch and go to another platform.

  • Willeth

    It’s not really that kind of superstition – I think it stems from a widespread pagan belief of the spirits that live in holly and ivy and so on. You brought them in for the winter and returned them to their natural habitat no later than the 5th, otherwise they wouldn’t survive. That’s why we have all the associations of those plants with Christmas – it just so happens to be at the same time.

  • BrokenLeviathan

    I’m still waiting on a decent black suit. Tuxes are for penguins and the white suit is unprofessional and the dark suit is poorly cut. (sleeves and pant legs are too short, no self respecting man would wear something tailored so poorly)

  • JoeyCoolNutzz

    I want game content as clothes! HALO3 SOMETHING? TSHIRTS OR ARMOUR SUIT?

  • Warrengonline

    @oAssassin Xo
    The NXE isn’t that bad, while agree quite a few things ‘from the Atari to 3DO’ era – No online needed to play. Without Xbox Live online play, I would not own as many games and probably never gotten past Halo 1 or tried (purchased) Burnout Paradise. NetFlix is albeit the BEST part of NXE. Now, that PlayOn (hulu.com, youtube, CBS and more) is on Xbox Live Media Center ($30), WHY pay for movies from the Market Place? Obviously, quite a few people are using that part of the service. At this point, the avatars, I truly thought the new year was going to being us a 3D world to walk around in and loads of clothes. No big deal, but some of this stuff being released is making me wonder does the NXE Avatar team really have a surprise for us? Surprises such as ‘normal clothing’ (a tee shirt and simple khaki pants, no shirt or shoes options)? I can careless if the ‘3D Avatar World’ is like an empty The Matrix weapon room with HUGE space and a soccer ball myself and 7 friends can kick around and we have a small scoreboard and goals to tally points. ‘Casual Fun’ in a low poly world, awesome.

  • Warrengonline

    What is ‘active cheat protection’? When you said that, the FIRST thing that came to mind was “This guy has not played Dead or Alive 4 (with an SS or B+, Gears of War 1, Halo 2 and the ‘invincible’ glitch some kid found in Super Street Fighter II HD Remix (lately) on Xbox Live”. I haven’t had the liberty of fighting him, so for now it is hearsay. I’ve played with cheaters and glitchers (quickmatch godsend/devils’ playground), invited to glitch party matches – which I gladly turn down. Why? I’m a gamer, I can find glitches by myself, for fun and to laugh at, not to be a handicap to win (it’s not skill). oAssassin Xo’s rant is a bit extreme, but $60 for a buggy game that will be updated (fixed) later is a tad bad shame and once sales start to slow and more people buy used games and go to goozex.com to take their business, ‘Take it or Leave it’ will be in full play. Even the new Halo 3.5 is causing quite an uproar, wait that’s too strong a word, ‘stir’ is more like it. I have no say or opinion on it, but yet lately my party chats and IMs are littered with fellow gamers ‘going off’ on something so simple. What gives? [backtracks – “what?”]

  • JRC865

    Darn, forgot to check out the new clothes yesterday. You guys need something on xbox.com that lets you edit your avatar online, and if you do please tell me.


    hey major ,hook me up with some good clothes alright dude.

  • Arakon

    Something is broken about the avatar updates here.
    I got a new console and kept my HDD. Ever since, I only get the default clothes from NXE launch. I can’t delete the avatar update to re-download it since it doesn’t show anywhere in memory. License transfer also requires re-downloading, but that doesn’t trigger since I already have it on the HDD afterall. Any idea?

  • ZeroBXU

    @Arakon Delete your NXE udpate from the HDD? Wouldn’t that force you to re-download everything and (hopefully) end up with a bug-free version of the avatar editor?

  • X Ray Hamburger

    Haven’t checked it out yet. But it’s always good to see new additions for free. I’m liking this pattern.

  • Kaldo

    hey Major, why doesn’t microsoft get smart and finally give our avatars clothes from game characters? people might even be willing to pay for that.

    i haven’t given my character a second look since it was greated… but give me the opportunity to slap on a halo helm/outfit, or let him hold a COG assault rifle/chainsaw, and i’d be right up in there.

    Just a thought.

  • Honeycut1

    I want a top hat a cane…no no no…I NEED a top hat and a cane for my avatar

  • Doctor Seleski

    Why are they adding more of these crazy clothing choices? Give us some basics! At the very least give us something simple like color variations.

  • Anonymous

    I just want a hooded sweatshirt.


    XBL’s NXE Just Rox My Sox

    H4X0R :O

  • Warrengonline

    AFTER I get my flipflops, beach shorts and no-shirt look. Oh and a Beach Premium Theme (like the Day Theme for NXE) with a beach ball, sandcastles and animated crabs and flying seagulls.

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