January 16th 2009 7:01 pm PT

Going to the Inauguration next week? If so we need your help

I have mentioned Photosynth in the past, but now it’s time to get the community involved. If you are going to attend the US Presidential inauguration next week in Washington D.C., head over to CNN.com to see how you can help create a Presidential style Photosynth. I am sure a few of you may go, so this is your chance for you to capture the moment for the rest of us to enjoy. Head here to read (and see) more on Photosynth or read more on the team blog. Dust off the camera and good luck.

Technology By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Anonymous

    Anon 11, you must be one of those… “Deal with it and use your head.”

    I wonder if you’d be saying the same thing if the media had decided McCain should have won. Because if they had, you’d better believe he’d be in the inauguration tomorrow.

    It’s unfortunate that so many Americans can’t think for themselves, and are merely sheep to be lead by their heroes on the news and in Hollywood. At least an unbiased media would force them to make a real decision, rather than just telling them what to believe and how to vote.

    It’s only going to get worse… I fear the change that the almighty obama wants to bring, and you should to. You think thing are bad now do you? Interesting.

  • brandon

    Anon 15(who gives a *** your country is ruined anyhow) ill tell who give a *** all American who are tired of the old way of doing thing,the poor starving children in different countries that depend on America for food,and the millions we keep safe.Change has come and you cant get mad at Americans for getting excited

  • Gangsta Grillz

    Hey Mac, were we talking about aparthied? I thought we were talking about some upset Euro-Americans? You probably thought you were being clever huh?

  • Gangsta Grillz

    With all the hate around these days I’m really glad. Just knowing that my gamerpic is going to represent whats right with america. I’m not changing it until the “New” Obama 2012 gamerpic comes out.


    I was just going by the way your original comment read, that’s all.

  • ushman360

    I won’t be going, but I’ll probably be watching.

  • Bill

    Socialism ftw?

  • Joergen8

    I wish I could have an Obama gamertag.

  • Joergen8

    gamerpic.. not THAT MUCH of a fan to have him as my gamertag.

  • lolwut

    So Larry, this is “your” blog? As in you own it? And it’s not owned by Microsoft? HAha really? ha.

    Microsoft doesn’t mind you blogging on your “personal” blog during business hours when they are paying you to “market” Xbox? Seriously? That’s what you’d have people believe? That’s your story?

    Besides the fact that “your” blog is 99% “HAY GUYZ BUY THIZ NEW MICROSOFT ITEMZ!!!!1″ and Twitters about you watching soap operas, I’m going to have to call BS.

    This blog is so obviously Microsoft marketing- which is not to say that’s a bad thing, but for you to sit here and say it’s “your” blog, inferring that you’re free to discuss what you want is downright insulting.

  • Turtle502

    uhhh….what happened to the Photosynth discussion?

  • Master Chief

    First Silverlight, and now this. Yet another thinly-veiled attempt at trying to get us to install more MS crap on our computers. *sigh*

  • Kogen

    Maybe the owner will realise why most sites/chats/etc avoid political discussion. You are going to offend people no matter what.

    It might be his site, so he can do whatever he wants, but it does not mean it is a good idea.

  • Major Nelson

    Wow did things go sideways here. I made this post to discuss the technology at use here…not the political side of things. Let’s lighten up people.

  • Kogen

    Probably was not the best way to post about it, as it is directly related…

  • Jed05

    It seems there is a small live outage. Me and some people over at gamefaqs are experiencing.

    To be specific about details, I live in Mid-north ohio, use road runner cable, my internet is working fine, i don’t have a ban code, just Xbox Live fails, I was sitting on the dashboard when I got booted off. None of the profiles can connect after multiple reboots and router/modem have been power cycled.

  • Symion

    While I feel bad jawing about politics after Major N says that’s not what this is about, I just can’t help it.

    Obama is a joke. Not from some insane Rep., but from a guy whose last supported presidential hopeful was Al Gore (before the environmentalist sunk their fangs into his veins). The most crystallizing moment was when watching the new post-election I saw that McCain was spearheading a move to have ALL earmarks publically reviewed and voted upon when Obama was naming more Czars and getting the first 360 Billion together to blow on another failed stimulus; that’s the diff. between the two.

    Insane Pro-Choice (I’m Pro-C but this guy argues that pre-mes should be up for aborting)
    Absolute Amnesty (Why the hispnics voted for him instead of McCain who did tons for hispanics in Arizona)
    2nd most pocketed money from Fannie-Mae amongst Senators (Number 1 took 25 years to amass this much money, Obama did it in 2)

    For the whole list (and for the Obama cult go-ers) I suggest you pick up a copy of THE CASE AGAINST OBAMA

  • unbreakabIe

    Pretty shitty blog post man. People need to stop making such a big deal about this inauguration. Get the fuck over it, he’s a black President who is a good speaker, besides that he is going to do nothing good for our country. Ridiculous.

  • Bob

    Oh, one other thing. This may be your blog, but you are representing MICROSOFT!!! NOT OBAMA!! Don’t try to act like this is some innocent “tech” update, you know what you’re doing. Have someone else spread your propaganda!

  • Bob

    Obama is not actually the first black president, he is the first mixed-race president. You hear that? It’s the political correctness police breaking down my door.

  • madnizz

    OMG,i never thought for once the americans are still living in that age. Major posted about trying to get Photosynth to work on a major huge event, immediately Obama name showed in the process…..it aroused some of their supremacists gene. Is there a way,you can do things without even thinking whether he is black or white.Btw has any of the Bushes (Snr or Jnr) done anything good for the country? Clinton came to clean up the Father’s (Snr) Mess,now its Obama’s turn to clean up the Son’s (Jnr) Mess. They just keep making america go 1 step forward, 4 steps backward.
    Gone are the days,when americans arrive at any airport,and they are like we are americans,people just show respect….but these days,dont dont even dare say,if at all they do, the next guy to them will say phuck you….just for u to know how disgraceful the country has been drowned…instead of you appreciating changes,positive ones for the matter….u wont be bothered by that tiny supremacism u hid in ur Medulla Oblongata.
    Wake up and lighten up guys, its 2009.

  • Anonymous

    Non-Americans commenting on American politics, in support of Democrats, while bashing Republicans? So what else is new? Apparently not the diversity of viewpoints. I especially enjoyed the lessons on racial tolerance, delivered via South Africa and Germany. How deliciously ironic. As for this Photosynth/CNN thing, it’s pretty clear that doing this “for the rest of us to enjoy” is simply Larry’s incorrect assumption that everybody voted for Obama and thus would find value in this. I guess getting 53% of the popular vote is now a super duper majority, thus 53% = 100% of Americans (AKA “the rest of us”). Seriously, Larry, just admit you’re a Democrat and be done with it. No need to couch your political leanings in posts claiming that it’s about the tech. You won’t have any need to use that as an excuse.

  • Master Chief

    Wow it’s scary how many closet racists are coming out since Obama won. Of course they’ll never admit how terrified they are of a black president, but you never saw this kind of bitter hate when Clinton became president. I had hope that maybe at least Xbox gamers were more intelligent than this, but apparently there are still a lot more backwards people in this country than I thought. *sigh*

  • Anon 32

    @ Anon 24 exactly!

  • lolwut

    Any non-American commenting on American politics needs to seriously STFU. No one cares what you think.

  • Turtle502

    Tuesday should be a national holiday, it only comes around once every four years, and most school-age children never get to experience such an event. It’s an event, and that’s what Major was posting here…using technology to capture an event in a unique way that will only happen ONCE. There may be more inaugurations in the future, but each one is special and UNIQUE. Capturing it via Photosynth preserves it in a unique way so all can experience it. Sheesh, chill people…

  • madnizz

    @Anon31, is there a crime being a Democrat….Larry never even mentioned anything concerning Obama,all his endeavour was based on capturing the scene via photosynth,when else are u going to get such a huge mass (people) at a place.
    If u are been delivered democracy via S.Africa and Germany,it means u should start thinking how far these countries left their past behind…in which u apparently individually in this case is still dwelling in. I personally dont do politics,but when ppl like you mix entertainment or technology with politics it calls for me to lecture you….i do 1 on 1 (debate) if u care, we can rent a channel on majornelsons irc chat server,so u can express ur view,or should i say……get lectured. Let me know

  • Symion

    Madnizz, please close your mouth before you put your foot in it even more. Bush Jr. did nothing for anyone during his presidency? Is that some joke?

    Irrefutable fact:George Walker Bush has done more for the African people than nearly all the other POTUS combined

    While I hate G.W. Bush’s ability to mix the worst of liberal ideas (more government spending = better economy) with the worst of conservative ones, you’d have to be a tool to believe that he did nothing good over 8 years.
    Beyond that, not a single intelligent poster brought up Obama’s race till’ you and the Obama supporters here did. We honestly could care less what his race is, we care that he has horrible policies. That. Is. All.

  • Master Chief

    lmao nice job madnizz! (even if the English was a bit fractured)

    Obama haters = PWNED! XD

  • lolwut

    Am I imagining things, or is someone from Germany trying to tell other countries what’s wrong with them. GERMANY. Of all the countries in the world. Amazing.

  • Gangsta Grillz

    Symion, Symion, Symion. You do know that the people who put That Case Against Obama are the same people who thought Falin Palin was a good choice for VP. You’re probably one of those who thinks he’s a muslim too. You and the sites you hold in high regard are the reason “That One” won. I read on a site that some guy with a gaymertag of Symion likes little boys, does that make it true? Please keep thinking your “thinking” so he can repeat in 2012. And as far as your irrefutable fact, he’s donated more money for AIDS prevention than any other president. Hey Anon one drop of black blood makes you black. Black is dominant.

  • Frank

    Symion, here’s some REAL irrefutable facts for you: G.W. Bush is going down in history as one of the WORST presidents ever! He has a long list of failed policies, repeatedly stymied scientific advances and policies in favor of the questionable idea of “faith-based initiatives” and has sunk this country into its largest debt ever, just to name a few. And trying to deny it isn’t going to change the facts.

    Things are only going to get worse before they get better when trying to dig ourselves out of this hole G.W. Bush has put us in, and people like you trying to condemn our new President before he’s even in office certainly isn’t going to help matters. And THAT is all!

    Ok now back to Photosynth…

  • Scooby Doo

    Wow just look at what this has turned into! Any bets on how many more comments make it through before they’re locked? lmao

  • madnizz

    @ Symion, that put a smile on my face. i see you said he did more for african people.
    all i have to say is:
    “count your blessings,name them one by one…….at the end weigh the losses”
    guess u are turning this to politics,i’ll rest my case…for anon31,my offer is still on the table…u seem rather creditable than this media-fed Symion.

  • Symion

    I love the ones like G. Grillz, they amuse me.

    They say that there’s one place you go for exemplary achievement in political corruption: Chicago. Yet, in 2007 Alaska was giving Chicago a run for its money. Who CHANGEd that you ask? Sarah Palin did, yet you never hear that. Or the fact that on you can infact see Russia from an island that’s part of Alaska; or the fact Obama voted yes for the bridge to nowhere and Palin voted no; or the fact that Palin’s church got burned down after the election (yeah, we’re the bigots); or that Obama has less actual experience than Sarah Palin executively (yet he’s up for POTUS and she was up for Vice)

    You continue getting your news from SNL and I’ll keep handing out the facts.

    Oh and for the whole muslim thing: The Case Against Obama’s author covers all things wrong about Obama, and none does he despise more than that rumor. I find it funny that he takes it as more fluff than you (infact one of the points of the book is condemning smears like that because they allow Obama to side-step his real failures as a candidate for POTUS). So since you and the author share that view why not actually, you know, READ THE BOOK.

    Way to go with the little boy reference by the way, really shows where your mind is.

  • Symion

    So I’m the one who’s media fed? I love jokes but that one was quite funny. Seeing as many are asking why the media has such a love affair with Obama. Lost all credit with a post like that madnizz. Funny, nothing I’ve said has been countered by a single fact yet….wonder why….

  • Gangsta Grillz

    Don’t worry I won’t stop you from showing your ignorance. He voted yes for the 2006 National Appropriations Bill. The same bill John “can’t lift his arms for crap” McCan’t did. Since you don’t seem too intelligent that was a bill covering transportation, housing, and urban development for the next year. And since you already knew this it was the bridge to Gravina Island. And contrary to what you “learned yourself” on them internets she originally supported the Bridge to Gravina Island. Only after the share of Alaska‚Äôs financial responsibility rose exponentially she decided to say no to the project. You may want to get your facts from somewhere other than a G.O.P funded website. You’re doing a whole bunch of talking but you’re not saying NOTHING. Who knew people were getting own3d like this on the major’s site, hummm who knew?

  • Gangsta Grillz

    In September 2006, during her campaign for Governor, Sarah Palin visited Ketchikan to express her support for the Gravina Island Bridge project. At a public forum, Palin held up a pro-bridge t-shirt designed by a Ketchikan artist, Mary Ida Henrikson. The legend on the shirt was “Nowhere Alaska 99901″, referencing the buzzword of “Bridge to Nowhere” and the primary zip code of Ketchikan.

    Photographic proof for you…

  • Symion

    own3d? Hardly, I find it fascinating she gets blacklisted for a vote that Obama was all for. Yet she appropriated the funds for other projects while he had little to say about the pork while McCain was fighting against the pork hidden in that bill.

    Oh wait, so all three were for the bill at some point yet she’s the only one that caught flack for it? We call that a double standard, but since it’s against Palin I guess it’s okay. Oh and thanks for only furthering my point about the BS people pile on Palin (who supported the bill by word of mouth only and whose every vote on the matter was against it)

  • JR

    If you are arguing with a fool, he’s doing the same.

  • Gangsta Grillz

    Please… You got rained on like that little girl in that R kelly video. I’m done with you.

  • Symion

    Prove my point against the prejudice against Palin, make a urine reference then run? If this is the best Obama supporters have I see a sad 4 years in the future. Oh and why didn’t you pursue the muslim thing more? Or the pork Obama gets on the side from Fannie? Someone got rained on and it smells like the one claiming to be “gangsta” in a gamertag.

  • bob

    one idiot crying because he got proven to be an idiot while defending an idiot.

    symion you’re an idiot, did i mention that?

    hey everyone just drop it, symion thinks bush is cool and did more for africa than any other president ever…seriously, a republican, and bush on top of it, did something for africa? wow… i bet everyone in sudan/darfur is very grateful for bush stopping genocide… o wait, he never did shit in africa….

    have a good day supporting bush symion.

  • LawdaddyCO

    Gangsta Grillz said, “John “can’t lift his arms for crap” McCan’t…” Man, show some respect. That man is that way because he was tortured. He’s done more for America than you ever will. He’s a war hero. Sadly enough he suffered for ignorant people like you. Have some respect. I didn’t vote for Obama but I sure hope that he has success. Everyone always talks about how there’s so much hate for Obama…even though they’ve been the ones hating Bush for the past 8 years.

  • Anon 36

    I usually don’t leave comments on these things, but as an artist I feel I need to throw in my 2 cents on Photosynth. Anyone deciding to use it should choose carefully because giving up the rights to your work without being compensated is not something that should be done lightly. I have to agree with the others that have spoken out against using it. Protect your work people!

  • Anom

    Major Nelson post what YOU want!

    Major Nelson this is YOUR blog!!

    And to the idiots who bash Obama, I didn’t vote for Bush the past two terms, but I gave him a chance. Can you do the same for Obama?

  • John

    LawdaddyCO, the only “hate” there’s been for Bush is the fact that he’s had EIGHT years in office to do something with this country, and all he did for the most part was fail miserably. But Obama hasn’t even been officially in office yet, and he’s already being attacked and condemned? Yeah that’s really fair. At least give him a chance first! (to all you Obama haters)

  • Spanky

    Another Brainwashed dude!

  • anonymous

    madnizz: “I personally dont do politics,but when ppl like you mix entertainment or technology with politics it calls for me to lecture you…”

    Obviously you won’t be giving the same worthless lecture to Larry, he of the tech and politics mixing. You also won’t be giving this lecture to Alec Baldwin, Bruce Springsteen, or the vast majority in the “music” industry or Hollywood. Just lucky old me. But it’s revealing nonetheless to see that people like you are aligned with millionaire and billionaire Democrats, as usual. I, on the other hand, despise politics and ALL politicians. And not coincidently, political groundhogs like yourself. Sure, you don’t do politics…. except just today. And maybe the next time you feel like not doing politics. And the next time after that… Etc.

  • Vasilii Zaytsev

    Well that’s just weak.