January 23rd 2009 9:22 pm PT

Win 25K in the 13 Days of Gears sweepstakes

The headline pretty much says it all, but head over to Xbox.com for the dates, details and rules. Good luck.

Update: To be clear, you can win your part in the $25,000 in prizes

Gears of War By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • bbe94 WAM

    When is MS gonna cut Major Nelson? LOL!

  • shadowdude55

    US only, 18+ as usual. As much as I love contests, I really love contests I can enter. Maybe you should offset all of these with some that people in other countries and that are younger can enter.

  • MainCityImp

    I love the tagline that Major put up, “Update: To be clear, you can win your part in the $25,000 in prizes”. You mean, to be clear this is for US residents only. THAT’s what you should of put.

  • Master Chief

    All the whining in the world isn’t going to change the US only thing. MS will just keep on doing whatever they want, like they always have. SO DEAL WITH IT!

  • MetalGearFloppy

    C’mon guys, we should be used to being ignored by Microsoft by now… We may as well just get used to it.

    Oh, and by the way Major, any news on a dashboard fix for the majority of users who have to put up with a painfully slow marketplace, constant friendslist/guide freezing and Party’s dropping everyone? I know it’s not just me and the people I play with that have this issue… just a simple “we are aware of the problem and are working on it” would be nice…. cheers!

  • iFuSi0n 1

    Nice I will enter this contest, it looks good.

  • zeDuffMan

    “Bet there are contests in the UK, Canada and Europe the US can’t enter.”

    uhh….such as?

  • Ageosi

    @zeDuffMan: They are there alright. How about Xtival’08, that was all about Europe and advertised on the UK pages of Xbox.com? Aceybongos mentioned it, too. Major Nelson is all about US so the rest of the world could just as well ignore him and settle with the closest equivalent instead.

  • Joergen8

    Will the kid win who bridges host then lag switches each round, runs over to enemy spawn and blows their heads off while they cant move?

    It’s not a fair competition! How can you choose from tens of thousands of exactly equal host-glitching kids!

    Glitch glitch glitch glitch glitch glitch glitch. Epic should be ashamed of themselves, but I guess when you drive a Lambo and sleep in a pile of cash you’re several stages beyond shame.

    Epic are the Paris Hilton of gaming; Spending money they didnt earn, full of nasty surprises and offers nothing but BS to their fans.

  • Habenero Pepper

    Haha the Paris Hilton of gaming, so true.

  • Master Chief

    Joergen8, why do you care? You can’t even enter into the contest! *snicker*

  • JohnnyricoMC

    @anon22: Xtival? don’t make me laugh man, that was just a frakking joke, the US has a fricking contest each gorram weak, are we only gonna get one each year? expensive lottery ticket if you ask me, 60€ or even £ for a gold subscription.

  • Parassassin

    Once again M$ is showing its xenophobia by releasing details on a US only competition on a website that is aimed at the ENTIRE xbox live community.

    Is our money not good enough for you? Or is it just a case of letting the rest of the world prop up the service for the “home country” to get all the goodies.

    I know I’m gonna get flamed for speaking out by people who will inevitably start spouting rubish like “Microsoft is an American company so it should treat us better”. But the simple fact of the matter is the UK pay more for every aspect of xbox gaming and recieves considerably less than our cousins from accross the pond.

    It’s also worth noting that everytime Major Nelson and Co post something that is US only and the complaints start flooding in he never ever responds.

    Slowly my love of xbox and xbox live is being eroded by this xenophobic attitude towards the rest of the world. Come on just realise that there is a big old world outside of the USA and we are all paying to keep xbox live afloat.

  • Joergen8

    Anon22: I dont care for the competition because I wouldnt play GoW2 even if it was avaialble. I just played it to try out the patch and got lagged and switched three games in a row. The game is just not worth the angst, have to go back to GoW1 for my gears fix from now on.

    MetalGearFloppy: Wow right this moment you have exactly 100.000 gamerscore. What are the odds of that happening! Or did you plan it somehow? Congrats! :)

  • bugz

    hey if you play during this event ure chances of winning are high becouse nobody plays this game :P

  • Anonymous

    @ JohnnyricoMC

    where you getting £60 a year from for live ?

    Its £40, or if you know where to look, £24.

  • http://vashkey.wordpress.com/ Vash

    I was wondering, does it matter how you play these game types to be able to win prize?

    Like, do I have to pla these game types in matchmaking or am I aloud to play private matches or matches with bots so long as Im on Live?

  • Ageosi

    @JohnnyricoMC: I merely pointed out that there are competitions outside US. Sure, a lot less, a lot smaller, and they don’t get much promotion at all, but they are still there and more often than just once per year.

    Simply keep an eye on Xbox.com in your region and catch them as they come. Major Nelson only promotes US competitions so you’re not going to get a heads up about them here.

    To put it another way, if people spent half the time they spend whining about not having competitions to actually seek their own out, they would both find them and have a good chance to win something, thanks to that poor promoting. And this is coming from someone who also lives in Europe and outside UK – the country that still gets the best out of the scraps Europe is given…

  • Gangsta Grillz

    To bad the game is crap….

  • Teh Shadowman

    Dear Microsoft,

    There are other countries outside the US. Perhaps you could come to Australia and sample our lovely lifestyle, lag and lack of Xbox competitions to see how we feel about these things.

    Dear Major,

    Whilst I love your updates, could you mark US only on the US only comps please?


  • pferris

    Would have been great – if only I could enter it in AUSTRALIA

    What the smeg do I pay such high LIVE costs for????

  • Ageosi

    @pferris: Beats us. Because you feel it’s worth it?

  • Hoofrid

    I’m onside with the comments about international lovin’…..where is it?