January 25th 2009 9:01 pm PT

Show #306 : Felicia Day, RE5 and enforcement on Xbox LIVE

This week’s show:
Co-host : e
Interview: Felicia Day, The Guild (23:37–41:30)
Interview: Chris KramerRE5 Demo (41:31–56:42)
Interview: Stephen Toulouse, Xbox LIVE Policy Manager (56:43–1:33:04)
Name the Game
Xbox 101
Much more…

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Link dump (some of the things mentioned in this episode:

Podcast By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Adrian

    Sweet, cant wait to here the part on Resident evil 5 :D.

  • p0yo77

    good, downloading now

  • AriesDog

    I absolutely love Felicia Day. Good get.

  • Izuna n9i

    Wonderful show!
    can’t wait for the next one =D

  • PerfectStrategy

    Can’t wait to play the RE5 demo. Check out the 261MB TGS trailer for RE5 on the marketplace, it is very cool.

  • Fallen Heero

    downloading it now, thanks for posting it early major! Wish you did this more often as its about 2am or something when it comes out in the uk. I’ll listen to it on the way to collage.

  • Mcmax3000

    Sounds like a really good show. I’m downloading now & I’ll start listening tomorrow morning.


    Almost 2 hours! Great. I will listen to this at work tomorrow.

  • Turtle502

    I really like this “early” business that’s been going on…it gives me a chance to download and listen on Sunday evening instead of trying to listen in work.

  • None

    What about enforcement on Xbox Live? I don’t like listening to things, I rather read it.

  • FR3SH JIV3

    Interesting, stepto as a guest. Has he been on in the past?

  • Stepto

    Yup. Same time last year I was a guest.

  • http://www.gamerhusbands.com Alfred

    Hey guys, I really enjoy the hard work that you guys put into the show!

  • Lupin Saiko

    Im kind of upset that they bleeped the bad words. Should of just had a warning or at least a censored and uncensored version. Kind of ruins the bit.

  • Stepto

    Actually I think it’s funnier with the bleeps.

  • abod

    what was the 1st one of the bad words?

  • lolwut

    Probably one of the last shows. Surely Larry will be canned soon.

  • Willeth

    I always find talk about enforcement interesting, given that I was in a similar job last year. Look forward to finding out what’s changed.

    Also, give Step an orange background already!

  • xVx NICK xVx

    “You’re not an audio geek, you’re an audio *****.”

    Just letting you know that slipped in (either intention or not).

    Good show though.

  • dirt junkie 77

    Major, can I just say BEST SHOW EVER!

    How did that get extinct? Damn I laughed so hard!

  • PrinceRules64

    Aaah! My mind just collapsed when this finished! I’m not listening to anything anymore-ahh!! ><
    I’ve never listened to this before and I was almost put off by the long length. Glad I listened though, thanks nice show

  • Quicksilver4648

    I already played the RE5 demo though, ugh, questionable means. I give it a ‘meh’ out of five. The controls were the biggest disappointment. Why, oh why, can I not move while holding the left trigger?

  • BJWanlund

    Hey stepto, is there a buyer beware on used hard drives, too? I had a 20GB hard drive problem, E68 or whatever. Immediately went back and returned it.

    Just wondering.


  • BrarStar

    yay downloading now


    Great show and tell e that Marvel is better than DC….

  • Blue Thunder28

    Great episode, I really liked it.


    Good show. I enjoyed it.

  • http://www.thefanboys.com mik

    “Not only does the United States have a new President, it’s our first black President, or colored, or whatever the appropriate description is these days…” ~e

    Did I really just hear that? Did you guys record this episode in the deep south in the early 1950s, or am I missing something?

  • Vice Destroyer

    DC is better than Marvel. No argument.

    @Anon 11
    This episode wasn’t broadcast in 1950. Nor the deep south. It’s a legitimate comment to make regarding the strange situation how quickly descriptions of a persons race can be perceived to be offensive.

    Please, please don’t start off throwing accusations of bigotry into this thread. Please don’t.

  • DevsterC

    That MSNBC link only suggests checking the Washington Post for the full story.

    This MSNBC link works though: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/28664037?pg=5#games_top5_090122_consolehate

  • PrinceRules64

    My first comment got truncated… it doesn’t include the nice bit :(
    -Anon 7

  • RIch

    I’m guessing the first two were “cock tornado”, then “cockasaurus”, and I think I know the third one but it’s a little over the top to post here. They gave you a hint based on the “stain on the blue dress” comment.

  • kev

    Great show especially the interview with Felicia Day which reminded me I haven’t seen any new episodes of the guild on live for a while. I’ve just checked and can’t find any at all now and clicking the link to add to download queue through xbox.com it says not available in your regeon ( UK )? WTF? I’v already watched 3 or 4 episodes through live so what gives?


    @Vice Destroyer
    I think the Xmen might argue… oh and Stan Lee

  • tabicat

    Anon 11: I came here to say the same thing. I cannot believe that e called Obama the first colored President. That is outrageous!!!! Doesn’t that jackass know that “colored” is a racist term for black people?

  • tabicat
  • tabicat

    Or you can submit a comment anonymously via http://www.microsoftintegrity.com  and click on “Submit a new report”.

  • Major Nelson

    Hey guys, sorry about missing that comment when I edited the show.

    I have re-edited that part of the show to remove that section and updated the link.

    Again, my apologies. If you have any other comments or feedback on the show, please email me Major-at-Xbox-dot com

  • Chessman UK

    Really great show today guys, loved every minute of it, kept me entertained from London to Manchester when I really should have been working on the train!! :)

    I now look forward to monday morning’s and a new podcast!

  • Concerned

    Hopefully that’s not a term “e” tosses about in private either – just because you edit it out so that it no longer offends people listening to the podcast, doesn’t mean it’s something that should be tolerated ‘offline’ either.

  • CyberKnight

    I think you’re being a little harsh, tabicat. Listening to how he says it, no, he probably didn’t think he was making a racist comment. I certainly don’t believe that was his intent. My impression was (in the context) that he didn’t know what word to use.

    I can’t blame him for being confused or ignorant about what word might carry what negative weight. I mean, it’s not like he dropped the “n-bomb”. It wasn’t that long ago that “colored” wasn’t a bad word, and only slightly longer that the “accepted” term for a person of African descent was a “Ne–o”.


    Great show love F***asuaras, i almost fell of my chair. I agree with CyberKinght, i would not know what to say. Anyways its a win lose statement, no matter what you say someone is going to get mad.

  • XxSportsMan93xX

    I find it hilarious that the guy who won the name the game had a “bad” gamertag

  • Vasilii Zaytsev

    “Poor level fours… they’re just getting slaughtered…”
    Lol, it sounds so sad…
    And Stepto, stop saying CoD5!

  • Swamp Thing 71

    Awesome show thanks Major and more Stepto and Felicia Day.

  • primaryartemis

    OMFG YES THE GUILD!!!!!!!!!!! I love that show!

  • Thebpod

    Oh by the by I would love to play some PDZ as E suggested for community gamer night.

  • xX Majestik Xx

    Great show….especially Felicia Day playing Zork, Leisure Suit Larry and Leather Goddesses of Phobos.

    Why be surprised that people don’t believe that you work for MS, Mr. Toulouse? I played with a guy the other night who said he was LeBron James….I guess that was him? I mean, he said it was him….so it must have been, right?

  • Honeycut1

    The interview with Felicia Day was great and I always love it when Stepto is on the show. It’s awesome to hear how you guys are enforcing things and keeping it fun…now to send an email about people using lag switches in Gears 2 (I assume that’s why they won’t show up on my recently played list and glitch all abouts the map).

  • AriesDog

    E, of course shelter animals are loving. They know what’ll happen if they’re not. Seriously, Bugbug’s dang cute.