January 26th 2009 7:18 am PT


Content: RESIDENT EVIL 5 Demo
Price: Free
Availability: Not available in Germany This demo is available in all Xbox LIVE regions
Dash Text: [ESRB: RP (Rating Pending)] The demo version of RESIDENT EVIL 5. Play by yourself or play with a partner in co-op mode, either online or offline with a split screen.

Edit: The press release on Xbox.com has more details on the demo.

Demo, Marketplace By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Lemon 5

    This game is pretty BA IMO. A lot of fun. Can’t wait till it comes out!

  • ZzIggIzZ

    Fantastic demo. Stays true to the RE series. My only complaint is i have to press a different button to melee. Switching from LT to LB is really annoying. Also the knife is dulled down too much. Takes too many swipes to kill. Of course stabbing them after they fall down is super ammusing.

  • T3kNi9e

    Don’t think people realize that they purposely force you to stand still to shoot. It adds to the Survival Horror part. If you could move and shoot then you would feel no sense of claustrophobia. You would simply run back and keep shooting dodging everyone, might as well be playing Gears… If I remember correctly you can shoot and walk on Dead Space and what did people say about that game? They said it was easy and not scary at all. Gee I wonder why…

  • weggles

    Demo was fun, until it RROD’d my console.

    Ah well. When I get it back, the full game will be out.. :)

  • Z

    Well, RE4 wasn’t scary, RE5 isn’t that scary (not the demo atleast) but it’s not about making the game scary, it’s about adding tension and it gives co-op more weight, since you have to cover eachothers backs and such.

    If you ask me, co-op in RE5 is much more fun and rewarding than co-op in Gears.

    I like that you can’t move and shoot, and I like the fact that every game doesn’t have to be Gears or Halo, because that would suck. Hard.

  • Kotatsu Neko

    Disappointing to see how many people have clearly a) never played a Resident Evil game before (seriously, were you living in a cave?!), and b) don’t get what the series is about.

    You can’t move while shooting because you need to line up head shots as you have limited ammo, and it ads to the tension. It’s a survival horror game, not a generic shooter.

    Now all you kiddies can either play games appropriate for your age group, or shut up and enjoy the latest iteration of one of video gaming’s finest franchises. Oh, and control type A is the way to go.

  • John

    Yeah Type A controls with Fastest aiming really should have been the defaults for this!


    Have RE4 on the Wii and will definitely be buying this one when it comes out after playing this demo. Great graphics, easy to pick up controls, and the Co-op was a blast!!
    A+ for the demo, now I need the whole game cause the demo was too short ;)

  • KaiQom

    anyone have trouble joining friends in co-op? i can join random players but when i get invited or i invite someone, it says game cancelled ?

  • rafoca

    This game is awesome! Co-op is awesome!

    But offline co-op is disappointing.

  • Warrengonline

    AWESOME!!! Just simply AWESOME!! This game is hot and finally scared me in co-op when my partner was chainsawed by the guy on the roof.

    I only have three gripes – 1. Hosting and Inviting needs some work. 2. The first co-op play through was 100% PERFECTO!! But when we came back,the controls were ‘less’ responsive, as if they randomly changed or something. Also, we could not fire unless we switched weapons repeatedly (confuxed controls – not exactly confusing, we made do). 3. Are we going to have the option to be teams of two guys, two girls or even get to change our outfits in the full version? Example: Wesker’s S.T.A.R.S or Bravo uniforms respectively? 3. is not so important, but it would be nice.

    This game is just purely AWESOME! Love the retro with the ‘plants for medicine’, nice, sweet touch. ‘Thanks Capcom’!

  • James

    Resident Evil 5 has evolved out of survival horror into a third person shooter.

    I want my Zombies back!!

  • FLex

    It looks great. The enviroments are great and the character modells are very good to.The 3rd person view is very important in this type of game as it can add to the drama of a situation, swaping weapons and gear between you and your partner is also a nice touch. The way you have to equip and change you gear in real time dose add to the tension and makes it a bit more realistic. My one and only gripe is that you must stand still to shoot and use the knife. It stops the flow of gameplay and dosnt feel natural that a person would become glued to the spot while using there weapons. I mean its just not right look at the arms on this guy. Im sure he could support a gun on the move.. Now i know it’s not a Gears of war or Halo style run and gun type of game but i do think very strongly that there should be some “slow” movement while targeting so that you can backup slowly and straff left/right. I also noticed (But dont care) that the lip synking is shocking the lips just keep moving up and down untill the taking stop’s but maybe there synked it japanese?
    if it wasnt for the “glued to the spot” problem this game would have got the thumbs up but this has spoiled (for me) an otherwise exilent game!

  • Combo90

    Bloody hell I still cant get past the big guy with a Axe, X_X im so bad at the RES franchise.The not walkin and running ting adds a little bit to the horror in my opinion ..i like it :P

  • Warrengonline

    @Anon 46
    True, the ‘glued to the spot’ gun firing and knife action is a bit stiff. I do not complain only because I expect my partner to have my back in most situations and vice versa. It works well, well, until you’re separated. Maybe a slow ‘creep’ with gun (or knife) at the ready could be unlocked later for game play (kind of like the ‘run’ in Lost Planet: Lost Colonies)?

    Yuppers, everyone is having that issue. My party of 8 had that issue for a bit. Eventually it worked.

  • rubbish usrname

    im not sure if i gave this long enough, it looks beautiful but i really couldnt get into the game play, i will wait until a mate buys this and give it a better go instead of rushing out and getting it, disappointed

  • MeS FEAR

    i have played the demo too…and i really love it…it reminds me on RE4. The Graphics are just amazing on HD. The aiming is a littlebit to slow in my opinion but the rest is all good…cant complain…and the cut-scenes are just delicious.Will be a great game for sure

  • Turtle502

    based on the controversy stirring here, I can’t wait to try this tonight! Already downloaded, and will be one of the first things I play tonight. Move and shoot? I don’t even recall moving and shooting in Dead Space. Normally I stop, aim, and shoot. If you’re trying to target enemies one after another, you can’t do that accurately while moving.


    MeS FEAR, did you change the default aiming speed to Fastest? That definitely helps!

  • brickjohnstones

    I have been trying to download the RE5 demo for 2 days and no luck. It gets to 56% before it stalls out and tells me that is there is a problem downloading it and to try again later. I am a gold member as well. I was able to download Fear 2,Skate 2 and Lord of the Rings Conquest with no problems before and after the RE5 issues. I have cleared my cache and deleted my gamertag and recovered it and nothing changes the situation. I have a 120GB HD. I have deleted games I put on the HD and reinstalled those same games without problems. Any help would be appreciated. My email is [email protected] and my gamertag is brickjohnstones. Thank you for any help

  • Chas

    I was excited to play the demo…and dissapointed when I played it. The control scheme is really sh*tty (changing weapons is horrible) and as people have mentioned… not being able to move and shoot (I dont care if the old games had that or not) is just annoying. It doesn’t add to the claustrophobic sense of the game either, it is just plain unrealistic and stupid. The game isn’t scary at all either!! The Zombies, while there are a lot of them… move at about 1 mile an hour and just look like poor people…scary if you are afraid of the homeless maybe.

    Plus the Japanese-ness of the game makes the dialog sooooo cheeseball.

    If you like survival horror… get Dead Space…Awesome game…terrifying… great gameplay, story, voice acting etc.

    Its a shame really. I was really looking forward to it.

  • http://9 Be

    Wasn’t worth the 2+ year wait.
    And the controls blow.

  • Ark Hunter

    Why did my 360 have to red ring this week? Falcon chip too…

  • HaleaciousB

    hmnmm, definitely not my cup of tea. I guess that controls aren’t for everybody. I can’t stand stopping, turning, then shooting. Makes me long for PC or DS touch screen controls.

  • george w. bush

    weak sauce. controls are horrible. MEH!

  • savory naits

    I frecking love it, the controls are as expected. I hope its possible to customize the split screen in the full version though. but all in all. A must buy!


    Anon 49, how is changing weapons horrible? All you have to do is put your weapons in your inventory into a spot that corresponds to a direction on your D-pad, and then press that direction on it while playing to switch weapons. Can’t get much simpler than that!

  • Yawn

    All I see is fan-boys making excuses for crappy game mechanics. Justifying crap mechanics from 1993 does nothing for the perseverance of developing real “next-gen” games. The first xbox had more weight in innovation for the time period then the over-hyped 360 era. Most games of this so called “next-gen” (more like profit-gen) era feel like over-glorified tech demos, buggy and unfinished.

  • OjoDelMono

    Is anyone else having problems joining an online co-op game with a friend? I’ll accept a game invite from a friend, the game will go to the sheva loading screen and after a few seconds the game will say “the session has been canceled.”

    I’ve tried hosting and the person on the other end says the same thing happens to them.

  • Scooby Doo

    @ Anon 51: All I see are whiny newbs who need their hands held through a game. Game controls do not have to be oversimplified to be considered “next-gen”. Games these days are already being too dumbed down as it is. If you can’t handle a game with some challenge to it, then why don’t you actually PRACTICE playing it some more instead of just coming on here whining about it?

  • Darth Assassin

    Its a little more enjoyable in Co-op mode…. going back to it and playing it a while you do get used to not being able to move while shooting but its far from perfect. I dont see why you cant have an option to move slow while aiming that u can toggle in the options or something. Perhaps that would please RE purists and the rest of us. I hate the controls as ive said before but its something you can get used to in co-op mode. It does hurt the game like it is now for a couple of reasons: one is the fluidity of the game, just from a gameplay point of view. Its awkward and unnatural to have to lower your gun, turn and run or back up slowly when you have enemies who dont have to abide by the same rule set. Secondly, yes we have been spoilt by games like Gears2 and Dead Space. Its obvious the majority of people prefer those types of controls these days and having to go back X number of years is in this day and age unnecessary. I said before that being able to slow walk while aiming would not harm the game, nor would it detract from it being a survival horror, it doesnt make it a run and gun game just cuz you can move a little while shooting. I have always loved the Res Evil series and I will prob still pick this up for Co-op play, but as far as reviews go and peoples reactions once it hits the shops is going to be similar to here, some will be purists and like the controls and the rest of us will hate them but have to put up with them.

  • shisumu

    Will this ever be available for silver members?

  • Schoon

    You silver members need to just suck it up and pay for a real Xbox Live membership, I really don’t even see a point for Silver Anyway, Microsoft has to run the servers for all this stuff and therefore should be compensated for it. A mere $4 bucks a month (Cheaper if you find a 13 month card online for about $30) is nothing compared to the value I get from my Gold Membership. That being said, I’m sure the demo will be available for Silver in the next couple of weeks. Until then, have fun waiting :-).

  • James

    As a long time resident evil fan the controls suck, the main reason is the game is more of a third person shooter and a lot more faced paced than previous resi games (including 4) and the controls just aren’t suitable for that type of game.

    The real time inventory is awful, in a faster paced combat area you have to mess around with cumbersome popup menus (give, equip take etc) plus another window for that Shiva thing, in the heat of combat it’s useless.

    Also I felt Shiva was babysitting me, I got hammered and she came running up and healed me then gave me ammo, I was like “f**k off woman, let me do it myself”

  • Jack

    When is it available to silver members

  • Warrengonline

    Well… I just sold my DS Lite (not playing at all much), so now the question – Street Fighter 4 Limited Edition or Resident Evil 5? I am getting antsy, eventually both, so ughhh why do I feel cornered on dates?


    I hear ya Warrengonline, I’m a sucker for Limited Edition versions of games too (damn you GameStop!). That’s part of the reason why I have a backlog of games too big than I care to admit.

    And once again for those (like Anon 54) who haven’t figured it out yet in this demo, you can map some of your inventory items to the d-pad for quick access during combat. I think you can map you to 4 inventory items to the 4 main d-pad directions. I like to have 2 weapons, a combined herb and grenades mapped to my d-pad. There’s a brief lying on the ground at the beginning of the Shanty Town level that mentions this too I believe.