January 27th 2009 10:50 pm PT

European National Football Teams Avatar items available

Some call it soccer, while others call it football. Whatever your call the game the theme for this release of avatar clothing is ‘European National Football Teams’. Here is a list of sport shirts that are now available in the avatar editor:

Northern Ireland

As usual: All clothing choices are free, and will remain available. It is easy to tell what is new when you are in the avatar editor, just look for the gold star. Any item of clothing with a gold star is new since the last time you signed in.

new Xbox experience By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • El biga

    were is russia мля?

  • KP ScuzzyBunny

    I am a fan of both North American Football and International Football (Soccer), and have no problem with the content, except that I find it rather odd that the week of the SUPER BOWL there is no SB content! Where are our pics and themes like they had before? Time to hit up the ‘ole download history and see if I can’t find them (if they are still there and not “game not found”)

  • Sakis25

    How difficult it was to put Greece in it???

  • funny

    They made shirts for Wales, but didn’t bother to make it for Russia :)

  • stillnofan

    wow, they look like they took all of 10 minutes to make.
    pretty shoddy clothing so far.

  • xtremeve

    shirts of NFL.
    Already itself about the SUPER BOWL .

  • djpray2k

    Free but a bit rubbish, they don’t look anything like the real kits (copyright I guess) – why bother. How about giving us the option to change the colour of current clothing?

  • Highlander

    Scotland Rules ur Ass!!!

    O Flower of Scotland,
    When will we see
    Your like again,
    That fought and died for,
    Your wee bit Hill and Glen,
    And stood against him,
    Proud Edward’s army,
    And sent him homeward,
    Tae think again.

    The hills are bare now,
    And autumn leaves
    lie thick and still,
    O’er land that is lost now,
    Which those so dearly held,
    That stood against him,
    Proud Edward’s Army,
    And sent him homeward,
    Tae think again.

    Those days are past now,
    And in the past
    they must remain,
    But we can still rise now,
    And be the nation again,
    That stood against him,
    Proud Edward’s Army,
    And sent him homeward,
    Tae think again.

    0 Flower of Scotland,
    When will we see
    your like again,
    That fought and died for,
    Your wee bit Hill and Glen,
    And stood against him,
    Proud Edward’s Army,
    And sent him homeward,
    Tae think again.

  • Warrengonline


  • internal

    Typical selfish fuk*ng America finally the rest of the world gets something and they moan “where’s our jerseys” guess what you won’t be getting any for the same reason these are not official football shirts!

  • bone

    All you stupid Americans yes STUPID stfu moaning it is about time europe got a little decent content and you wont get no jersey’s and btw it is called a SHIRT! for the same reason we have not had official football shirts…

  • AussieBigfoot

    It’s great to see some European stuff at last!! Now how about some International stuff, i.e. either the Australia or Brasil shirts?

    As to what the ‘world game’ is called – it’s FOOTBALL, there’s no ‘s’ in FIFA last time I checked!!!


    Way to go Europeans, all your rude insults got the Anon comments shut off! Can we have it that way permanently, Major? The less of these rude ungrateful idiots around, the better!

  • Warrengonline

    I remember the ONLY video game arguments in 1989 was “Which was was better, Nintendo or Sega?” or “Who do you think would win Mario or Sonic?”. IF ANYONE would have told me there would be a website where people would be arguing over clothing apparel, I would not have believed it. Maybe in the Sims or Second Life, but not something simple like this.

  • JohnnyricoMC

    MACPH1ST0, way to go, all your american discrimination of europeans got the people to massively use the anonymous messaging system to have their say, cause not everybody wants to sign up.

    the only ungrateful idiots here are hypocritical yankee fascists like you, who mistreat the lands their ancestors truly came from.
    we europeans pay more for XBL than you yanks.
    we get poor service and rarely any free stuff or contests.
    so excuse us that we’re pissed off when an american has the fat neck to complain when Europeans get an exclusive for once.

  • Warrengonline

    Some Anons are good, many are bad, but they all should not be punished for the ignorant ones who like to just hide behind anonymity to say anything they like with no consequences whatsoever. As for the ‘Europeans’ Anger’ you might want to actually Party Chat with a European Gamer and you’ll feel a bit sad on what they get for MORE than $50 a year in their area. But even more sadder are the Australians. For one game, ONE GAME is average priced at $80. Just think paying that price for [insert your favorite games here]. Then you can see some of the frustration being tied to this simple thing as jerseys. It would be nice if those outside the U.S. had a way to have content designed for their sections/regions. That way each region would have something the other regions would want, but can’t really get.

  • JohnnyricoMC


    indeed, though it’d be better to just stop doing so much exclusive bs and get more regions involved in events.
    now I’m fine with licensing for stuff like the video marketplace, to an acceptable extent.
    but the amount of free stuff americans get compared to euros, along with a contest every fricking week as opposed to the european perhaps once per season(if we’re lucky!), it’s just unacceptable.

  • NP Sage

    On behalf of those of us with brains in the US, I just wanted to apologize to the our friends across the pond. Most of us are not as ignorant, as those who don’t think before they post. I’ll admit you guys get screwed over a lot when it comes to live. So enjoy the shirts.

    To the US people
    This is the actual football before someone decided to degrade the name. They could of used “GGGG” for the NFL games, if it needed to be easier to remember. Grown Guys Grappling Genitals. Less insulting to the actual game and far more accurate.

  • Warrengonline

    I hear you, but what do you suppose MS Dept for Belgium to do for getting regions involved in events?

    Also, do you go to: http://forums.xbox.com/ for your specific region? Posting your concerns there would more shed more light on the issue than posting it here. Major Nelson is ‘affiliated’ with MS, not a CEO or Project Manager. This site is just one of his personal projects in order to reach out to the gamers (us). Unite with other gamers (i.e. eurogamer.net).

    Please keep in mind each region each has their own laws. Take your (Belgium’s) current ‘ban on game rentals’ (http://www.colonyofgamers.com/cogforums/showthread.php?t=1960). That is quite a harsh ruling – “Hurting retails sales…”. Even though I have never rented a game since 2005, I buy, swap or borrow from friends. The point being, find a safe and legal way of getting around issues that cause frustration.

    You could even start your OWN blog or PHPBB and unite your gamers for a more unified voice. If you put enough into it, you could possibly create something all your own and host YOUR OWN contests (locally). One thing also to remember, each person has their own opinion and being rude is easy to do, listening and giving creative, constructive feedback is at times tedious to acquire. Good luck!

  • Warrengonline

    Oh one last thing, futbal is awesome and I’m NOT a fan of football. As an American who used to work at a UK own 5 Star Resort – I seemed to get along with felon non-American patrons with futball instead of fellow Americans with football.

  • Warrengonline

    Okay, huge typo [correction]
    Oh one last thing, futbal is awesome and I’m NOT a fan of football. As an American who used to work at a UK owned 5 Star Resort (before 9/11) – I seemed to get along with fellow non-American patrons with futball instead of fellow Americans with football.

  • Faramir82

    Wish there was a Poland shirt.

    Can’t wait until they add Hockey sweaters and Baseball jerseys.

  • Woeier

    Always nice :-)

  • CzarKill

    Nice! I wish they had actual jerseys though, people in the US can still get these… all it takes is a lil hex edit ;D


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