European National Football Teams Avatar items available

Some call it soccer, while others call it football. Whatever your call the game the theme for this release of avatar clothing is ‘European National Football Teams’. Here is a list of sport shirts that are now available in the avatar editor:

Northern Ireland

As usual: All clothing choices are free, and will remain available. It is easy to tell what is new when you are in the avatar editor, just look for the gold star. Any item of clothing with a gold star is new since the last time you signed in.


  • Gunwing

    Cool stuff! Now how about US football teams as well please? Then all we need is Japanese/Chinese/US BaseBall teams in this and I and many other sports fans will be vary happy!

    Any word on tomboy cloths for the girls? Also some more winter jackets would be nice, and some more choices for mens T-shirts, and glasses, as well as a few more shoe choice would help even it out a bit but thanks for this update!


  • MeS FEAR

    Thx Major…the idea is really great.I am looking forward to new stuff.Let the clothes coming :)
    I love it!


  • milocs

    Nice. Now all I need is a kilt to go with my Scotland top. :-D


  • Mr Leisure

    Just FYI – its Football, anyone who calls it Soccer is just plain wrong (but i’d love to have American Football jerseys for my avatar too)


  • ardsgawa82

    nice one, Northern Ireland top looks awesome :) thanks


  • Kendoguk

    Sweet a Northern Ireland top :)


  • emuholic

    Good to see Europe getting a look in for once, congrats to whoever thought it up! England shirt now proudly on my avatar :)


  • Ko0lHaNDLuKe

    Way! Proper football (as it should be called) shirts!
    Well done Microsoft.


  • a Frisky Dingo

    I do wonder why you can’t just change the color of certain clothes at least. some clothes i like but as a guy I wonder why there is so much pink stuff for guys, and you can’t just change the color. There is just not that much stuff it seems. glad the europeans get some stuff like this though, seeing as how they get stiffed on a lot of other stuff.


  • WeezeeWare

    Please make jerseys from a real sport !! Like American football or basketball


  • Raiden BR

    NFL/MLB jerseys, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!!


  • Anonymous

    NFL/MLB/NHL/NBA will cost MP I would imagine, I dont see any of those letting MS use Team jerseys for free.


  • Waylander101

    Any chance of UK rugby union, can’t stand football!


  • Master Chief

    That’s ok, the rest of you can have your little soccer jerseys. (and yeah it’s called soccer no matter how much you protest it… the REAL football is in the NFL, baby!) So now the next time you whine about the next US-only event, we Americans can say “but you have your soccer jerseys!” hahaha


  • Busta

    well said megamatman…well said


  • hajdukshen

    AWSOME… but, where is Croatia. Surley the Worlds top 10 teams should be able to be selected.

    Please, have the CROATIA jersey available ASAP.


  • technofranki

    Cool. I can wear the Norwegian jersey with pride again, since Egil “Drillo” Olsen is back as coach.


  • CyberKnight

    Keep this up, and before too long we’re going to need categories in the closet.
    Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s a good thing; I would just rather “drill down” into a “Euro Football Jersey” category if I wanted one, rather than have to flip through three pages of them in a generic “Shirts” category if I don’t.
    Sub-folders FTW! ;)


  • Nurd Alurt

    USA! USA! US- oh, wait…that’s right, nevermind… *sigh*


  • anon 14

    Nurd Alurt why do you complain? USA always receive more…We european pay much more for live than USA and we don’t have anything…


  • metallicorphan


    thanks for the heads up Major


  • PolishXboxOwner

    No Poland? Hello! We are in Europe too…


  • JohnnyricoMC

    nurt alert, you have nothing to complain about, try XBL from a europe account and you’ll see how sub-standard the service really is.


  • l3eeks 247

    NEED NHL jersey’s


  • BarryBumAlot

    booderrr kin dee i like it in the monring weeyyyy yaaa like me nee actoooo wickl ju veis un anne ich gun bum ruln shreck stemmi on


  • Parassassin

    Nice something aimed at us Europeans but shared with the whole world. Thanks xbl now all you have to do is release EVERYTHING worldwide rather than specific continents.

    Im wearing my Welsh shirt with pride!!

    Parassassin just gained +1 Respect for xbox live.


  • lorhanOWNS



  • SolemnSpirit

    While I can’t say I care for football, new avatar items are always appreciated. As is the opportunity to witness ungrateful Americans whining about not getting something that doesn’t cater exclusively to them for a change.


  • DK688

    Wow, thats amazing!
    Scotland top will be my choice when I get home :)
    Cheers Major.


  • ous00ner

    Sorry, europe but WTFC. Lets get something the US market cares about, maybe NFL, NCAA or something. Come on Major give us something to show off team and/or location pride. How about some MS apparel or the ability to change colors on items. Something….


  • speculum fight

    I hope they offer a USMNT jersey soon and hopefully MLS or at least a Seattle Sounders FC jersey since Xbox Live is the sponser on the shirt.


  • MySaturdaySelf

    most call it football, few, if any, call it soccer.


  • anon

    anon 45: ok that was uncalled for


  • Joergen8


    And yes, its Football. You have a ball and you use your feet to kick it around. No hands allowed 95% of the time.

    Foot. Ball.

    Then there’s Rugby, Volleyball, Basketball and Baseball where you use your hands and your hands only. No feet or kicking allowed 95% of the time.


  • Mike0707

    This is a good idea.


  • WARLORD337

    Sweet to get some national team shirts for all the footballers on live. Be nice to get some club and domestic jerseys. Eventually, it would be better if new avatar clothing was an optional download so that the clothing menu won’t be so full.(but still be free. please?)


  • x2i4eva

    I wish the scottish top didnt have the scottish flag on – in fact most of these tops would look better just plain without a flag on but meh – any clothes is better than no clothes – cause then we’d be naked which is bad!


  • anon

    I don’t get it Major…this is the MOST random assortment of anything we’ve gotten. Who chooses what clothes we get?

    I mean…preppy last time, “rave” (which sucked) clothes…and then…oh I don’t know, let’s have COUNTRY HICK CLOTHES next time!

    What is further weird is somehow the female choice of clothing is somehow more boring *and less in count* than the mens; is there some sexism going on? At this point it really doesn’t say a whole lot that ‘creative’ minds from Rare were the ones who designed the Avatar clothing considering well, these clothing options aren’t really that ‘unique’ or great by any standards.

    How about some simple crap which would’ve made this ‘clothing release’ a lot easier like:

    – the simple ability to change COLORS on different layers

    – same options available to both genders; no exceptions.

    – more choices for hair style, faces, etc. Not everybody dresses up like a GAP shopaholic.

    I mean REALLY, is it that hard? I’m glad we have something a lot better than the useless Miis on the Wii but, ugh. Sometimes I wonder.


  • jmart38

    How about some North America countries, like USA or Mexico.


  • MetalGearFloppy

    Lmao… finally something related to Europe!!!

    Now the U.S can maybe get a hint of how the rest of the world feels about their treatment by microsoft!

    (nothing against the U.S btw)


  • FAT Dave100

    I love people whining about their country not being in the update. So I’m going to add some more – where’s Andorra? Lithuania? Slovenia? Slovakia? Macedonia? Honestly though Greece, Czech Republic and Poland should have been in there.


  • Ναραυαν64

    No Greece. Boo!


  • HeavenOrHell

    You guys should just quit with the free stuff and put up clothes to buy already. I’d rather pay for decent clothes as opposed to be handed imo worthless items every 2 weeks. It’s getting pretty lame seeing nothing but disappointing clothes coming out all the time. I haven’t even altered my avatar since I first created it.


  • DragonSpawn

    You’re asking for them to start charging? We all know paid stuff will come eventually, they’re just trying to build up some good PR first by releasing stuff for free, stuff which could have probably all come out day 1.


  • Warrengonline

    HO-LEEEE-COW!!! THANKS!!! I FINALLY have my Germany Sport Top Jersey on NXE Preview!! (It unlocked from my preset save on NXE Preview – “YEH BABY!”) NOW THIS IS WHAT I’M TALK’IN ‘BOUT!

    “Can I have some more, please Sir!?” Thanks Maj, not sure how I missed this post earlier.


  • Frozenlogic BR

    Where’s Brazil?


  • Sabre Squadron

    These are not replica shirts for the various national football teams as far as I can tell, more like plain t-shirts with a small flag on them. So why the football association?

    I imagine there is some legal reason why MS can’t create real replica shirts, as they’d likely need agreements with the various manufacturers (Rebook, Nike, etc) and the various national FAs. If that’s the case we might never see real club/team shirts either.


  • Dr FB MD

    heh heh, its wiki time!!

    Rugby Football was played in north america long before some camp guy changed the rules, he made major if not complete changes to it, you just took rugby out, and called it american, fair enough.

    what you call soccer, is a slang abbreviation for ‘association’, from association football, and you didn’t call it soccer till the 1940s, 30 years after it started in the states.

    so to anyone who says ‘the real football is the NFL’, no, its not, the real football in terms of american football is rugby, thats where it derived from. american football and football (soccer) have no links whatsoever. you just had to take a different name for football, as, understandably, you cant have two games known as ‘football’, its done in a few other countries, and they don’t bitch about it. others just enjoy watching they re favourite sport.

    im a fan of football (soccer) and rugby. i watched last years superbowl, i admittedly found it boring, thats just my opinion.

    And as a final point, Football (soccer), is a worldwide game, twice the US population, 600 million watch the English Premier League worldwide, its clear what the world thinks is the real football.

    PS. Not really bothered about the Avatar clothing, though its allot better that the prep and rave ones.

    Note: this isnt a dig at american football, this is just a large fill in what will continue to be yet another debate about ‘whats the real football’.
    Note 2: If microsoft is to keep avatar clothing free, there will be no official gear, licensing would cost way too much.
    Note 3: You yanks get everything so stop complaining, we pay just as much as you for this service and get no where near as much content you get


  • Anon

    ^ Not to mention that they change yearly (well, most years). So they would have to be continuously updated. I guess this is why they stick to international teams and not clubs.


  • Warrengonline

    @Sabre Squadron
    No disrespect to anyone by this: But I RATHER have a non-branded shirt. I like the two tones and such of the shirt. Now we just need the tank top (wife beater) shirt and we’re all set. Also, keep in mind, IF Rock Band and Guitar Hero will let us make logos of decals, so can MS (RARE).

    As for REAL team logos, that can EASILY be bypassed by MS by allowing the logos to be displayed, ‘un-altered’ streamed right off the CD. THEY have the rights to it in that fashion and if you own the game, you paid for it. Though I could be right or wrong. [system botched; crashed]


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