January 27th 2009 2:41 pm PT

LIVE Activity for week of January 19th

Xbox 360 Top Live Titles (based on UU’s)
1 CoD: World at War
2 Halo 3
3 Call of Duty 4
4 Gears of War 2
5 Left 4 Dead
7 Fable II
8 FIFA 09
9 Guitar Hero World Tour
10 Madden NFL 09

Top Arcade Titles (Full Versions purchased)
1 The Maw
2 Castle Crashers
3 Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix
4 Worms
6 A Kingdom for Keflings
7 Braid
8 Banjo-Kazooie
9 Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3
10 Bomberman Live
The above arcade list is based on full versions purchased.

Original Xbox Top Live Titles (based on UU’s)
1 Halo 2
2 Star Wars: Battlfrnt 2
3 Fable
4 Counter-Strike
5 Conker: Live Reloaded
6 Splinter Cell Chaos
7 Doom 3
8 Star Wars: Battlefront
9 Call of Duty 3
10 Street Fighter Anniv.

Top Community Games NEW! (Full Versions purchased)
1 RC-AirSim
2 Golden Royal Blackjack
3 CarneyVale Showtime
4 Ocean Scenes
5 Air Legends
6 Groov
7 Johnny Platform’s Biscuit Romp
8 Foosball For Two
9 Weapon of Choice
10 Colosseum

These lists are based on global unique users connected to Xbox Live or in the case of Arcade and Community Games, full versions purchased during the week.

Archive By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson


    What is it going to take to permanently change the top six? Those games have been holding strong, some for over a year.

  • skyfire420

    its a cod sanwich with bologna in the the middle!

  • Blah

    Think the top 3 will be staying for a while.

    COD 4 FTW!

  • davidkenobi

    COD 5 in first place! how is it possible!


    Good to see the Maw on top… it deserves it!

  • Matrix omega

    mmmm … bologna

  • g0afr3ak

    Just don’t understand why CoD WoW is on top… COD4 is such much better! And where is Fallout 3?? GotY2008 on IGN?

  • itzallgud

    LOL @ comment 2! But I love HALO…so it should be #1 in my book. I will have to start playing again to help it back up.

    I can’t believe COD4 is still #3…that’s impressive!!

  • hied

    @g0afr3ak I was wondering about Fallout 3 too. I’m guessing lots of people play it without logging on to Xbox live. Single player games are at a big disadvantage on this list since it only counts connected users.

  • MeS FEAR

    thx major for the stats ;)

    YAY! L4D still on 5…just play this game ppl…its so much fun

  • AriesDog

    How come there isn’t a list for ‘Games for Windows LIVE’ games?

  • XboxNews

    Poor GEARS …… Cliffy B am all upset. He looks like he smells anyway.

  • DsK UK


    Cause the top 10, would just be all the GFW games. Actually, there might not even be enough to do that – not sure

  • Turtle502

    I don’t think they track single-player games even when users are connected to LIVE. If the title doesn’t have MP, it doesn’t register. As a side note, I can’t imagine somebody firing-up their 360 without connecting to LIVE, regardless of what game you’re playing. Is there anybody who doesn’t connect to LIVE before starting a gaming session…whether SP or MP?

  • Tester612

    you do know that some ppl have to pay for bandwidth too, don’t you? so what’s the point in wasting it when you’re playing single player? every megabyte counts each month…

  • hied


    Fallout 3 has been on the list before.

    I always connect to LIVE but there are lots of Xbox 360 consoles out there that never connect to the internet. The 360 arcade console doesn’t come with an ethernet cord or a headset. Some of the top *selling* xbox 360 games never make this list — kids titles like Lego Indiana Jones, and Kung Fu Panda.

  • The 7raveler

    @ Turtle502
    All games and demos are counted. And some people don’t sign onto live for reasons like not having a a broadband connection, etc. So in reality, there are probably a ton of people playing Fallout 3-just not many we can track.

  • Blue

    Good to see Gears holding strong at #4! The patch did wonders to bring people back!

  • brandon

    Somtime when i play fallout 3 i dont sign but gear 2 still in 4th after the tu2,new Dlc,and more achievements thats sad and the reason i think CoD WaW is beaten CoD 4 is that peopl are getting board with 4 and switching ohhhh and fallout 3 destroys Fable 2


    Yes since we know that there really are a LOT of people out there yet that still don’t connect to XBL while playing single-player games, why isn’t there also a separate Top Retail Games Sales list like for XBLA games? Of course it wouldn’t accurately indicate who’s actually *playing* them (like with the XBLA sales list), but at least you’d get a better idea of what the popular games really are. And since that list wouldn’t include demos, there could still be the list of Top Live Titles, since let’s face it, if you can actually download a demo, chances are you’re also playing it while connected to XBL too.

  • Turtle502

    I guess it makes sense, but it probably means I’m in a minority when it comes to signing into LIVE when I’m in SP sessions. What’s the last SP game anybody can remember appearing on this list? (I know, I know…I can look it up I’m sure…!)

  • Turtle502

    alright, nevermind…you’re all right! I went back to Major’s posts of September ’07 and found “Bioshock” on the LIVE list. I stand corrected. :\

  • Monhegan

    @ Turtle502

    Dead Space

  • BrarStar

    GTA IV still kickin too, nice..

  • KimimaroX

    Apparently that GoW2 update didn’t really do much for its activity..

  • Anon

    Why are you people playing COD? Halo is a much better game.


    Don’t expect to see the results of that update until next weeks list.

  • VILIUS169

    The MAW no1. 100% deserves it

  • David

    So the patch didn’t help GoW2 climb a position, wonder if L4D will finally knock it down to fifth place next week, now that is a game!

  • bob

    people where do u think HALO WARS WILL land on this list?????? I think it will beat GOW2 without any effort. That game looks really good and polished as far as what i have seen.

  • Frank

    @ Anon 13: If Halo Wars does actually make it into the Top 10, it’ll drop pretty fast. There aren’t that many hardcore RTS fans, and the Halo fans… well, they don’t have the patience for a game that doesn’t involve run & gun.

  • killer1500

    COD WAW is number 1, because people oustide of the US can use a filter so there not playing on US only servers. I basicaly have played Modern Warfare since WAW, because I can get into an Aussie match every time.

  • dirty whirlwind

    CarneyVale Showtime is fantastic, by far my favorite community game. The presentation of that game is marvelous, it kinda put every other community game to shame. Haven’t bought it yet though, since community game isn’t available here just as yet (hopefully in the future though), but everyone that can should absolutely do it. At least check it out, the gameplay is great as well. Could easily have been a XBLA game for sure.

  • http://jforcegames.com JForceGames

    I can not BELIEVE “Ocean Scenes” (fireplace ripoff) is at number 4! That drives me crazy!!

  • broxy bear

    i predict revenge of the ball to be number 1 on community games next week , you guys should check it out .

  • MaynardJames82

    World @ War is #1 because it is a good game. The maps are more varied than CoD4’s, they’re bigger and less linear. Hardcore gametypes are now much less frustrating now that there is an auto-kick feature and turbo controllers are restricted to a humanly possible rate of fire. W@W and CoD4 are both great games and I play them both :)

  • Marchantia

    we still don’t have Community Games on the german marketplace … any chance that will change someday?

  • HeWhoNeverFail

    How its possible for CoD WaW to be in first position? here are the explications:

    All kids plays it.(because no skills needed)
    Any noobs plays it.(such an easy game, anyone can kill anyone)

    Pros are still on CoD 4, which is the best game ever after Halo’s for sure.

    CoD 5 is just a back to CoD 3 ( which have better graphics even )

    You have a problem? im too good for anyone there; just defy me, GT : DonzinHo

  • Searing Wave

    Call of Duty: World at War has lasted longer than I gave it credit for, I’ll give it that. But it just isn’t a good enough game with a strong enough community to hold off Halo 3 for much longer. I give it until sometime in February before it falters completely.

  • JustinJDW

    I am amazed that Grand Theft Auto IV is still on this list.

  • NM Jeff

    Awww, no Skate 2. How long does it take for people to realize CODWAW is a horrible game?

  • joel

    I can’t figure out why people cant get it into their heads that codwaw is number 1. Its actually more popular than cod4 ever was. There are usually 200-300,000 online at a time. There were rarely numbers that high in cod 4.

  • PMH

    Maybe offering people $25,000 to play GOW2 will mean it gets higher than 4th place next week.

  • EtTuBruteshot

    What are the numbers attached to these games? In other words, how far apart are the top 5 games in numbers of UU’s?


    Yeah Anon 22, nice little gimmick there requiring people to play it online ALL 13 DAYS to even get a chance at the grand prize! *grumble* That’s gonna guarantee at least a pretty good number of people playing it online for almost 2 weeks straight right there.

  • qwerty

    CoD:WaW is better than CoD4 ever was.

  • Warrengonline

    “C-C-C-C-Combo Breakerrrrr! . . . ULTRAAAAA COMBO-O-O-O” – The Maw

    @Anon 16
    I thought the same thing until I thought – well, if this was a rainforest and someone recorded a full day and night of rainforest sounds, put in about 30 photos (10 of them would need to be during the rainy), I’d buy that. Or possibly a Brazilian Festival. THEN that would be something worth purchasing. I live in Florida and unless you go at LEAST 5 miles off coast or to the shipwreckage in Key West (BEAUTIFUL fish there), I personally have no interest. But then, MS can see the sales of that. 200 Points wasted is not much to worry about – which is why I almost bought it myself.

    Nothing is guaranteed more than taxes and death.. um.. We’ll see.


    @ Warrengonline: That’s why I wasn’t any more specific than “a pretty good number”. But since it’s already 4th on the list, it’s pretty safe to guarantee that it’s going to get a boost by the contest, at least initially anyway. It’s just a matter of how many those people initially going into the contest are persistent enough to stick with it all 13 days.

  • Warrengonline

    I understand, but I was thinking of Street Fighter IV is coming and the few masses are already setting up online tournaments and taking names. I have GOW2, but I do not care for ‘random’ contests where skill is not exactly honored (I suck any way). Whether it is be logged in at such and such a time or play the game with 5 other players. I like the person vs person, person vs the CPU, person vs the clock or scavenger hunt type things. But this 13 Days of Gears is welcomed. Also, most people on my friends list have have all of the top games, except Madden and FIFA and game play usually goes like “Okay, I’m tired of Gears, want to play some [insert other game here]?” and off they go. So it might get counter balanced. I just wished we could see actual numbers like when Halo 3 shows their ‘users connected to the servers’ numbers. 3 million+ online at the same time world wide, “WOW!” The last time I saw numbers like that was on Diablo and Starcraft on PC long time ago. 13 Days of Gears contenders will take patience and persistence – heh heh, “Good luck!”

  • HunCity87

    how sweet would it be for CoD to go 1 and 2? It could happen….