January 28th 2009 8:53 am PT

Arcade: FunTown Mahjong (and DLC)

Content: FunTown Mahjong
Price: 800 Microsoft Points
Availability: Not available in Korea
Dash Text: Unlock the full version of FunTown Mahjong to play even more of this traditional Chinese tile game! The full version includes the ability to compete against your friends on Xbox LIVE or against AI opponents. You can also earn achievements, aim for the top of the leaderboards, and enjoy tons of exciting Mahjong variations! This game requires the Xbox 360 hard drive or the 512MB Memory Unit for storage. There are no refunds for this item. For more information, see www.xbox.com/live/accounts.

In addition, the following DLC is available for the game as well:
Content: FunTown Mahjong – Chinese Festival
Price: 160 Microsoft Points
Availability: Not available in Korea
Dash Text: Visit the temple and play Mahjong during the Chinese New Year to bring good luck for the whole year. There are no refunds for this item. For more information, see www.xbox.com/live/accounts.

Arcade, Marketplace By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Firecrest

    @frisky dingo Where have you been? We’ve been seeing cruddy shovelware for the past couple weeks already. It’d actually be a nice change to see the retro ports we actually asked for up on XBLA. You think sales of those games would have been enough of an indicator.

    Microsoft seriously needs to make some changes to the XBLA agenda. I’m not even sure how garbage like Interpol, Puzzle Arcade, and this are able to pass through the pipeline. THOSE are games that we should rather be seeing on the community games channel. And if you’re going to give us passable games that you could easily find on any flash-based site, at least serve us a REAL game alongside it. You know, I used to question the decisions of the XBLA team back when Greg Canissa was in charge, but at least we seen consistent and notable releases.

    Yuck, yuck, yuck.

  • ShadowWizard

    While I will agree that with a title like this, there should be a more main stream title along side it. Games like this serve a Niche Market. It’s far more economical to offer a digital download than to mass produce, and mass market a game that only a handful will enjoy and purchase. Interpol, didn’t sound the least bit interesting to me, I played the demo and you know it just wasn’t for me. I respect that. I like that MS takes the risk for games like this, is it perfect? NO. Would I like to see all Niche games go? Even with a double release, everyone is not going to be pleased. Gotta take the good with the bad.

  • Smell007

    The live arcade has not been kind to 2009

  • Computerdude103

    Anybody else having Live issues today? I’ve gotten disconnected multiple times (it’s not my internet or network), and the Live status page has some bull crap explanation of the issues. Marketplace is also slowwwwwwwww but it’s usually slowwwwwwwww so I can’t tell if this is related to the problems.

  • lolwut

    “I’ll post more details on the blog tomorrow, but here is an early notification for my Twitter readers on where I’ll be:”

    Let me guess, Unemployment Office? haha

  • Warrengonline

    Hmmm. I have UNO, but I got all the achievements in like a week or so, got most without even trying. I now play only if friends I know are playing to chat and catch up or if I am a bit frustrate and do not know what to play and just want to talk. Thanks. Sorry about the Xbox Issue. Try to put Flash of Genius as your motto and tell me what happens. Flash of Genius in regards to the movie http://www.truveo.com/Flash-of-Genius-2008-Trailer/id/895769386 – weird. I FINALLY beat Mass Effect, 4 more play throughs.


    only games on XBLA I’ve ever purchased were UNO, Bankshot Billiards and Sonic 1.

    I have now got 1100 points and nothing to spend them on. I’ve had these points for months. I fear that I’ll never get anything decent actually. I want a monopoly game, but EA has the license and churns out absolute shit.

    scrabble would be good, but they are too dumb to realise.


    you people are amazing, last week you all complained that Mahjong wasn’t available to download , now thats it’s all you can do is complain, Major Nelson and the rest of the world don’t need to hear your sob stories. take a good look at your self, download the trial if you don’t like it, fine don’t buy it, no one asked you to!


    no 14-40 year old wants a crappy Chinese tile game.

  • calistan

    This is actually a really great game. Think of it as Uno but with some strategy involved. The tutorial could be better but it’s easy enough to pick up after playing a few hands.

    Presentation is a bit rough – it looks very much like a PS1 game in high res, the fonts are ugly and the music very repetitive. The core game, though – excellent.

  • hjetyekus

    Who knows, what this Mahjong DLC actually do?

    I purchased it, but “nothing happens”.

    What may I expect?

  • MrGreen13

    I’m really not into games like this, but I’m sure many are. I still think it’s total BS that they released DLC on the day the actually released the game…sounds to me like it should of just been included with the original game….milking suckers for money it seems!

  • Warrengonline

    Ohhh that’ll be the day a fire breaks out in the server room in one hour because of overheating. All those crazy combos and NOW with UNLIMITED challengers!??! No one will be aiming for the achievements – but getting the fight 5000 battles in one month “BLIP” Achievement Unlocked! Easy as Marvel vs Capcom 2 is the most requested game. I have it on my DC, but my DC is busted and I gave it away to a friend who is retro-bitten at the moment.

    Even if this game was free, I’d still have questions. But it is more of ease of play. UNO, Puzzle Arcade and Are You Smarter Than a 5TH Grader are more than enough to keep my sis entertained and we can just talk and such online. If she likes the demo, then purchases it, then I may do so later, but not right now.

  • ShadowWizard

    If you purchased the DLC, from the main menu, or the pause screen in game, go to options. In the options menu there is a Background option. Once there you should be able to choose from the original pier or the Chinese Festival.
    I myself have not bought the DLC so I don’t have any idea what it looks like.

  • Warrengonline

    You have 1100 MS Points? Then I recommend trying the trials of: Bankshot Billiards 2, Castle Crashers, Carcasonne (not exactly monopoly, but a fun game), WOTB: Commando 3, Pinball FX, Street Trace:NYC (I only put this as it is ‘different’), Boom Boom Rocket (single player only) and 3D Ultra™ Minigolf (if you get this, get the Lost Island DLC also). These are games I know you’d like, but you have not played much by your. I know you have the HD space for them, so there are no excuses. Get a buddy to team up with you and enjoy. If you still have Crackdown, spice it up by getting all the free DLC and then purchase the Getting’ Busy Bonus Pack. That game is awesome and with a buddy or new online acquaintance (who does not kill you on purpose or kick you off a high ledge) this game is a thrill of fun. Now only if in Crackdown 2 one of us can drive while the passenger hangs out the window and shoots. “Boom… Ha-ha-ha-ha–ha!”

  • yolarrydabomb

    Thanks but no thanks

    Hint: I just use Vista Mahjong thats FREEEEEEEEE!

  • Bibliothomas

    Great – this game is also available in Germany! Uncut! Oh my god!

  • I chex mix ho I

    @ MainCityImp
    you are not very smart. please no longer post. xbla arcade has enough diversity in this sense. look at all of the crappy random games we have on the arcade. i seriously can’t think of any xbla games i am looking forward to. this is getting silly….

  • ThePumpkinKing

    This is ridiculous. The Maw was slightly amusing, sure. But this game is 3rd rate crap. As have been the rest of the games since SSF2THDR. Where are all of the good games at??? Microsoft knows there are plenty of titles that gamers are screaming for. So why are they shoveling us this s*** instead?

  • hjetyekus


    You were right. This DLC is a pure background, nothing else. THIS IS SHAME.

    However the Mahjong game itself playing online is GREAT!

  • Jeff

    Mahjong? I can play this on the internet for free. $10 seems steep. I’ll pass.

    Lets get back to original titles like Interpol.

  • NekoMode

    I wish it had more game-modes or rulesets. Besides the “old maid” style and stacking games I know the Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, and us Philipinos all have different ways to play the same game 0.o;;

  • Warrengonline

    Isn’t that a little harsh? This is a game (The Maw), it is fun, (although I have not purchased the full version), then demo was GREAT! I respect you as you have a good gamerscore and have accomplished some great achievements and completed some awesome games (Alien Hominid and Prince of Persia). But c’mon, give The Maw his spotlight. He’s not Sonic the Hedgehog or a Mario Brother, but he is his own (A Boy and his Blob-isk). The Maw could have EASILY have been completed in 2D, but they went with 3D. Another feat. True, I’ve heard that the game is a bit short, but aren’t ALL XBLA games?

    I’m a SF Fan also, but HD Remix is not perfect. Lag has been dealt with much better than HyperFighting, but until you witness Guile tap-throwing Chun Li out of her Thunder Leg Burst or E.Honda out of his Thousand Slap – both in MID ACTION! And if you stay in a player match as a guest and the screen displays wins and empty power bars – that is not a good thing.

    Not saying that The Maw is better than HD Remix – you really can’t compare them one is fighting and the other is adventure action. Or at least by old school rules that is how we judge games. Overall, SF will be chosen by many as it is re-playable and only limited by your opponents. Would The Maw be better if it were Two-Player Co-Op Online as one player takes the role of each character?

    As for MS not gearing up for more well-known games, I’m not sure. Xbox360 is leading as far as I’m concerned and the Wii is now just a word. PS3 has LittleBigPlanet. PS3 has LittleBigPlanet. Is that a good thing or what coming from the Ex-Tekken, Soul Calibur and Ridge Racer and Ace Combat ONLY console ex-king!? Hmmm.., with all this technology, I wonder why there is not a poll on a website for users to vote on what game they’d purchase if was offered to be developed?


    heres hoping for R-Type Dimensions next weds

  • StefanTheMongol

    mahjong = lame