February 10th 2009 12:12 pm PT

Xbox LIVE GTA IV multiplayer free from Feb 17-22nd

To celebrate the release of next weeks Grand Theft Auto IV’s The Lost and Damned DLC, multiplayer for GTA IV will be free for all Xbox LIVE members from February 17th through the 22nd. Details on the press release

Archive By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Badassbadger7

    I’m glad that they are giving some of the Silver members a chance to see what they are missing out on.

  • Anonymous

    Got to do something to cover up the cost of 1600 MS Points. I won’t be getting it, not after the shambles of the 100% Key to city, I completed the game well within time and was told I only had 85% when the deadline came.

  • Danowat32

    @Badassbadger, in the case of GTAIV, all silvers members are missing out on are 14 year old faux gangster wannabees screaming down their mics how they are going to “bust a cap in yo ass”, and making nasty racist comments.

  • Badassbadger7

    I would agree that it is a little more prevalent in GTA than most other games, but it does get a little old. Left 4 Dead is the only game I can play on a regular basis without having to mute half the players in the game.

  • Danowat32

    In that case then, looks like I should buy L4D!!!!

  • Sole Epiphany

    GTA online, is dead. The co-op is fun, more of that please.

  • MrGreen13

    Great! Now even more trash talkers and whiners will be playing this game on live! The community is horrible as it is…and now they are opening the gates to even more vile people.

  • USA Chris

    i dont get it, we pay for xbox live service, yet the silvers get the free stuff?????

  • slardybartfast8

    They get it free for a week Chris, get a life. Like your 50 dollars a year really matters by the end of the year anyway. You get everything, even demos, a week before they do. Either way, I never play GTAIV anymore, kinda sad. There are better online games to play, and I highly doubt I will buy Lost & Dammed. The multiplayer, while ambitious and impressive, really just isn’t that much FUN, which is what matters. And yeah, every person on there is a vile, racist moron. Probably the worst game to plan on live currently. Extremely unfortunate.

  • Secret Fuller

    Yes good but shame not every one will know about it.

  • RidinSlow

    Well, I’m interested in the DLC a little, but online multiplayer was more important to me. So, I bought the game for PS3 instead so I didn’t ever have to worry about being blocked from online for not paying a fee.

    I’ve had a lot of fun with multiplayer with no lag or network issues.

    So; There is no need for me to worry about Microsoft and their hand-outs used to boost sales. Not a bad marketing move for the DLC, though.

    I suppose it’s a nice gesture depending on each gamers options a preferences.

  • KP ScuzzyBunny

    …and if you bought the PS3 version there is no reason to worry about DLC, since there isn’t any! Has anyone seen that 1600 pts is the actual price? If so, the disc is by far the better buy, since it’s the same price ($19.99), comes with a case, cd, and book, and if you work in the right places you can get it discounted…or I guess you could roll the dice and try to win one of the codes from MN, but the odds just seem so slim!

  • ZeroBXU

    @ Killer Scuzzy J – 1600 points is the confirmed price, but buying it in a store (or via Amazon, etc.) only gets you a card with a redemption code on it. No CD, no case, etc. Although some place online was offering it with 3 months of XBL Gold.

    As for GTA IV being “no fun” online, get a couple of good friends together in the Party Mode, and you probably won’t even bother with anything else. We’ve literally killed hours just screwing around there.

  • Ark Hunter

    Mehh. I don’t know why I haven’t sold GTA4 yet.

  • Nibbles37

    I didn’t even bother to beat GTA4 game is terrible they took so many things out that made San Andreas so good. Saints Row 2 is ten times better in every form and fashion.

  • XxLaZyStRyKeRxX

    so, silver members get a week of free. and what do us who actually pay for live get!! i don’t think that its fair really. we pay to have the ability to play online, MS or RS should give us something different

  • Anonymous

    so nothing awesome for the people who pay for gold?

  • BrarStar

    relax guys its just a week free, probably to get some more people playing GTAIV.

    Im not to worried about it.

  • ZeroBXU

    Call me crazy, but Gold members really do get something out of this–we get a LOT more folks to go multiplayer with during that six days. In addition, at least a few of those folks will probably like it enough to upgrade to Gold–which means there’s a few more folks on multiplayer as a result. Not to mention, some tiny fraction of their Gold fee goes back into development for the XBL service. So while we don’t get anything immediately tangible and obvious, we do see a benefit. And if you paid $50/year for your XBL Gold, then six days of Gold works out to roughly $0.82. Maybe you can start a petition to demand 65 free Microsoft points for your troubles…

  • Anonymous

    Just make multiplayer free all together and make up more Xbox Live Gold benefits. I don’t think anyone should get excluded from online multiplayer if they refuse to pay for it. It’s just wrong.


    I was just at GameStop, and the manager showed me the in-store version of the DLC. It comes in a cardboard box the same size and thickness of a game case. It’s $19.99 and comes with a code card and a two-sided fold-out poster with a full-size shot of the biker chick from the front cover on one side, and a Liberty City Map on the other. If you pre-order it from Amazon.com by 2/14, you get a FREE 3-month XBL Gold Card!

  • KP ScuzzyBunny

    ABSOLUTE FAILURE…just confirmed what ZeroBXU said, and this has got to be the absolute dumbest move for a video game since the Horse Armor in Oblivion! What is the point of having a “retail release” of a CODE??? So, for 1600 pts I can download (I guess tomorrow, since I didn’t see it in the MP), for $19.99 I can buy a CODE, in a box, that I can get online and enter, that will let me download (this is in stores today), or for $19.99 I can buy 1600 pts, then download the content whenever it gets on the MP? When I saw this listed as “coming soon” in retail stores I naturally assumed it was a disc version that would allow people without XBL to access the content, like Oblivion, Marvel, and a few other games have done in the past. WHAT IS THE POINT? Oh well, at least I get mine a few bucks cheaper (and if you pay with a trade-in you don’t even have to pay tax). Again…FAIL.


    @ Killer Scuzzy J: When you’re buying MSP and Gold cards in stores, you’re also paying for a retail release of a code (instead of using your credit card to buy them over XBL). In this case, I guess buying the in-store version would be best for those who (for whatever reason) can’t get or don’t want to deal with MSP and would rather just buy it directly. Plus you get a little extra free bonus content with the retail version too as previously mentioned. (I forgot to mention that it also comes with a 48-hour Gold trial code too) And the official release date is 2/17, but you can already buy the store version in advance now so you have it ready to use on the 17th.

  • Quicksilver4648

    Note to everyone: Live will be free to Silver members ONLY if you are playing GTA IV or Lost and Damned. Silvers will NOT be able to play online in Halo, CoD, Madden, and etc.

  • ushman360

    Well technically it isn’t free for me, and the majority of LIVE members since we’ve already paid for the service. So this is pointless.

    No offence, but it’s stupid the way its worded now. Why wouldn’t Major say ‘MP free to all SILVER members’. That would be more politically correct.

  • AMCope

    I’m looking forward Lost and Damned but 1600MSP for it is more than a bit steep.

  • metallicorphan

    i just bought my points today,so i dont have to mess about when this comes out

    i heard there are new missions(obviously)
    new weapons
    new vehicles
    and new music

    but no new areas(not that i have heard)

    hmm,hope it justifies the $25 million that Microsoft paid for this..hell,i hope it justifies the 1600 points i am putting down for this

    either way,i am looking forward to it

    it says you can do the new missions any time during the normal game,as the new missions dont feature Niko,how will the character transfer happen?

  • Joergen8

    Wow I completely forgot this was even coming out. I’d rather take the free MP time in MS points.

    I love GTAIV but I doubt I’ll be getting the DLC. Makes more sense waiting for the disc version to come down in price, which the DLC never will.

  • KP ScuzzyBunny

    There is no disc version…what is in the stores is a box containing a code card to download the content on the 17th. I understand the point of buying MS points and Gold cards in stores, as a lot of people don’t like having stored info on anyone’s servers (when ARE you going to allow us to delete old credit card info, MS?), but to promote a “retail version” of a GAME makes 99% of people think it is on a disc. Very few stores sell Marketplace content (I have seen some Arcade titles at Target and Wal Mart, but only a few, and NEVER for pre-order), so to me, at least, this was very misleading. I have a lot of friends who pre-ordered this because they live in rural areas and don’t have Live, so now Gamestop gets canceled reservations, my friends don’t get the content, Rockstar doesn’t get the sales, and who exactly benefits?

    Like it was mentioned before, if you want the content, your best bet is the deal on Amazon.com: 3 Months of Gold (usually $20 retail) and Lost and the Damned ($20 or 1600 MS points), for $19.99…and if you are in no rush, Free Shipping!

  • Renown Recon

    I like GTA, but I’m having way more fun with Saints Row 2. The Single player is much more fun, and exciting. Plus you can play the entire game with a friend. The DLC for GTA is way to high for a story that really isn’t that interesting.

  • yolarrydabomb

    you have to remind us again on the 7th


    I guess they want more people to buy gold card and play with their beloved game. I like GTA IV, but the multiplayer and single player gets boring after a while and there’s so many stupid people online, who doesn’t make it fun to play. Ohh well, I’m not getting this DLC now, I’ll rather buy a full game…

  • KnightOfYeshua

    Incentives, incentives, people! This gives those who are not yet signed up for Gold Accounts to experience Xbox Live as it was intended to be experienced. If quality people sign up for XBL Gold because of this promotion, it means I get to smoke new people in COD4 eventually.

    As for not receiving any sort of ‘bonus’ for DLC that you have to pay for (whether you’re Silver or Gold) anyway, what is it that you would like to have? Realistically, the online service we pay for is pretty great.

    The GTA IV DLC is a bit pricey and I am not sure if I’ll be buying it but the price is the same whether you’re Gold or Silver and that seems fair to me. You just get a slight incitement from Microsoft if you’re currently a Silver member.

  • IrN ChRiZ


    You bought the PS3 GTAIV for the multiplayer?!?!

    Shame you miss all of the new multiplayer modes that come with Lost & Damned then.

  • IrN ChRiZ

    @Killer Scuzzy J

    You obviously have no idea how to manage a business.

    If Microsoft only had the DLC advertised on the 360 Dashboard they would only hit a percentage of gamers.

    If (like they are doing) release a branded 1600 MSP card along with advertising in stores AND encouraging the stores to do bundles they stimulate much more of the market.

    And, of course, the employees of game stores can laugh their asses off at the PS3 owners who ask about buying Lost & Damned. lol

  • bourkey222

    Too bad my xbox died yesterday. Now I will have to wait forvever to play the new GTA dlc

  • Secret Fuller

    Does any one know the new multiplayer games?

  • Secret Fuller

    Does any one know how RockStar changed the map? i know it will be a bit different, but how i dont know. Im happy about the new cars! and bikes, but im sad that nico belic is leaving us for ever. But we will do a mission with him in the lost and the damned. I saw it in the trailer.

  • RidinSlow

    @IrN ChRiZ

    As I stated; I don’t really care whether or not I get to play any of the content on the DLC. If PS3 eventually gets it, i MIGHT download it.

    When making the decision on which console to purchase the game, I had to decide what was more important to ME. And for me, having the ability to get online was more important than having an opportunity to pay for additional content later on.

    I like the fact that I can get online at any time without worrying about whether or not my XBL subscription has ran out or not. GTA IV is a great game as it is without additional content. The multiplayer modes already available are a blast (Race & Cops & Robbers = favorties).

    I guess my point of posting here is to reiterate the fact that Microsoft does not provide a good option for people whose gaming habits don’t justify the cost of the current XBL Gold membership. I also believe that Microsoft should allow people to play online multiplayer for free and find other Gold level services (such a NetFlix, PrimeTime, enhanced friends lists, group chat, et cetera) to encourage a pay-for service. It’s a double standard to allow Windows gamers to play on XBL for free, but then charge Xbox gamers a monthly/yearly fee for the same service.

    Microsoft wants to make out these free weeks as this great thing. And they want to encourage people to enjoy the online services and find the urge to pay for them. From a company standpoint, they think their doing the community a favor. I know that there are tons of Silver members like me who just don’t find the service offers us what we want for a reasonable price (free is not the only option – maybe a lower-cost for less features?).

    I was a Gold subscriber for 2 years and 4 months. I know what the service has to offer. With the amount of time I spend online and the lack of use of the avaialable features, I haven’t found the cost to be justified for my gaming habits. Sony provides everything I want/need in the PS3. I still have and enjoy my Xbox360 games and will continue to buy exclusives. I just refuse to pay for another Gold membership just so I can play online. I can enjoy my Xbox360 games offline until Microsoft takes a step forward to change things.