February 11th 2009 9:14 am PT

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Calendar Themes and Gamer Pics (Free)


The 2009 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Calendar, presented to you by the all-new Nissan 370Z. Download Themes, Gamer Pics, and learn more about the Nissan 370Z. Also, enter to win the Z-List Sweepstakes – where SI model Melissa Keller hosts you and a friend for a day at the sporting event of your choice. These items are only available in the United States.


There are a total of six gamer pictures and two themes for download:

Gamer pictures:
Nissan 370Z
IIrina Shayk 
Daniella Sarahyba
Jessica Gomes
Brooklyn Decker
Bar Rafaeli

Brooklyn Decker
Nissan 370Z.



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Free, Marketplace By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • The Dukenator

    Damn it, Major.
    That’s my favorite thing. Now I gotta get that calendar one of these days.

  • Unimatrix Xero

    content cant be found!! get to grips with these links major!

  • ExtremeGamer

    The link was fine for me. There’s 13 pics, 12 themes. So now my queue is loaded up.

  • Huddy72

    The link didn’t work for me either. I’m guessing it’s more “US Only” content.

  • blaXter360

    Is it US Only, Major?

  • ExtremeGamer

    It says “United States” only in the description.

  • dazzadavie

    “These items are only available in the United States.”

  • shadaik

    I don’t suppose these are premium themes instead of themes that don’t even work properly (emphsis on “properly”) under the NXE?

  • Turtle502

    ahhh…the Nissan 370 Z!

  • Major Nelson

    ‘These items are only available in the United States.’

    Links work fine if you are in the US

  • Avrilphile

    Dank, thanks for the heads up Major

  • r3dreck


  • SC Davis

    Uhm… Irina Shayk? :)


    OMG sick 370 Z OMG I love it!!! and yes ill get the girls too – lol

  • Warrengonline

    Um, no disrespect, but here’s a tip: google.com click images, look for image you want, if you can’t afford Photoshop v.X, CorelDraw, PhotoImpact, any of the professional grade software, get GIMP and make your image(s) the size you want. Then use a flashdrive (or network your Xbox360 with your PC, Zune or which ever), then view the photos, then look at the bottom left of the screen for (I think it is a ‘yellow button’ – to use as background – I’m doing this from memory so I could be mistaken). Once you Use As Background, it is now a theme on your HDD. This option has been available ever since previous dashboard. Also, I’m a fan of the Nissan Skyline GTR (http://www.irjp.jp/juce/nissan-skyline-gt-r%5B1%5D.jpg).

    “Irina Shayk” is a Russian model. I do not know Irina Shak. Who is she or is the name misspelled?

  • Danowat32

    US only? AGAIN?, when are we gonna have some decent free stuff?, there are other nations that use XBL apart from the US you know MS.


    Here’s to a full queue! Thanks Larry!

  • Secret Fuller

    are the themes premium?

  • Joergen8

    Well, these should be China only since China has now surpassed the US in car sales.. and I’m pretty sure China has more skinny women too, though the US women (150m) are the same mass as all the Chinese women put together (1billion) so that evens up the score.

  • LausDomini

    Major, how come no post on Burnout’s Party Pack?

  • metallicorphan

    i think normal themes wont really be wanted anymore,like some one has already said,they dont work fully now,and if there are 4 pictures per theme,we only usually get to see one now…so it would be better just to pull a picture of the internet put it onto a flash drive or your PSP and connect that to your 360 and grab it as a picture…i am really still amazed that some companies ‘*cough* EA *cough*’ are still charging for normal themes that are still being released(usually 150 points)

  • OS Perry

    Major… any luck on getting a way to view premium themes on NXE, before purchase?

    I still haven’t seen any images of the NBA 2K9 premium theme anywhere.

    Are these themes premium?

  • ptmad

    why can’t ms release free themes and pictures in europe???

  • Lynch182

    not majors fault its US only. if it was Uk only im sure there would be a few law suits filed around the US. very poor microsoft!!!

  • SpiralGray

    A request… when there’s a long list of items like this, how about a way to check the ones you want and add them to your queue as a batch. It got a little tedious doing that individually for each of 25 items.

  • tabicat

    Irina Shak is a misspelling. It should be Irina Shayk. Hopefully, the theme itself has the right name.

  • DiddlyKong

    Ah man I’m at work and can’t see them. But I did send them straight to my que. Loving that new feature.

  • Warrengonline

    Thanks. I was wondering. Kate Hudson and Katy Hudson – love that Katie Couric’s “All Access” Grammy Special, CBS News Special for that one.

  • BrarStar

    US only content :( I hate that.

  • Sturmjaeger

    Ooooooooo. Jarah Mariano. I like!

  • ptmad

    i undestand ms might not have the rights to release U.S content in Europe and that’s ok,
    but why can’t they negociate with european companies and release european stuff on live?

    i pay the same (if not more) you guys do for live, but it feels like a completely different service here… in portugal even the video marketplace is pratically unexistant :|

    i’m sorry if this isn’t the right place to discuss this, but it feels extremely unfair to pay the same and get a lot less, i wish ms would do something about this…

  • Protonus

    It’s 2009… can we have a preview feature now? I understand this is free content and all, but why can’t I see a preview from the website?

  • Firecrest

    On an unrelated note, for those wondering about the Left 4 Dead DLC, it’s going to be free on all platforms.

    Like it should have been.

  • bknight2k

    Kinda Sux
    that the US get these and no other country has access to them

  • EvilCan

    To all you Euros, Australians, Canadians, and well any non-Americans:

    Xbox 360 is an American product. I know it sucks that you have to pay the same price (or even more depending on the exchange rate) for the console itself and Xbox LIVE while getting a reduced amount of content but it is out of Microsoft’s hands. They don’t have control of licensing laws or other factors which keep this content in the US. A majority of Xbox customers are in the US and if Microsoft makes XBL free or dirt cheap in other countries a lot of US customers would be upset, justified or not.

    I believe it’s up to the non-American consumer to tell Microsoft whether the money you pay for Xbox LIVE is worth it or not. That’s a major component of our capitalist system. The market (the consumer) tells the seller whether or not their product is worth the money you pay for it.

  • padilla21 Live

    im in mexico but my tag is american = )
    thanks major n!

  • excommodog

    “A request… when there’s a long list of items like this, how about a way to check the ones you want and add them to your queue as a batch. It got a little tedious doing that individually for each of 25 items.”

    YES I AGREE, and yes i am yelling it :-)


    Im sad :( Good looking car that, but it’s not going to be rare wich is a bad thing…


    USA Only

    whats new?…

    can anyone who has already downloaded the gamerpics use one of them as their gamer picture so we can see what they look like.

    i’m gonna have to wait until next week to get them – stupid Gold only content rule – first region blocking, now this.

    my journey to the PC side is almost complete…

  • BillyJo

    hope MS will learn that XBlive run in other nations too… will you offer XBlive for free for country outside US if you give nothing to us….

  • Danowat32


    Is it balls, the xbox360 is a WORLDWIDE product, we pay the same prices as every other bugger, so we should get the same service, regardless of where we live.

    Its just typical MS xenophobia

  • Chicago Mafia

    It’s about time there’s some good stuff available to us “more mature” guys. Those cartoon girl themes and gamerpics were cute. But REAL ladies in bikinis are much better.

  • MetalGearFloppy

    @Evil Can….

    I’ve never heard such rubbish in all my life!

    Maybe this site should be just for U.S customers and Europe, Australia, Japan, etc should have sites of their own. That way people outside the U.S wouldn’t get so pissed off at reading about all the stuff they aren’t allowed to have…. just a thought.
    I know we have our own “community managers”…. maybe they need a kick in the butt to get it sorted!

  • pishposhping

    When can we expect some UK only free content? Or does this thing only ever happen if you’re based in the US?

  • metallicorphan


    Television was a from a Scottish inventor,some of the first computers were in the UK and Germany

    and the world wide web is widely believed to be Switzerland..you saying that the Xbox 360 is an American product when it sells around the world is neither here nor there,should we all just take back our products for our own country?

    this kind of stuff is starting to happen more and more,you guys already have a much better service for XBL whether it be Netflix or video marketplace,and whether its free or dirt cheap doesnt matter,most countries around the world actually pay more for their console,XBL,games

    now,i dont think this particular issue with the sportillustrated pictures are worth arguing about personally,but it still happens to other items that appear on the marketplace,if it is however due to copywrite etc,then i think when things like this happen that the other countries around the world should have a substitute item/items


    This is the best giveaway Live has done yet.The car is awesome and hot babes plus a calender right on my TV screen makes this an amazing set of pics and themes.Thanks, this makes up for some of the other things I have been dissatisfied about.Keep up the good work.

  • davidkenobi

    Eh! I want my Bar Rafaeli picture too ! Poor european :)


    I love the October theme. My bday month and imo the hottest of the girls :D

  • journauto

    in case the u.s. don’t know, we get si and nissan up here too, eh

  • Makusensu

    Create US account like all other people and stop crying :/