February 18th 2009 8:15 am PT

Arcade: Death Tank

Content: Death Tank
Price: 1200 Microsoft Points
Availability: All Xbox LIVE regions
Dash Text: Unlock the full version of Death Tank to experience all this great game has to offer! Through Xbox LIVE, up to eight tanks can simultaneously enter the arena for exciting co-op or chaotic free-for-all play! Devastating weapons and unique items give your tank unlimited destructive power. Eight separate landscapes react to tank combat, altering their shape when hit and providing an ever changing environment in which to play. This game requires the Xbox 360 hard drive or the 512MB Memory Unit for storage. There are no refunds for this item. For more information, see www.xbox.com/live/accounts.


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Note: The demo version includes multiplayer support, so give that a try!

Arcade, Marketplace By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Interceptor Lee

    In a time when the world economy is suffering, and people have less disposible income, it’s crazy that MS are forcing up the prices of XBLA games. There is a definite upward trend from 400/800 to 800/1200 and I’m going to have to really rein back on the number of XBLA games I buy because of it.

  • Codename6

    Economy goes down.
    Microsoft prices go up.

    Thanks a lot!…but no thanks.

  • CryptoElite

    Sigh, more whining from people who would rather whine about games without playing them than even try them out. We know, we know, it’s $5 more expensive, but that’s only $5!

    It’s just depressing that this is another title that will be incredibly underrated and niche. I’m beginning to think gaming won’t survive this depression.

  • M G R O 7 E N

    nice but 1200 TOO much ><

  • L0ng5h0t

    It’s only $5. Sounds like the same old Horse Armor argument “It’s only $2.50″ But Bethsoft responded by reducing the price point of future DLC and everyone was happy.

    In today’s economy, $5 is $5. for 800 pts I might buy this game and some GH or RB tunes. At 1200 pts though, I’ll pass and just download some more songs.

    With due respect to Johnny Cochran… “If the price is too high, you must not buy!”

  • EssCee UK

    I agree with all the posts so far and add my voice to the choir saying that 1200 is too much for this (along with R-Type a week or so before). Just because profits are down across the world (not just Microsoft) doesn’t mean that you should gouge your loyal user base, comprendre?

  • Helvedeshunden

    I would have bought R-Type Dimensions at 800 and I would consider Death Tank at 800 (I was very much expecting 400, though). Instead I’ll be buying neither, which means 1600 points down the drain for you guys.

    Think about it.

    I will, however, be picking up the level for The Maw. At least that’s a reasonable price.

  • Dhuran

    Played the demo and liked it. Too bad, really. I would have gotten this one for sure if it was less than 1200 points.
    Come to think of it, the last thing I got off the marketplace was the extremely well priced GRAW 2 map packs. I haven’t bought any new releases for almost half a year now. The prices just started getting way too high for little things. Hope this turns around soon. It’s a little disappointing.

  • Shamrock

    This isn’t Braid, MS marketing people might have talked another developer into charging 1200 points but this isn’t going to fly this time. I’ll wait for the price drop (which judging by the comments on every major message board should be with in a month) because I haven’t seen anyone ok with this price.

  • Turtle502

    I thought that the developers set the price, in consultation with MS…? The problem with Arcade titles is that lower price actually moves more units. The profit margin per unit might be smaller at a lower price, but they would certainly sell more units at a lower price…possibly making more money in the longterm. :\

  • tsaweeos

    Man what’s up with all the 1200 point games lately.

    I remember playing a game similar to this on the pc for free.
    Such a great game.

  • MainCityImp

    I won’t even bother downloading the demo. Seriously, I won’t pay 1200 points for an xbla game. I use to buy 1400 pt cards weekly to get xbla stuff. But now, I know I’m being taken advantage of and nothing for a long time has been worth over 800 pts. You are going to be sorry MS in the future. You will lose what great thing you had going.

  • smileriraq

    It would be nice if Major acknowledged the issue even if he cannot do anything about it at least give us an insight to how MS view and justify the value of the games.

    MY gold account is due up for renewal soon and im not really sure im going to bother renewing it partly due to the fact that over the last year the gold service doesnt really get you much other than online multiplayer and thats something i can do without (or at least dip in and out of on a monthly basis).

    In the currrent economic situation people will vote with their wallets and while there will always be people who will buy XBL it will probably only be the hardcore gamers who part with their money


    I just love every dumb@ss that complains about the price of arcade games going up without any facts.

    Free Games = 5
    1.00 games = 1
    5.00 games = 62
    10.00 games = 111
    15.00 games = 10
    20.00 games = 1

    Bankshot Billiards 2 10/03/05
    Roboblitz 11/18/06
    Braid 08/06/08
    Castle Crashers 08/27/08
    Portal 10/22/08
    5th Grader 10/29/08
    Penny Arcade Ep 2 10/29/08
    Super Street Fighter II 11/26/08
    R-Type 02/04/09
    Death Tank 02/18/09

    I included Bankshot because it was originally 15.00

    10 games in 3 1/2 years have been 15.00

    All games total $1591 = 190 = 8.37 average

    8.00 has been and remains the average cost of an arcade game.

  • BrooksterMax

    nope 1200 too much

  • Doh Ray Egon

    @CryptoElite: I guess whining about other people whining like you do every week is ok though right?

  • smileriraq

    over a 3 year period that average bears out what people are saying is that over the last few months the release price has jumped up to 1200 and 1200 points is starting to become the standard

    but as I said only way to stop it is to vote with your wallets

  • Quicksilver4648

    2005: 1 $15 game.
    2006: 1 $15 game.
    2007: 0 $15 games.
    2008: 6 $15 games.
    2009: 2 $15 games, and we are only into mid February.

    At this rate we could easily reach 10 $15 by the end of the year. There is an easily noticeable trend in how games are costing more.

  • CryptoElite

    @Doh Ray Egon :
    People are being fools. Complaining about a game without even trying the demo is completely stupid. The game isn’t perfect, if you try the demo and think “I don’t want to/can’t pay $15 for this”, that’s fine. What if the game turned out to be your favorite of all time? Is $15 too much? If you’ve EVER bought any game that cost more than $15 you have no right to complain about a $15 game without judging the game upon its own merits.

    Cool Gamertag though.

  • bknight2k

    Great game but i don’t think its worth 1500 points since you can pick up for worms for 400pts

  • Raz 360

    Agree with the majority on here…I HAVE played the demo and it would be an absolute buy if it was 800 points. 1200 is too much in my opinion, and I know its my perogative not to spend that much on a game, and Im executing that right!

    Too bad, I could’ve seen this arcade game taking up my time from GeoWars2, oh well back to owning shapes!

  • Exu

    Point the first: When I first heard about Death Tank forever ago I was rather looking forward to it. Then it slipped off the radar for a while and now its out and I’ve had a go, I can’t say that it’s anything more than overpriced crap. Who OK’d this? I wouldn’t give this to a dog.

    Point de la seconde: Too many games worth 800 being sold for 1200 points recently. Or “not sold” as the case may be.

    Nummer der dritten: This game’s already on Arcade. It’s called Worms, it plays much better, and it costs three times less. Well, I got mine free from a promotional code but still.

    El cuarto punto: Speaking of overpriced crap, Johnathan Blow (he sure does!) has dropped the price of Braid by $5 USD for the March 31st PC release:
    Would be EVER SO NICE (and sensible) if Microsoft would do the same and whack it on Arcade Hits for 800. Could even do it ASAP, get the jump on it. Pre-emptive strike.

    Punto quinto: About time the price was cut for that Penny Arcade rubbish too, that’s been cheaper on Steam for ages. Why the first episode is still a ridiculous 1600 is beyond me.

    Sorry for the wall of text, needed to put some points across though.

  • DamianIsabel

    scorched tanks was a fantastic amiga title that I love to this day.
    however this may not be a mass market product, it was clear that such title would not appeal to many people at this price – what did microsoft expect?
    especially when economy went down the drain long time ago,
    it’s really discouraging to see what microsoft is doing,
    especially when you’re getting original, fantastic game on psn such as flower for $9.99.
    I really want to support xbla titles like this but these inflated prices have got to be stopped or they will be left 4 dead ^_~

  • Exu

    Funny how things come around, too…

    1996: Death Tank is a bonus game in the Sega Saturn version of PowerSlave.
    1997: Death Tank Zwei is an unlockable secret hidden away in the Sega Saturn version of Duke Nukem 3D.
    2008: Duke Nukem 3D is released on XBLA for 800 MSP.
    2009: Death Tank is released on XBLA for 1200 MSP.


  • Susurration

    PROTIP: This several year old game is free and on PC.

    Pocket Tanks: http://www.blitwise.com/ptanks.html

    I wouldn’t hesitate to say Death Tank is the same game renamed or a clone. Doesnt look as pretty, but its the same game nonetheless.

  • XeroSum

    what recession? im buying a new car, and i just got a new pc – life is good! i think i can afford to blow $15 for what is, in my opinion one of the best XBLA games in awhile.

  • asphaltOnline

    Love Death Thanks – great game! And nice of them to include 60mins of online play. For 800 this would have been an insta-sale but with SFIV out this week , there’s no chance I’m paying 1200 for it. Will wait for it to go to Arcade Hits – however long that takes.

  • dreampage

    It’s quite ridiculous that you can buy full-fledged Xbox Originals at the same price as this game that has barely any content in is. It’s quite ridiculous that the original was a free bonus game in Duke Nukem 3D, now it’s more expensive than the XBLA version of DN3D.

    The whole pricing structure of Arcade is broken and should be fixed ASAP or else sales will plummet. Just look at what games the PSN is offering for similar prices!

  • Danowat32

    Trouble is, I really don’t think MS / XBLA staff care what (I reckon is) the vocal minority think, they just know there are enough saps on XBL that will lap up any and all (overpriced) content they stick on there.

    My main worry is, where will it stop, with no XBLA guidelines in place, the prices can (and possibly will) continue to rise and rise and rise.

    I have said it before, MS are testing the water in terms of pricing, they are seeing how far they can push it.

    The pricing sturcture isn’t broken at all, there isn’t one to break, and there in lies the problem.

  • schenley

    I checked out the demo and in my opinion, this game should be 400 from the start! There’s no way this game is worth 1200.

  • ToothlessFrog

    Would have to agree, this is very silly at this price. What were they thinking?

  • Col J Matrix UK


    Especially bad timing as I just paid for Lost and Damned…so NO. I refuse to buy Arcade titles at that price

  • SalamanderSkill

    Total Rip!!!!

    Wasn’t SSFIIHDR only 1200 points? I’d pay 400ms points max for this. Even that’s a stretch!

    Bring out some shmups to America and stop releasing them ONLY in Japan… WTH MS?

  • Anonymous

    bloody hell micrsoft you taking the piss now.

    1200 points for this crap ??

  • Ollyh

    I don’t think many people are gonna bust out £10 / $15 a week if this is the new system for XBLA, which is a shame because I really wanna get my XBLA fix at a reasonable price.

  • Chicken Wyng

    Danowat32 makes a good point about MS testing the waters with pricing. I think the standard should be 400-800 point games and the occasional 1200 point game. The only way things will change is if we speak with our wallets and don’t purchase them at these prices. On a side note somebody posted about Braid being lower when it will be released on PC, I just wanted to say thanks for letting us know. I was thinking about buying but hopefully a price drop will hit when the PC version is released and I can save a few points.

  • Ozzzy189

    I was looking forward to seeing this, but 1200 is starting to take the piss. I used to buy loads of aracade games when they were 4 and 800, but not anymore. i don’t have the cash these days. Surely it’s common sense ? Sell say; 500k units at 800, or 100k units at 1200 ? That was hypothetically speaking, but it’s kind of easy to work out which is the best method. I really would’ve paid 800 for r-type. I just hope outrun isn’t 1200 too. By the way. Why the hell are xbox originals 1200 ? You can buy the proper disc in box copies for peanuts these days. If they were 400 or 800, and you got 200 GS for finishing them, then i could kind of see the appeal, but 1200 for old xbox games these days ? Yeah right.

  • OS Perry

    Why couldn’t someone make a community game ripoff of Death Tank? Maybe not as polished, but hey its Death Tank… I’m sure it would sell big as a community game for 200-400 points.

  • Danowat32

    I’ll bet my ass Outrun is at least 1200MSP’s

  • OS Perry

    is this anything like Scorched Earth? I used to fucking love that game!

  • DKR1138

    Next week, Solitar with 3d motion flips of the card 1200msp.

  • Chicken Wyng

    If I’m not mistaken, the new Puzzle Quest comes out next week and I bet it will be between 1200-1600 points so heads up. (I know DKR1138 was being sarcastic but it made me remember this)

  • Chicken Wyng
  • Wyat Earp

    Interesting interview with the guy who made deathtank here http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/death-tanks-ezra-driesbach-interview

    Apparently took him 3 years to program, so might explain the high price tag – the guy needs to get paid! I agree though that 1200 is too high – he’d get a better return if he sold twice as many copies at 800 points.

    Note to developers: 1200 point titles are competing against XB Originals AND secondhand/discounted titles in store. 1200 points = £10+ here in the UK. For less than that I can pick up a brand new copy of Mass Effect.

    Prices should be: 200 Community Games, 400 old arcade/XBLA games, 800 XBLA premium games, 1000 XB Originals.

  • misticalx

    1200 MS points for this game? Way to high, heck even 800 MS points would be too high. Lower this among MANY OTHER OVERPRICED GAMES to 400 MS points and you WILL see an increase in purchases.

    Till then, good luck because I among many of my friends that feel the same with arcade games, will not buy any of them. This is the truth and this does not even include the current state the economy is in either. Even if it was good, I still would not even buy it, overpriced. It is sad because some of them would even be fun to play either together or just from time to time when bored.