February 24th 2009 6:01 am PT

(Officially) Announcing the Resident Evil Limited Edition Console

Xbox 360 RE5 ConsoleXbox 360 RE5 Console 

We’re happy to (officially) announce the Exclusive Red Xbox 360 Resident Evil Limited Edition Console.

Available the same day Resident Evil 5 ships to store shelves, Friday, March 13, Xbox 360 fans will be able to pick up the bundle featuring an exclusive red Xbox 360.  Included will be the Limited Edition red Wireless Controller, black Xbox 360 Headset, a 120 GB Hard Drive, exclusive premium “Resident Evil 5” theme (downloadable via Xbox LIVE) and more all included at no additional charge for the price of US $399. (ERP) Supplies are very limited, so if you want in on this action, you may want to pre-order soon.


The bundle contains:

  • Xbox 360 Elite Console with Exclusive Red Finish
  • Matching red wireless controller
  • 120GB hard drive
  • Resident Evil 5
  • Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix
  • Exclusive Resident Evil Premium Theme
  • Xbox 360 black wired headset
  • HDTV-ready component HD AV, HDMI and Ethernet cables

Edit: Added links to Xbox.com. Here are some high rez images to get a better look at the bundle.

Update: I’ve posted an unboxing video so you can see the bundle for yourself.



Xbox 360 By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Jessibaby1986

    Eeeee….I love it!!!!

  • StabaCadaver

    Console available now in Ring of Death Red!!! Get it while it’s Red Hot! Etc… JK! I’m a 360 Fanboy even if I did have multiple problems with multiple consoles. This is a nice deal for anyone looking to get a 360.

  • X Ray Hamburger

    Wow thats an awesome console, and awesome deal. Not only are you getting RE5 but SF II HD Remix, and all kinds of other things.


    i don’t like it red. a more custom paint job would have been nice.


    @Tyke666 get to a doctor asap, you might have a concussion if you think that looks pink.

    To the next person who mentions the rrod, PLEASE do us all a favor and beat yourself to death with your 360.

  • Winter of Yuki

    As far as I know, Toys R Us and Gamestop will have these up for pre-order, if not already up.

  • Shonk

    Watch out for old stock Put in a new case

    My mate got a GOW2 Bundle and it was 843x on the box
    but 821 inside

    It seems microsoft uses the bundle consoles to shift old stock
    It will be harder with the red case but i would check to make sure

    Dont just expect it to be a jasper

  • peachy001

    A small point… The article on Engaget said that you get a red headset. I assume you have it staright and the headset is actually black?

    Looks nice, but I prefer the black Elite. Will they be doing those with the same RE5 + SF remix etc?

  • peachy001

    One more thing, tenuously related to this post. Has the preloaded content changed? I ask this as I am looking to get an Elite, once, Jasper hits, and wondered if it is still the same as the stuff MS first included.

    Many thanks


    Still no ReVolt though. C’mon guys it was the first game across Live.


    I went to my local GameStop today and they said they have it available for pre-order now.

  • Darkfalz01

    Anywhere online to pre-order?

  • Darkfalz01

    Best Buy and Amazon both have them for Pre-Order…. as an FYI

  • bknight2k

    How if it came with internal wifi it would be perfect

  • Darkfalz01

    WiFi is pretty useless on the 360 IMHO… well, at least if you use it as a Media Center Extender it is… WAY laggy for me.

  • JoSH SHeP

    It does look ok, but i think the elite’s black is nicer just for the reason that it matches my ps3 and black LCD TV

  • rogXue

    Insert Red Ring joke here. It looks “ok” and worth 400 for a new user or an owner of an old Arcade console. I don’t see too many people buying a new console for this.


    Since I forgot to mention it earlier, GameStop has it available for pre-order online now too.

  • ExtremeGamer

    Will it be a Jasper?

  • chipda2nd

    I’m curious the same as ExtremeGamer. If it is a Jasper, i would definitely consider such a purchase. I just so happened to exercise my product replacement plan at best buy recently, and have a gift card waiting to buy another one. I may wait for the RED, if I can find out it is Jasper.

  • VinnieDaMac

    Will this controller have the new D-Pad?

  • derfman24

    I’m thinking about buying this bundle since I don’t currently own a 360.

  • uacostajr52

    SWEET i put my order in about 5 min ago @ gamestop….

  • KnightOfYeshua

    Very sexy console. I hope they can spice it up with an umbrella logo faceplate. How boss would that be?

  • Major Rebirth

    I want this console so bad, even if just for the Red/Black Controller. Which is unavailible for us European people.

    Hopefully I can pre-order it for the Netherlands soon as I want this console bundle REAL bad. Red/Black is all me ;)

  • drewthevander

    i wish it was not only red, but had a graphic on it similar to the extremly limited edition simpsons xbox.

  • HPColFrost


  • PrideKnight

    Major Nelson, just curious, you showed the power brick in the unboxing vid “for those of use who want to see it” but you didn’t mention what voltage it was. So is it 12.1? In other words will these elites be jaspers? I have mine preordered, to upgrade my current pro to elite, but will only do so if it is Jasper…