February 26th 2009 1:55 pm PT

Call of Duty: WaW ‘Makin’ map (Free)

Makin Bonus Map
Price: Free
Availability: Not available in Japan
Dash Text: [ESRB: M (Mature) BLOOD AND GORE,INTENSE VIOLENCE,STRONG LANGUAGE] Free Multiplayer Map! The tide is out and the sun is high – this daytime version of Makin sheds new light on the battle!


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Free, Game Add-on, Marketplace By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • biggdogg40509


  • Tree

    Free is good.

  • BlaseCasper316

    um isn’t this map already in the game…

  • DuzAwe

    Woot yet another reson to paly like I wasnt going to all ready

  • BlackFish 95

    Cool, i like the banner for mn.com they threw up on the marketplace. Way to self promote! Good idea!

  • RageKage657

    Thank god they fixed all the glitches. It was getting old having to ick people out of the air.

  • RageKage657


  • FoolInjection

    The map is in the game already… but its set at night. The new Makin map is a remake of the map thats set during the day.

    Apparently the PC guys got it as a free content update a few days ago. Now its our turn.

  • Captain Andreas


  • metallicorphan

    ‘this daytime version of Makin sheds new light on the battle’

    +10 for pun

    tide is out huh?….hmm,so are we talking a bigger map then?..or is it just where you could wade in the water?

  • CyberKnight

    I don’t have the game, but I’m adding this to my queue. Last time something hit the marketplace free, I didn’t snag it, and the next day it was “corrected” to a non-free price, and I missed out on picking up some DLC for free for a game I could’ve picked up cheap later.

  • WeezeeWare

    Sweet !! Love freebies !!

  • Bushi no Eire

    Great,the night setting spoilt the map for multiplayer.

  • Quicksilver4648

    NICE! Told my friends to download. I was wondering if us console owners would ever get this map.

  • Antz2ndxbox360

    cool cant wait to try this one.

  • Nurd Alurt

    Feel like ‘Makin’ love, dun dun DUN! dun dun DUN!

  • r3dreck


  • p0yo77

    thx major, i still dont have the game but im buying it this weekend, dwnloading

  • SToNeP2277

    Makin Day nice cant wait to play.thx major

    hey major when you coming to Boston Mass so we can meet i know you have a sis that live here in Mass right.

  • Darth Guybrush

    Not available in Japan? Bizarre!

  • oO MG81 Oo

    Cool, I had no idea we were due any new COD stuff. And free is always good too :-).

  • ThickerTech

    sweat gunna download now

  • KnightOfYeshua

    Nice! I am pumped for this download. I just received this game from Goozex a few days ago from a worthy member. I cannot wait to get owned majorly at this game. I’m always behind the curve of cool in FPS games. Thank you, Major and Company!

  • Xbox Sonic

    thank you!
    we’re a bit later than PC gamers, anyway it’s a good news.

  • waspygravy2

    is it a problem on my console or can’t you get in canada cause’ it won’t let me download it


    Now I am truely torn between thrashing hardcore HQ on COD4 and playing W@W… Cheers for nfo

  • Piggatron

    Can also not be added to the download queue in The Netherlands, which still isn’t a part of Japan.

  • TheMooseInNam

    Major, you’re a God amongst men… thanks for “makin” my day!!!

  • zxcoolbird

    wow cool thanks major

  • zxcoolbird

    wow cool thanks major

  • H2O Acidic


  • Monster Warfare

    I like the new map, thanks.


    sweet i sometimes have trouble seeing in the original makin

  • YrX

    cant download in North Carolina… is this still free?