February 26th 2009 9:51 pm PT

Xbox LIVE Policy on Gamertags and profiles


With the recent post on the Consumerist, I wanted to point out a couple of posts about Xbox LIVE policy that you may find relevant. The first post is from regular podcast guest Stephen Toulouse. Stephen and his team handle policy for the LIVE service, and therefore spend a lot of time developing the best policies that we use on the service. The second post is from the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) where they give their take on the story. Hopefully you’ll take the time to read both which will give you a better understanding of the issues at hand.

Archive By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Cheese Touch

    Here’s a thought experiment:

    Take everything that has been posted about this, whether a comment, the original complaint or Microsoft’s official position. Now replace “sexual orientation” with “race” and “lesbian” with “black”. Sounds offensive, doesn’t it?

    Gay and lesbian are not offensive words and should be allowed in bios and gamertags. If you are offended by that, then that’s your right but that doesn’t entitle you to rain on anybody else’s parade. I also sincerely doubt that your little kid is going to be negatively affected by learning that some boys like other boys and that some girls like other girls.

    It really does say something about our society when TheGayGamer would be declined as a gamertag but xXMuRdErMaChInEXx would be ok.

  • Unimatrix Xero

    i think what Microsoft did was discusting, banning someone just over their sexual oritation


    Sorry if this is offensive but why oh why does every Gay or Lesbian Ive ever gamed with have this need to tell you.
    As someone said before I dont care what you do in your spare time. Im straight but don’t feel the need to tell complete strangers.
    Maybe in this world we are living in people feel the need to justify themselves all the time, but hey this is gaming leave your life at the door and come play.
    Your profile isn’t ment to be a dating tool so why the need to put that kind of information I understand some people might think “well I like to put it so that I can find a common ground with other people of the same sexual orientation”
    But we are all gamers thats common ground enough.

  • Jonabob87

    Need proof gays want preferential treatment? Here it is!

    “Now replace “sexual orientation” with “race” and “lesbian” with “black”. Sounds offensive, doesn’t it?”

    No, actually, it doesn’t sound offensive in the slightest.

    I don’t go around telling people I’m white, and I doubt other people tell folk their race. It makes no damned difference.

  • Sneltje

    Hmmm,… if Alien you are, then what? hmmmm,….
    Game on we must, no time for this yibber yabber we have.


  • Turtle502

    You know, everything can be offensive to somebody. My bio includes the line “I like French Fries”, but I’m sure some people would rather I call them “Freedom Fries”.
    Let them express who they are, but ONLY in bios. If the statement is “I am gay” or “I am lesbian”, leave it alone. If the statement is an attack, using either or both of THOSE words plus “hate” (or anything else that represents an attack), then it should be addressed on a one-on-one basis.
    There are a lot of really sick things in bios and in gamertags out there — I’ve seen a lot of really harsh stuff, but I let it go.
    Another solution? If somebody selects “Underground” as their zone, then they should be allowed to say nearly anything they want in their Gamertags or Bios…but be entirely restricted to that zone.


    This kind of stuff has no place in gaming/gaming related arenas. Leave it in the bedroom please!

  • MikeCaelen

    I think this is an interesting case which highlights more than simply being able to reference your sexuality in your profile/gamertag but also issues around moderation and the outdated “zone” system.

    I personally have never felt the need to mention my sexuality in my profile or gamertag, I never identify myself as a gay gamer to those whom I am playing against – it essentially is a non-issue for me, for one very specific reason. I do not play strangers on Live.. Ever.

    When I first joined Xbox Live I played 3 games against people I was “matched” with and the abuse (although I have no details of my sexuality/age/ethnic background in my profile) was staggering, homophobic and racist slurs were rampant and although I have a pretty thick skin it shaped my views on Xbox Live and has ensured that I only play against friends whom I know have a common background or maturity.

    This, in essence is a failure of Xbox Live to a consumer as I should, in theory be able to pick up a game and play a game against a random person online and have an enjoyable experience, this is not the case and as many others have posted with the same experience all over the internet it seems it is not an isolated issue.

    Because of what I have mentioned above I can understand WHY a person would want to mention their sexuality, or even their religion or race in order for them to find people whom are of a similar background or situation and do not want to hear hate slurs relating to such during a game. I can also understand the position that sexuality has no place in gaming to which I somewhat agree but removing homosexuality from the network is not and will not remove homophobia.

    It is so complicated to try and find a resolve and I do not envy your position of how to deal with it, I really do not have much in the way of suggestions – the only thing that keeps jumping out at me is the “zones” and how inadequate they are to the current millions strong community, maybe a moderated, unmoderated and family zone would be a good basis of moving forward.

  • Warrengonline

    @Tekkie neXt
    True to a point, so quite a few people may be cancelling their accounts. Why pay for entertainment when I can drive and be WITH the people I prefer to be around. Also your list “gay, bi, black, Asian, Buddhist or Muslim,” add “ignorant, bigot, harrasser, rude kids..”

    You have a lot to learn, but I do understand the ‘retaliation’. It’s funny at times.


    @xLt STARBUCKx
    The point is “connecting with OTHER like-minded”, not sexual orientation. Possibly she wanted to talk about coffee or coffee shops, body piercings, clothing trends. One can get tired of hearing how “gay” something is when the person using that word SHOULD be saying “weird” or “odd”. Or hearing the word ‘f@g’ when the word should be “you’re better than me”, “you prick” or “you pwned me good” (as I’ve heard people use that term so loosely and carelessly). Netflix: Small Town Gay Bar – that’s a ‘gay’ movie and somewhat odd on what some people go through just to have fun. Interesting and sad.

  • Warrengonline

    Hmm, wow, this conversation has finally been noticed. The point of putting ‘something’, (the word “gay” or “lesbian”) in your profile is to let others know “Hey, I’m NOT straight and would like other like-minded people to socialize with when playing games.”

    Point being, WHY can’t a person put what type of atmosphere they like? She was looking for like-minded friends online.

    Social cites do not offer “Hey, I’m a gamer, come play with me.” as most people over 25 do not play games. I myself lost a date f Which is a total lie, but many of us over 30 get ridiculed for playing video games and it is not funny at all. I lost a date for taking a vacation day off to buy Gears of War 2. Ironic or Selfish?

    On Xbox Live I’ve experienced the ignorant racism (Halo 3, UNO, Gears of War, Gears of War 2 – mute/block/negative feedback), the sexual harrasser (UNO – block), group harassers; the guys and some girls who suck at some games I can actually beat someone in without trying (UNO, Gearsof War – mute/block/negative feedback), people who smoke weed on camera; show porn on camera; overuse profanity (UNO – mute/block) (on UNO before the NXE avatars). I treat everyone with respect and try to have fun when playing games online and off, but I have gotten some negative feedback for trash talk.

    It’s not high, but higher than I’d like it to be at 25% the last time I checked. And with 5 people to replace each person I remove from my friends list, I must be likable (somewhere in there).

    Gay gamers have the right to have fun. Gay gamers get tired of ignorant people saying the word “gay”, even if it is an adjective for “cool”. And the f@g word is just over used like it is an ‘epic word’, (and that word “epic” Lord of the Rings movie production was epic – sheesh) get a standard vocabulary. If something is weird, use one more brain cell to say “Man, that’s weird”, not “Man, that’s gay.”

    Honestly, what I do hope for MS is to break up the accounts for Location (U.S., U.K., AUS, CHN, etc), Identity Level (Child, Teen, Adult, ALL). With Adult, I can play with adult gamers. Child gamers would NEVER quickmatch with me, nor teens (though that would remove 20% of my friends from my current friends list). Then add a filter to it you can adjust to find what YOU prefer.

    “If your intelligence is shown by how you act or speak, do you think people who overuse profanity are just plain stupid really?”

    I’m glad censorship is not (always) allowed in art, the Malls or some games, especially GTAIV where you kill a gay boss. I don’t agree with some of it, but I do not have to look at it, buy it, experience it or play it. But you might.

  • DeltaNuGuy

    I don’t go around spouting that I am straight online, so I don’t see why anyone else NEEDS to go around telling people their preference. Seems like an attention grab to me. I have gay and lesbian friends, but I don’t want it thrown in my face. These are video game networks and systems. How about we ALL leave our sexual orientation at the door.

    There’s a double standard here, and if straight people went around parading the fact that they were straight, they would probably be called out for throwing it in people’s faces. And told, “who cares?”.

    The only time I care if you are gay or a lesbian is if you’re hitting on me (I’m straight, stop it) or I’m hitting on you (in the case of the ladies). I don’t need to know about it to play GoW, CoD, Rock Band, Guitar Hero, Fable, or any other game you want to mention. It’s not. a. factor.

  • Warrengonline

    Well said! I have a friend, white, 28, just married, his wife is Christian (he is kinda – very odd situation), he NEVER EVER quick matches in games since his first day on Xbox Live in 2006. I asked him “Why?” his response “Cause all the people on Xbox Live are jerks.”. I’m the only person he games with online, even though he has 22 people on his list. Each person is different and like to be around like-minded people. I HATE it when people cuss or overuse, so those types RARELY make it on my friends list. I see no need for it. I had my age in my profile at one time, but no one seemed to notice after months, so I recently took it out. I’m a gamer first and foremost and no fleshy human will ever come between me an my games ever again. :)

  • ShaggyB

    Im wondering why people feel the need to tell on a gaming system what there preferences are…. Its not necessary. Likewise you cant be censored on something you never had freedom on to begin with…..

  • PorkTree

    I don’t care about the sex or sexuality of the folks I meet on Live, if I get to know them as friends, I’ll find out more about them, other wise I don’t really care. I do find it interesting that the LGBT community feels the need to identify themselves as different in an arena where the playing field is already level.

  • peachy001

    I am a bit annoyed that some people are claiming this person was kicked off because of sexual preference. This was not the case, the terms of use were violated. Ther terms of use were set up to offer protection to all of us and reduce the amount of hassle we encounter online. I feel there is no need for things like that in the bio. There are a million areas on the internet that offer unmoderated features, and I would encourage people to use them rather than Xbox Live.

    I love gaming and meeting new people online that have different lifestyles to me, and I don’t like to hear any form of discrimination on Live. I have used the block feature before and also the mute which helps keep the idiots out of my ears. If I had seen this in the person’s bio my first thought would be “why do they feel the need to tell me?”. I wouldn’t even consider poking fun at them because of it.

    There are tons of things in bios that give the idiots a reason to pull you down, why give them the chance? And I don’t suggest for one minute anyone should feel ashamed of their lifestyle. But let us not pretend that you should tell everyone everything about yourself. I saw some posts on the stepto blog about wanting to play with like minded people. I fully apreciate that, but can you not find them elsewhere and bring them back to Live? If I only wanted to play with Liverpool Football Club supporters then I could go on any number of other websites and make my preferences known and ask like minded people to join me on Live. I happen to prefer encountering all walks of life on Live it gives me a chance to assess my own judgements and allows me to form well balanced opinions.

    Please remember that Microsoft (and any company) have to go for the line of best fit. Therefore there will always be some people that feel there rights have been infringed. As a rather tenuous example of what I mean, here you go: If someone gets into my car I expect them to wear a seatbelt. Regardless of whether they like or want to wear it, those are my rules. No belt on = no ride. Many may not agree with my policy, but it is in place to ensure the comfort and safety of everyone in the car.

    My time on Live is all about gaming, and nothing else.

    As a final point can I just say that yes I am from England and yes I do like te and crumpets but I don’t know the queen personally.

  • MikeCaelen

    Do not get me wrong, I am far from a gay gaming rights activist – as I mentioned above I can see both sides to this but I ask all the straight, white male gamers who believe there is a level playing field to consider every time they have been called a f*ggot or a n*gger in a game from some random gamer they have played and to imagine being a gay, black male who would hear it in every game.. every day.. and you wonder why they want to only play games with people of a similar background?

  • BlackFish 95

    Good post MN. Showing both sides and letting reasonable people make informed opinions.

    People have to remember that this is a partially user policed service and it works quite well.

    Be nice, play fair and use the feedback/complaint/mute etc system :)

  • Turtle502

    If somebody on a bus or train was wearing a “pride” pin, would the bus driver (employee of the transit company) be able to tell the rider to remove the pin?
    No, because the rider isn’t using the property of bus to make the statement. If the rider placed a pride sticker ON the bus…yes. The transit company owns the bus.
    So…since the Gamertag and Bio is using Xbox property/resources, Microsoft can prevent a user from stating certain things. You never own the Gamertag or the bio or the data…Microsoft grants you a license. They can delete your Gamertag, your achievements, etc. Nothing on their system belongs to you.
    Microsoft doesn’t discriminate, because they don’t allow ANYBODY to state their sexual preference.

  • Warrengonline

    So true. Too Human, PURE, Castle Crasher and Ridge Racer 6 you never hear racial slurs. Okay, in Ridge Racer 6 you do have the French vs the Americans, but it is all in good fun and we all have a good time. People seem to take “Black” and pounding fists and using slang, such as now people think “gay” now only means homosexual, weird, odd, or sexual orientation. Its easy as pie for a company to stick “Gameplay May Change During Online Play” – was that regarding to lag, glitching or the ignorant and rude individuals that play the games?

    I play with everyone, Straight, Gay, Black, White, Spanish, Non-Americans (etc), Young, Old – as long as you are cool, respect me and enjoy the game. It’s your persona that makes me leave you alone. A lot of people need Aretha Franklin’s song and we need arcades – that’ll solve a WHOLE lot of this. I’ve never experienced racism or ‘sexism’ (homophobia, straightophobia). My friends’ girlfriends got some rude remarks from guys they beat fair and square. Everyone wants respect, but don’t want to give it.

  • Casserole


    Sounds good in theory, but what you get in most cases is completely the opposite of what you suggest. Groups of ignorant and simplistic idiots who ignore/alienate the innocent, instead of the other way round. Many “different” people go online to get away from the harshness of the real world – they don’t want to encounter more hostility for what they are.

    Having said that, you don’t need to mention it at all when it comes to gaming.

  • Imallvol

    Keep fighting it Major Nelson. This stuff has NO place on Xbox Live and the GLAAD’s just want attention. It’s immature. The rules are no talk about sexuality on Xbox Live. ABIDE BY IT. No one’s crying because the can’t put “heterosexual” in their bio.

  • Eldon v3

    @Imallvol: I think you’re misinterpreting the need of a rule. Stuff like sexual orientation, religion, politics, or even your console of choice is not frowned upon because of the subject matter itself but simply because the sheer majority of us can’t deal with such subjects and start acting like total idiots.

    It’s NOT an issue of putting “gay”, “lesbian”, or “heterosexual” in your bio. It’s simply the pointless bickering that takes place after that. It happens sooner or later and most likely during a game between two hot-headed extremists. If – at that point – someone would simply appear and kick them BOTH away, the remaining gamers in any lobby would most likely give him a standing ovation.

  • El Boxo

    If gays and lesbians can put their orientation in their profile, I better be able to put “FUCK BITCHES GET MONEY” in mine. It’s only fair :)

  • Digitalspirit

    Agree with Doctor Nutt. You can get some serious abuse over voice chat without any retribution at all and then there’s this rather lame issue where users can’t put their sexual orientation in their personal bio. Pot. Kettle. Black. (Oh no! Does that mean I get accused of racism now because I used the word “black”!)

  • DuzAwe

    We are All Humans. Nuff said.

  • SteveDaWonder

    I have a question.

    If I put that I was a straight male from Kansas in my bio would I be banned?

  • w00dm4n

    i think only if someone reported you?

  • Eldon v3

    @SteveDaWonder: If you really wanted to, you would have already done that. If you now have a sudden urge to do so then yeah, by all means do. If you would get banned, that would most likely be for good old trolling rather than being a straight male from Kansas :)

    Why not just promote Star Ocean: TLH instead? Looks like you’ve already got a chance to play it and I’m probably not the only gamer wanting to hear how it fares!

  • jesseu

    ban all childs accounts change the age to 21 instead of 15

  • Rixxar 06

    @SteveDaWonder you are from Kansas? i hope they ban you :)

  • ZprivateZ

    This is something microsoft actually did right. They should ban all of them, there are kids on live too and they shouldnt have to be subjected to this at all period!. Live is not a place for peoples sexual preference it is a gaming network and should be treated as such.

  • Doh Ray Egon

    I wonder of all the people here who keep saying “There’s no reason to tell people what your orientation is on XBL”…are you people saying that because you don’t think it’s your business…or is it because it offends you. If it’s the latter…the problem isn’t them…it’s you. People need to lighten the fuck up. Not only that, but there’s some serious BS here when people online can constantly call other people such hateful terms such as “f****ts” and “n****rs” and get away with it…but a person identifies themselves as gay…and they are punished. That doesn’t really send a good message MS.

  • Doh Ray Egon

    @ZprivateZ: You know what…kids SHOULDN’T be on XBL in the first place. A RESPONSIBLE parent wouldn’t allow their kids to play online unless they were playing kid appropriate games (ex: Lego games, Kung Fu Panda, etc.). If you let a child play something like Gears of War 2 or GTA IV…the last thing you should worry about them being exposed to is just seeing the word “lesbian”.

  • SteveDaWonder

    @Eldon- You’re right. I guess I just sort of feel sorry for people. I tend to be a compassionate person. I’ve seen worse things on bios than who they want to date, and my report did nothing to change it.

    Star Ocean is awesome. Very much so high quality.

  • C0V3RT

    When you subscribe to Xbox Live you’re agreeing to their TOS and have to play by their rules. I can see where GLADD is coming from, as they’re gamers just with an alternative sexual orientation and should be treated like “everyone else”. On the flip side of that is why the need to point it out? I’m not going to stay away or be driven towards a match of CoD because of someones orientation.

  • ZprivateZ

    Doh Ray Egon: Your ignorant to say kids shouldnt be on xbox live kids play games to xbox live isnt restricted to 18+. Xbox live is a gamers network and should be used as such which means if your a kid and game you shouldnt be restricted from it to do so would just be stupid. I agree on the content of games but to say kids should be on live is like I said before ignorant. On that note no one including adults kids or whatever should have to be exposed to anyones sexual preference on xbox live this is not a datng network so they should keep that sh*t to themselves and any of them who disagree with that and try and flaunt it should be banned without exception.

  • uacostajr52

    In all respect to XBOX LIVE’S COMMUNITY I do truly apologize for the actions of some very immature teenage and college age boys… I AM VERY SHOCKED AND DISAPPOINTED with the actions of my fellow gamers. At this moment im at a loss for words and feel as if I myself was disciplined and discriminated. To the gay and lesbian community please understand that Microsoft and the Xbox live community are not bias towards any race or sex and I do truly APOLOGIZE for the actions of those immature boys..

  • Indigo0086

    I find it funny how people claim sexuality shouldn’t be an issue on live when you can barely get away with hearing harassing and racist jokes about any and every minority on live. Or when a group of kids find out a girl is playing and decides to harass them as well. There is a big problem that stems mainly from the degenerate crowd on live, and I found it ironic that Microsoft backed that crowd when it clearly shouldn’t have.

  • The Phazer

    This is a staggeringly nasty, homophobic policy from Microsoft. It’s really not acceptable, or understandable. It’s attacking the victims rather than the abusers.

    It should be changed immediately, and everyone concerned with the policy to date should be truly ashamed.

  • Shonk

    People need to get a grip

    I dont mind Playing online with gay/lesbians
    I dont mind speaking to them

    But this is a service used by children
    and people need to remember that
    and sexual orientation shouldnt be put on live

    It has nothing to do with being put in a closet

    If people want to tell me that they are gay when im online playing a game with them
    thats fine

    If its being waved around in a profile/gamertag for my child to see
    thats a different matter

    Its all about pushing boundaries and nothing else

  • PsycWarrior

    Props to MS for this policy, since when does sexual orientation have anything to do with gaming?
    You whinners are what is wrong with this country. You’re so P.C. you can’t think of anyone else but yourselves. Guess what? I don’t want to know what you are. I have a right not to know what you are. I don’t care what you are. What gives you the right to force me to deal with your political garbage when all I want to do is log in and play a game? What gives you the right to force our kids into dealing with your political garbage when they just want to log in and have fun? Don’t cop out the 1st ammendment arguement because that only guarantees you the right to free speech, not the right to force other people to listen to you. And before you try to label me as you are likely to, since that is how the P.C. crowd tries to discredit opposistion, I have lived happily 30 miles from San Francisco for over 35 years; I have 3 close friends who are gay; and I am very comfortable being hetero. Stop thinking of yourselves for once, and stop trying to use every soapbox in the universe to push your agendas.

  • MadMojo

    A lot of the things I think are “okay” for my gaming environment, other people find offensive and would report. And sometimes things I find offensive are perfectly reasonable for another person’s gaming environment.

    I think that Microsoft is doing a great job of trying to see our gaming community is a friendly place for everyone. Considering that “95% of all instances where the word “Gay” is used it is used as a pejorative”, I think it’s unreasonable to expect Microsoft to do anything other than what they currently do.

    I do like that Microsoft is working with internal and external community reps to come up with a more elegant way of dealing with content of this nature, though. I like expressing myself and I hate being censored. But if you’ve been asked to change information in your profile, you should think about why you are putting out information that is offensive enough to get multiple complaints filed against you and re-think whether an Xbox Live profile (in a community of more than 17 million members) is really the place for you to push the boundaries of self-expression.

  • Indigo0086

    Also to those saying Xbox live is “used by children” you have to be 18 to sign up for xbox live. If a careless parent lets their kid play CoD4 or Halo on or offline, that shouldn’t dictate policy of online, just common sense.

    Microsoft is trying to squeeze into the “social” game, yet gets queezy when people start treading the water.

  • DesertBear360

    @Indigo0086 You don’t have to be 18 years old to have an account on LIVE but if you are under the age of 13 you need a parent to setup the account. Remember that the Terms of Use for Xbox Live states the following:

    If you allow or enable a minor to use your Service account or an associated account, then:

    You represent that you are the parent or legal guardian of each such minor;

    You acknowledge that you are aware that some features of the Service, and some content available through the Service may contain or expose users to material that is unsuitable for minors, and you agree to supervise usage by minors whom you permit to use the Service . The Service is not intended for use by children under 13 , except together with a parent or other adult supervision;

    You acknowledge that we offer “Family Settings” on the Service and the Xbox 360 console, and also offer “Parental Controls” for Windows Vista, that are intended to help you limit access to material that may be unsuitable for minors. By applying Family Settings to an associated account at sign-up, you may, among other things, help to prevent any user of an associated account from making additional purchases and from having access to voice and video chat, which is intended to diminish the ability of such user to communicate with other users. You may view or revise your Family Settings in the Xbox Dashboard in the System area, or by logging into your account on xbox.com/myxbox. Additional information about Family Settings is available at http://www.xbox.com/support/familysettings/default.htm; and

    You are responsible for any material to which a user of your subscription either gains or is denied access (including as a result of your use or non-use of Family Settings or Parental Controls). You acknowledge that use of Family Settings, Parental Controls, or both, is not a substitute for your personal supervision of your minor children or minors for whom you are the legal guardian.

    The fact is that Xbox Live is for gaming not for promoting one’s sexuality. I don’t want to know your sexuality by your gamertag and that information should not be there. If someone wants to put it up then set it up in your bio and keep your information so that only your friends can view it.

    Let’s keep Live respectful.

  • DesertBear360

    @Indigo0086 Also what if the minor is playing an E or E-10 rated game like PGR 3, PGR 4, or Forza 2 they are playing online with friends and a parent/guardian then someone comes into the race with what a parent/guardian finds offensive. It is not right since it violates the rights of the parent/guardian as well as violates the CoC and ToU. The CoC and ToU works and should not be changed for the few that cannot respect it and abide by them.

  • DarkBlades25

    My personal opinion

    Keep this stuff to your self, and you’ll be fine. She dug her own hole by making her orienation public. You can be descriminated by anyone on anything. Descriminitory or not. Lets be real.

    Theres tons of Gays, Lesbians, Straights, Purple, Greens, Juggalos, Pacifists, Nerds, Boy and Girls whatever that got descriminated one way or another.

    If your afraid of the funk? Dont show off information that will get you descriminated, lol if thats even possible.

    The Internet is a WarZone, I just wish she knew that before she signed up. LOL

    P.S. This raises the question, should there be a sign that says “Not a safezone online”

  • Warrengonline

    What? Kinds under 13 should never have full access to the internet. IM Chat, Email, Voice Chat or Video Chat. Why? Would you let your niece or nephew of that age wonder the mall alone? Then what makes the internet (or Xbox Live) any different. Yes, there are kids on Xbox Live, whoopty do. WHERE are the responsible parents who do not teach their kids NOT to talk to strangers? And what NOT to tell someone they just met? And to always tell them if someone scares them (in their personality, actions or words)? Xbox Live is a Social Game Spot favored by many, but in this ‘trite’ situation, TOS was broken how? A female wanting other like-minded people to feel free to talk to her so ‘socially’ she put “Lesbian” in her profile and she was banned for a day. A warning to remove it would have been appropriate. Even better, a script that keeps certain words out of profiles and motto sections (like ‘flash of genius’ which is now corrected). People who think “lesbian” or “gay” only pertains to online need to wake up if you shop at a mall, shop where food is sold, where clothes are sold, where houses are designed, where kids learn, where you get your physical check up, and even if you get a speeding ticket – you never know. People need to realize words actually do not harm people, it is the ACTIONS of the person that cause harm. Also, just because ONE person put “lesbian” in her profile and were banned for it does not mean there are MANY others who are now INVISIBLE playing beside you. Play on and have fun.

  • Doh Ray Egon

    @ZprivateZ: If I am “ignorant”…you’re intolerant and paranoid.

  • KnightOfYeshua

    Hello and welcome to a place where the first amendment does not apply. A gaming community/club is not a society where your rights are being infringed upon because you don’t have the ‘right’ to tell people that you’re a 29 year old tri-sexual furry who is looking for a good time teabagging anything that moves on Halo 3’s darkest map. Sexual preference doesn’t really have much of a place for an online gaming community unless you are using it for methods other than online gaming… at which point, you might want to consider a dating website. For those of you who feel that your sexuality is being squelched because of the oppressive iron fist of Microsoft is crushing your velvety feelings towards whatever it is you’re into, you may want to consider donating your time and money to a cause that legitimately fights for the rights you are interested in rather than complaining that your ‘rights’ are being taken away. No one is telling you that you can’t express yourself at home or in public (to a point), but if you’re playing in someone else’s sandbox, you’ve got to at least consider playing by the owner’s rules.

  • DesertBear360

    @Warrengonline: It wasn’t that she put it in her profile it was that she included it as part of her gamertag not a part of her bio. When it is a part of your gamertag there is no way to hide it.