March 2nd 2009 10:09 am PT

This weeks Deal: Ninja Gaiden 2 ‘Mission Mode’


This weeks Deal of the Week is now available. The Ninja Gaiden II Mission Mode add on, normally priced at 800 points, is now available for Xbox LIVE Gold Members for 560 points, a savings of 33%. 

Read more about Mission Mode and add it to kour Xbox 360 download queue.

Deal, Marketplace By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Ganon255

    Nice, this will do. Too bad I already own it though.

  • Bennyishere

    I own it already as well. It’s a decent DLC that fans of the combat will enjoy. It can be very challenging as well, and of course there’s the achievements!

  • Pirate at 30

    That whole game was broken to me. Pretty sad

  • Legend of Myth

    I cant believe I put off buying this DLC for this long…I will be sure to pick this up when I get home.

  • Chareece

    This might push me to actually finish the game.

  • Biomonkey

    I agree with Pirate at 30. Felt broken and the same. The UI was the only thing that got upgraded.

  • Exu

    Got this for free ages ago, oh well! =D

  • UKresistance

    Tempted to pick it up. It’s nice to know that they are putting decent quality DLC on sale and not just cheap crap.

  • a Frisky Dingo

    Wish we had more permanent drops in prices since the games drop in price more relative to the downloadable content rather than temporary drops. Why is there still not many permanent drops, even for old games?

  • Magical Pro

    Well that’s awkward pricing.

  • pinata242

    Even though it shows 560 on the page, the purchase confirmation dialog still shows 800.

  • Exu

    Any word as to what’s out on Arcade this week? I know we’re getting that overpriced Watchmen crap and as far as I know Galactrix was due last week so may be out this time instead.
    I hope there’s an alternative though, fact is if we actually see two games released this week that are both 1600 points then it’s gonna be the day Arcade died.

  • pinata242

    Web Marketplace has the correct pricing now. Purchased :-)

  • clarky456

    What is even the point of charging 560 MSP when you would be better off charging 600 MSP? That way it doesn’t leave me with 40 points that I cant spend on anything.

  • ElektroDragon

    This does have any extra achievements? And yes, the price is awkward, should have gone with 500 or better yet, 400.

  • Protonus

    Ah hah! Finally something I didn’t already have, on sale, that I wanted! Hooray! Thanks M$!
    (Can we have Killer Instinct live enabled on Arcade now?! :-)

  • Mike Kelehan

    The pricing isn’t awkward. It’s $7. 600 points would be $7.50.

    Which brings me to my next point: I hate to be “that guy,” but this is a savings of exactly 30%, not 33%.

  • Magical Pro

    I understand, but considering the pricing of most things on XBLMP (400, 800, 1200), 560 is unusual.


    Since it never got answered the first time I asked it, I’ll ask again: has this game been fixed yet? I’d like to get this, but I won’t bother if it’s still broken.

  • ShaggyB

    Guys 560 is $7. 800 is $10. aka 30% off.

    I might get it now… i wasnt gonna pay $10 for that…. but then again i havent played NG2 in a while.

  • Protonus

    MACPH1STO: Have you heard of google? Even typing “ninja gaiden patch” would be good enough to answer your question. The patch came out in September and fixed all the freezing/chapter change issues. That being said, very few people even had the original issue, the game was never “broken” by any means. Myself and about 10 local buddies all played thru it never seeing a single hang.

    Seriously, rather then rely on others to do something as simple as typing your question into google, help make the world a better place by taking 5 seconds to help yourself!

  • Anonymous

    Remember Ninja Gaiden 1 has Mission Mode for free. Microsoft went ahead and stripped it to sell it as premium DLC. Guess I’m the only one here who saw through Microsoft’s greedy ass scheme this time. Should be 0 points.


    Protonus: A simple yes or no would have sufficed. You didn’t have to be all snarky about it.

  • LawdaddyCO

    Still not worth it. I’ve played this at a buddies house and it’s fun…but not that fun.

  • SilentMerc3nary

    This deal of the week is a good idea, granted that the “deal” is something actually good. :/

  • jcoldPL

    Please be Castle crashers deal of the week for f.e. 600 mspoints :)