March 4th 2009 11:35 am PT

Arcade: Watchmen: The End is Nigh

Content: Watchmen: The End is Nigh
Price: 1600 Microsoft Points
Availability: Not available in Japan, Korea, New Zealand and Portugal
Dash Text: Watchmen: The End is Nigh


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Arcade, Marketplace By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Lazarus 22nd

    @Computerdude103 again, prices are chosen by publishers NOT microsoft, and they have always said they would allow more if they felt the game deserved it, Portal is over 600MB for example, I’m actually sure the regular limit is 250mb unless it’s changed :)

    Warner Bros has obviously spent a lot of time and money on this and they probably feel they should get some back ;)

  • metallicorphan

    xbl has been very slow all day,took ages to download the trial

    the game looks great..but then it ends up just being a beat em up,they could of put some thought into the game play

    and it doesnt help all those willing to pay 1600 that one of the achievements is to finish the game in under 80 minutes

  • Social Outlaw

    Via Joystiq

    “Let’s accept that, yeah, with a $20 asking price, Watchmen: The End Is Nigh goes in with one arm tied behind its back. It should come as quite a testament, then, to the sheer tedium of the game that I quickly forgot how much was being asked for it, and was instead stunned that so much development effort and cash would be spent on a game that’s so very, very boring.

    TEIN begins by letting you choose whether you’ll play as demented vigilante Rorschach or the much more upstanding Nite Owl. Savor that selection screen, friends, because once you’ve selected your hero, the die is cast and you better be braced for three hours of punching.

    Light attack or strong, it doesn’t really matter, they both seem to be pretty effective. You can occasionally do a finishing move with a timed button press, or you can just keep punching the guy instead. You can do a counter attack to disarm an enemy, so you can punch … but with a bat. (Full disclosure: There are also kicks.) If you are unsure of which of the punch buttons you’re pressing, don’t worry, as that information is displayed on screen every time you do it to help you string together combos. Yeah, it’s very immersive. It’s all sort of brain-numbingly fun for about 30 minutes, until it becomes mind-meltingly dull.

    Okay, so there are a couple of other things happening. Rorschach gets a profoundly unenjoyable lock-picking minigame and Nite Owl can occasionally shoot a grappling hook. A few times per level, you’ll have to press “A” to open a gate for your teammate, though I refuse to classify that as “gameplay.” I’m pretty sure the developers are just testing to make sure you haven’t trained a baby or beloved family pet to mindlessly pound the “X” and “Y” buttons.

    But that’s not the big surprise. What shocked me was just how much work was put into nearly every other facet of the game. It’s the best looking XBLA release I can remember, it’s got impressive voice acting and the combat animations are brilliant, especially those of Rorschach, who fights with a sort of visceral, wrestling-inspired style that almost (but not quite) makes the hours of punching bearable. There’s even a cool conspiracy story underlying the whole thing.

    The presentation work feels like Warner Bros. desperately trying to justify a weighty price tag, but its efforts are clearly misdirected. I’d actually consider dropping two sawbucks for a sub-3-hour experience. What I can’t abide is paying $20 for a game that made me wish it was even shorter.”

  • El Cid

    $20 is far too much for a few hours of gameplay with little replay value. This price creep in XBLA is becoming quite pronounced. I have 56 Arcade games, so I’m not adverse to buying downloadable games. However, it’s been quite a while since I bought anything new since the increase in prices has not correlated to a increase in quantity or quality. Ironic that MS is increasing XLBA pricing after the competition has finally caught up to them in this arena. Shouldn’t that result in price drops?

  • P00K

    Wow this is the worst game ever made.

    Here’s hoping that the de facto rule of movie tie-ins applies and the quality of the game is inversely proportional to the quality of the movie.

    Man this game was bad.


  • ShaggyB

    P00K: obviously youve never played Bible Adventures, ET on atari or the original Ghost Busters game on the NES…..


    @ TUSOCK

    EXIT 2 was released in our region as it was NEVER submitted for classification at OFLC, the publishers only submitted it to the ESRB which is AMERICA. it’s seems they did the same thing was WATCHMAN in your area, does New Zealand have a classication body that you can do a search on, and see if it was?

    You’d think for the outlandish price we are paying for Watchman that it would be for all regions!

    Major who is responsible getting games classified? ah forget it you never answer questions!

  • FooStarfish

    I guess most things are fixed. Allthough Lost Cities is still broken :( tried to buy it on my hubbies account to surprise him.

  • P00K

    @ShaggyB: Actually I do recall playing ET at a friends house when I was a kid… (I had ColecoVision, he had Atari).

    I think I might honestly pick ET over this.


    Im not paying 1,600 ms pts for this……… now if it was Marvel VS. Capcom 2 then OK!

  • shane86

    Is there a reason why this is €5 cheaper on PSN in Europe?

    Or is it just MS points ripping off people with stronger currencies as usual?

  • TES7769

    I kept an open mind about the price until i tried the demo and now i can officially say it’s not worth the 1600 points…..800 points seems a good price for the game but not 1600.The demo was enough for me anyway, so i think i’ll save the cash for tomorrow night’s preview showing(thankfully which is already sold out, so i don’t have to go to fight a crowd).:)

  • Tusock

    @ Vegemite 98. Firstly, Marmite is better! ;)
    NZ is ok with the OFLC call if the rating is under M15. If it is higher then it goes through the NZ Censorship Board, funny enough I found the January Release list and Watchmen is on it!!??!!

  • sleepydumbdude

    A friend of mine beat it. It took him around 4 and a half hours he said. I’m just going over there when I get off work and he is going to try for the beat hte game in x amount of time achievement so I can watch the story.

  • Blue Thunder28

    I really liked this… but won’t buy it :( … I wish it was cheaper.

  • Quicksand

    According to several reviews, you are getting 2-3 hours of game play for $20. If the developers want my money they better have one hell of a product. Death Tank (1200) and Watchmen (1600) both received mediocre reviews.

  • Mickeh

    I’d may of got death tank if it was 800 points seems the right price for anyone who likes that sort of thing. Games with little staff and that took well over 2 years + (castle crashers which is dept) was only 1200 points.

    Some crappy game with good graphics for a arcade game and they want half retail price for it basiclly, no thanks I’ll pass :) Least the next arcade game I’ll get [if it comes out <.<] is Peggle and that won’t be stupidly priced, 800 points.

    Well popcap ain’t stupid they are making A LOT of money in the casual market, the guy who made XBLA what it is now works for PopCap. Them sales charts show the story. (no shock that Braid is no1 this week with it being on sale last week)

  • ShaggyB

    Wow soo much hate for Death Tank….. I remember that game when it was called Scorched Earth and it was freeware on DOS…..

    I bought it out of respect for the hours of fun i had playing it instead of listening to my class lecture…. Thats a game from my past that i find to be a bargain at any price….

    Watchmen however…. while i love the comic and im betting the movie will be good….. The game isnt worth $20 if it only offers 3 hours of play…..

  • Anonymous

    @Nitramuse – yer i know there keys, i ain’t thick, all other keys for likes of dead space, need for speed etc, got announced on here though.

  • Anonymous

    It’s funny to hear people moaning about the price in a predictably childish fashion. Look, digital distribution is the future, and this is one of the first games to blur the line between a simple downloadable game, and a full retail game. Get ready for the revolution, soon you’ll be getting *all* your games this way, and if you don’t like that idea you’ll just have to give up gaming.

  • Gareth3D

    Played it loved it got it LOL. The co-op is cool so i thought what the hell its only 13 GBP and got the full game.

  • savory naits

    this game was suprisingly fun!:D

  • MeS FEAR

    its fun and i love the animations but i will wait for a deal of the week :)

  • Warrengonline

    Okay, I finally played about 10 minutes of the demo, first, it is great for a download only game. The controls are nice, but more of a push-button game. The sound is cool too. Do I like it? Yes. Do I compare it to a bargain bin full retail game? Yes. Is it worth $20? Yes.

    The ONLY quims I have with it: 1. I would truly appreciate it if the language (ALL the profanity could be toggled off – of the prison inmates I’ve ever met(in my work environment or casual chat in public, many have not used such language, why is it in action video games?) 2. The lighting is dark and caused me to get lost a bit, easily fixed with adjusting my brightness and contrast on my tv. 3. 1GB+ download on my HDD (13GB) taking up a chunk. If this was on CD for $20, I would not hesitate and buy 3 copies (as gifts) like I did for Crackdown used for friends coming aboard the Xbox360 Flagship. It is fun and the price fits just fine oddly enough. But I can see those who just rush through games and do not enjoy the experience and not liking the repetitiveness of ‘punch-punch-kick, find lever/button press it, punch-kick-punch’. Such was Stranglehold after playing level 6 and up. I’m not a fan of this series, so it is new and interesting to me.

  • SalamanderSkill

    I’ll save my points.. I enjoyed the 15 mintues the demo offered… That was enough for me.
    800ms points yeah sure.
    1200ms points no thank you sir/maam :-)
    1600ms points!!!!!!! lol you’re kidding me? Oh, you’re serious? I best be on my way……

  • Duarte360LIVE

    Unforgivable what Microsoft is doing with portuguese Xbox 360 gamers. Besides the lack of products and Xbox 360 Games in Portugal (the same ones have high prices (like all games costs 70€, and some old games like Forza 2 have the same price when it was launched (70€))), besides don’t having NetFlix and other offers, promotions, events or even Arcade games (Watchmen), besides all that there are still gamers who support Xbox 360 and prefer Xbox 360. Unfortunatelly, we live in a SonyLand, and Xbox here isn’t welcome. So I challenge Microsoft to re-think what there doing outside America, what needs to be improved, not just in Portugal, but in other European countries. Because of your lack of interest in investing all your events, promotions, etc, in Portugal, made our Xbox 360 Official Forum and Website changed to Multi-Platform (htt*p://

    And that’s why I’ll never buy a console from Microsoft, again.

    Adeus Xbox.

  • Warrengonline

    Does this work in your region: ?

  • Anonymous

    I thought the trial was great! Was waiting for a game like this for a long time, old skool gameplay with combined with a nice next gen twist. 1600 is justified, concidering as how good the game even looks! It makes other retail games out look pretty bad!

  • Magical Pro

    1600 justified? Most 3 hour long gamed can never be justified for $20. Oh wait, this game has great graphics? Gasp! Never mind then, it’s definitely worth the 20 bucks!!

  • Magical Pro

    1600 justified? Most 3 hour long gamed can never be justified for $20. Oh wait, this game has great graphics? Gasp! Never mind then, it’s definitely worth the 20 bucks!!

  • Magical Pro

    1600 justified? Most 3 hour long gamed can never be justified for $20. Oh wait, this game has great graphics? Gasp! Never mind then, it’s definitely worth the 20 bucks!!

  • Warrengonline

    @Magical Pro
    Tip for the future: Press “Submit button” once. It takes a few moments for posts to post at times.

  • Secret Fuller

    doesint work its just a black screen