March 5th 2009 3:00 pm PT

The Days of Arcade are coming


Starting March 18th, we’re kicking off the Days of Arcade promotion. Much like the Summer of Arcade last year,  (but bigger) the Arcade team has lined up six-weeks of blockbuster titles :


The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai


Hasbro Family Game Night

Lode Runner

Outrun Online Arcade

Puzzle Quest: Galactrix

UNO Rush


First out of the gate on March 18th is Hasbro Family Game Night. Following that, I’ll post each Monday what that weeks Arcade release will be.


As you can see, that we’ve got seven titles..for a six-week promotion. The Arcade team decided they’re going to surprise you one week when they double up the fun.



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Arcade By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • BrooksterMax

    some great titles really looking forward to Outrun, hope its 4000msp :)

  • ElektroDragon


  • Monhegan

    Peggle next week then? I sure hope so!

  • CryptoElite

    Lots of people hyped for Peggle? I hope for next week too. :3

  • BlackMage66652

    Oh my god, finally! I’ve been wanting The Dishwasher for so long!


    Yay, whoo, sweet, finally, great, hell yeah, woot, until all you whining little b@tches complain about the prices.

  • Captain Bluey

    Surely Peggle is the surprise. The Popcap site said that Peggle would be released on XBLA in March. I just hope they are right.

  • Glossophobia

    I can’t wait to play Outrun Online Arcade :] Look awesome!


    Time to start taking bets on how many of these are gonna end up being 1200 points or even 1600! I’d say at the very least Outrun OA and Puzzle Quest, but I’m sure it will end up being more.

  • Exu

    Dishwasher – Awesome – I can see it being 1200 but it would sell so much better for 800.

    Flock – I know nothing about it, can’t comment on price.

    Hasbro Family Shovelware Wii Game – Get stuffed. Probably gonna be 800 though 400 is more suitable. You can polish a turd…

    Lode Runner – I’ve only heard about stuff getting removed from this. – Remake so should be 400 but will be 800.

    OutRun Online Arcade – Great racer – Third console release, only has half the courses, should be 800.

    Puzzle Quest In Space – Already seen this game, it’s called Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the blah blah blah. – Original game with expansion is 1500…

    UNO Rush – UNO on crack sounds alright to me – In the NXE preview this was listed as 400, that had better stick.

    @Carnage, just stop it. You’re the new Warren for crying out loud. If the games weren’t overpriced then the majority of posters wouldn’t be complaining week after week and making the topic one out of five stars!

    By the way Microsoft, care to release some Braid sales figures? And a comparison to launch week’s?

  • SilentMerc3nary


  • fastmode

    So maybe Peggle is next week?

    Lode Runner was my favorite game growing up. Will likely buy Hasbro Scrabble too. And Puzzle Quest of course.

    Better save up for some points! I’m buying a $2100 Mac this month so I dunno where I’m gonna get the cash! (But I’ll find it!)

  • Anonymous

    Uno Rush, Outrun, and The Dishwasher! Yes!!

  • DamianIsabel

    maybe we’ll get Banjo Tooie next week?
    that would be amazing!
    Rareware said game would come out in april but with this 6-week schedule, that fills entire april and no sign of it!

  • TheGrooveJesus

    @Fufz: Will you stop complaining about the 1600 MSP?? Microsoft did not decide the price, Warner Brothers did. It is the same price on PSN and PC.

    Anyways, finally we are getting quality games.

  • Mcmax3000

    For anybody that was hoping for Battlefield 1943, I’m pretty sure that’s a summer release.

    As for UNO Rush, the trial is available on this month’s OXM disc & although it may be because it was only a Single Player trial (and Single Player UNO is dull) but I was not a fan.

    The emphasis on speed took away the fun casual feel of the original & being able play multiple cards in one turn took away the enjoyment of being able to mess up other players when they were down to almost no cards.

  • A Place for Us

    Isn’t Flock a web browser?

  • Tallboy2005

    I’m still a tad confused. According to link below from (full credit goes to x360a) there will be 7 Hasbro games at 800 a pop. So will all 7 Hasbro games be released the 18th or will they trickle out each week. It just seems like 7 800 point games in 1 week is a quite a bit. Not complaining just trying to budget points. Any help is greatly appreciated!! :)

  • Tallboy2005
  • BFBeast666

    I’m totally stoked for OutRun. Puzzle Quest Galactrix is mad fun, although much, much harder than the original. Just got my copy off Impulse a couple days back and I’m still not sure if I love it or hate it.

    I just hope the prices return to the 800MSP range. 1600 is showing up way too often for my taste.

  • KP ScuzzyBunny

    Now I am confused about the Hasbro one…from what I had read in OXM, I thought the “Family Game Night” was ONE XBLA title that had the 4 games that released on the Wii (Battleship, Sorry Sliders, Connect Four, and Scrabble (I think)), then other games were going to come out, supposedly one a month, including titles that were NOT on the Wii version (hinted at Life, Risk, Boggle, and some other classics). After reading that linked article, I am very confused about this, as I can see spending some points on a classic like Battleship, and maybe Scrabble, but there is no amount of work/ enhancement you could convince me was done to justify $10 for CONNECT FOUR by itself! In other news…if Peggle doesn’t make it next week, it looks like I will be playing in on my DSi before XBLA!


    Yeah Killer Scuzzy J, unfortunately it’s true. The initial game loader is free, but you can only play trial versions on it until you pay $10 for EACH INDIVIDUAL GAME as expansion packs. So in order to play the full versions of all the games for it, you have to spend $70 on it!!! Wow… just wow.

    From IGN:

    Hasbro Family Game Night is an a-la-carte release — gamers can download the main Hasbro Family Game Night application and then pick which one of the many Hasbro games they wish to download and play. The initial download is free, and users can play trial versions of the digital board games to help find the ones they want to buy.
    Genre: Board Compilation
    Local Play: 4 Versus
    Online Play: 4 Versus
    Also Available On: PlayStation 2, Wii
    Release Date: March 18, 2009
    Expansion Packs:
    Hasbro Family Game Night: Battleship
    Hasbro Family Game Night: Boggle
    Hasbro Family Game Night: Connect Four
    Hasbro Family Game Night: Scrabble
    Hasbro Family Game Night: Sorry!
    Hasbro Family Game Night: Sorry! Sliders
    Hasbro Family Game Night: Yahtzee

  • metallicorphan

    so…the only difference is that we know whats coming for the next 6 weeks?
    is Out Run Online Arcade ONLY?..if so,i’m out

    wheres my south park arcade game?? :)


    Don’t worry Microsoft, I’ll buy them all.


    And what’s even worse is that the PS2 and Wii retail disc versions of this have all the same games and extra modes on one disc… for only $40. While they might not have the online multiplayer and achievements that the 360 version has, is it really worth $30 extra for that? It would have made a little more sense if they had charged somewhere around 550-600 points for each individual game.

  • Tallboy2005

    Wow a 7 game release on the 18th then. Thanks for the info Macph1st0!!

  • TaygetaVendetta

    ^Flock is confirmed for April 8th.

    So theres one game you don’t have to guess which week it’ll be showing up.

  • Ozzzy189

    Scrabble may be a blast. Was really hoping for space invaders extreme and arkanoid.

  • Anonymous

    great sounds good, but they are all going to be at the rip off price of 1200points………………………………….



  • Danowat32

    No scrabble outside the US apparently…….

  • TES7769

    I definitely plan on picking up Hasbro Game Night and Loderunner.I’m 35+ and going through a nostalgic stage..what do you want.

  • Warrengonline

    Market Pricing Genius at work. Heh heh. Also, Flock is about aliens that herd sheep (that is just the basics). Think Lemmings + Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee, kinda, but not quite. You use your ship to navigate (herd) the sheep to a destination. I have not played it, but saw a clip (very short one) and read a little about it in Game Informer back when E3 was going on. It looks cool as a puzzle type game. I’m going to give it a look when the trial comes out. I know which ones I want and listed them. But as old games go where’s: The Simpson’s Arcade (with 4 player online play) X-Men Arcade (with 4 player online play – yeh-yeh, I played the 6 player version all the time, but because of the special screen, yadda yadda yadda, jargon, jargon it can’t be 6 player simultaneous. The Dishwasher and UNO Rush are 100% buys on my end. I’m a fan of OutRunners Twin in the arcade and I remember when OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast came out on Xbox and it hardly got a peep – that was not a good sign and caused me to postponed my Xbox360 purchase. Ridge Racer 6 made up for it though.

  • ThePumpkinKing

    Good to see the Dishwasher is finally making it’s way to the arcade. Fans have been screaming for it (not to mention bugging the games lone developer about a release date) for several months now. Good to see we can finally knock it off and start enjoying the game.

    On a different note, Major. Surely you (and hopefully the voices of the gamers and woeful economic times) have enough pull with the powers that be to make sure the games on this list stay affordable. I don’t have a problem paying 1200 points for the games that deserve it. A prime example on this list being the Dishwasher, due mainly to the fact that it was painstakingly developed by just one man over a very, very long period of time. But also because of it’s amazing visual style, frenetic gameplay, and the experience that I’m thinking will be a first ever for the Xbox Live Arcade. Likewise, games such as Braid, Castle Crashers, SSF2THDR, and maybe even Portal: Still Alive have had similar values to offer casual gamers.

    That said, I do have a problem paying too much for games that don’t come with that kind of “street cred,” to put it crudely. Prime examples being games are Death Tank, 5th grader, Banjo-Kazooie, and R-Type Dimensions. I’m not saying these games aren’t decent in their own right. But they’re not the first of their kind. They’ve all been done before, in one form or another. And they definitely don’t carry with them anything unique or revolutionary for their respective genres. They’re money makers. Granted that some of them are also fan service. But that’s no excuse to up the price.

    I’d like to think that the general gaming population shares this opinion. But I think that’d be foolhearty, to say the least. That still doesn’t justify the no-longer-so-recent trend of overpriced arcade games.

    I have to apologize to the other gamers for the wall of text. But this is something that I do feel needs to be discussed in an open forum. This site, thus far, has been the most prominent forum for such a discussion. And it’s also probably the best place for gamers to have their voices heard. Perhaps, Major, you’d consider adding message boards to your site. So the members of your site can discuss not only this issue, but anything gaming related. Just a suggestion.

  • TommyMcShamrock

    Is RBI baseball ever coming out? Definetely a couple of the 7 listed I have my eye on, but really holding out for RBI baseball!!!

  • TheGrooveJesus

    @ TommyMcShamrock: Hello Mr. Party Game Extreme. Damn, you even have Rock Revolution.


    I can hardley wait for the Hasbro, Puzzel quest and uno rush. Ohhhhh Yeahhhhhhh

  • N3WB13 R0N

    Uno rush and hasbro and a few others cant wait!! :D Yay for us..

  • Ozzzy189

    So no scrabble for the UK then ? Why ?

  • Ganon255

    I think I am the only one NOT excited for Peggle

  • BkLiveWire

    Can’t wait for UNO Rush!!

  • SeeUInTheFuture

    Peggle and Quake 3 please

  • DennisB407

    Where’s Space Invaders Extreme???


  • StabaCadaver

    Hey Murph, there are no surprise titles. They are releasing 2 games in that list on the same week.


    I don’t see why these game can’t be free cause they should have had these games available when the nxe update hit they are really getting everybody ready for the new spring update for the xbox live primetime feature hopefully it will still come out in sometime in the spring and also what’s the point of buying a new uno just update the old one to uno rush.

  • Bushi no Eire

    I want outrun and KOF.

  • loopingstar

    So the Scrabble part of game night is US only !
    I won’t be parting with points for this unless the price is discounted for other regions – Why the hell should we pay the full price yet get half the game – can’t see this being a good world wide seller now – most good gaming folks won’t swallow that for a second .


    Just cos you llive in the UK like I do, you can still have US arcade games, you can still download them, noones stopping you.

  • DGJames

    Great now all i need to do is stock up on Microsoft points

  • Anonymous

    well now im worried, I have a strange feeling we wont get dishwasher as Australia still doesnt have community games, cmon MS how hard is it to setup community games, we have been promised since september last year that its coming, and every other major country has it (UK, US) but not us…..I want to give you money and buy community games, any ideas on when OZ will be getting community games…