March 8th 2009 11:13 pm PT

Show #311 : The Mini Unscheduled Show

This week’s show:
Co-host : e
Not a normal show…e and I got together for a quick catch up.
This show has none of the normal show features.
We’ll be back to a regular show next week.

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Podcast By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Herblaw

    Woohoo, A show’s a show. Sounds like it’s just a whole after show for a main show, sounds good to me :)

  • rogXue

    aww deal for next week = weak :( oh well kudos for doing them and thanks for the show!

  • RazorD


    *can’t wait til wednesday*

  • Herblaw


  • desynch

    glad to hear that shows are going to be code-free.


    lol I can’t wait till next week!

  • Mickeh

    PEGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGLE =D ABOUT TIME! Notice to all other companys, popcap hasn’t gone with some stupid 1200+ price point… 800 points and it will sell well since its at the right price.

  • Arsenic13

    You guys should of talked about Resident Evil 5

  • BrarStar

    no codes = great!

  • Vasilii Zaytsev

    Shoulda been half an hour of codes, codes, codes… :P

  • Firecrest

    Contrary to what some may think, I like the concept of a mini show. On occasion, some of the podcasts drag for too long with slow interviews where guest will go on about a majority of info that’s already common knowledge. Good stuff.

  • a peeking duck

    Sometimes your banter is insufferable. Tone down the wacky “I’m interrupting you right now with my irrelevant babble”, please.

  • Kindergamer

    In N’ Out, just like not every franchise restaurant within a 30 mile radius provides the same quality whether hot food, cleanliness, etc.

  • TaygetaVendetta

    Just played the PC demo to Peggle….now I see why everyone is so excited for this game to come out. Wednesday can’t get here soon enough!

  • YODA12320

    Wewt! Peggle! Wewt! Now can we get peggle nights! wewt!

  • yolarrydabomb

    man you guys sound really dead. lol


    maaAAAaaaw? Keep the great levels coming, Twisted Pixel!

  • swyzak

    Finally a show thats not 2h long. 20-30 minute shows are way better IMO!

  • Sim31

    Great show! Never have played peggle before but im going to try it when it comes out this Wednesday. So its a good Wednesday, 3 DLC Items comming out!

  • Thousand Truths

    Nice show…baby :P

  • Secret Fuller

    love it.

  • Wriggy

    It wasn’t made clear within the podcast, but Hasbro Family Game Night will be releasing the games (Battleships, Connect Four etc.) separately at 800 Microsoft Points apiece.

  • Anonymous

    sort the bloody dash board out, with its lag and what the hell was up with the market place yesterday ?? lag fest and slow as hell.

    When are these problems being addressed ??

    As there shocking.

  • davidkenobi

    For us, the show appearing on Monday ;)

  • Warrengonline

    Wo, you were in an accident too this weekend? I had 3 friends in accidents Friday – one rear ender at a stop light, one some how turned his car on its side going around a corner (his first car accident and another not sure what happened, but his car was totaled. What a weekend starter.^. Good to hear that everyone is okay. “The Peggle cometh.” RE5 is neigh, I can feel it in me bones!

  • Watson SE

    Exactly, Big Guino! Certain items on Marketplace takes between 15-30 seconds for me to load, while other loads instantly. I see ALOT of lag, sometimes, when navitationg the Guide (send Part invites, updates friends lists, read/send messages etc). This happens sometimes, but having to wait for 25 seconds for the Guide to load a message is TOTALLY unacceptable. Doing it in the middle of a game is impossible. This MUST be addressed! I haven’t heard this being mentioned in the shows, Major… This has happened since the NXE launched…

  • Anonymous

    5-20 seconds, i was waiting for up 5minutes for stuff to show up on the marketplace, downloads where taking forever yesterday, and no it wasn’t my connection as that was fine.

    I geting sick of this dash and its freezing issues, fix it.

  • Turtle502

    mini-show = good update. quite palatable after a couple weeks of 60+ minute shows. Any podcast over 45-minutes is hard to digest in one sitting, so this was good. For future shows, I’d still like to hear about UPCOMING games, events, etc…as opposed to things we already know. Interview devs on games upcoming in 6 months.

    @Warreng – listen again, MN wasn’t IN an accident.

  • murph17

    Peggle! Peggle! Peggle!

    it’s like video crack.

  • Mr Mcfluffin

    Great show….Ta Mr Nelson :) Please please please address the issue of “NO DAMNED NETFLIX IN EUROPE!!!!” every time I hear some American mentioning what they watched through their netflix stream I die a little inside. Peace x

  • zxcoolbird

    when is the next show coming and you guys did not do the name the game

  • IconicSoulJA

    @Mr Mcfluffin: It won’t be addressed because Microsoft did not get the proper paper work done for Netflix UK. I tried Netflix trial (not on Xbox) and I must say the instant queue selections are weak. I thought recent movies would be there. Most recent movies are in disk-mailer format. That sucks! Not worth the money IMHO!

    I personally feel like the new Xbox Dashboard has way more ads than the previous one. Even inside xbox has a netflix ad. I thought the ads would be toned down. Why do you need to bombard us with ads when we pay for the service?? If it were free, I’d understand. Sony’s PS3 has less ads and its service is free. LOL. Although, HOME has ads in it as well. But, the XMB does not.

  • Turtle502

    @IconicSoulJA –
    Re: Netflix…I can usually find something to watch, and have at least 50 titles in my instant watch queue. When you toss in TV series and NEW episodes of current TV shows, it’s worth it. I’m sure many people agree.

  • uacostajr52


  • Robschach

    Keep up the great podcasts, and dont listen to the people who want short ones because if your podcasts were 20-30mins what would i listen to in work on monday mornings?! Screw everyone else its all about me :p

  • Warrengonline

    NetFlix on my Xbox360 is worth the $8.99 (plus tax). I’m not big on “NEW MOVIES”, I’m an 80’s to 90’s guy when you can enjoy a movie – whether it sucks or can literally SEE how they did that special effect (Warlock USED to be cool, not it kind of well… Do those special effects using Photoshop easily and far better). I usually watch NetFlix when I’m tired, working on a project or if I find an interesting movie I normally would not watch. IF it were not for the Instant Watch allowed on my existing Xbox360, I would not have joined. Even when I used to work a video store a while ago, I’d rarely rent video (even though I got 5 NEW UNRELEASED movies a week). One late movie is a pisser, especially when you know that you returned it on time and it is on camera. It’s not about the fee, it is a about I did my part, why am I accused and paying for your mistake? Negative experience. NetFlix clears all of that up. And I NEVER will have a DVD mailed to my house. Thanks NetFlix & MS!

    As for all of the ads, I myself have come to ignore them automatically (except the ones that movie – with movie clips). The mini dash is my friend, Quick Launch and the very bottom for running the Game in the Tray are awesome.

    Not sure if I should wish, but I now see what people who want a customizable interface are referring to. I’d like to be able to drag and drop icons and features where I want them, kinda of like Basically a Customizable QuickLaunch with 30 games lined up, not just 6 or 7. It is kind of ironic how I felt about ads when I first played WipeOut on PS1. I love the ads in that game (and wanted more), you have to notice the billboards, just like in Crackdown. “Be creative with it, don’t just throw it in my face.” I don’t drink Red Bull, but the ads in PS1 WipeOut are etched into my memory as a part of my gaming history from 1996.

  • TheDom83

    Kinda wondering what happened to that south park title MS announced last E3, sounds like somethings is coming out of it.

  • technofranki

    You should do more 30 minutes shows. This one was great.

  • StaticFree

    Good show. I like that there are no codes anymore. It just took up a lot of time for something almost all of your listeners would not get to take advantage of.


    great show guys…milk and cookies yum..

  • AriesDog

    Thank you for losing the codes on the podcast. It was annoying to the majority because podcasts are meant to be listened on the listener’s schedule. The codes only rewarded only the most obsessive compulsives.