March 16th 2009 10:12 am PT

This weeks Deal: Xbox Original Fable



This weeks Deal of the Week is now available. The award winning Xbox original game Fable, normally priced at 1200 points, is now available for Xbox LIVE Gold Members for 800 points, a savings of 33%. 


Purchase Fable and add it to your Xbox 360 download queue.



Deal, Marketplace By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Kevlaria

    Fully agree.

    240pts = Definite buy.

    800pts = No thanks.

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t manage to buy it when it was 600 points during the holidays but I wouldn’t buy it at 800 points now. The price point for this deal is 600 or bust.

  • ShaggyB

    i also have wondered why lost chapters isnt the one they put up… hell they put up Ninja Gaiden Black….

  • Taramar82

    If it was Fable: The Lost Chapters I would buy it.

  • Ganon255

    It would be cool if they added 200 achievement points to Xbox originals and get the whole DRM thing worked out. I was told from Xbox support that I could not transfer my licenses from a pro to an elite 360. They said it can only go from same SKU to same SKU. So the license transfer tool does not work for me on

  • Rykin Poe

    If this was The Lost Chapters version I would say it is an okay deal but since this is the original version I say to avoid it and just go spend $10US on a used copy of The Lost Chapters since it is way better than this version.

  • Sonic Alpha


    Support BS’d you, my friends and I have both had our licences transferred to new consoles/sku’s.

    Have you tried the licence transfer tool?

  • Ganon255

    @Sonic Alpha – Yes and it did not work for me. That is why I called support.

  • DJThomasMelvin

    @Ganon255 – I too have done a transfer from a Pro to an Elite. You should call support again and see if you get a decent rep this time.

  • Exu

    #1 – When Halo was deal of the week it was 600.
    #2 – This is STILL not Lost Chapters.


    @BeLGaRaTh – Really?!

  • oO MG81 Oo

    You were definitely BS’d by a bad support rep. You can transfer licenses between ANY SKU. I transfered all mine recently from my Pro to a new Elite. I have friends who have done the opposite and also from Arcade to Pro.

  • oO MG81 Oo

    Oh yeah, and this “deal” is rubbish. Why can’t Microsoft and developers see that if they dropped their Marketplace prices they would have soooo many more people buying their products. What would you rather have?, 1000 people buying the game at 800MSP or 3500 people buying the game at 240MSP?. And why would anyone spend 800MSP on a DLC game when you can pick up a hard copy from a game store for less than half the price??.


    @ oO MG81 Oo

    $500.00 is your argument and some people don’t want a hard copy.

  • Pastel360

    If it was the lost chapters I would consider buying it

  • oO MG81 Oo

    Those figures I gave were purely to make a point. What I’m saying is its better to have more people playing your game by charging less for it and at the same time you’ll ultimately make more money. Also, the chances are that by charging so little for a game you’ll end up enticing new people who’ve never played Fable into buying it and they might then go on to buy the full Fable 2 360 game (+ any future Fable games or DLC). Greed and short sightedness seems to be the main reason we see old Xbox original games and trashy arcade games so grossly overpriced.

    The point I made about hard copies is just my personal point of view. I really don’t get why people are happy to spend so much more on something that is locked down by DRM and doesn’t exist in the real world. I prefer to pay less and get a hard copy with box art, manual, can be added to the collection on my shelf + can be used in ANY Xbox I choose at ANY time.

  • JaggedCrane

    MikeCaelen, I think you should do some research on the term “False Advertising”.


    I see your point but, I would say the numbers game they’re playing is that they don’t believe there are that many consumers left for this title. Charging the 10.00 and getting everyone they can is probably a better bet than 3.00 when there just isn’t the demand for it anymore. Let’s be honest 3.00 is never a price we will see and I personally have too many games to put on a shelf and would love to put all of them on a hard drive but, they don’t make a petabyte drive. I throw the boxes away, just too many of them.

  • DKR1138

    They need to actually discount stuff people haven’t bought yet… deals are worth a damn if you already own the content.

  • ddm2989

    its funny because I purchased FTLC 2 years ago for 10 bucks

  • VisionaryLight

    I paid $5 for a new disk copy 2 years ago.


    I wold get it but it is just not worth spending 800 points on a game with no achievements

  • WalkerTXRan9er

    I really like the idea Major of discounted deals, but ever since the first week the deals have been basically worthless in my opinion. It would be nice to get discounts on some of the major downloads that people actually download. Maybe some Castle crashers for 800, banjo kazooie for 800. I would discount all the games that are 1200 points and make them 800 on certain weeks, bc 1200 is too much for an arcade game. I bought braid the day it turned 800. Anyway just a suggestion, and thanks, and hopefully keep the good deals coming.

  • SteelCity Beast

    Or you could go to Gamestop and buy a used copy of this for literally like 4 dollars

  • SteelCity Beast

    I downloaded Braid because of the deal of the week, If Castle Crashers was a deal of the week for no more than 800 I would also buy for sure

  • Rock Blackstone

    I went to Gamestop yesterday and they told me $17.99 for a used version of Fable:TLC. So I guess this Originals version is cheaper, but to echo previous comments it apparently does NOT include The Lost Chapters. I’m going to have to pass on buying this for $10.

    Why wouldn’t Xbox sell this for $5 (400 points) instead? It’s all free money at this point. Xbox isn’t even paying to produce a physical disc. I’m not supporting this business model unless the pricing becomes more sensible.