March 16th 2009 10:12 am PT

This weeks Deal: Xbox Original Fable



This weeks Deal of the Week is now available. The award winning Xbox original game Fable, normally priced at 1200 points, is now available for Xbox LIVE Gold Members for 800 points, a savings of 33%. 


Purchase Fable and add it to your Xbox 360 download queue.



Deal, Marketplace By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Karachi King

    Umm, little typo there?

    “The award winning Xbox original game Fable, normally priced at 1200 points, is now available for Xbox LIVE Gold Members for 240 points, a savings of 40%.”

    And to make it worse, neither of the figures are correct. It’s available for 800 points, which is a saving of 33%.

  • DeviseUSA

    I wish it was 240 points.

  • Anonymous

    240pts? =P

  • Krunk4Ever

    Haha. Exactly why I came here too. 1200pts to 240pts != 40% off.

  • CosMick

    240pts = Definite buy.

    800pts = No thanks.

  • CosMick

    240pts = Definite buy.

    800pts = No thanks.

  • JoeyCoolNutzz

    aka JOECOOL 76 I dont think I would buy this for 800 pts

  • A Place for Us

    240!? Too good to be true? I’m sure these typos are intentional…

  • Tony Winsta

    haha i was gonna be like no way

  • JeDi58

    Hard to see how it can be an “accidental” typo… if either 240 or 40% had one, maybe two digits wrong (and were close to what they should have been) then you could understand it… but a difference this big surely can’t be an accident

    I think it’s a ploy to get people to blindly buy it thinking it’s only 240 points

  • JeDi58

    disappointed :(

  • JohnnyricoMC

    not gonna lie Major, the typo is quite disappointing.

  • exception360

    I’ve got the original disc, so I will skip this one ;)

  • ShaggyB

    lol 800 not 240

  • Ahmedz

    240 points, 800 points, I don’t care how much it is as long as I’m able to buy it….but alas…..I’m not……….damn marketplace region lock >__>

  • MikeCaelen

    this so would have got a buy at 240.. 800? will pass thanks, can pick up the hard copy cheaper at CEX

  • B16 MR W

    How about the first 50 replies get it for 240 MSP? C’mon you know it makes sense!

  • Sonic Alpha

    I paid full price for this before Christmas, and I still haven’t had time to even boot it up :(

  • Danowat32

    Hehehe, proof reading FTW!!!!

  • ToEvadeSlugs

    I was gutted for a moment, as I already bought it when it first went up on originals. Not that I can play it as xbox orignals no longer work on my 360, for some strange reason. Ever since I bought the 120gb HDD. Anyone else have or had this problem?

  • Shadow0810

    nice… see now if this were I game store they would have to give us that price or get sued O.O

  • metallicorphan

    i bought this a while ago when it first appeared on the marketplace

    the constant freezes and loud buzzes were very dissapointing especially when the game was cheaper to buy disc version(which i should of done,as i would of got the Lost Chapters)

  • oO BeLGaRaTh Oo

    Link says content not found .. is this the lost chapters, or just the original fable? I ask as I can get Lost Chapters for 99p in Game

  • MikeCaelen

    it does not work like that @Shadow0810, it is a total misconception that you can order that an item is sold to you at a marked price..

    “Under law, a retailer is entitled to decide the price he wants to charge for his goods. The price on display is simply what the law calls an ‘invitation to treat’. In the same way you don’t have to buy goods from anyone, a retailer is under no obligation to sell you anything. You cannot insist that a shop sells you anything at a marked price, whether or not they have made a mistake.”

    That is the British trading standards law and I believe the US law is much the same.

  • X Reza X

    For 240 points I’d buy it and not sweat ever playing it.

  • loopingstar

    Maths not a strong point Major !! LOL

  • MaxMar5

    They should have lower the price of the Knothole Island DLC for Fable 2 instead of an old Xbox game that everyone have on disc and can backward play.

  • Ichiban Noob

    For anyone wondering, it’s not the superior Lost Chapters.

  • Megalodon138

    So much for that good start to the morning. What a massive difference in points. 800 is still good but 240 is far better

  • Herblaw

    240 points, Yes Please :P

  • Quicksilver4648

    It is really 800pts. I had to check to make sure, for 240pts I would have bought it right now.

  • Turtle502

    I’ve never played this, but still won’t buy it at this price…or whatever price it’s really being sold for!

  • xTheTruth72x

    1. @Shadow0810 and MikeCaelen – that is how it is in US too. The item in question is the property of the store. they can do what they want with it. They only drop the price to what it is marked to appease those who want a free meal and encourage them to come back. It’s not a very large issue since most states don’t even price items other than a few that have a mandatory pricing audit (ie Michigan). The only “law” that governs sale prices is the bounty law, but that gives you 10% of the overcharged amount or up to a MAX of $5 off depending on the circumstances.

    2. 240 pts… if only.

  • Major Nelson

    It is 800 points. I have corrected the post. It was always supposed to be 800 points, that was an error on my end.

  • Protonus

    Kinda sad that Fable, a fantastic game you could play for countless hours, is now the same price is Peggle, lol…

  • r3dreck

    add achievements.

  • Secret Fuller

    240pts = Definite buy.

    800pts = No thanks

  • BTDeluge

    If they really want us to buy all this downloadable content, how about giving us a deal on hard drives. Using the full game install on the game I play the most on my 20gig makes me juggle deleting and reinstalling all these pick up and play downloads.

  • Shiaoran

    I wouldn’t buy it for 20 points… I’d rather buy The Lost Chapters for $20. (I do have both versions on disk though :P)

  • sleepydumbdude

    Should’ve been around this price anyways. Almost every best buy I go to still has fable:TLC for 9.99. All ready played the hell out of it though so won’t be getting this.

  • Danowat32

    I really can’t figure out the market for these xbox originals, I mean, you can walk into pretty much any gaming store and pick up old xbox games for 99p in some places.

    The mind boggles that people would pay 800pts for one, let alone 1200pts!!!!!

  • PzR Tak

    In terms of the 240 points and 40% savings error, that is purely the amount and saving for the PGR4 pack that was last weeks deal.

  • TheGrooveJesus

    Wow, deal of the week is basically a game which almost EVERYONE has on disc. I already have TLC. How about you put a deal on the Puzzle Quest expansion and we will talk numbers.

  • Secret Fuller

    What a bloody waste You can stick that deal up your arse

  • ElektroDragon

    Everyone has this already! I still have my Lost Chapters copy and Xbox 1. And this isn’t even the Lost Chapters version. Deals of the Week should have more universal appeal than this.

  • Ark Hunter

    A lot of the Xbox Originals should only be 800 to start with. You can generally get the original disks for that price or less. And sense Xbox Originals don’t add achievements, why pay $15 for something you can get for less than $10.

  • Kendoguk

    I got the lost chapers version for £3 :)

  • Monhegan

    If you added achievements, I’d purchase this and other xbox orginals. Same with community games. Because there are no achievements, I’ve purchased 0 from either catagory.

  • Anonymous

    This is not worth buying. Just a warning it’s full of bugs and glitches and it does not support widescreen.

  • iSupremacyX

    this is a slap to the face. Xbox is scamming people. Fable has been discontinued from lionhead. The game you should be selling is Fable: The Lost Chapters!!!!!!!!!!!!