March 17th 2009 10:28 pm PT

The Daily Show: The Unedited Jim Cramer Interview (Free)


If you’ve been following the Jon Stewart and Jim Cramer fireworks, you know they came to a head last week when Jim appeared on The Daily Show. Want to see the entire, unedited version? Head over to the Xbox LIVE Video Marketplace (US Only) and you can download The Unedited Interview Between Jon Stewart and Jim Cramer. PLUS, If you’re an Xbox LIVE Gold member you download this this episode absolutely free.


Due to the way this free episode works in our system, you can’t queue it up from the Web Marketplace. You’ll have to go grab it old skool style when you are on your console. Once you sign in head to Video Marketplace > TV Shows > Network and Studios > Comedy Central > The Daily Show with Jon Stewart > Season 14 > then scroll down to the The Unedited Interview Between Jon Stewart and Jim Cramer. (Kinda makes you appreciate the Web Marketplace, huh?)



Deal, Free By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Secret Fuller

    Will it come to england?

  • skyfire420

    states only=gay

  • rogXue

    has anyone found this? I still see the one 160 points

  • SeraphTC

    To be honest Major, the complete lack of usable speed of the marketplace on the console makes it next to useless now. Trying to add things via the console often takes minutes at a time per item. So yeah, the web marketplace is appreciated, as it’s the only feasable way to download stuff at the moment.

  • Secret Fuller

    Major all i seen on the comments were just complaints JUST FIX IT!

  • Snowraver

    Skyfire, I couldn’t have said it any better myself.

    Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are both really awesome.

  • harris1123

    Thanks for the heads up Major, it’s downloading as I post

  • AriesDog

    That’s pretty cool of The Daily Show to give this away for free. And a shrewd marketing move. When your show has one of those national attention moments capitilize on it ASAP so people will want to see what happens next.

  • Mcmax3000

    While I normally try not to complain in my comments here, since the overwhelming majority does enough of that (See: The unnecessary homosexual reference above as a perfect example), I do have to agree with the comment about the speed of the marketplace on the console since the NXE launch. I pretty much opt for Web Marketplace exclusively because it takes too long to browse on the console.

  • Jello Owl

    Thanks Major! Found the free version. :)

  • seldinhio

    Oh it’s free. MS is the biggest rip off. I cant belive they are selling the bonus round stuff for 160MS points and it’s free online.

  • Buckaroo Banzai

    It wants to charge me 160 pts. ???

  • SSG CodeMonkey

    The marketplace on the console is pretty useless. Finding things takes forever. As for television shows, why can’t we have ‘subscriptions’ where we can bookmark certain shows and then just go there to see if new episodes are available instead of having to navigate the whole marketplace everytime? It would be much easier to just have a ‘My Subscriptions’ section under the quick launch menu (when you hit the guide button) and see all your shows you like there.

    Still not seeing this Cramer interview on the web marketplace…

  • SnowPhoenix9999

    Yay! Free stuff! And while I didn’t mind downloading it the old fashioned way, I feel it’s worth noting that the Web Marketplace has always been one of the NXE features I actually do appreciate. :)

  • modemman11

    Awesome. I love free stuff. Downloaded it already, will watch it tomorrow. Now if only MS would get off their asses and make the marketplace on the console take less than 10 seconds to load, we’d be good. :)
    What ever happened to MS being all happy that the NXE would allow them to release updates more than 2 times a year? Please don’t tell me I’m going to have to deal with the marketplace taking 30-60 seconds just to load a download list for 8 more months.

  • amacvane

    I completely agree with the comments concerning the speed of Live Marketplace. It was so impressive at the beginning of NXE’s life, and now I barely ever download what I am looking for because it takes so long to get there. Case in point: the other day I went to queue The Wheelman, Chronicles of Riddick, Wanted:WOF, and Ninja Blade, and for every demo, it literally took several minutes for the “Get Demo” option to become accessible in their respective marketplace spaces.

    Simply navigating around the marketplace blades eventually discourages me from even looking for what ever item it was that I was interested in the first place.

  • xWasted Ghostx

    It was a pretty cool interview. If you don’t live in America just go to comedy centrals website, they have the full interview there too.

  • jonnyb0b

    Jon owned Jim and I agree 1000% with all NXE complaints. It’s so slow, I once fell asleep waiting for the download now screen.

  • slardybartfast8

    Hey Major, has the Xbox Live Team ever thought of implementing a Universal Search function to Xbox Live so you could type in Keywords and have all the downloads and info available come up through that? With the incredible amount of content on Live, and growing every day, it seems like maybe this could be a great addition for the next system update, whenever that may be. I was just wondering if it had ever come up as a problem solver for how complicated it can be some times to navigate, even with how much easier NXE is. Just thinkin’ here. Keep up the good work.

  • TheGrooveJesus

    Again, screwing us with the US-only BS. Seriously, I was so excited for Netflix and I get ripped apart the day that was released. It is watching videos electronically, not buy sending the video to the customer like regular Netflix. How is this hard to do to allow Canadians to have this feature? WE ARE RIGHT NEXT TO YOU. I LIVE ONLY 50 MILES AWAY FROM MAINE!!

    Well, I am gonna calm down after that rant but come on, Microsoft.

  • KefkaticFanatic

    I WISH I could enjoy the web marketplace, but since I’m younger than 18 it doesn’t let me. At all. Ever.


  • KefkaticFanatic

    Oh darn, no edit button.

    skyfire: Tell me again how this is a homosexual situation.

  • Zartan

    Lame. Stewart only started going after Jim Cramer after Cramer spoke out against Obama’s policies. This is what the left does when you dare to criticize the messiah. Jon Stewart is a tool for the Obama administration. This whole administration is disgusting and unprofessional, going after private citizens and sending out their MSM attack dogs against commentators (Rick Santelli, Jim Cramer, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, etc.) is not the role of the White House. The President and his spokesman shouldn’t be commenting on this stuff day to day and disgracing the office like this.

    As far as the mainstream media I’m not surprised to see lackeys like Jon Stewart and Chris Matthews doing the dirty work of the President, they all sold their credibility during the election. And uh yeah Stewart this whole economic mess is largely the fault of the Fannie and Freddie housing debacle, so don’t just gloss over it.

    I think people are starting to really get sick of what is going on. I’m glad to see all these Tea Parties sprouting up all over the country.

  • armandgunerio

    I wanted to d/l this clip. I really did. But localisation restriction forbid me to get this clip, because I live in Norway. “But,” some might say, “they show this program on one of your national television channels, so surely you have access to it through either TV or the programs website?”
    Yeah, but try getting that clip to play on your xbox.

    no wonder piracy still lives on… :/

  • endlessoul

    Ha. For all you whiners complaining about load times, welcome to my world. I’ve had to endure my games library loading for 30 seconds in the old dash and a staggering 40 seconds in the NXE. It can be infuriating.

    BTW Major, the download is still wanting to charge me 160 points. Doesn’t look free in my area (Central NY).

  • Macedonia Mafia

    I don’t see it on the marketplace or the web marketplace. :?


    Anyone who supports region locking supports piracy.

  • oxymoronx420

    Hey Major, you know what really grinds my gears?

    My countrymen being treated like we’re 2nd class members of XBL.
    Is the canadian Gold XBL subscription worth less than the US equivalent? No.

    So why are we given far less content than the USA?
    Why do we pay MORE and get LESS?

    Shit, you guys had some sort of sports illustrated deal not to long ago…
    But could Canucks get in on the action? HELL NO, and that’s not even a tv show. It’s damn ladies in bikinis, and yes they do sell that mag here.

    Major, there’s a growing contingent of non-US gamers who are tired of getting the shaft.
    You people forget the other regions out there and just expect us to keep paying, month after month, year after year and just ignoring that gamers in other countries get a far better experience.

    A recent example of how badly we’re being ignored, one of the few things that we do get for free here in canuckistan is ‘The Guild’

    So i figured i’d check it out awhile back and actually liked it.
    Turns out someone started allowing access to the 2nd season of episodes for canada…
    Too bad they forgot to unlock our country for access to episodes 8,9 and 10 but conveniently let us watch episode 11, just not the few episodes preceeding.

    If someone can make a difference in the canadian programming on XBL please do.
    It’s complete crap and we never get anything free.

    I bet that when 1 vs 100 starts on XBL that players outside the USA won’t be able to win prizes, if we’re even allowed to play :-(

    Plz Major, help us non americans have a better experience on your service, give us more videos like inside xbox and other cool things. (please, no trixie360 — I don’t have enough eye bleach to wash that womans visage away right now.)

    If not, I’m sure you’ll find less and less of us that’ll continue to pony up only for the ability to have multiplayer…

    Sorry for the rant,
    I’ve tried xbl support and they only send back canned replies so this is the next stop.

  • skyfire420

    well said OM420 well said indeed. we do pay more and get less.
    @KefkaticFanatic read number 3.
    welcome to the modern age and the modern english language. words have multiple meanings!!!!

  • Bandito Lobster

    I was, I repeat WAS, excited about this game coming out, but the more I learn about the overpriced add-ons, the less and less excited I get. It would make some sense if the add-ons were 400 points apiece instead of 800. Then purchasing all of the add-ons off of the marketplace, would add up to the purchase price of the same games on another console. Actually I checked and it STILL would be even more than the purchase price of this game on other consoles. I just checked and the PS2 version of this game is available for $20! That’s right for just $20 you get all of the games on a physical disc and those same games in a download version for the 360 would cost you $70. Pricing very, very out of proportion for this console alone.

    I think anybody who already has one of the other consoles will overlook the XBLA version and buy it on their other platform of choice. It’s what I am going to recommend to all of my friends. I have three young kids and would most likely buy this on for the 360 if the pricing wasn’t so grossly disproportionate from the other offerings. The pricing structure doesn’t make much marketing sense, this product isn’t an 360 exclusive, it’s not a braid, or a castle crashers, something worthy of a higher price point, it’s board games. All the XBLA pricing does is get people torqued and drive the sales up of this product on other platforms. Hopefully they listen to the community and reduce the price at some point. I am not even going to download the free demo of this.

  • oxymoronx420

    Pay more and get less….

    Hrm, that sounds like a winning business plan!

    Major, you’ve got a group of hardcore players up here in the land of the ice and snow and we help pay your bills.

    Stop pissing us off and make the service more equal for all users already regardless of region.

    I’m tired of paying more than joe sixpack in alabama, but he gets to look
    at neat videos for free on his xbox.
    He gets to oogle the sexy ladies from SI.
    Shit, he even got to watch his new president being inaugurated.

    Our election happened almost at the same time… on XBL you wouldn’t even know canadians subscribe to XBL. There’s no videos or content about canada’s democratic system, no video of our Prime Minister getting sworn in. Why??? It’s not like it wasn’t available freely.

    So Yankee Joe gets boobies, free stuff and to see his fearless leader get locked in to the job on his game console.

    You know what Billy from alberta gets?
    Sweet F**k all.

    How fair is that?

    It becomes especially unfair because Billy is helping to subsidize the free content(videos, themes, contests, etc) that Joe sixpack is fapping to in the states.

    Hey, did you know that while XBL advertises stuff like ‘game with fame’ and that kinda crap that we don’t even hear about it here in canada?

    Most days the items on our dashboard don’t even change.

    Sadly, all of this discussion will go completely ignored by anyone who can change anything.

    I love XBL, but paying $50+ per year only for online multiplayer is getting kinda lame since playing on the PC costs $0.

    I used to buy into the MS selling point that being a “Gold Member” is so much more than silver.

    But no, it’s not.

    Maybe in the USA being gold gets you something, but here, it’s just another hand in my pocket in a time when we all don’t have enough $$.

    Did Microsoft just think that gamers from different regions don’t talk?
    Did you guys think we wouldn’t find out we’re getting a raw deal compared to others?

    I’d really love to see a reply from Major here… too bad they’ll just do what they normally do and forget there’s any gamers outside the USA/Japan.

  • HazyCloud

    @ SkyFire420 Taken from YOUR link

    “Don’t say that something is gay as an insult. I find this highly immature, mostly because it is often used when people can’t think of a proper insult even when there is nothing homosexual about whatever they’re insulting”.

    lol. You sir, are an idiot.

  • eiVaL

    you can find a million results for this on google, no need wasting time looking for it on the console marketplace.


    How long will this offer be available. My Elite just Red Ringed on me on Monday night so I’d be pissed that this’ll be gone before I get my Elite back from repairs.

  • KnightOfYeshua

    Jim Cramer for the win. I hate it when the Daily Show attempts to take it self seriously enough for legitimate journalism.

  • b0omz

    Good and civil interview. I hate when people like Yeshua take the Daily Show serious enough for legitimate journalism, because the Daily Show certainly doesn’t take itself seriously…I mean what Cramer said about Bear Sterns and some of his other bad advice played during the interview is hilarious…So the guy was wrong, but at least he’s man enough to come out and explain himself like an adult. This argument that Daily Show is taking itself seriously, means that Yeshua is out of touch or has no clue that it’s a comedy show making fun of the stupid crap that goes on everyday. But if you’re such a supporter of Jim Cramer, you should watch this video rather than dismiss it because of you’re neo-conservative politics, my true conservative friends pretty much agree that Cramer has been giving bad advice and are just as mad at both sides for this financial mess, they’re not being unrealistic and pawning everything off on one side.

  • b0omz

    Also I don’t see the need or urgency for our fellow Xbox buddies in europe or other non-us locations to get this video..Are you guys really into American economics that much?

  • SteelCity Beast

    If you cant download it via internet marketplace then whats the point of the Marketplace online… I literally NEVER use the actual marketplace on the Xbox

  • oxymoronx420

    The need?
    What happens to your country effects the whole world!

    Also, this is a problem well beyond whether this particular video relevant for an international audience.

    This situation boldly illustrates that US users of XBOX Live get access to more free content on a regular basis compared to non-us gamers.
    While non-us gamers PAY MORE for service every year to subsidize your viewing of free streaming media/other free downloads on your xbox 360.

    Besides, if the daily show really shouldn’t matter to anyone outside the USA, then why is it shown in other countries than the USA? TDS and Colbert are on all the damn time here in Canada.

  • BustedChain

    Wow, MarketPlace online is pretty neat, but this is pretty lame that I am unable to queue up the download from here. Guess MicroSOFT has some more work to do to make MarketPlace everything that it can be.

  • skyfire420

    HazyCloud, don’t be gay



    …and I laugh and laugh. At least you get free healthcare.


    hey major,i logged in and it doesn’t show any of his shows as a free download.I tried on the web version,uhh,am I supposed to get on my 360 to download this?


    C’mon man ,you should share the goodies with our worldwide friends .Don’t be stingy fellas.


    hey,I worked on the chain gang once or twice.Don’t mess with the boys from the other parts.They might come back and not only haunt you,but cut your nads off and feed them to the fella that controls unfair business practices.

  • RidinSlow

    Major Nelson said: “Kinda makes you appreciate the Web Marketplace, huh?”

    Actually, it just points out some of the major flaws of how the current console marketplace is designed. Simply adding a Search box would help a lot of people get around the tedious digging that’s required to find stuff on the current Marketplace on the console.

  • Alpha I Omega

    quit bitching guys if you want a u.s. account just make one heres a link on how to do it

  • KnightOfYeshua


    You’re operating on assumptions and none of them are true. I’m not a neo-con nor is Jim Cramer. In fact, he is a registered member of the Democratic Party.

    It is without question that the Daily Show is a comedy approach at news. When the comedy stops and it becomes snide one-sided political remarks, it stops being funny and starts trying to pass itself off as truth. He attempts,and people interpret, his journalism as legitimate during those moments. Example: Jon Stewart’s infamous Crossfire interview. I don’t know how you are raised, but you don’t go to someone’s house if you plan on pooping on their doorstep. When humor becomes bitter criticism, in my opinion, it ceases to be funny.

    Claiming to have con or even neo-con friends who share your opinion doesn’t really validate any criticisms, it just means that you have people who agree with you.

    Cramer doesn’t get to a position like he has by being repeatedly unsuccessful.

  • BustedChain

    I keep getting a DRM error message 80070005 when ever I try to download this clip. I’ve been trying to download it since the first night it came out. It says the points have already been deducted but it won’t let me get the clip. Man I hate DRM garbage…ESPECIALLY ON SOMETHING THAT IS FREEEEEEEEE! People expect this stuff to just work and not have to d!ck around with it forever just to download one video clip. Guess I’ll go bring it up on a torrent instead… another FAIL for the XBOX 360.