March 19th 2009 3:01 pm PT

IE 8 Now available


If you use Internet Explorer for your web browsing needs, you may be interested to know that a final, release version of IE8 is now available for download*. For security and stability, it’s always best to run the latest release version of your preferred browser.  If you’re already running Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera or any the other browsers out there, maybe it’s time to check to see if you’re on their latest released bits (as we say in the software industry.)


*Windows Vista and Windows XP users only. If you’re running the Windows 7 Beta, read the special message on the IE8 site.


Technology By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • dafin0

    Great work to the Dev guys working on this. great step in IE.

    and for all the people bashing IE 8 with out even trying it… grow up
    (not a Microsoft fan boy, posting this comment in chrome)

  • aseddon130

    IE8 seems to be a great improvement over IE7 … i never understood why people used anything other than IE that comes with Windows (except for the losers that hate everything Microsoft do … for NO reason)

    thanks for the heads up Major :)

  • skyfire420

    gonna stick with firefox, tired of half-assed microcrap(vista ftl)

  • Anonymous

    um…yeah…I’ve installed IE8 on my Vista 64-bit and gave it a try. My MySpace page doesn’t view correctly, just like IE7, takes much longer to load my Google homepage, same with MSN, and the UI is ugly & nowhere near matching Vista’s standard Aero theme. Thanks for the heads up, but it’s Firefox FTW.

  • next DNB

    Go firefox!

    only an idiot would run IE

    its like norton, does much more harm than good.

    yes i love my 360, but ms can take IE and shove it up they asses

  • Herblaw

    Downloaded it, with the intention to never use it, just so it’s there. For some reason it has slowed down my computer, every time I minimize anything it slowly does it (Q6600, 4gb ram, 9800gtx+) & this only happened the second after I installed IE8 and restarted…hmm, still trying to fix it now.

  • JaggedCrane

    IE 8 is a excellent update. Thanks for the news Major.

  • X Ray Hamburger

    Man for a second I thought this was finally announcing a browser for the xbox.

  • N0RDS

    Its a nice improvement … but Im still getting back to firefox

  • Sim31

    Internet explorer user here for life! Im gonna have to try this IE 8 now!

  • MeS FEAR

    I am using Opera its the best browser cuz he has no secret holes…firefox does and IE is one of the browsers with the most secret holes.But thx for the info major…i will update it but won´t use it…anyway…maybe some secret holes will be closed

  • MeS FEAR

    i meant security holes not secret holes^^ sry for my english

  • Turtle502

    If you enable compatibility mode for ALL websites in IE8, you don’t get any formatting problems.

  • DevsterC

    @AriesDog – The idea it’s not an official 360 site is nonsense, regardless of whatever appearances of a demarcation people wish to believe. MN is the spokesperson TO the community for MS, and this is his primary forum for that activity (major’s minute and twitter being the other two that have any real visibility), whether centracomm hosts it or MS hosted it off

    And it’s great you like IE. I don’t care what browser people use – it just is so far off topic for an xbox360 ‘blog’. Look through the history – MN said in this very thread “I post what interests me.”, but based on the last couple years that’s been reduced to predominantly DLC content lists, press release-type statements or top 10 lists, and his podcast. Plus now IE8 announcements, Windows 7 announcements perhaps…

    It’s too bad the only MS crew who actually blogged were let go.

  • DiggyStyle

    I have seen a lot of websites that don’t like IE8 yet so you have to click the “compatibility mode” button if a website seems broken. I will recommend against upgrading to IE8 for a while to my less computer savvy clients and I think I will stick to Firefox or Chrome for myself. I haven’t used IE since version 5.5 unless I *HAD* to for particular websites. Thanks for the update anyway MN!

  • H2O Hydr8

    I’ve stopped using Internet Explorer since I upgraded from Windows 98 to Windows XP. FireFox FTW!

  • No Fear Man

    I’ve been trying to install IE8 for hours…I’ve given up after it failing on the install no less than 12 times. Even after doing all the stuff in the troubleshooter and all. Ugh…

  • Ark Hunter

    Only interested if it can be added to and run on 360.

  • Mrxknown JG

    Why would you want a browser for a console? I mean, do you want worms and other viruses infested your system?

  • Logic Squirrel

    Thank’s for that but i do not like IE Firefox 3 is still better, as for speed loading times i do not really care over one second or what ever.

  • Fufz

    When can we expect web browsing on 360? Even wii can do that…

  • Parassassin

    I am downloading as I type :) It will be interesting to see if IE 8 has got the web standards right instead of trying to fight the existing ones. I use IE 7 at work but at home I generally use firefox, I do however have the following browsers installed and use them for various sites.
    Firefox, Flock, Chrome, IE and Opera. As a web developer it is good practice to ensure your websie works in all browsers not just YOUR favourite. In fact you would be pretty stupid not to develop anything for IE considering it is preinstalled on most home computers sold in the world.

    Yes IE has its faults but so does every other browser, I think a lot of the negativity against IE is just people following the crowd, kinda like sheep. And before everyone jumps on me and says that IE is unsecure and lets viruses attack, I would just like to point out that firefox is afflicted with the same kind of bugs and flaws that are always being exploited by someone.

  • Parassassin

    @ SalamanderSkill

    I remember when netscape was the only browser worth using and waaay back then IE was a welcome change. But as for cost I paid for opera and I even paid for my premium hotmail account. Things like this have not always been free. Its not bad considering it cost microsoft $100 million every year towards the end of the year with nearly 1200 people working on it!

  • Firecrest

    Eh, I’ll stick with Firefox since it’s generally faster.

  • Exu

    Wow, IE8 is horrible. I open it and pages just DON’T LOAD. It only works when I open it with Microsoft Update, then it slows everything else.

  • Makavelo


    Its a Microsoft product, what do you expected?, a quality product, no sir, no with MS.

    FireFox FTW, even Chrome is way better.

  • Euphoric Fusion

    Downloaded and using it now to post this. ;-)
    There are so many people bashing M$ on here it’s ridiculous. If you don’t like what they do then why the hell are you on here, a Microsoft employees blog of all things.
    I have used IE for a long time now and IE8 is a welcome update.
    All the stuff that Firefox does IE can do now too, and somthings it does better.
    I too dabble in web design and have used most of the major browsers and I still prefer IE, but, each to their own.
    As for people having slow loads times or pages not loading at all, I just don’t get it.
    I downloaded, installed, rebooted and it runs just fine (Vista 32bit).
    And Major….. keep posting about stuff like this please.

  • Exu

    I’m on XP here. But yeah, personally I still prefer Firefox.

  • Chico DeBarge

    T360UK CHIEF said : “All the stuff that Firefox does IE can do now too, and somthings it does better.”

    Exactly. Well said. It is better than Firefox, and you can add Cool Iris to it as well.

    I think everyone should at least try it out before you bash it. Most of the comments on here are sooooo fanboyish towards Firefox. Clearly its a better product, plus its free. I’ve already made the switch back to IE8 from Firefox 3

  • X Ray Hamburger

    Just my two cents but after downloading IE8 and using it for a bit I noticed IE8 is slower than Firefox.

  • Euphoric Fusion

    @ Chico DeBarge

    I had never heard of CoolIris until you posted about it here and I have to say that is one damn cool plugin!!!

  • DeadOne Walking

    I use Firefox as well, but IE8 holds itself rather well.
    I can honestly say that the issues I have with IE8 on XP are not there in Windows7, so I am guessing because IE8 is integrated directly into Windows7 it allows certain things to be rectified. Most of my issues are with performance, and the few that aren’t are relating to the OS handling the browser, so it seems to me that in my situation it’s all dealing with the integration factor, not necessarily the browser itself.

  • AriesDog

    Using it now.

  • Tartan Army 360

    Safari is doing me fine. If I struggle I use Firefox. This is because Microsoft spat the dummy out the pram and stopped making IE for Mac OS. In hindsight, it’s probably made Mac OS safer.

  • Tartan Army 360

    A 360 blog advertising another Microsoft project…OK then.