March 19th 2009 7:09 pm PT

Xbox LIVE Billing issues (updated: FIXED)


Currently, Xbox LIVE members may experience issues related to billing. That means difficulties with account recovery, account management, Marketplace functions and/or making purchases. Users who already have Microsoft Points in their account will be able to redeem them.  Until these issues are resolved, you will also be unable to sign in to, which includes posting in the forums and queuing up downloads on the Marketplace. All other areas of LIVE (matchmaking, friends lists, messaging etc.) are not affected.


The engineers are actively working to resolve the issues as quickly as possible. Keep an eye on the Xbox LIVE Status page in the support section of which will be updated when conditions change.


Thanks for your patience.


Update: The above issues have been fixed.




Xbox 360, By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Monster Warfare

    Glad to hear you are working on it. Hopes it gets up soon, good luck!

  • RockStar AV8R

    Karma paying y’all back for them $10 family games posted earlier?!?!?!

  • Grumpy Jedi

    I’m curious how billing *wouldn’t* affect Matchmaking. For example, don’t you need to have a Gold account in order to use Matchmaking? If the billing information is inaccessible, how can Xbox Live confirm that the user is a Gold member?

    I apologize for being a bit presumptuous here. I’m certain folks with a lot more understanding of the system are working on it.

  • Monster Warfare

    Probably because of the WaW Map Pack I am guessing?

  • Exu

    Just as well I’ve not bought anything in ages then! =D

  • peachy001

    Thanks for the heads up Major. While I’m here, cheers for the IE8 info too, I was just going to download it to have a look. I read some of the comments on that thread, man there are some angry people about. Just one other thing while I’m here, why can I never find any stuff on the Market place that you mention on your site etc such as your inside Xbox bits, must be US only.

    Lastly, a flat pizza is surely not a pie. A calzone is close, but then is it a pizza?

  • Major Nelson

    Billing does not affect matchmaking ;)

  • bottlerocket13

    my fault for not loading up on my microsoft points earlier this week… :(

  • Grumpy Jedi

    It’s amazing to me how rare these kind of “outages” are. Xbox Live serves millions every day and yet hiccups like this are few and far between. This is why I’ve never batted an eye at the $50 renewal each year. I pay more than that for TV service each *month* and it’s down more often.

  • CohnBred

    Thanks, Major!

  • Monster Warfare

    I think the Map Pack Treyarch released has something to do with it.

  • acsofspades

    My card isn’t working, i called they told me about the issue and that there should be an update to fix it…

  • Teirdome

    Bummer. Sounds like e is going to have a really rough week.

  • Mikro

    This Issue wouldn’t have anything to do with the Billing system Update that has to be done so IE 8 and MS billing system play nice with eatch other ? looks like a lot of stuff going on today to update Windows Live ID and Xbox Live too.

  • Mikro

    Oh Yeah Internet Explorer 8 is out today too

  • clarky456

    So what your saying is any time anything relatively popular comes out on marketplace it cripples itself. Good. Good. But it’s still better than PSN – that’s broken all the time.

  • Crusher 36

    I wonder if we will be getting an update soon? Usually when we have these hiccups they are preparing the service for an update. I guess time will tell. Anyway thanks for the update and hopefully everything gets fixed soon.

  • Louie

    I was waiting for you to post something about all the issues.


  • KaYotiX

    This sucks…but oh well. Prolly bad karma hitting XBL for the crazy overpriced EA/Hasbro games.

  • I Yova I

    billing issues? OMG!

  • Xbudz LIVE

    Damn, i bought a points card today too… arrgh. I want to play my COD maps!

  • Lucifonz

    Any update on the Midnight Club South Central DLC…or lack of it??

    The playstation store already has it, and the press release has gone out saying its “out now” on the xbox live marketplace and playstation store.

    Whats going on there? Would really appreciate it if you could shed some light on the issue as it seems everyone is completely in the dark


    @Grumpy Jedi

    …ditto except why are you paying 50.00 for LIVE?

  • X Ray Hamburger

    Ouch. To the guy with the hiccup theory, spring is coming soon. Perhaps a spring update is coming soon, featuring the Primetime games.

    But I am impressed that this rarely happens, Live is a great service, and I’m glad to pay $30 a year… yes you don’t have to pay $50 if you just take the time and wait for a site like dell or to sell 12 month cards for as low as $23.

  • DeathsKamikaze

    EA been having problems today with the big update and ultimate team!

    Been a crazy day for LIVE

    (and yes i know the 2 are completely unrelated)

  • Hi I am Phil

    Well, Im glad to hear its a known issue, Ive been trying to recover my GT on this new Xbox I bought from best buy.

  • donkamero

    Major, any update on the situation with the Midnight Club dlc? I was under the impression that it was delayed from the 12th to be released today, but still a no show.

  • Oo Sa1tY oO

    COD demand broke Xbox Live …. what a poor service we pay for!


    Ah, so that’s why I can’t get on the forums. Oh well, back to killing nazi zombies for now. I’m just glad I added 4,200 MSP 3 weeks ago. :)

  • HighDef Edition

    I hurried home from work all ready to download & play the FIFA Ultimate Challenge. At least I am enjoying some Xena episodes via Netflix.

    I hope the problem is fixed by tonight.

  • U2NUMB

    This is getting VERY annoying.

  • Harris 3oo

    what a joke!

  • inajeep

    Ahhhh, I’m in a party now listening to my friends play but can’t buy points or redeem my card. Maybe if I mash the A button just right. Yuck 8016271f + 80150019. Strange I can see my various credit cards I have associated with my account yet the billing site is down. Is that info stored in my Live ID? Whoohoo 6 year anniversary for my account…… Please be fixed soon.

  • Arsenic13

    We do need a new dash update. Heres my ideas.

    .App Bar, Photo Party and Netflix are apps and don’t need to be hidden in other “blades”
    .Starting Blade Option. Why does the console turn on to Spotlight? Let us choose.
    .Friends list glitch, when someone pops online, it yanks you to their avatars little “room”
    .More then 2 people Video Chats, PS3 has it and parties have several people. Same should be for Video Parties.
    .Preview Premium themes. Pretty costly purchases and we cant preview them?
    .Guide sometimes leaves a ghost image and also starts slow.
    .Video Messages? 5-10 Seconds.
    .Parties crash way to often. Either people get dropper or the whole thing breaks down and everyone is left in their own empty party.
    .Instead of listing every individual DLC on the Browse New Page in the marketplace, how about just showing the game. Games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band just drown out all other new DLC that is added.

    Thats all i can think of as of this time.

  • Pastel360

    Patiently waiting…

  • CosMick

    Would someone like to help me out?

    The marketplace has been going crazy today but things have gotten worse.

    Everything I have bought has been reset, no “download again” options, If I want to play my Arcade games or DLC that I deleted from my HDD I have to rebuy them.

  • THizzle7XU

    So much for buying the COD maps…Activision can’t be happy about this one.

  • bknight2k

    Cannot use xbox forums :(

  • Goodeye84

    Wow seriously all day the marketplace is down and now being locked out of Toche MS Touche

  • S1L3NT STR1K3

    This sucks, just went to gamestop and bought some points

  • DesertBear360

    Messed up. When Major stated the code for the CoD:WaW Map Pack 1 I had the code and Live MarketPlace was still messed up.

  • Ozzzy189

    i have had 400 points disappear from my account. they won’t give me them back. It’s a joke. I said other people had had points go missing and they claimed never to have heard of that. Maybe the facy that MS’ very own Larry Hyrb has posted on his blog about billing issues may help my case. I hope so, but i didn’t get anywhere with the pathetic customer service rep.

  • PiNkEyE69

    My mate was rushing to get the cod maps and it billed him twice for one points transaction. He was not happy.

  • sc00termcg33

    I’m still having issues. I’ve been trying to redeem a points card for about 18 hours now. Console is unable – gives me an error. Web doesn’t work either – “An error has occurred during the transaction. Please try again later.” Considering the issues are “fixed”, why is this still happening?

  • freshtex

    blah blah blah

  • sarangIND

    Hey Nelson. Mind fixing World Gamerscore Top10, will ya?.
    Too many haxors at top, lets not deprive Stallion83 a righteous entry into 300K Zone

  • acsofspades

    NOT FIXED, I can not recover my account.

  • Marsek

    My GOLD account has not renewd Automatically as it should have done. Says it is a Silver account atm. Major plz comment on this ?

  • sc00termcg33

    I’ve been told by 2 different techs today that LIVE IS NOT WORKING PROPERLY. Why are we being lied to on This is getting really really old.

  • sc00termcg33

    I’ve been told by 2 different techs today that LIVE IS NOT WORKING PROPERLY. Why are we being lied to on This is getting really really old.