March 23rd 2009 8:00 am PT

Trailer: NFS Shift


Content: SHIFT Teaser Trailer
Price: Free
Availability: All Xbox LIVE regions
Dash Text: Need for Speed SHIFT: Download the trailer and get a first look at the True Driver’s Experience with Need for Speed SHIFT, in stores September 17, 2009. (Not Rated)


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Trailer By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • VILIUS169

    Looks like GRID to me.But anyway im looking forward to this one.First time NFS release in EU will be earlier than US.17.09.09

  • MrMFloyd

    If this is made by EA then it’ll be SHiFT with a silent ‘F’. Probably going to be just like GRiD and DiRT – looks nice, plays awful. Pass.

  • Anonymous

    Ummm….. GRiD & DiRT never were bad games…. mediocrity at it’s finest people!

  • Rossa AU

    “In-Game footage”, why do i find that so hard to believe? there is just something inside of me that doesn’t believe that lol. Anyway yea it just looks like a Grid rip-off, an NFS game on circuits is not a true NFS game…simple as that.

  • VILIUS169

    they should make NFS Underground 3.I think this Grid rip off not gonna work at all

  • A Place for Us


  • Rossa AU

    Yea they really should make NFSU3, Underground 1 and 2 were the peak of the NFS series, it has gone downhill since then imo. Although i haven’t tried the most recent 2 (Pro Street looked crap. Not sure about undercover though, slightly interested in picking that up at some point i guess). I do however think this will be a good game in general (cockpit views WOOO!!! hehe)……as an NFS game though…..not so good lol

  • Exu

    Looks as crap as all the other ones, why is this franchise still going?

  • Danowat32

    Its not made by EA.

  • Unimatrix Xero

    it saying i cant downloaded it and im in the UK!!!! MAJOR!!

  • VILIUS169

    i downloaded and im in uk.

  • YrX

    its to soon for another NFS game Undercover came out not that long ago and well Im not getting it so i guess i really dont care LOL

  • Secret Fuller
  • Anonymous

    Ok…They didn’t learn from Pro Street? Blah!

  • Exu

    Hey guys I fixed the boxart

  • Blue Thunder28

    This looks very good.

  • DarkGin87

    impressive trailer, just hope it an actual racing Sim and not unrealistic like the last one