March 31st 2009 7:00 am PT

Gears of War 2 Snowblind Multiplayer Map Pack


Content: Snowblind Multiplayer Map Pack
Price: 800 Microsoft Points
Availability: Not available in Germany or Japan
Dash Text: [ESRB: M (Mature) BLOOD AND GORE,INTENSE VIOLENCE,STRONG LANGUAGE] This winter-themed pack brings you four Gears of War 2 maps sure to heat up your multiplayer and Horde action. Hunt your enemies down in the snowy day-lit heights or the dark tunnels of Under Hill. The massive industrial complex of Grind Yard gives numerous bunkers for cover, but watch out for snipers high in the flanking buildings. Beware the falling monuments in Courtyard, where wide-open spaces give you plenty of opportunities to gun down your enemies—unless they strike first.  And due to fan demand, the popular Gears 1 map Fuel Depot makes its return. There are no refunds for this item. For more information, see

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Game Add-on, Gears of War, Marketplace By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson


    Downloaded and played… great additions… I love all four new maps :)

    Haters go complain to Epic. MajorNelson is not responsible for gameplay issues you may be having.

  • SnoopDope

    I live in a Live non-supported country and have an account registered in UK but I can’t buy/download some content because bloody M$ runs an IP address check on me whenever I try to access that content and denies it to me because they find a country/IP mismatch even if my IP doesn’t belong to Germany or Japan.

    Why can’t M$ just take our registration country at face value and leave us alone ?? Porn websites simply ask if you’re over 18 and if you lie they are legally not responsible thus safe from any prosecution.

    Playstation Network doesn’t do IP check

  • mmm buddah

    @Doh Ray Egon

    Did you take all night for that response? And yeah, I do know what is going on, i talked to Microsoft Germany, and Epic, and Microsoft basically shrugged me off while epic let me know what was going on. It -is- microsofts fault, the game is not illegal, the first two map packs are available, and the video is available for us, so there is no reason the maps should not be avaialable to us, you need to just stop talking you are making yourself look more dense and immature every time you talk, and maybe stop saying “i know you are but what am i”, you sound like a pre pubescent teenager.

  • cube rubic

    so far the card is not available (

  • mmm buddah

    @ Finkenator, do your research, microsoft germany does not want to give any commercial support to Gears of War 2 anymore, for some stupid reason, and refuses to put the downloadable content to the marketplace. The game is out, the first two dlc’s are out and working, and now all of a sudden, microsoft singles out germany, and japan ( japan is a similar story )

  • Hayabusa66

    This sucks so much. At least you Guys at Ms could remove th Ip lock only for a few days. I am pissed to have to drive to france just to download the maps. See Major this is true dedication!!!!

  • xl Ragnar lx

    Hey guys!

    I’m new here…i read all of the comments here and on some other sites.

    Honestly, Gears 2 MP sucks – i told, stupid who is playin this shit crap and why ?

    I tell you why: The mp sucks in everyway – the lag, i said LAG!!!!!!!!!!! broke this sh*t really

    After the TU3 came out, i was come back for some quick checking match what changed, but NOT TOO MUCH

    I’m laughing on the noob casuals, whos BEGGING etc to Epic – fix fix fix pls fix FIX fix blablabla – when the game came out, there was a lot of topic on the Epic’s forum.

    Only the noobs/idiots think that Gears 2 is fine BEACUSE – they’re fine with the Lancer, shotty, laggiing via other noobs or whatever – chainsawnoob etc

    The shotty (in gow2) is the worst weapon I HAVE EVER SEEN – only two-piece works but that is so gay – the wpn is SO WEAK, AND LAGGY CRAP
    Oh sry, i’m almost forget to say, after rolling and running you cant shoot, u need to wait some second

    OH WAIT FOLKS!!!!!!! If there’s a lag -WHICH IS IN ALMOST EVERY MATCH, 9/10- so then this wait WILL BE MORE THAN the “normal”

    I start playin Gears more than 2 year ago – but – ON 1 MATCH IN GEARS 2 THERE ARE MORE BULLSHIT THINGS HAPPENIN THAN GEARS1 UNDER 100 MATCH

    The SNIPER hit detection sucks – this was the KO for me

    THe SMOKE is one of the noobiest features i’ve ever seen

    And THERE ARE SO MUCH MORE THAN THIS – i dont care to write all of them, but i felt to need to leave out (the rage) of myself.

    One more thing, Gears 2 never will be good, if there wont be a lag – then wont be too much changes either, beacuse you know guys:
    Gears 1 has a so much better gameplay (clear, enjoyable, hardcore etc etc etc.) – so i mean the differences – the way, the gameplay etc (sorry my eng) is totally different between the two gears

    Sorry my english, but the point is, all of this what i just write down here (and many more what i didnt…) IS A FACT!!!!!!!!!!

    Btw, I’m a huge Gears fan, so just like every “normal” gamer playin Gears 1



  • xl Ragnar lx

    Sorry, forget to say: i’d like to buy this map pack (cuz it looks AWESOME, quality maps – REALLY!, i say this now, i saw some vids, btw nvm) but the same problem, region lock


    Where is no xbox live offcially, then there is a region lock on some content… oh and now the laws doesnt matter, cuz they’re seeing us like they germany or whatever – where the law sucks


  • Sikaffy

    If you can’t download the maps:


  • Lil Miss Death

    i just got a 1600 points card to get it buy making a new account in holland (as im from uk but live in holland and its what a microsoft helper told me to do) and it was a waste still does not work very angry with microsoft and/or epic atm

  • Lil Miss Death

    im guessing microsoft is hinding away from this one great customer service once again thanks for nothing


    I have to take back a few of the things i said about the gears 2 multiplayer because after playing some more it is much improved after that update.While it still needs ongoing work,I have played it about 4 nights in a row and it is much improved over the other updates.I may just have to get this map pack after all,keep up the good work!(it’s about time)

  • next DNB

    in a world of cod 4, how can anyone in their right mind feel that gears has acceptable multiplayer? cant pick mode, cant keep playing after game, still get matched with all wrong ranks . . . plus the game has what 6 guns? snore and annoying

    i got this game day 1, just like gears 1, but unlike gears 1, this game lasted me a week maybe?

    gears 3 is not a day one for me, unless i trade stuff


    I agree the options are not there ,but for me that is not what defines how I enjoy my gameplay.I like the noise and in your face action,and quite frankly i have had more of that from gears 2 over the last week than i did with cod4 anytime.I also see you havn’t played it much since the update.Unless you suck pretty bad at gears,it’s a lot better than it has been ever in my opinion.That’s including Gears1 .Whatever they did it’s a hell of a lot more enjoyable now.

  • mmm buddah

    @ Dustin Krieger

    And the award for the most retarded comment goes too!!!!!! KRIEGER! :: drum roll :: You obviously have the IQ of a chipmunk so, turn around , hang your head, and leave, you obviously have nothing of any relevance to say.

    So, 1 week after the release, and still no comment as to why it is blocked around the world. And I see major nelson is not even looking into it, because it has NOTHING to do with the laws, the game is legal, the first two map packs were available, and there is NO REASON that this map pack should have a block. Oh no, MS germany doesnt want to commercially support GEARS 2, oh well, PUT THE MAPS ON THE AMERICAN SITE ANY HOW AND TELL THEM TO **** off, they have no case, if MS US decided to release it on Xbox live, even when it says that your ip is in so and so country, STILL LET US download it, who cares! They would have 0 case cuz the other maps are already out, and the game is on the market!