April 2nd 2009 7:00 am PT

Xbox 360 System update now available (no new features)

A few minutes ago, the team released a system update for the Xbox 360 over Xbox LIVE. Sometime over the next few hours when you sign in to Xbox LIVE you’ll receive a prompt to accept this mandatory update. This update addresses interruption issues that some Xbox LIVE users may have experienced when playing a limited number of Xbox 360 games.

There are no other changes or enhancements in this update…in other words no new features.

This update will be rolled out to all Xbox LIVE members around the world over the space of a few hours, so you may not get prompted for the update immediately.


Thanks for your patience.


Xbox 360 By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Jambi Bum

    @SegaMasterSystem I don’t have any of the dashboard lag either. I have the Halo 3 model. Some of my friends have it but then again some of them don’t.

  • Joergen8

    Didnt seem to fix the guide freezing. Just played GTAIV multiplayer, I was spectating a race, friend came online, hit guide, went to see list of recent players and the guide froze for 5+ seconds while the game also froze in the background (music and sounds kept going).

    The gamerpictures, gamertag names, personal info etc is very slow to load in the guide and this slow loading causes constant freezing. Why the heck does it have to wait to draw the pictures before it can continue rendering the next blade or page.

    Worst of all is that many of the gamerpictures are the same OVER AND OVER and should be easily accessible from the hdd cache with no need to fetch them online and it still is a hard task for the guide to render them.

  • Mike Nutts

    Does the new update fix the problem with the dormant windows live accounts?
    If not, when it’s expected to be released?

  • Hi I am Phil

    I agree, are you guys ever gonna address this guide lag issue? Its getting worse every day now.

  • WonkyToad

    Well….. I sure hope this does better than the fix they did for the HDMI issue that was caused by the NXE update. (In case you missed it, that update did absolutly NOTHING! I still cannot use my HDMI!

  • Warrengonline

    Oh, that’s all!?!!(relief) I have some super achievers on my list that could assist you. They work in long sessions, so, make sure you party chat and achievement check to make sure you’re in for the long haul – they warn you before starting. Shad is an achievement gamerscore wh**re. It’s nothing about pride, just about him being able to say “I passed the challenge, next.”

    Check my friend’s list, I have quite a few people who’d help you get gamerscore, tips and such, just tell them I sent you and what game you want to play in. Oh, but keep away from dudes with “neo” in the names. If you think I talk a lot… they top me 10 fold. :) Enjoy.


    After installing this small update the first thing I noticed was how much quicker the Mini Guide reacted and I haven’t had it freeze once yet, which it would do constantly for several seconds before this, particularly when viewing your Friends List.

  • Arsenic13

    We do need a new dash update. Heres my ideas.

    .App Bar, Photo Party and Netflix are apps and don’t need to be hidden in other “blades”

    .Starting Blade Option. Why does the console turn on to Spotlight? Let us choose.

    .Friends list glitch, when someone pops online, it yanks you to their avatars little “room”

    .More then 2 people Video Chats, PS3 has it and parties have several people. Same should be for Video Parties.

    .Preview Premium themes. Pretty costly purchases and we cant preview them?

    .Guide sometimes leaves a ghost image and also starts slow. It lags behind and it was supposed to be better…

    .Video Messages? 5-10 Seconds.

    .Parties crash way to often. Either people get dropper or the whole thing breaks down and everyone is left in their own empty party.

    .Instead of listing every individual DLC on the Browse New Page in the marketplace, how about just showing the game. Games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band just drown out all other new DLC that is added.

    Thats all i can think of as of this time.

  • Atomicow

    How about that Spring update?? :)

  • Raiden BR

    Sony released today the 2.70 firmwire update, which cointain features and fix to problemas that NOBODY WANTS/CARES/HAVE and dont fix the issues and add functionalitys that people really WANT. Ok, them I come to MajorNelson.com and I see that there’s a new System Update. I think “Oh yah, MS will shown them how to treat customers by giving them what they want/need”.. and what I see? THE SAME THAT SONY JUST DID! DONT ADDRESS COMMOM PROBLEMS THAT THE ENTIRE COMMUNITY IS HAVING NOR ADD THINGS THAT EVERYONE IS ASKING ABOUT.

    Way to go Microsoft..

  • longklaw1

    Yeehaw! I love updates!

  • HennessyROB

    This patch has made made all of my games play better.

  • Dirty Squirtys

    Wow, PLEASE fix the GUIDE LAG. It gets worse every day. Why does it take FOREVER to load images of friend avatars? Why is NXE getting SLLLLLLLOWWWWWWWWWWW? Really thinking about a PS3.


    dunnntadaaaadaaaaa-this secret update has just fixed nothing ,congratulations.But what it did do is download those secret recordings on your xbox for that secret built in camera that records when you yell at everybody and do illegal things.Gee thanks.I pay for the service ,i want to know every exact little detail about what gets updated or changed.Don’t be a fool,secret updates are not cool!

  • SalamanderSkill

    Was checking out ‘DLC’ and I noticed the new update is buggy.

    When you’re viewing ‘All Game addons’ you click on example: O, Oblivion, then click on horse armor to get a summary of what the content includes…

    When you click b to go back it errors and you have options to go everywhere except directly back to the game content you were viewing…. Smooth :|

  • Captain Dynamic

    Will this fix the fact that I suck at games???

  • JoE 15

    Cant wait till the party chat drop outs is fixed and how the guide freezes all the time since the NXE.

  • HunCity87

    anyone else get the RROD as soon as they update? This sucks!

  • Infe5

    Please, please let’s get some comment of the issue of marketplace simply not loading anything. I wish I hadn’t bought gold a year in advance now. I browse the marketplace far more than I play with people, and browsing the marketplace is nothing but a constant hourglass!

    When they don’t tell you what they fixed, it’s probably piracy related.

  • chr0ma

    HunCity: Nah, I got the RROD yesterday on my Falcon Pro. Not even 1 year old. Guess I didn’t miss anything with an update that “addresses interruption issues that some Xbox LIVE users may have experienced when playing a limited number of Xbox 360 games.” Whatever the hell that means, details aren’t an MS strong point.

  • Zacabeb

    How about fixing the LicenseMask API? After moving over to a new console but being unable to migrate content since I already did less than a year ago, every license is vetted directly against LIVE. And it’s slooooow.

    And how about the Marketplace servers? Backgrounds and pictures load instantly, but it takes close to half a minute for me to get the content list. Downloading on the other hand is often quick – I’ve peaked out at about 6-7MB per second at times, which is as much as I can get with my connection (24Mbps). So downloading content is often quicker than it was to get it listed!

    Infe5: When they don’t tell you what they fixed, it’s really because they’re chewing their nails thinking of what they may have broken. >:)

  • yolarrydabomb

    booooooo no new features!

  • Crigger540

    its a long download

  • threeleggedcow

    Yeah, let’s fix issues no one notices while we leave in bugs most of really care about — the slow ass guide and the “…wants to chat” spam exploit. NXE sucks by the way.

  • Phantaxus

    I was wondering if it was something to stop the denial of service attacks that MN posted about a few weeks ago.

  • freshtex

    Yeah, and what about the “Connection Lost” messages i’ve been getting when playing GTA 4 online, no other game does that, just good ole gta, in multiplayer ranked games. go figure, thanx Rockstar, thanx Microsoft!!

  • Snowraver

    This better help with the glitchy guide button. If someone sends me a message and I try to read it, it locks up about 1/2 the time for 20-30 seconds. That is unacceptable during a game.

  • bknight2k

    Would be nice is MS told us what they fixed!
    Its common practice for software updates even PS3 updates have it.

  • Sgt Goodweed

    damn i was hoping for primetime live.

  • Monster Warfare

    Update went smooth for me, and thanks for informing us. I though it was a big one before I came on the blog.

  • mastrbiggy

    Hope this fixes slow dashboard


    @freshtex I only heard people saying that with slow internet connection ;)

  • SirJOW


    Since you didn’t post anything remotely telling about what connectivity issues this update fixed let me ask if it fixed mine.

    I have been having major problems joining my party and MP games in COD:WaW. Did it fix that? I’d like to know before I call to organize all my friends to TRY to play another MP session where we can only get into the same room 1/10 of the time.

    Thank you for your reply.

  • Monkey454

    Update works great for me so far, I used to have system lock up issues with Fable 2, Orange Box, and GTA 4. So far I tried Fable 2 and the Orange box and now they run just fine, still haven’t gotten to GTA yet but I’d like to finish Fable since I can play it now without an install and deleting a bunch of stuff. Thanks for the Update, I appreciate it!

  • Danowat32

    Slow dashboard, and laggy guide button is still present :(

  • ExcessiveGBH

    For those people having hanging/lag issues with the guide, try deleting the cache. Mine was hanging up to 20 seconds. After clearing cache…was all good. Keep in mind you that you will be prompted to update game patches again when playing again for the first time after deleting cache. Note: after a while it will possibly slow down again.


    Microsoft knows about the Guide lag. It is a widespread problem, and is sure to be fixed. Just relax guys and try to suffer through the lag between matches… that’s what I TRY to do ;)

  • MetalGearFloppy


    “Party chat drop outs is due to a lack of bandwidth on a users end. Xbox Live takes games as the priority, so if said person does not have enough bandwidth to support both the game session and chat session, said user gets dropped from the chat session.”

    Nice theory… but when all the people in the party are on either 20mbDL 768kbpsUL or 50mbDL 1.7mbUL it kinda doesn’t follow that it’s a user side bandwidth issue.

  • litheon


    All Xbox Live party system chats are peer to peer, and as such the ability of that party to stay intact is completley based on the amount of bandwidth available for each individual party user; and because the party system was not implemented when the Xbox 360 launched they have to implement it in a way that will not take away bandwidth in a way that would detriment game performance.

    The bottleneck in this available bandwidth is most always the upload bandwidth, and 1.7Mb and 768Kbps really aren’t that much. If you’re in a multiplayer game that requires the fast upload of data to other users, in an 8-person party chat (that requires an upload channel for each individual party user) while other devices on the user’s network may be transfering data using up that 1.7Mb of upload bandwidth can occur quite quickly and if it sustains too long it may begin adversely affecting in-game performance. As a result of this, as Mastaglach820 accurately said, Xbox Live will drop you out of the party to conserve bandwidth instead of subjecting the user to any sort of in-game warping, ghosting, etc. (i.e. lag).



    @ ExcessiveGBH: Yes after a SHORT while. Cache-clearing is only a short-term fix, and it doesn’t take long at all before the Guide is lagging just as bad again. Hopefully the XBL crew is currently working on a fix for this.

  • LittleBlueAlien

    an update with no feature changes – ummmmm…yay??

  • MetalGearFloppy

    @ litheon …

    I understand that fully… however, when those 8 people (and the “drops” also occur with less) are all just playing singleplayer games and have been around xbox live long enough to know better than to be downloading/uploading stuff on another device at the same time then, again, the arguement that it’s a bandwidth issue, falls apart surely?

    Just how much bandwidth are the creators of the party system suggesting we need to run 8 way chat?
    Would be interesting to know….

  • LittleBlueAlien

    @litheon – if this is such a problem – then why aren’t party functions implemented through a server?

    Latency on chat and voice channels is not an issue meaning that there is little point using peer-to-peer functionality for this.

  • Warrengonline

    I’m not adding gas to or from the “Drop players from chat”, but in my parties, usually two people are playing the same game, such as 1 vs 2 (in the chat, but in THEIR own game – Peggle), 3 vs 4 (in their own game Street Fighter IV) 5 vs 6 (in their own games – one watching movies, the other dash board) 7 (away in dashboard) 8 (me playing a lone game of peggle). And say after 35 (MACPH1ST0 help me out you were there two of the times) it just dropped everyone, one-by-one in no specific order. It was a pain, but I’ve grown used to it. When in a party while multiplayer Gears 2 and it drops everyone to their own party is when it is a pain. And at the same time, it does not happen all the time.

    Funny, I did not even come here for this, I was going to ask a (lame question). In Gears of War 2, are we supposed to just press the A (green button) to run WITHOUT pressing a direction and our character automatically runs? Well, I discovered that. But are we supposed to do that.

  • StingRay ZA

    I’m still waiting for a swapout console from the local distributor. Until then, no Live / updates for me :(

  • AutomaticOcelot

    This should help me a lot, as I play a limited number of Xbox 360 games. ;-)

  • Computerdude103

    Litheon is an idiot. I have a 30 MBPS internet connection (10MBPS up), and the party chat’s still drop like crazy. Unless the bozo wants to tell me that’s not enough either. It’s got nothing to do with our internet connections, and everything to do with the incompetent engineering team at Microsoft. Ever heard of testing before release. The NXE preview program was a joke as there wasn’t enough time between it and the official release to fix a single issue.

  • joshua nash

    did the update and then for a go 10 minutes my 360 sound like a jet engine then it went back to being quiet as it usually is but right before it over heats it starts sounding like a jet engine revving up and then i get two red lights, and i can’t even download anything because within a few minutes the two red lights appear, i set in an email to MS tech support waiting for their response

  • Warrengonline

    Hey, easy now. Are you still in party chat and your friends drop out or what? Each person is different and for you to say “…there wasn’t enough time between it and the official release to fix a single issue.” is wrong. Nexflix works perfect! My games still play. Okay Crackdown and Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise save information corrupted and Fable 2 freezes. Ehh, I was mad then, but I’m over it. Bottom line it, MS will hopefully fix the issue. Whether Litheon is wrong or right he addressed the issue. I guess next update it’ll be hit with a “As-Is” sticker and no updates. Certainly would be easier. I know I complain at times, but Xbox Live is truly a technical world-wide feat.

    @joshua nash
    Yeh, mine did that before the NXE at times. But the strange thing that happens at times, I’ll turn my system off manually and the fans keep going. Also, I do not have anything in queue for download. Crackdown used to cause the fans to start up, but that is rare now for me.

  • litheon


    First of all, when you or whoever are seeing these drops happening is it characterized by the victim receiving a notification that every single person in the party has left? If that is the case then that is ususually the person who actually dropped out of the party for lack of bandwidth. From my observations a party won’t cease to exist short of Xbox Live going down for maintenance, or a similar event. As far as bandwidth goes, I would assume about 20Kbps upload and download per person in a party would be required in order to sustain it sufficiently, and leave the overhead necessary for the worst case scenario of everybody talking at once.

    To put it into perspective, I have a 16Mb download and 4Mb upload internet plan (with real throughoutput usually around 20Mb down and 4.5Mb up). I have QoS configured on my network so the Xbox 360 has 10Mb of download speed and 2Mb of upload speed dedicated to it at all times (mainly for streaming Netflix in HD). I never get dropped from parties, ever; and I live with 7 other people a few of who are using P2P software quite frequently during their use of the internet; so when I hear of people with massive internet connections with upwards of 10Mbps upload speed I’m usually skeptical that they are either lying about their connection speed or are doing something such as torrenting which has the potential to quickly use up all of the available NAT translations on their routing hardware and can easily fully utelize that devices’ small CPU in a matter of seconds.


    Most likely because of costs, as that means there would have to be servers dedicated to facilitating party chat, which would also mean there has to be a bunch more research and development done for such a relatively straight-forward set of features.