April 6th 2009 2:06 pm PT

Be a part of the Xbox LIVE team meeting

Later today, we’re having one of our regularly scheduled team meetings with the entire Xbox LIVE team. We do this every so often and it goes something like this: the Xbox LIVE General Manager (Notwen) provide updates and members of the team will do demos of cool unreleased thing we’re working on.

The meeting is only open to members of the LIVE team, and while what we talk about and demo is stuff we can’t share publically yet, we do want to give you a chance to be a part of the meeting.

Here is how:

Before, during and after the meeting, we’ll have a screen showing real time updates from twitter that are tagged with the twitter hashtag of #heyxboxlive.  This big screen will be in front of the entire team, so you’ll have a attentive audience. Ever wish you could say something to the entire Xbox LIVE team?  This is your chance. The meeting will be today between 3pm and 5p PT. (what time is that in your time zone?) I am posting this now, so you can start thinking of what you’d like to share with our team….but don’t post too early or we won’t see ‘em!

I’ll also post a reminder when we get closer to 3pm on my twitter page, and once the meeting kicks off you can watch the comments/suggestions etc. stream by here.

Thanks for being a part of our meeting.

Gaming By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • ElHubcapo

    Great idea Major, this twitter thing really has some good applications

  • Zoltak

    Sounds like a good idea! Hope it all works as desired!

  • HazyCloud

    Very cool idea. Great job, Microsoft.

  • LeeLostTheGame

    Coolo! :D

  • P00K

    One problem – Twitter’s been “over capacity” all morning. I can pretty much guarantee now that you’re doing this that there’s no way most of those who would like to participate will be able to.

  • TemporalAgt

    This is great talk about leveraging your audience. I look forward to making a few suggestions. I hope it people will be constructive and not just being stupid.

  • SuperDunners

    Tweet, tweet, tweet …

  • davidkenobi

    Would be so so so great but i will be sleeping

  • HammerShot

    Oh man. I can’t imagine the interesting things people will tweet for this.

  • aquatoad

    Hey Major, thanks for the heads up… I just hope the signal to noise ratio isn’t too low!

  • yolarrydabomb

    I keep getting a 500 error on twitter search.

  • skyfire420

    for the love of god someone please recommend they release good arcade games and stop feeding us this crap, the days of arcade quite frankly blows harder then Courtney Love.

  • Warrengonline

    Hmmm, not sure if I am going to have the internet, the neighbor’s pugs dug under the fence and my roommate decided to cover the hole and sliced the cable – cable staticky – not sure if I’ll be online. Also, today is Nintendo DSi Day for me. Missed the launch on Sat night (aww). Peggle goes Portable!

    Hopefully I can make it, otherwise DM, please read your messages sir. Thanks!

  • X Ray Hamburger

    How bout Microsoft honors my valid service contract and repairs my console.

  • Muzzymate

    I want one thing and one thing only – the default channel to be My Xbox; not Spotlight.

  • Arsenic13

    Agreed Muzzy.

  • Arsenic13

    *If anyone is going to be part of this please check out my ideas. Im not dedicated enough to be there for this twitter fest but here are my ideas that i think should be implemented.*

    .App Bar, Photo Party and Netflix are apps and don’t need to be hidden in other “blades”

    .Starting Blade Option. Why does the console turn on to Spotlight? Let us choose.

    .Friends list glitch, when someone pops online, it yanks you to their avatars little “room”

    .More then 2 people Video Chats, PS3 has it and parties have several people. Same should be for Video Parties.

    .Preview Premium themes. Pretty costly purchases and we cant preview them?

    .Guide sometimes leaves a ghost image and also starts slow. It lags behind and it was supposed to be better…

    .Video Messages? 5-10 Seconds.

    .Parties crash way to often. Either people get dropper or the whole thing breaks down and everyone is left in their own empty party.

    .Instead of listing every individual DLC on the Browse New Page in the marketplace, how about just showing the game. Games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band just drown out all other new DLC that is added.

    Thats all i can think of as of this time.

  • skyfire420

    x2 muzzy, i hate how it always starts on spotlight

  • Vasilii Zaytsev

    Agreed with Muzzy and skyfire – I hate it defaulting to Spotlight constantly. My other two things we need are a new Conker game (unlike that stupid Banjo game, Nuts & Bolts) and a fixed NXE. Every time I sign on and go to my Friends List to start a party or join one, it freezes. Whenever I use the guide while playing a game it also freezes. EVERY TIME. All my friends experience it too.

    Come on, Microsoft, fix your NXE please! :D

  • SegaMasterSystm

    This is a great Idea… I hope it works well..You’ve really done a lot to bring twitter up front in the gamming community. I’ve lots of friends who never heard of it till I started explaining where I keep getting my news from. Now everyone tweets. :)

  • Blue Thunder28

    Sounds like it’ll be great, hopefully there aren’t too many harsh commenters showing up there.

  • Hi I am Phil

    The shenanigans have already began!

  • SkinUpMonkey

    Since i have no idea how to post there i post it here
    Why does it take so long to show the download links when stiff like the screen shots show up fast and also if i go and download something then go back it takes forever to show the links again yet i can download from live at 2mbs it just don’t make sense to me

  • NeoDKO

    I think this is a great idea, although im sure it will be spammed and trolled like no other

  • JaLopp

    “I would like to get my email on my xbox live. I’d kill 4 a >>>browser<<<”

  • SkinUpMonkey

    No JaLopp we brought games console not a ps3 lol

  • PhreQuencY8

    I dunno if mine went through but I asked about backwards compatibility. Seems like updated it would add more Xbox Originals as well. I have Oddworld Strangers Wrath and don’t really have room for an old Xbox. =( Plus the 360 makes the games look better through HDMI most of the time.

  • fourG

    Hopefully the Xbox Team reviews some of these twitter reponses and rolls them up in to the top 10 or 20 ideas, and lets everyone vote on them so that they clearly understand where the demand is.

  • Monster Warfare

    Thanks Major, will be tweeting for sure.

  • davidkenobi

    finally here ^^

  • threeleggedcow

    Fix the laggy guide!

  • Major Nelson

    Thanks for all the great tweets!

  • Major Nelson

    Thanks for all the great tweets!

  • IconicSoulJA

    I just hope you guys saved all that and will analyze the comments to get what the community really wants. Please don’t just ignore some of the stressed points such as Party Chat issues, .MKV codec support, Party Chat on PC via Games for Windows Live, Making Gamerscore do more such as unlockables or discounts, Slow Guide, etc. People had great ideas!

  • BryceS

    Though you will need to sort out the vocal people frequently tweeting the same message! Having said that, there were some definate trends in what was being said.

    I picked up the following coming up very frequently: 1. Browser 2. Adding Netflix-like functionality outside the US (e.g. BBC iPlayer here in the UK) 3. Fixing NXE so that downloads don’t take so long to appear 4. Additional codec support 5. Preview of Themes (and removal of the useless ‘floor’ which obliterates any which you do buy)

  • Mikro

    Bah I missed it but I got other means of letting Microsoft and any team there know what I think

  • Runway 360

    I truely enjoyed the session :-)

    I strongly suggest that, next time, Microsoft holds similar we-are-hearing-your-tweets events for each Live-enabled country.

    Microsoft Japan, for example, should hold a Live team meeting during convenient time for many local consumers. By doing so, we can tweet in our own languages while Japanese MS employees are possibly reading them during the meeting.

    We might prefer marketing strategy meeting though it’s extremely unlikely for them to use community suggestions as advertisement.

    But it’s good so long as Microsoft Japan and the community increase “human” communication while Microsoft professional can concentrate on their jobs. For now, such communication is limited to ones mediated by official fansite bloggers and Famitsu though they are doing greate jobs.

  • Nanakai

    Thanks for the opportunity Major. Felt great to have been part of something real. I hope something similar happens in the future :)

    Tweeted as RedXIII

  • IconicSoulJA
  • TechReconR6

    Can not reply on Twitter.

    1. NTFS support.
    2. Video Playlist.
    3. Better Zune support. Windows Media Player can play Zune Marketplace content to 360 but the Zune and Zune software can not.
    4. Fix NXE lag.
    5. Folder View or a better view when looking at videos from Zune. It dumps all in one folder.
    6. Better Meta tag reading. 360 Does not read Zune meta tags.
    7. More codec support.

  • DMZilla

    I actually set up the twittet app at the event. We really appreciated the feedback and even laughed a couple times. :-)

  • oO MG81 Oo

    Please, my only request is that the slow loading and hanging NXE guide is fixed. When playing online I never read new messages anymore for fear that it will lock up and I get killed (in game of course). Same goes for browsing Marketplace, I don’t bother anymore because it usually hangs.

    Oh yeah and no more Spotlight as default. I’m a Gold customer, you guys are already getting my money, enough with the in your face ads thanks.

  • IconicSoulJA

    Did anyone like my code giveaway?

  • UNSCleric

    Please make an “Achievements Only” notification option.

  • PhreQuencY8

    This helps the laggy guide a bit, or at least helped mine tremendously:

    1. Turn Auto Sign in off.
    2. Turn the 360 off.
    3. Turn it back on, signed out.
    4. Clear your cache.
    5. Reboot.

    My guide was so unbearable slow on the NXE I was about to send my system in, before I tried this. Make sure you follow the steps because it does work, or at least help. Deleting the marketplace content file might help as well. also, I think your internet connection has a lot to do with it, as well as MS stuff. When your offline the NXE is a little quicker.

  • MetalGearFloppy


    A little more notice next time eh Major?

    You should advertise events like this (with plenty of notice) on dashboard too… that way you’re more likely to get the responses/involvement of your average xbox gamer…. in fact, get your LIVE code monkeys to create some kind of app/channel on the 360 dash that shows an RSS of this site… it’s good to keep people informed of what’s going on/upcoming.

    (again… don’t forget I came up with the idea, lol)

  • JethroXP

    There were some great suggestions, some valid complaints, and some really funny comments. We also really appreciated the occasional “Hey just wanted to say thanks!”. We also took great satisfaction when we saw someone make a suggestion for a new feature that we are actually currently working on, really validates that we are delivering what you folks want. Of course I can’t comment on what those might be, you’ll just have to wait and see :-)

  • oO MG81 Oo

    I’ve tried those things but the problems seem to be at Microsoft’s end. I have loads of DLC tied to several different accounts and 360’s. The problems seems to be the time taken for the 360 to double check with the Live servers what is registered/licensed to which console/gamertag. While at the same time it’s trying to load thumbnails, Marketplace pages, friends lists or even messages. It’s been getting steadily worse since NXE was released. I’m leaning more towards a problem Microsoft’s end because I don’t have such a problem with the Ethernet cable unplugged.

  • MeS FEAR

    ——-3. Fixing NXE so that downloads don’t take so long to appear——–

    Thats not a bug or problem from microsoft…its your xbox 360 ;) Do these 2 steps and you will be able to enjoy xbox live like it should be :)

    First: Go to your HDD/Memory Unit and then to your system directory. There u have to delete Marketplace-Systemfile. Go out of it now.

    Second Step: Mark your HDD/Memory Unit but dont click on it with A. Just click Y and then these combination… X X LB RB X X …. A message will appear..just click yes and thats it. Xbox Live will show you all download so quick as it can. Everytime if u will see that xbox live is going to be slow then just do the same but this wont happen so quick so dont worry. Have fun ;)

  • SkinUpMonkey

    MeS FEAR no its not i got a brand new xbox at christmas and its always been like that but i did try your idea and its still slow. I’m on virgin 20mb i shouldn’t have to wait for links when screen shots show up no problem and i can download at full speed