April 8th 2009 7:00 am PT

Arcade: FLOCK!


Content: FLOCK!
Price: 1200 Microsoft Points
Availability: Not available in Japan
Dash Text: Protect your cornfields and lock up your livestock, because FLOCK is here! Herd cute, cuddly animals through over 50 sandbox puzzles with the help of your UFO tractor beam! Flock together with a friend, and even create and share your own crazy levels online with the built-in level editor! With so much to do, the potential for fun is out of this world! Buy it today!


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Arcade, Marketplace By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • DCOneFourSeven

    I urge everyone to try this game. It’ll make you smile :D

  • BloodOmen360

    Actually, it made me cry once I saw the price, since I really wanted this game. Where I live 1200 points is 14,4 Euros, roughly 19 dollars at today’s rate, I just bought Prince of Persia with the Epilogue included for the PS3 for a friend for less than that, shipped from the UK!! Maybe we’ll get in next years Deal of the Week…

  • Xebu

    For all I like most of the arcade games the new price points, 1600/1200 are ridiculous compared to 800/400 of days gone by.

    After a couple of months you can pick up most FULL games for around this price if you shop around and don’t mind pre-owned and then you can part-ex when you’re done as well!

    No way I’m dropping this much ANY game I can’t recycle!

  • VILIUS169

    1200 Microsoft Points too much.sorry

  • Helvedeshunden

    I don’t care how cute the game is. Only game I’d even consider getting at 1200 out of the announced titles = Out Run. And I already have that for original Xbox so it’d be quite a thing to swallow.

    Get with the reality already!

  • BlackDwarf

    I was all for adding this to my queue, until I saw the fact its 1200. Come on guys, you’ve all seen the excitement over this. I won’t be picking it up on principle.

  • Indigo0086

    Sorry, if Dishwasher Dead Samurai was pretty much a joint effort by MS to make into an Arcade game and costs only 800 points, no way I’m going to get this at 1200. I’ll wait until it’s a daily deal. Honestly what is capcom thinking, having released Bionic Commando: Re Armed at 800. Seriously raising prices during this time does not make gamers happy.

  • dazCtenby

    Been playing it for a bit, is quite addictive, think the price is a bit steep, maybe capcom might be bringing out some free downloadable content to justify the price?? seen a clip of blanka being used in game maybe more?. Only worry ive had is not able to upload/download or share my own levels ive created, and the game CRASHES my xbox wen i try to look at friends leaderboard!!!!!


    Major, how come this wasn’t advertised as the 200th game??? please answer!!!

  • Stonie uk

    Nope, sorry. This game interested me when I saw it previewed last year, it looked kind of fun. That was right up until I saw the ridiculous and unfunny price point.

    What is it with these price hikes? I shall see what price point this is on the European PSN when it gets released tomorrow, if it’s cheaper, I’ll get it on that. I already pay for my Live subscription because the console and and Live service is far better than PS3, but when prices start to get hiked up 50%, you need to start putting your custom elsewhere and make sacrifices.

    Microsoft, you are starting to lose me as a customer.

  • SalamanderSkill

    1200ms points is a flocking joke! No way am I paying 1200 flocking points for an arcade game… Boo Nelson! Boo!!

  • Indigo0086

    I think you guys should be careful, you don’t want the VP of capcom ridiculing you for complaining. Either way I’d like to see the sales numbers at the end of the month.

  • Der Archivar

    While PC users get cheaper retail games, Flock costs on Steam the same.

  • tabicat

    I’ll wait until the price drops to 800 points.

  • Anonymous

    GOD SAKE MICROSOFT your are a Joke.

    This 1200 / 1600 points an arcade game, is stupid now.


    What do get off charging stupid prices for crappy arcade games ?

    I thought the idea of the arcade was cheap and cheerful games you could pick up and play and not feel your pocket emptying ??

    but no, the prices are a joke, I’m not and haven’t bought any arcades titles at the moment and won’t until you review the there prices.

    What happened to 400 / 800 points ???

    oh sorry you still need to make money, yer so do we all.

    I’d bet you’d sell more if you put prices to a better level, but no you won’t cos you like making a console that doesn’t work properly then ripping your consumers off with over priced content.

    One well pissed customer.

  • Turtle502

    I’ll try it, because I’m curious. Buy it, probably not. Looks like I’ll just go back to playing/finishing up some of the games I already have instead of spending more…

  • r3dreck

    >I urge everyone to try this game. It’ll make you smile :D

    Try… not buy for 1200 points.

  • LittleBlueAlien

    game: yes.
    price: no.

  • oue

    MAJOR: WHERE IS LIVE Activity for week of March 30???

  • Danowat32

    You can, at the moment, pick up Mirrors Edge for the same price as Flock……..the mind boggles.

    Retail outlets understand that we are in a period of finincial instability, and as such, price their wares accordingly.

    Quite why the XBLA feels its above this is beyond me.

  • mosheeshee

    Developer: Proper Games
    Publisher: Capcom

    I don’t know exactly how price is determined, but I get the feeling that 1200 pt price might be because of the Publisher in this case…
    Unfortunately the one to suffer is the Developer, because there’s no way I’d ever buy this at that price either.

    Capcom got a huge hit at 1200 pts (Street Fighter II HDR), and they think they can sell everything at this now it seems.

  • exprohound

    i agree with danowat32, cmon ms give the consumer a break

  • Warrengonline

    Awww, don’t say that. Capcom is NOT GREEDY. Street Fighter III: New Generation, Street Fighter III 2nd Impact and Street Fighter III 3rd Strike somewhat bombed on release dates in the arcade. I’m a street fighter fan and when I saw those games, I was confused – as many other gamers. It went underground and now that most of us have evolved, SF3 is becoming slowly mainstream int he likes of SFII. With that said, they are going to try to make losses. I do think this game is worth its 1200 price tag, but…. Am I willing to play that much for lemmings with an alien flocking sheep? Maybe, maybe not. I’m on the fence, someone just needs to say the right words and I’m pushed off.

  • darkjester74

    Once again, 1200 MSP is the equivalent price for Flock on other platforms (i.e. Steam) And again, I am baffled as to why people believe MS should charge something different than what everyone else is charging.


    1200 points = no purchase, especially when we’ll get a 400 point dlc pack in a month.

  • Wakawakawa

    So nobody even played it? Sounds about right. I advise you guys to never walk into a Best Buy. You will blow your top.

  • darkjester74

    Well said Waka. Do any of you whiners actually BUY games? I envision these people at a retail store going “$60?!?! OH EMM EFF GEE!!!” =\

  • Turtle502

    @darkjester — because for once, it would be nice to see a company go AGAINST what everybody else is doing. In this case, if MS could persuade these developers/publishers to implement a LOWER price, they are going against “what all the other competition” is doing. Doing the same thing as the competition isn’t being competitive.

  • Exu

    I gave the trial a whirl earlier and I can safely say that this game is BORING. The gameplay is boring and graphics are boring and the music is boring and Days of Arcade is boring.

    (Also overpriced.)

  • darkjester74

    @Turtle – And what incentive does MS have to stick its neck out like that, drawing the ire of publishers and developers alike? To satisfy the whims of the intertubes? Do you think MS got to its current standing in the marketplace by doing cockamamie stunts like that? Give me a break. MS is here to run a BUSINESS, not to answer your every passing whim.

  • Turtle502

    @darkjester74 — incentive? how about increased sales and increased profits through increased sales volume? Trust me, I understand risk, cost vs. benefits, etc. You know what, a lot of successes were built on such risks…companies that said “let’s do this differently”. I’d like to see MS/Xbox be proactive instead of reactive.

    From a business perspective, if they fail to move substantial volume at this price, it only means one of two things: (1) in a while, prices will fall to increase demand and improve profit or (2) prices will be raised again to cover the profit loss based on low sales due to earlier higher prices. Supply here is unlimited…it’s the demand side of the equation that’s important. And honestly, I don’t see #2 happening, although I would like to see MS and its partners surprise me!


    I have been complaining since the 400 price point became all but a thing of the past.. was told to shut up and stop whining over and over…. I said it would just get worse and it has.. should I still stop whining or is it time to finally voice my opinion ?

    I see every post here says basically the same thing.. I got the hint.. did MS ?

    As for this title costing the same as on Steam… who gives a flying horse crotch ? It is just overpriced there as well.

    Any one of us, for the same price, can go pick up any one of 1000 titles from a retail or discount store and get a full glorious game with more to offer (including more achievements of that is your thing).

    I wonder when people will come together as gamers and make one united voice and maybe, just maybe, boycott them for a week or two in order to make our intentions known ? Probably never.

    As for those who are so vocal about us “whiners” and defending the prices, you are probably the same people whos jobs have not left the country, downsized, or simply shut down… possibly the ones who still live at home and have no real bills and spend their McDonalds money on DLC.. some of us work very hard for the little we get and have to think about every purchase and the price hikes which have begun are simply a slap in the face to the very core the games were created for.

  • TheRev81

    Well, I can agree that 1200 is crazy. Dishwasher for 800 was the best thing from the days of arcade so far (to me anyways) but come on, 1200-1600 for an arcade title? But that’s not really an issue to me, if I don’t wont it I’m not going to buy it, nuff said. My real reason for posting is where’s the live activity for last week????

  • Winged Fish

    This game is extremely addicting! Well worth the 1200 points!

  • BloodOmen360

    People complaining about the price of 1200 points for an arcade game are not whiners, it’s their OPINION that the game isn’t worth that, especially considering that I can get 2 month old retail games for less than that. And I never paid 60 dollars for a game. In fact, I just got Bourne conspiracy for 12, Armored Core For Answer for 17, Resident Evil 5 Steelcase Edition for 40, Afro Samurai for 35 and Ninja Blade also for 40. The closer I got to 60 dollars was with Gears of War 2 Steelcase edition, that I got for 45 euros, which was at the time 59,12 dollars, bought on RELEASE DAY. Just because I have some spending money (and I work hard to get it), doesn’t mean I’m a fool that won’t try to find lower prices for my gaming needs. And 1200 for an arcade game, with no physical support and no re-sale value is too much. I don’t just blame Microsoft, we all know how greedy they are, the problem is that other developers are going the same way and as long as people buy this stuff, they will keep at it.

    But this was somewhat predictable, seeing what Capcom has been doing in the past months, with SF4 costume packs, RE5 versus mode and Megamen 9 DLC…

  • El Cid

    I think MS may want to balance their Arcade portfolio a bit better to offset some of this criticism. Downloadable games are still pretty new for the console world and both consumers and publishers are trying to get a feel for the right balance of price/quality/quantity in this marketplace.

    The problem is that MS set a precedent with so many games in the 400/800 point range early on that we now have sticker shock when most releases are now 1200/1600 points. MS could do itself a favor by publishing some 400 point games to satisfy that market segment and send the message that the publishers are ultimately dictating price and that they are not abandoning consumers who prefer that value range.

    Games like Flock and Galactrix are priced the same on PSN/Steam/Etc as they are on 360 so all the fault cannot be from MS’ pricing guidance. MS has its own internal studios and should use those resources to release some additional 400 point games (like UNO) if they can’t find third-party developers/publishers willing to do so anymore.

  • darkjester74

    @Turtle – Increased profit for whom? To undercut the price is most likely a violation of their reseller agreement and at the very least would undermine their relationship with the developer and the publisher. They are NOT going to lower prices until they have buy-in from the people who own the IP. Put yourself in the position of the developer. Would you want YOUR property that you invested a considerable amount of capital to create, undervalued without your consent? No you would not. If the product fails to sell that is a failure on the part of the publisher, who is the one who sets prices. XBLA is just another retail outlet that you get the product from. And with regards to “taking a chance” and “doing things differently”, the reality is MS is a publicly traded company that must answer to their shareholders. It’s unlikely they would take those kinds of risks.

    If your complaint is that the product is too expensive, that’s fine. That is a subjective measurement and everyone will have an opinion on that, and that is valid. What I find unreasonable is this attitude that MS is somehow responsible for the pricing of product that is not their property.

  • darkjester74

    EL Cid gets it. MS can only affect properties it owns, and yes, they would do well to lower prices on their own stuff. You CANNOT reasonably expect them to do the same to properties that are not theirs.


    @darkjester.. you are actually incorrect.. though high in price, MS got to where it is by LISTENING to the consumer and creating a product (Windows) which had the features we use and wanted in an OS…
    ..and as for it’s price, though there are other OS’ out there, there is no “real” competition and, thusly, they charge what they feel. If they had a real challenger they would surely drop prices and offer more incentive. BUSINESS (as you put it) is not simply about marking things up.. but I guess I would not expect someone who thinks MS got where they are by “taking chances” and “not catering to our every whim” to understand.

    You seem to think you know the fact when you only spit out half-truths and nonsense. Try looking up information before you type.

  • fourG

    Another game I won’t buy due to price. Are you listening Microsoft? If not, you should be, because I appear to be in the majority.

  • darkjester74

    @Krenzfam – Actually my experience has been that there are plenty of businesses that run their server side operations on non-Windows systems. And I agree that MS products, especially server products, are stupidly overpriced more often than not. As far as “marking up” however, how is it marking up when its the same price that everyone else sells it at? Again, if your complaint is too expensive, that’s a valid point, but its not for MS to set those prices for products that aren’t theirs.

    P.S. Note that I totally ignored your personal attacks. Something to think about.

  • monosocratic

    1) Stop blaming Microsoft for the price of this title. I’m fairly sure that it’s the publisher: Capcom.

    2) The demo was fun and enjoyable; Give it a chance.

    3) I cannot and will not pay $15 for it, as much as i’d like to.

  • oAssassin Xo

    Dude…what the FLOCK? I’l just post what I did about that Galatix crap. 1200 Points??? MS does realize the whole “economy crashing” thing right? See…when this happens you are suppose to LOWER prices this way people spend more and boost the economy. Not raise them so they spend less. lol. Obviously they have morons working at MS that no nothing about they way things work. They are more worried about what a game is worth then whats going on in the world.
    Speaking of which. Just because some gamers still buy this game doesn’t mean everyone can. I hate seeing that “Well I bought it!”. Wow good for the 100 people that still have jobs, or have money now. Its harder for people now so less and less can afford these games. At least not for what they are getting out of it.

  • Anonymous

    What the hell people! It is the same price on the PlayStation Store so Microsoft isn’t setting the prices on these arcade games! Blame it on the developers!

  • wolfzero01

    I think it sucks that this game costs 1200 pts, but if it is the same price point on PSN, then there really isn’t much for Microsoft to do about it as I doubt that they would even consider undercutting PSN, however it is cheaper on PSN, then they need to do something about it. otherwise anytime a game is released on both platforms people will be more likely to purchase it there instead of Live.

    eventually Sony might get the PSN up to Live’s standards & quality, then Microsoft will lose one of its advantages over Sony

  • Turtle502

    @darkjester — Microsoft allows the developers/publishers to select a price. I’m sure MS tries to steer them toward a certain price, with MS’s interests in mind. MS may recommend 800, but if the publisher wants 1200, that’s where it goes. The problem is — that may not be where the product sells.

    MS has taken risks before — the Xbox brand is one such risk, which has paid off.

    So again, I say — they need to go against the popular trend and offer these DLCs at prices that MAKE people want to choose Xbox and Xbox Live over competing consoles.

    You asked “increased profit from whom”? If MS can negotiate with these developers/publishers for a lower price, profit increases for BOTH through increased VOLUME. If YOU were in business, and your profit on a sale were 15%, and you sold 1,000 items at $10, your profit is $1500. If you lower your price to $5, and because the price is lower you attract thousands of more customers, and you sell 2,500 copies, your profit is now $1875. Less profit per item, but more in total in volume.

    I’m too old for debating, it’s time for my nap. ;)

  • ToEvadeSlugs

    Been looking forward to this one. Tried the demo on steam although I will pick it up on the xbox as its cheaper.

  • BryceS

    MS are currently a monopoly supplier (jury is still out as to whether Amazon will actually provide competition). If somebody wants to sell a download to a large market of XBox 360 users, then there is only one distributer – Microsoft.

    MS therefore have a phenomenal amount of power over the publisher when it comes to setting the wholesale cost. MS also decide exactly how much profit they want to take (which I suspect is substantial given that they have very low distribution costs).

    It does seem a curious business practice though to be charging so much in the current climate. But maybe people don’t see MS points as ‘real’ money and are willing to spend them more easily. It is psycologically very different going to a shop, picking up a physical product, taking it to the till, getting out your wallet and handing over your card – it gives you a lot more time to think about what you are doing and it feels more ‘real’ – plenty of opportunity to change your mind. Just pressing the blue button and instantly adding some more MS points can much more easily be done on an impulse.

  • tabicat

    I don’t care if the price is the same on other platforms. I’m not paying more than $10 for any game that I cannot resell to someone else.

  • Red Dragon

    I like the demo. Too expensive for me though. I never understand how companies come up with these outrageous prices for DLC. Digital content has no manufacturing costs associated with it, so there is no marginal cost to them to sell one more. So why not lower the price and sell as many as you possibly can? Wouldn’t that make the most money? Clearly a lot of people want this game and would have been willing to cough up 400 or 800 points for it, but instead, they will pass altogether at 1200. I guess Capcom is opposed to making money.