April 13th 2009 3:41 pm PT

This week on Arcade: OutRun Online Arcade


OutRun Online Arcade is coming to Arcade this Wednesday for 800 points as the Days of Arcade promotion continues.


Arcade By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • dreampage

    Finally, a truly great game with a truly great price. It’s an instant buy for me, I’ll click straight on the full version, no need to try this arcade perfection before purchasing. Hats off to Microsoft and SEGA for this great price – I was really expecting 1600 Points, judging buy today’s trend… See Major, this is when gamers are truly satisfied and are more than willing to spend their Points. :-)

  • Shonk

    seems to be on 2 hours early

  • Shonk

    352meg btw
    took around 20 seconds
    glad i beat the rush

  • Shonk

    61 people on the leaderboards
    lol i am early

  • Anonymous

    w00t! downloading now at 4:41 in the morning here in East Coast US!

  • Ahmedz

    @Shonk: around 20 seconds?!

    it’s gonna take me around 3 hours :O