April 17th 2009 6:55 pm PT

How you can win a trip to E3 2009 (and a car)


If you’re in the U.S., you’ll want to head over to Xbox.com where you can enter to win the chance to win a pretty amazing grand prize package:

  • A trip for two to LA to attend the Microsoft E3 Press briefing
  • $3000 cash  (1k for travel and 2k for car taxes)
  • A home theater system that includes a Flat-Panel HDTV, Bose Home Theatre System, Xbox Elite Console, 120gb Zune, plus one year of Xbox LIVE Gold and Zune Pass. (valued at $4,800)
  • A 2010 Kia Soul Sport (valued at $18,000)

Before you enter, be sure your Xbox LIVE account information is correct since that is how we’ll contact you if you win! Good luck and maybe I’ll see you this year at E3.

Check your account information and enter the contest

Click here to add the Gamer Picture pack to your download queue.

Edit: The gamer picture you need to download to enter will go live on Saturday the 18th. The picture is now available for download.



E3, Events By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Freakout1

    Agreed with Kenjuan! Thanks!

  • NavComm81

    Yay, #%#@ Canada once again. Thanks Microsoft!

  • UNSCleric

    This is honestly the greatest content I have ever seen in my life (besides like a million dollars or something). I actually feel like I have a chance as I read the prize list for some reason too.

  • CrossyX

    Yeahhhh, more stuff for US players. What excuse are you giving this time for not involving non US residents? Sorry I forgot you dont reply…

  • oxymoronx420

    US Only?

    Give some love to the UK, Canada and the rest of the world that PAYS YOUR BILLS!

    Why you yanks feel the need to leave the rest of the world out of the fun?
    We pay for gold membership and we’re 2nd class compared to american customers.


    Hey you know Europe is part of the world as well!

  • SAKY

    very nice contest, good luck to everyone!


  • oGFeRNie

    Im already in LA,just need the Golden Ticket lol


    Good Luck everyone… and if anyone needs to fill that extra ticket… Just let me know :)


    I like how everyone that’s not in the US is whining without any regard to what it takes to make a sweepstakes international. It’s hard enough to get a sweepstakes that covers all of the US let alone deal with all the laws in diff countries.

    The US doesn’t get every contest/sweepstakes that you guys have over there so why should you be any diff? Puerto Ricans can’t even win this and they are closer to being part of the US than Europe. Get off your high horse. Not everything in life is fair or the way you want it to be. Come to think of it…………….it is rarely either of those.

    Oh congrats Mr. German dude……you won! Oh but you don’t have/can’t get a passport. Better luck next time.

  • MetalGearFloppy

    Lmao @ people pretending to know what they’re talking about…..

  • MeS FEAR

    Good luck to every american :) and have fun at the E3. Looking forward to the E3 and new informations about cool games.Also looking foward to the Microsoft presentation! Hope to see cool things! I wont complain about this contest here cuz i am just happy to have gametrailers.com lol ….i will see everything from my home and thats enough to me. But it would be amazing to be on the E3. Anyway…really looking forward to the show

  • oxymoronx420

    @HD FURY

    The point is this… there ARE NO contests specifically for non-US residents.
    The USA xbox games get things like tv episodes for FREE on xbox live.

    Canada is not allowed access to most contests, content or freebies.
    They don’t have MS points giveaways here. EVER.
    Hell, you can’t even watch all of “The Guild” (the only free video content on the marketplace for canadians) here in Canada because they haven’t bothered to set the region locks properly for the majority of season 2.

    Non-USA xbox live gamers are complaining because we pay more to access Xbox Live every year than you do with all of that money going to subsidize your free content, your contests and other neat things that MS only does for you damn yanks.

    So no, we’re not on a high horse or some garbage, we just want parity in what you get for your $.

    We pay more to access XBL, we pay more for microsoft points as well… and as such we should get treated as equals no matter what country we connect our ethernet cable.

    If situations were reversed ol Johnny Redneck 6pack Nascar couldn’t get in on a contest and bitched, things would change real quick.

    Sadly, Microsoft doesn’t have an ear when it comes to complaints from gamers OUTSIDE OF THE USA!

    So to reiterate, THERE IS NO CANADA ONLY contests and we get shut out of the ones for everyone else!

  • CarlosX360

    I would love to enter this contest to win that Xbox 360, and HDTV….but for E3, I already have a friend there to drive me around and stuff. And I can get in as media, since I’m a former writer and own a network.


    @oxymoronx420 I apologize for being so vague. I was not speaking MS specific. There are sweepstakes and contests for companies based out of other countries that do not offer any prizes to US residents. MS is a US company. I know RIM (makers of Blackberry) have had a couple in Canada that I couldn’t partake in because I’m a US resident.

    As far as the rest of your argument, I completely agree with you. You should get just as much ‘bang for your buck’ as the rest of us. There is no argument that I can come up with that can counter that. It sucks, I’m sorry. This isn’t a MS only issue though. Pretty much every major company in the world charges diff prices for each region and I don’t understand why. Is it pitty for the US because we have had to crappy presidents in a row? Or is it charity for the poor Americans?

    In closing, there’s a downside to every country. We get to have a crappy economy and contests. You don’t get any contests but your country is doing a lot better. Which one would you rather have?

  • CrossyX

    Wtf are you smoking? You have gone so far of the subject it is hard to make sense of what you are saying. This site is MS/360 related so of course members are on about MS competitions why are you bringing other companys in to the argument and presidents lol.

    The bottom line is MS cater more for US players than any other country. They get loads of free content, competitions, special offers etc and then say it is down to legal issues as to why other consumers outside of the US cannot enter. Simple solution is to have a different competition for individual countrys but it will not happen as players like me will still continue to buy games etc because it is my console of choice, however that does not stop me feeling jipped by MS over and over again.


    Most of the contests on Xbox live are sponsored by American companies trying to get us to buy their stuff. Microsoft doesn’t make cars or run E3 by itself or anything, but many companies see this as a way to advertise to this demographic.
    Hopefully your countries will start to get in on this stuff as well. But legal issues are always a problem between many different countries, you can’t say that everyone has the same laws and restrictions as far as content goes…

  • The Dagda Mor

    On “My 360 Stats” only 76 people are actually using the pic for this contest. I bet many many more are not using it and have signed up. And I bet there is a good percentage that don’t have the proper qualifications and updated sign in info… ha!