April 21st 2009 8:09 am PT

DLC: Left 4 Dead Survival Pack

Left 4 Dead Survival Pack
Price: Free
Availability: All Xbox LIVE regions
Dash Text: [ESRB: M (Mature) BLOOD AND GORE,INTENSE VIOLENCE,LANGUAGE] The Left 4 Dead Survival Pack introduces a new multiplayer game mode, entitled “Survival”, plus two complete campaigns for Versus Mode.


Free, Game Add-on, Marketplace By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • the 6th degree

    Awesome, finally pick up L4D today and the DLC comes out! AND its free! Best. Day. Ever!

  • Willeth

    A quick note for anyone confused – while you can download this now, you’ll have to wit until your game gets patched for it to work. Patches roll out in stages, so some people will get the patch before others. Just be patient and you’ll be playing Dead Air and Death Toll in Versus by the end of the day.

  • Carg0

    unfortunately, the link is %100 B-R-O-K-E-N. (at least, on the east coast). cant say im surprised.

  • I OgreRox I

    hell yes, I’ve been waiting for this one.

    mad props to valve for making it free.


  • oO MG81 Oo

    Excellent!!. This is what most developers should be doing, free DLC!. I’ll be playing this later :-)

  • NBA2kChico

    Yeeaahhhhhh, Im so happy bout it……..OOOhhhhwwwwweeeee

  • MeS FEAR

    HELL YEAH!!! i have been waiting for this today…have to try it now…

  • Computerdude103

    The game was small to begin with, plus Valve heard loudly enough about it after they screwed over console gamers with the Orange Box DLC (which almost all was PC only). Valve always makes their DLC free so no surprise here.

  • Quasar281

    Any new achievements with this? It would be great to have achievements like “Survive 5 minutes”, “Survive 10 minutes”, “Quad Damage – Defeat four Tanks at once”

  • Willeth

    Yeah, new achievements would have been nice. We didn’t even get the Outbreak viral one that’s been on PC since launch. I still need to work on the rest of them, though, so meh.

    Although one for pulling a survivor through the metal detector would be badass.

  • VisionaryLight

    Free is good. Thank you Valve.

  • ThePumpkinKing

    About time this came out. Surprised it did after the whole mess with the magically vanishing Orange Box 360 content.

    Hey Major! That backround (with the zombies and headstones) that’s being used on the dashboard for the zombie themed promotion should be made available for download as a premium theme. It’s awesome! Make it happen! =p

  • Biomonkey

    Achievements are only added with premium DLC not free. So the PC gamers are the only ones to get achievements with this DLC but none for us.


    its free im happy now roll on the [premium dlc with new achievements

  • dzauk

    I am so glad to see some new content for Left 4 Dead. I hope they start making some new whole campaigns now.

  • Xebu

    @ Biomonkey. NOT TRUE. Achievements can be added with free or paid DLC. The first 1000 has to be included (see Fable II ;-), the additional 250 can be from paid or free DLC.

    Crackdown had achievements in the “Free For All Pack” and PGR4 had 10 new ones in the “Free Challenge Pack”.

  • PiNkEyE69

    Free DLC FTW!
    Hmm, now it’s going to be interesting, which do i play? GOW Horde? COD Nazi Zombies? or L4D Survival?

  • Kuji PR

    Awesome :D

  • JonnyDFandango

    Thanks Valve! Keep the new packs coming!

  • Sneeches

    FREE, love it.

  • alex5523

    major can you return posting info of the size of the downloads? i will get it later


    Thanks Valve. :D

  • KP ScuzzyBunny

    Is there more DLC on the way, or should I be re-evaluating my planned purchase of the “critics choice”/ GOTY/ whatever they are calling it, all-inclusive disc edition that comes out in a week or two?

  • Blue Thunder28


  • X Ray Hamburger

    Man my xbox better get back from the repair center today!!!!!! AAHH! Been looking forward to this for 4 months now.

  • metallicorphan

    noticed how Rock Band have released their stuff as well,they always wait until they know that a lot of people will be looking on the game marketplace…same thing happened when Snowblind was released…and now Rock band has pushed the L4D stuff to near the end,on the American Marketplace it isnt as bad as the L4D is stuck right in the middle of it all..whereas in the UK it is now right at the back of the queue,even though it was only released this morning

    – Again,just have one game cover for all the Rock Band/Lips/Guitar hero stuff

  • WiCkEd Co 80


  • Monster Warfare

    Sweet, I picked it up yesterday and this comes out. :)

  • SteelCity Beast

    Finally (EVEN THOUGH I DONT HAVE THE GAME) a company is not screwing the customers!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ryokea Hakubi

    Had a chance to play this earlier, was fun. Now to talk some friends into getting the game so we can plow through Survival mode together.

  • Beyond Genocide

    Wow! It’s been a while since I’ve played left 4 dead. New FREE DLC makes me want to hop back into it! :D


    @ Killer Scuzzy J: Don’t bother waiting for the GotY edition. The only additional content it has is this Survival Pack, which is free anyway, and it’s also the SAME price!(wtf???) I’d understand wanting a GotY edition of a game if it had extra single-player content and a person didn’t have an internet connection for Live to access it. But this extra content is multiplayer only anyway, so there’s no point to having a hard copy of it when you can just download it sooner. So yeah it’s a pretty pointless edition of the game.

  • MetalGearFloppy

    Played a lot yesterday and we’re all loving the new maps (yes, I know they’re technically not new). Good work on keeping it free Valve!

    Have to agree with metallicorphan about RB/GHWT/Lips DLC on marketplace Major… perhaps a separate category or even channel for music game stuff would be a good idea, instead of cluttering up and burying other DLC with an avalanche of songs.

  • Xebu

    @metallicorphan: They don’t wait to release Rock Band stuff, it comes out every single Tuesday without exception and has done for a year or more.

  • DeathConvoy

    Achievements to match the PC version would have been nice, though given Valve own and run Steam they can make them easily (look at the extra Team Fortress 2 achievements).

    Would have been nice, is all.

  • MSUHitman

    Do you have any third-party examples of games getting free DLC and it also adding achievements? The games you listed were M$ published games, so that leads me to believe that third-party games can only add achievements with pay DLC. Valve has already stated this is the case.

    Official response from Major perhaps? I doubt it.

  • oxymoronx420

    The best DLC of the year!

  • Nex Antonius

    Man, you really need a good team for this. This can get incredibly difficult, but that’s the point of it. The melee anti-spam is fine for versus, but for survival?

  • Disco Penguins

    My only beef is why did the PC version get 7 new achievements, but the 360 version didn’t get any? That’s kind of messed up, considering we paid for the same game, and the PC version already gets a TON more extra than us. VALVe should definitely compensate and give us some new achievements for this already! :D

  • Hayabusa66

    Great Best is that the DLC does not cencor my uncutversion of the Game

  • oO MG81 Oo

    I totally agree, I’m fed up of looking to see whats new and getting a screen full of Rock Band icons/tiles whatever you call them. They should only have one icon for everything. It’s the same for some of the sports games I’ve seen. It makes it harder for people to see the new stuff and has been the reason I’ve missed new content in the past.