April 27th 2009 12:03 pm PT

New Xbox Originals now available: Max Payne and Max Payne 2

Xbox Originals has just released Max Payne and Max Payne 2. Both titles are now available for download for 1200 points each on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace.


Marketplace By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Sgt Quackers

    Not a well kept secret but good to see them on there. They were two great games for the Xbox

  • Anonymous

    what about telling every one that the sf4 power pack is out ? or do you not like beat em ups ?

  • tabicat

    You can buy a used copies of both of these games on Amazon for about $5 shipped. Why would anyone buy a DLC version (that you can’t share or re-sell) for three times that much?

  • mnemo

    Max Payne not available in Germany! “Indiziert” since 2001.

  • Fluk13 Luk13


    Because people who have points are stupid ;)

  • Sneeches

    @tabicat – I’m with you on this one, xbox original games are a waste and extremely overpriced.

  • DeathConvoy

    I agree, Xbox Originals are too expensive for the exact version you get on disc for a fraction of the cost, can lend to a mate or resell.

    There has been the cry for achievements (which would be nice), but if they took the effort to make the Xbox Guide work correctly so it showed you online to friends (so you can play while you wait for people to come online), be able to send/receive messages, and download from the marketplace, it would make these titles worthwhile.

  • A Dud Napalm

    Why put these games out via DLC, when there is not enough space on harddrive to keep them. Like, i am having to delete my previous xbox originals DLC to make way for xbox 360 games DLC. Why not make these out on discs??? And keep updating the xbox originals backward combatibility list rather than just making them on DLC! Sure, it’s alright saying “get out there and buy a bigger harddrive” but these harddrives do cost an arm and a leg to me. You can buy a 200GB laptop harddrive cheaper than you wpould buy a 120GB xbox 360 harddrive for goodness sake…

  • TheGrooveJesus

    @Big Guino: SF4 is not a beat em up. It is a fighter. Beat em ups are games like Double Dragon and TMNT 1989 Arcade.

    Good to see Max Payne on Xbox Originals, but again way too expensive. The only game I can see being actually worth buying on originals is Marvel vs Capcom 2. That game is so hard to find and people sell it on ebay for top dollar. The DLC version would be cheap and would be fun regardless of lack of achievements.

  • DjFIL

    Umm… has anyone mentioned we want Jet Set Radio Future on the Originals?

  • darkjester74

    This might have been a good deal if it was BOTH games for 1200MSP. At that price point, pass…

  • a peeking duck

    WAY too expensive, plus you can’t throw in fun mods like Kung Fu 3.0.

    No sale for such short games.

  • HT UK

    Way overpriced, you can pick them both up for £8.99/$15.00 on Steam.

    In the UK its cheaper to buy both off Steam than just one on XBLM :/

  • Ganon255

    rip off

  • Red Dragon

    I’ll buy em on steam, thanks anyways.

  • Ganon255

    Try 1200 total for BOTH

  • Turtle502

    Originals is a good concept that would be better if the cost were less. 800 MSP ($10 US) would be a better price point. I’d rather own a physical disc, which I can probably get for around $5. And the lack of achievements keeps me from playing any original Xbox games.

    If they could only add a single 250 point achievement that pops at the end of the game, that would be great.

  • Number 905

    It really is a shame that the Originals are largely nothing more than inferior versions of titles at grossly inflated prices.

  • Kebabkongen

    The URL to Xbox Originals includes a dot at de end, making it link to all games, instead of Xbox Originals.

  • El Cid

    Good games, but way too expensive at this price. MS should have bundled the two together for $15 total, rather than each.

  • moocow21

    Awesome games, but Xbox Originals are way too expensive. Why buy one of them for $15 when you can get both on Steam for the same price? (Probably cheaper in stores or online retailers too)


    Because I have lots of money and I don’t want another disc. I would put all my games on the hard drive if I could. I can’t because I would need petabyte drive for all 600 of my games.

  • MadBrown

    You can get Max Payne at GameStop for $5, one-third the price of what M$ is offering it for. Pass on the downloadable version.

  • X Ray Hamburger

    Yah great games, but horrible price point.

  • Gangsta Grillz

    Major were is my 360 green Saleen?

  • Ichiban Noob

    TheGrooveJesus, MvC2 is heavily rumoured to be coming to XBLA.


    maybe, just maybe i would of purchased them if it said…..deal of the week, both games for 1200 plus new cheevos added!

  • Mighty Zoz

    Major, there’s is any chance that the Xbox originals games (any if possible every blocked content, like mature XBLA) can be unblocked for Brazilian IP addresses? I know lots of people that could actually spend a good money on titles like this (myself included), but they are all blocked. One thing that I most wish to be possible is to buy Xbox Originals games.

  • A Place for Us

    At least put more rarer titles up.

  • S H O O T 3 R Z


  • Nelsonpby

    2 for 1 would have been better. :P

  • Number 905

    @Ichiban Noob

    Heavily rumoured nothing. It’s got an achievement list and everything. Just a matter of when at this point.

    Makes me wonder if some developers want to try and get around the limitations of the Originals system.

  • MoR911

    I want KOTOR and KOTOR2!!!!

  • Exu

    Like the game, don’t like the price.

  • MyJewlzHurt

    Should have been both for 1200 MSP….and I`m with MoR911…..KOTOR and KOTOR 2 would be nice…..and how about making the original MechAssault backwards compatible…

  • Anonymous

    Too expensive, no achievements, no guide button support. HORRIBLE.

  • AriesDog

    Shouldn’t this have come out around the time of the Max Payne movie?

  • AsianBlastaTRON

    Xbox Originals suck. Overpriced, no dashboard, no communication. It’s like loading up Windows 98 on an alienware.
    Pointless and lonely.

    Hope you can fix it Major. Or at least make Xbox Originals PHAILZ a little less.

  • YaoIsGod

    How about making an adapter so that Steel Battalion can be played on 360?

  • BerVa iNc

    too expensive, Microsoft need to get smarter with their pricing. Firstly by using $$ and cents instead of points and secondly, lower prices across the board.

  • Rune 70


    OR you can get ‘em both for the same price on Windows.

  • OSUZOO08

    love both games but price is too high. I own 2 originals that I bought because sometimes the people on my friends list I don’t want to play with. So I will play some Black or Burnout 3 because there both awesome games that can be enjoyed by yourself. And being downloaded I can hop in to them at anytime and not worry about my disk not working because my old black disk was all messed up and only worked 1/2 the time.

  • UKresistance

    Maybe both combined for 1200 points would be fair.

  • AndyW360

    I was looking forward to these as I heard Rockstar was working on a third game and I would of played through these again but they are way over priced.

    On the XBox 360 they would cost together £20.40p.

    On the PC through Steam the Max Payne Bundle which includes both of the games it costs £8.99p.

    Microsoft really needs to sort it pricing structure out, these games are not worth that much !!!

  • Xaerin

    Big question is, will this make MP2 work with the VGA cable??

  • Kendoguk

    Id love to see the sales figures for these DLC xbox games, i bet they are not that high.

  • Lieutenant Bran

    Microsoft, you really screwed up the economics of the XBL marketplace… I don’t know how you managed it, but hey, you’re Microsoft. You’re good at screwing stuff up.

    Arcade Game from the ’70-80s: 10-15$
    Xbox game on a half assed software emulator: 15$
    A Nintendo 64 game: 15$

    How the fuck are you getting away with crap like this? The arcade games should be 1-5$, Xbox games should be 10$ and the N64 games should be 5-10$.

    Seriously… no matter how well you guys do on something we can always count on you to fuck it up. A lower price point = more sales you twats

  • tsaweeos

    Jet Set Radio Future???

    These are magnificent games. I’d recommend you play them on the PC instead but that’s just me.
    I haven’t finished the first one so I can’t say anything about the price. 800 points for it would be perfect since it’s older but 1200 points for max payne 2 is worth it.

  • NavComm81

    I have yet to purchase an Xbox Original title. I always find the physical disc cheaper at EB Games, or at any of the local pawn shops. They’re too overpriced on the marketplace, and having a physical disc will always be my preference.

  • Silv3r89

    I do love playing these types of game right off my hard drive but as it is, my elite’s only got about 8gb remaining I think. I really hope they release a bigger hard drive (Come on 240gb!) and a way of fully transferring from older smaller drive to bigger one.

    I shall regretfully have to pass on this one and not because I mind paying thrice what I would on used physical copies but because 120gb isn’t very much when you’re a big MS point spender.