April 29th 2009 7:53 am PT

Demo: Bionic Commando Multiplayer

Content: Bionic Commando Multiplayer Demo
Price: Free
Availability: Not available in Japan
Dash Text: [ESRB: M (Mature) BLOOD AND GORE,STRONG LANGUAGE,VIOLENCE] Be Bionic! The 20 year wait is over as Bionic Commando® swings back into action on Xbox 360® . The first true sequel to the original classic combines 3D swing-and-shoot gameplay with stunning new environments. Soar into the high-flying madness of 8 player deathmatch by downloading the demo today!


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Edit: Want to win 64,000 MS Points? Head over to the Capcom-Unity blog and find out how.


Demo, Marketplace By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Muntrue

    The download link on the marketplace page sends me to the support center…

    Thats odd…

  • Maramoke

    xbox.com appears to be totally screwed for me – can’t access anything that requires me to log in

  • Daulbyz

    Is live down??? if so wheres the update??

  • madnizz

    works now

  • r3dreck

    Not gonna buy but will check it out.


    link works fine now.

  • Warrengonline

    “Multiplayer”? Hot-stuffed tacos and a free drink Batman! I was not expecting this and honestly shurgged this game preview and all as just a Lost Planet with a ‘bionic commando’ theme with a few extras. This multiplayer has me truly intrigued!

  • DenmonX

    This really needed a tutorial or something. I got a chance to see the descriptions of two buttons before the match started, and dropped in a game not knowing what to do. Given what I saw of the game from the demo, it’s off my must buy list.

  • Wickedneoq

    @Warrengonline – While the game shares some similarities with Lost Planet, it’s not Lost Planet in action. The action is a big faster paced, the map in the demo is larger than your average LP map for the pace it’s going, and the gameplay is frantic. Also, considering the Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 dev team, GRIN, made this game for Capcom, I must say that the multiplayer truly shines with the grappling hook.

    @DenmonX – Clearly you didn’t look in the options first then, because there’s a full how-to screen that shows what each button does as you press it.

    Swing around, pepper some dude standing around with bullets, and go after more. So much fun to be had in this demo. Especially love the zip kicking.

  • DenmonX

    @Wickedneoq – I didn’t notice that, but thanks for pointing it out. I’ll check it out next time I play it.

  • The Detective

    Can’t wait to try this

  • Warrengonline

    Thanks and precisely. When I first heard of the game (before the arcade version), I was psyched. THEN I saw the video of the ‘drealoc wearing’ hero with a Lost Planet grappling hook and how he maneuvers. I was “Oh, new ‘Lost Planet’ skin.” The pulling opponents towards you and objects was cool for a sec. I’m downloading the demo as THIS is the first time I’ve EVER heard of Multiplayer and I look forward to playing it when I get home. I’m also looking forward to the Marvel vs Capcom 2 demo.

  • DJ Deathstar

    You do realise that the Marvel vs Capcom demo is PSN only right??? At least i’m fairly certain it is!


    Hmmmm will try

  • AutomaticOcelot

    Excellent excellent. Looking forward to Iron Booting some fools this summer.

  • N0RDS

    Im trying to play but …. Im always disconnected from the server

  • Oh baby 1994

    IMHO, I thought the demo was atrocious. I wanted this to be good, really. Disappointing.

  • S H O O T 3 R Z


  • RalphCardboard


    But can’t even play in a match, it just says “finding game” for agessss.

  • slardybartfast8

    I’m usually really open-minded and objective when it comes to games and demos and stuff, but I have to be honest, this game is terrible. I just played the demo, and that was one of the absolutely least exciting, cool, or fun experiences I have had in quite some time. What an enormous waste of time, and an intense disappointment. It feels like a game that should have been on PS2, but with nicer graphics. The swing mechanic is neither fun, nor cool. Everything is super shoddy and repetitive. The gun system, movement, sound effects, everything is just really bad IMO. I’m honestly surprised, I was very excited to try this out. The swing mechanic is my biggest problem, it just isnt fun. It’s more like a huge pain in my butt. I could tell that no one in my game had any clue what to do in order for it to be fun. Extremely underwhelming.


    @ DJ Deathstar: Yes you are correct, the demo was announced as a PSN exclusive.

  • Ollyh

    Biggest problems with the demo I thought was “collision detection” and some “laggy players”, but come on kicking someone in the face off a roof or skyscraper never felt so good :)

  • unreal030

    People who are having trouble getting used to the controls……try this, Zip kick into the enemy and then zoom in and shoot them while they go flying. its an instant kill almost everytime.

    Took me awhile to getting used, but LOVING the game now

  • Warrengonline

    @DJ Deathstar
    Yeh, it is a PSN Exclusive early release. I’ll be going over to three different friends’ places to possibly play it and post a video later. But all want the Xbox Live version with online multiplayer WITH 4+ player lobby. Honestly, whatever Tomonobu Itagaki and TECMO’s Team Ninja did in Dead or Alive 4 on Xbox360 – 16 player lobby, join game in progress and watch the game in progress almost instantly, drop out of the ‘game lobby’ and into the ‘area lobby’ and watch the fights without having to fight – should be implemented in ALL fighting games. Why this technology is not used or shared beats the heck out of me? Also recording the fights and saving them to your hard drive for later viewing is awesome too.

    Thanks MACPH1ST0

  • RingoDot97

    Boo on demos that dont allow you to play with friends!!
    When 90% of the time, my friends and I decide together which MP game to pursue, so that we can have high numbers, demos that wont even let you play/experiment dont help their cause!


    Cool contest, but why not give away a copy of the new game instead? I imagine most of the people who are getting this demo already have the arcade game anyway. One of the best remakes in XBLA if you don’t already have it, btw!

  • P00K
  • Type 0 x IV

    @RingoDot97: So you can’t match with friends before going in/invite them while in (ala Conquest demo)?

  • Arsenic13

    Who has a Capcom Unity Account? Add me. Ill add you. Lets set a 8 person team here.

    Gamertag: Arsenic13
    Capcom Unity ID: HellDescent.com

  • metallicorphan

    is there any kind of offline play in this demo?…i hate online multiplayer demos,when you haven’t got a clue what you are doing,i like to play offline first get used to the controls and then take it online

  • WiCkEd Co 80

    Can’t wait to try this.

  • BkLiveWire

    The blog link doesn’t exist.

  • Warrengonline

    Capcom Unity + the Super Internet Highway = warrengonline, tag me where you can.

  • savory naits

    have anybody had any problems connecting to a game? My xbox freezes everytime it tries to load up a map/entering the game. happened 2 times in a row.

  • Deadly Moves

    OMG! This is one of the worst multiplayer games ive ever played!
    I was really looking forward to this game and its a huge let down!
    The swinging isnt fun in anyway, it feels to fidly. its not smooth in anyway.
    The guns feel like pea shooters
    and the visuals look like there from a ps2 game.

    If single player is anything like the MP, there is no way im picking this game up…

  • TLF Rambo

    DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS SILLY DEMO!!! First of, it will randomly cause your console to lock up and then on multiplayer, you cannot invite your friends and if 1 person quits even if he/she is not host, the game will end for everyone just like in Resi Evil VS. Also the win 64,000 MS Points thing is US only yet again which ridiculously just does not makes sense as it is just codes, capcom once again screwed the rest of the Xbox Live Community AGAIN!!!

  • Kyoushi

    Fucking amazing demo. I loved it. Its not the most stable, but holy hell if it isn’t the most fun I’ve had in a while. I LOVE swinging around while the trumpets are playing. It touches me where I pee. Thank you Capcom, and thank you GRIN. Good job. Can’t wait to pick up the game next month. Got it preordered already.

  • RingoDot97

    @XGC Thermophile: Didnt look like you could. It threw you right into an open matchmaking session.
    I still liked the demo. Took a bit to get the ebb and flow of swinging down, but when you do, you can really move around well.

  • Anonymous

    game sucks

  • Warrengonline

    Hmmm, not to down this demo, but am I the ONLY person that thinks the BEST demos are Crackdown and Burnout Paradise (outside of FPS genre)? I will say, I like what the demo showcased, but the game took a while to get people in my lobby and I guess everyone was in a party as there was no talking. It’s not going to hurt sales, but looks like it won’t help much either.

    This demo would benefit of being on ONLY 1 map, 5 weapons out of all the weapons and a 15 minute time play shut off. It did not wet my apetite as I thought, but I think I may just buy it for the story AFTER its release. IF you let the title screen play through that piano music that sounds a little rough (I think it should be a mix of rock and techno upbeat/apocalyptic) you can see more footage of the actual game. Also that guide worms really intrigues me more. A tentacle boss with THAT kind of fluid animation – “WHAO!”. But bottom line, this demo is not a good experience as it could have been. The controls were simple to pick up (ala Lost Planet grappling hook/Prince of Persia wall drag experience). As for it locking up, it plays just fine for me, except for finding people to play with fast.

  • Cayne

    This demo with it’s multi=player no friends only has put me off enough not to buy the game until it hits the bargain bin. when will developers learn?

  • CMcCon342

    Didn’t enjoy it. I got the hang of it, did some zip kicks, etc, got a few kills. But the whole thing felt like little toys running around on crack. The characters are so little on the screen, you don’t get a good feeling of place. I actually didn’t have an issue with the controls. I’m still looking forward to the single player, but this ain’t going to pull me away from L4D and Call of Duty.

  • Enkeixpress

    The demo is Awesome, I’ve played it like 20 times now!


    Wow, quite the mixed response I’d say.

  • Warrengonline

    Hmmm… Wolverine is not leading the pack.

  • Warrengonline

    Oops, not = now (many what a typo).

  • Tony Blac

    This game is “extra wack”!!

  • Sticky Owens

    this is bizarre, i downloaded it, tried twice to play a game and it would never find me a game ??

    i assumed it was crap and nobody was playing it online, i dont have a problem with any other game, including gears 2`s shonky multiplayer system, so i can only assume that this demo is beyond gash and has a serious bug ?

  • oxymoronx420

    this sucked…. the guns were underpowered, and the swinging was crap. I was hoping for the kind of controlled swinging you get in the spiderman games.

    This game = epic fail