May 6th 2009 9:54 pm PT

1 vs 100 Beta is on in Canada


Starting this Friday, May 8th our fine friends in Canada are going to get the very first look at the new Xbox LIVE show 1 vs 100 when the team rolls out a beta just for Canada*. If you have have an Xbox LIVE Gold account in Canada, you’ll want to check out the beta since in addition to it being a lot of fun, they’re also giving away real prizes.  Hit the 1 vs 100 page on for FAQ’s, Rules and more. Keep an ear out as well, as I may drop in a few nights as ‘guest host.’


*I have a feeling there may be a lot of Hockey related questions, don’t you?


Xbox 360 By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • a peeking duck

    There’s still 2 and a half hours to go until it begins. :)

  • TheGrooveJesus


  • TheGrooveJesus

    5 more minutes!!!

  • a peeking duck

    It’s disconnectorama.

  • GeekdadCanada

    I thought it was pretty fun. I’ve never watched the game show, so I don’t know if the questions were just really easy (I missed 2 in 2 hours), or a reflection of the tv show itself.

    I did think it was pretty cheesy that Microsoft couldn’t give out real prizes. What’s a few thousand Microsoft points verses looking cheap?

    I thought the hostess avatar looked a heck of a lot like Amber MacArthur, which was pretty funny.

    All in all, a good first night. I’d definitely play it again.

  • DE1ZEL

    It was pretty cool. I think it will be a hit. Had no connection problems at all. There was about 11000 online when i checked.

  • dwsN

    Far better than I expected. I didn’t experience any problems and really enjoyed the whole experience.

  • Anonymous

    forgot about the timezones before… well can’t wait for it to be released with all this good feedback :) and it may also pursuade microsoft to do more deals to get more things like deal or no deal and others :)

  • SpiffiestJester

    A friend and I tried playing last night, i gave up after half an hour and seeing only one question, and of that one question I was not given the opportunity to actually answer it. I was booted back to the dashboard 4 times and was unable to connect to no less than 20 games. It’s a beta, I get that, but really WTH? I haven’t talked to my friend yet today to see how he fared after i quit, but he was having similar problems when I left him. Great concept, needs work. =)

  • ColdMolasses

    To be honest, I didn’t really like it. I played like 2-3 games but damn the wait time in between games are long. It was a thumbs down for me but, I’m sure it will have its following.

  • TheGrooveJesus

    It is awesome. I really like the “Live” part where Chris Cashman is actually live on air. It is really cool. Maybe even introducing a new genre.

  • CdN Daryl

    The wife and I played on both systems we have here and we really enjoyed it. The wait between games gives you time for bathroom breaks or in my case to grab another beer.

    We will be picking this up.

    We also had no lag and one time I checked there was 11240 online.

  • CdN Daryl

    Also if Microsoft could wing the Price is Right in the same similar fashion or other game shows I think it would be a big money maker for them. Playing live shows with other people and winning MS pts and arcade games if pretty kewl.

  • Anonymous

    It would also pursuade more people to become gold members :)


    Just Make a Canada Account On Xbox Live and then you play it

  • mikdaddy

    Is it true that the full title will only be available for canada, US, UK, France and Germany? Why? Is there a sensible reason for this, or are xbox still not interested in the rest of the world?

  • oxymoronx420

    That’s exactly what people were doing… at least 3 people that got to be the 1, were playing with accounts made the same day with gamerscores like 0,70,80…

    There was a question about who sells Timbits:
    a)Timmy Ho’s
    x)Something else

    You could tell by how many people answered that wrong(a buttload), that there was non-residents(or little kids) playing.

  • a peeking duck

    mikdaddy: licencing issues with the company Endemol who own the 1 vs 100 tv show (it’s a real show on TV, you know).

  • JohnnyricoMC

    you’d expect they release it in every country that ever had a localised Endemol version of 1v100 aired.

  • a peeking duck

    Talk to Endemol about that, not Microsoft. :)

  • JohnnyricoMC

    Dustin, very brave, you’ve resorted to feeble attempts at personally insulting people.
    Just let it go.

  • TheGrooveJesus

    @Dustin Krieger

    Can you clarify your statement on HOW I have no life?? You don’t know a single thing about me. Judging by your stupid attempts to insult people, poor spelling and grammar, and mentioning Hitler’s birthday because someone had 420 in their gamertag makes you a self absorbent, snobby, thick-headed 13-year-old. Good job, you just made yourself look like a total idiot.

  • Number 01

    Can someone send a Beta Friend Reminder to Gamertag Number01 that way I can download 1vs100 thanks!!!