Gears of War 2 All Fronts Collection coming July 28th

New campaign AND multiplayer content are coming out in July for Gears of War 2. Complete details on the official press release.


  • zxcoolbird

    So they are going to extend the single player to?


  • BeAkErOo

    i loved gears 1, played it to death, gears 2 multiplayer broke my heart man

    in fact it put me off playing multiplayer games altogether for a long time


  • FirePB

    Nice way to support the core customers / fans who’ve already purchased the existing DLC, and continued to support a game (and brand) that’s got significant multiplayer issues! Personally I’d recommend whoever came up with the final pricing structure should stand in a Dark Corner until they come to their senses!

    Let’s hope either the purchase price of the standalone “Dark Corners” DLC is reviewed and revised prior to July 28th (Although I doubt it); or alternatively the retail package is actually a set of separate codes for each DLC pack which could therefore be given away to friends or resold.


  • CryptoElite

    single player + MP content at a higher price = smart, IMO.

    I preferred old school PC expansions to these itty bitty 5 DLC packs that can barely bring you back into a game.


  • Beyond Genocide

    I’ll buy this DLC when Epic fixes their games bugs, glitches, and lag. Oh, wait. Looks like I’m not buying this.


  • Anonymous

    Really good for all us cheapskates that didn’t buy the map packs =P

    @Shonk XD



    I’ll give this one a big BBBBBBOOOOOOOOOOOO!


  • pabc

    I’ve been wavering about buy the map packs so far so this clinches it – good value for those with neither map pack – Flashback, snowblind and combustible for £15 along with a bit more single player. Thats worth it. How will it work – a disc or a redeemable code?


  • Blue Thunder28

    Yes! This is perfect, 7 more maps AND more single player content! I’ll be buying this for sure, day one. Great Deal. Especially because one of the new maps is War Machine from gears 1(either that or just has the same name for no reason). Also I love how I accurately predicted 90% of the comments on this almost word for word.. Jesus.


  • elektrixxx

    I’d pass if it wasn’t for the campaign content. Online is still busted.


  • SteelCity Beast

    This would be nice if they didnt piss on the customer who had bought the Snowblind/Combustible Map pack earlier


  • Keeby Boy

    Awesome. I bought the combustible maps, but oh well.


  • kamihacker

    ok, obvious question? is this retail Download going to be able to downloaded in all regions? RockBand: AC/DC content transfer (more of a DLC transfer because it was just a code) worked in all regions, is this going to be the same? I hope so, otherwise I just won’t bother to import it

    Major Nelson, can you answer this BEFORE it’s released and some people get disappointed? if it’s a go go I would not hesitate in pre-ordering at amazon



  • DanMW

    Unless some miracle happens and somehow the multilagger gets sorted, count me out.

    Dedicated servers for the next Gears or no money from me.

    Epic FAIL /o


  • TapouTime

    I just want to start with a big thank you to Epic Staff for this great game and all the stuff you keep giving us Dlc,Campaign content,Themes,Comic books,Action figures,etc.
    And i would like to thank Major Nelson for his great work on everything he does.
    Gears of war 2 LE x2 $140 Kids
    Gears of war 2 Combustible MP $10
    Gears of war 2 Snow MP x2 $20 Kids
    Gears of war 2 Dark Corners $20
    Xbox live 12 months $50
    Hardcover last stand edition $30
    Gears 2 faceplate $60
    Cogtags $40
    Gears themes x2 $10
    =$380 Dollars Crazy i know.True gears fan yes.


  • moocow21

    Looks like a nice package for a change – reminds me more of a PC expansion pack than (ripoff) console DLC. I’ll definitely pick this up; now I feel like an imbecile for buying the Snowblind pack – the first and now LAST time I’ll ever make the mistake of paying for a map pack.


  • Caffman

    I wont pass on this but i’m more than a little annoyed about ghostbusters delay in europe. Lokks like my PS3 is getting an airing and where is europes guitar hero-metallica!


  • XxLightkunxX

    @Racer XMG
    >Add this outrage to the Halo 3 Mythic Map Pack and I’m quickly becoming and alienated

    ….I’m sorry what?

    For a mere $10 you’re complaining? I’m sorry but I thought people LOVED the 800 points price. Go kill yourself please.


  • DENAz666

    Epic can go to hell for all i care


  • davidkenobi

    Ok they have one of the best game in the industry, one of the best engine but is this mean that they have to overpriced their content for gamers that had already downloaded !?


  • Sticky Owens

    Wowsers, i was not expecting this

    i never bought the previous map packs as i hated the multiplayer, although with the recent titleupdate 3 i found it loads better, i recently changed my internet connection from BT (in the uk) who were offering a “up to 8mb” service, to another company (Be*) who offer a “up to 24mb service” and noticed a massive difference in game play.

    so much so i have been racking up kills much faster, infact i would say i have been dammm enjoying the multiplayer now, i assume my new 1.3mb upload speed is making me host a lot more ?

    regardless i was actually thinking of buying the new map packs yesterday!

    i will hold off until june :D


  • BloodOmen360

    Let me see if i got this straight…

    – If you don’t have the maps, you can get all of them plus the new maps plus the new single player plus the poster and additional intro videos for 19,99 euros (which, by the way, is more like 27 dollars)

    – If you already have the maps, you can get the new maps and the single player content for 1600 points, pretty much 20 euros? Less than half the content for 1 cent more?

    So this is pretty much a f*** you to all the people that supported them and bought the map packs already… for a still somewhat broken game… now that’s pure marketing genius

    I hope I live to see the day where every Epic game will have as a special bonus a bottle of lubricant, since they like to b***f*** us with every game.


  • Us3d ta b3

    HAHAHAHA! This is exactly what you idiots deserve for supporting this broken game. Should have quit playing a long time ago so it would fall off the charts and give EPIC a REAL incentive to actually fix this horrible trash. But no, you retards keep it at the number 4 spot and expect them do anything BUT make map packs? Well, you reap what you sow. Maybe they will get it right by title update 7, but I doubt it. They’ll just keep stringing you along with promises of “better fixes” while really just making map packs and fixing things that aren’t broken to begin with. Enjoy your 1 second delay out of roadie run, retards.

    Gears 1 FTW.



    ok i guess. just don’t think it should be a whole code of MSP


  • KP ScuzzyBunny

    Just to clarify…neither version of this is a disc…the retail package has code(s) packaged with the poster, them code card, and whatever they are doing for the “intro video” (are they actually wasting a code on a downloadable video, or wasting a DVD on one?). Gamestop has a disclaimer saying there is no physical copy in the retail version (like with Lost and the Damned and Tomb Raider).


  • waldo15


    Whoever came with the pricing structure should most definitely revisit this crazy price breakdown (hint, this is a MS published game soooo…) . I went home yesterday trying to figure out how in the name of DLC obscenity the standalone Dark Corners (only the maps) could be priced equally as the retail version, when the retail version does in fact include much more than the DLC. If this is a ploy to get folks to go retail then sure, it works. But I already have all of the maps, and the two extras (video and theme) are not interesting to me. I was expecting the maps to be fairly priced definitely but as it stands today, what else is there to do but but the retail package? I would be buying the same content twice; but then I’d also get nailed if I buy the content off of XBL since I am paying a lot more for relatively less content. Either way I see it is obscene. And we thought that Horse armors were a thing of the past…

    I mean, this has to either clearly be a joke or a big, terrible marketing idea.


  • leearco

    No Epic, no more money for you.


  • AFLunatic730

    I truly do not care about the price, it’s the fact that this game (online) is absolutely ridiculous. I understand it uses some pretty heavy graphics, but I’M SICK TO DEATH OF WAITING 20 MINUTES FOR A GAME just to have a host that’s downloading 5 movies and everyones (except his) gameplay suffers for it. It’s ridiculous and TU3 is, simply put, NOT GOOD ENOUGH. Make the host the best connection available and enforce a stronger penalty for lag switchers/zone alarm abusers. Your mommy probably bought you your disc and you don’t care but I’ve spent $85 on this game between media and DLC and I’m sick of the fact that it collects dust because Epic’s programmers suck. Maybe I’m an idiot for buying it, I just figured since it’s 2009, companies would actually have their shit together enough to produce a FAIR GAME (See Call of Duty).


  • Anonymous

    I think they should put the price down for people who bought the map packs, they would get more sales definately, the new maps cheaper or something I don’t know.


  • StaticRest

    I am actually excited I am an avid Gears gamer, and having an american xbox overseas means I cant download any new content so having a retail disc that I can buy off of amazon is great for me, I can even buy one for the hubby in Afghan!


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