May 6th 2009 2:08 pm PT

Gears of War 2 All Fronts Collection coming July 28th

New campaign AND multiplayer content are coming out in July for Gears of War 2. Complete details on the official press release.

Gears of War By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • SirLagalot

    What are the chances they’ll increase the experience earned per in-game point in MP at this time? I don’t see many people ever making it to rank 100 (legitimately).

  • Sneeches

    Cool, only if the multiplayer actually fucken worked!!!!

  • Number 905

    Maps? At a decent price?

    I might actually consider this, if only to support the idea.

  • IKiddo

    Another Epic rip off.

  • JediChric

    Does the 1,600 MS Points separate purchase of the DLC also include the campaign?

  • S H O O T 3 R Z


  • IconicSoulJA

    Just a waste of money, I’ll pass. Fix your laggy, buggy game Epic. Epic needs to be bought out and management needs to be restructured. All they care about is money and making an unreliable engine.

  • EDfromRED

    Awesome! Epic knows how to keep players coming back for more. I’ll be downloading it day 1.For this and future DL content, I would love to see Epic up the max-multiplayer player count and add vehicles, but that’s probably out of the question…till Gears 3 probably.

  • hudsmack

    Epic really is full of arrogant douchebags. I love this game (hate the glitches and bugs), but this is a little too much. I already have all the other map packs and now they want me to pay $20 for 7 new maps and a bunch of a content I could give a crap about? Wow, just wow.

  • NavComm81

    If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. They don’t want you to pay $20 for 7 new maps and a bunch of content you could give a crap about. They want you to pay for content you DO want.

  • n3rfherd3r

    I tried playing some multiplayer for the first time in a couple months last night. It’s still frustrating.I’ll wait to see what this new campaign stuff is about, but multiplayer is dead to me.


    YES – i dont have any of the Premium DLC (Combustable or Snowblind), so this is a good deal for me.

    Works out at around £12 when using MS points :)

    So will this be a redemption code when bought at retail? like the GTA L&D DLC?


    so is Epic scre*ing over everyone that already bought the 2 map packs? – it doesnt look like they will be offering the 7 maps & campain for a reduced fee…

  • Shonk

    why would i pay £15 for the dlc
    when i can get gow2 for £14

  • hudsmack


  • m la taupe

    yeah I love how currency exchange rates work at MS : 1$=1€… when in reality it’s been 1.25/1.30$=1€ for several years now.
    Cause you know… us Europeans have so much money that we can just give it away like candies on Halloween. Seriously, this has gone for way too long and while I understand that VAT maybe higher in some countries (France) than in others (Spain? Italy), a 30 or so % bump in pricing is complete BS.
    Europeans are not cash cows!!! And don’t blame game pricing on retail cause in this MS IS the retailer. Nice marging outthere…

    I’ll pass!

    PS : now I’ll wait for the usual localisation cost BS. Bad dubbing and silly subtitles is everuthing I love to spend my extra cash on.

  • wiirule111

    Those who already wanted the released map packs, already bought themm this is a rip-off.
    I didnt buy map packs myself as i dont play standard multiplayer. I wont fork out 1600 points for “Road to Ruin” only.
    This is probably the most expensive map pack ever.
    They released the huge Titan Pack and everything else for free for Unreal Tournament 3, but on Gears of war 2 they want money for anything.

  • Racer XMG

    do I get a refund on the maps I already bought? Add this outrage to the Halo 3 Mythic Map Pack and I’m quickly becoming and alienated. I can’t remember the last time I was as offended as I am by this…

    “In order to make the pack worthwhile to those who’ve already downloaded the majority of the Gears 2 DLC, the package also contains an introduction from Cliff Bleszinski for “Road to Ruin”, a collectible poster, a strategy guide, and a custom Xbox Live theme.”

    well woopity-doo


    just read the official report…

    so it works out £14.99 for all the DLC at retail, or approx £13.30 (£12 cheapest) for just the new content.

    a good deal for us who have not bought any of the DLC, but a bit of a cheat to those loyal Gears fans.

  • REIGN x 777

    Man, now I feel even worse about my purchase of the Combustible map pack lol. I still to this date have only played those maps 3-4 times online since they were so awful (Flood, really Epic?)


    i was thinking of purchasing both pieces of DLC a couple of days ago – so glad i didn’t :D


    Great deal for people like me who never downloaded the maps. Can’t wait to pick this up and starting murdering fools. Bravo!

  • TheReverendSlim

    This should be 1,200 for those of us who already bought all the other DLC. Epic = FAIL.

  • Anonymous

    Awesome, haven’t bought any of the new maps and really want the single player DLC, instant buy!

  • DNAgent

    New campaign? I should’ve guessed. Looks like yet another Epic ripoff just like with Gears 1 where you had to get the game again for an extra act that wasn’t even worth it to begin with. I won’t be buying any of this garbage. I’ve had it with this extra campaign garbage like with Tomb Raider, Prince of Persia, & now Gears 2. I sure as hell won’t be buying Gears 3 after this because I will have to pay $20 more to get the ending to that game probably.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve already spent $90, now another $20!?! WTF? so $110 in the end. F- that, I think I’ll be passing on this one. Money hungry SOB’s.

  • El Cid

    I wonder how this works for people, like myself, with multiple 360’s. Will I be able to install this content on both my systems or is this a one-use code?

  • KP ScuzzyBunny

    Has anyone in Europe caught on to today’s press release from Sony? Someone does hate you more than MS…no Ghostbusters for you.

  • KP ScuzzyBunny

    Oh, and I am curious…who is NOT offended by the upcoming sports title “Black College Football the Xperience”? Is there really a fan base out there who want to control cheerleaders and the drumline in addition to playing football? I am pretty sure that conference WAS represented in NCAA 08, 09, and will be in 2010…and I think I will stick to the game that let’s me use all the teams, not just this one. Is “Ivy League Lacrosse” next?

  • one4thewings2

    I love the addition of new campaign material. I am really looking forward to Halo 3: ODST and now Dark Corners is on my radar too. I really think this is how it’s going to work in the future. If you have a successful product on your hands like Halo or Gears of War, you don’t necessarily have to push out the sequel to expand upon your universe. I think Half-life has the right idea with different episodes.

  • Drunk Ste

    Well seeing as the only multiplayer mode I play is horde I never bothered to pick up any of the maps. If they seriously want me to consider spending any money on this they need to update the game with map pack playlists for horde mode, even the flashback map pack which most people should have hardly ever shows up in public horde.

  • PiNkEyE69

    Hmm, not sure what to make of this.
    I don’t have both of the non-limited edition map packs as I felt 800ms for just 3 maps (1 of which i believe was a remake from a PC only map) was over the top, the combustable map pack was better weighted but I couldn’t justify getting them as I don’t play gears 2 enough.
    This looks a GREAT price point for 4 map packs (inc the LE Freebie) but having it a dlc card as opposed to a disc based system like the halo 2 maps pack cd is wrong. I can understand them wanting to get as many people buying as possible but I think this is the wrong way to go about selling it, especially as people are still getting irate over dlc not working on new consoles (transfers all my licences to my main 360, then it dies bigtime, go figure)

  • Brain Mantis

    Wow, I can’t believe so many people are whning.

    What game hasn’t had reduced price in map pack, or map packs made free eventually?

    Halo 3 has done it, Gears 1 did it….why is this any different?

    And the most expensive map pack?? Its 7 maps and a new single player chapter.

    Do the math, thats $2.50 per content piece. Thats over priced?!?

    The best part is this will catch a LOT of people up to the DLC maps. So now these should appear much more often in certain playlists.

    Tired of whining brats always finding something to complain about.

  • CountryMud

    Wait, I still don’t understand how people who HAVEN’T bought the Flashback and Combustible Map Packs, can spend the same $20 and get them AND the new add-on… While those of us who shelled out $10 a pop for each of those map packs ALSO have to pay $20 for ONLY the new add-on. Completely UNFAIR to shoe of us who supported EPIC during their development of the game!!

  • metallicorphan

    yeah,can you just tell Microsoft to fix the achievements for the fallout 3 DLC,i am waiting to play it..what with that and PAL regions not getting 360 version of Ghostbusters,owning a 360 in Europe is starting to lose its shine i am totally losing faith

    whats the point of having an international friends list just to see them playing the games that i want to play but can’t…we are still waiting for Star Ocean 4 and Tales of Vesperia

  • Brain Mantis


    Re-read my post.

    Is it fair when things go on sale after you buy it?

    Get over it. Seriously.

  • TANK 2old2play

    EPIC FAIL ! I already own the three previous map packs which cost me $5 each. Having to re-buy content in these economic times is an epic fail. Sure just the 7 new maps and the 1 single player campaign are going to be available for download but for 1600 points AKA $20 ! Epic, you need to fix your network code before I’d consider giving you any more of my money. Two words for you… DEDICATED SERVERS. You have them for Unreal Tournament, it’s time you use them for Gears. No money for you until your networking issues are fixed.

  • Chessman UK

    How can people be complaining about this – it’s awesome news!! christmas has come early and Cliffy B is santa!! hee hee!

    I can’t wait for this. Any chance to play more co-op campaigns as well as new maps, new achievements and more hording is perfect in my book.

  • CountryMud

    Brain Mantis… A SALE?… yes… FREE???… No…

  • CountryMud

    Especially considering the last Gears pack just came out a few weeks ago.

  • ImmortalArbiter

    What a sweet ripoff for those of us that already bought the map packs. I’ve bought a TON of DLC, and I hate constantly being crapped over by Microsoft and Epic.

  • PrinceRules64

    You know…it would actually cost me more to buy the download version, than to go and buy the disk which has the packs I already paid for with the theme, poster and strategy guide etc. Now, for the people who were dedicated/loyal/kind enough to buy the packs on release, isn’t that a lovely kick in the teeth? -UK

  • Lucky 13 X

    @ Killer Scuzzy J. I’m not offended. The current issue of Official Xbox Manage in the US has a good write up on the upcoming “Black College Football the Xperience” game. it looks pretty interesting in my opinion. If you want to dsicuss it further, PM me so we don’t take things off topic here.

    Regarding this deal. It is definitely a great value to those of us who have not yet purchased those extra map maps. I’ll be getting the disk version soon after its release. Halo 2 had a similar offer for additional map packs for $20 at retail.


    To all you people that are talking about “tough economic times” maybe you should just cancel your XBOX Live subscriptions all together, that would be the most economical thing to do. Don’t you think?

  • Wedge81

    I’m in for this, but only because I passed on the other map packs so far and haven’t gotten into gears 2 multiplayer at all (too buggy at launch, couldn’t find a game)

  • El Boxo

    Country Mud…you do realize you can buy the new content separate if you already have the old map packs. It’s only $20 if you get the one that has all of the previous DLC

  • Warrengonline

    “Marcus…. what was that? 1 vs 5 Mode: Berserker vs 5 Cogs? I’m in!” Okay with that said, I’m a huge fan for scifi and GOW2 ending needs to be re-written and given more bang like GOW1’s was. Extra Campaign Chapter? Is it the one where we learn WHO’s INVADING WHO? And will there be female locust that look like the final boss in Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe (Dark Kahn)?

    I’ll wait and see….

  • Malrinth

    Awesome – bang for your buck.

    I would thank MS, but I feel this is more Epic’s doing than Microsoft, if the latest deals of the week are any indicator. I wouldn’t be surprise if this was from sort of compromise made between them, knowing Microsoft’s desire to wean gamers off free stuff.

  • Firecrest

    Big “meh” here. The chapter will probably be no longer than 30mins, so basically, we’ll be paying $19.99 for a map pack. No way.

  • CartVader

    No better way of saying “Thanks for your support” to all the fans that love the game in spite of it’s problems and bought the map packs at full price than to pull something like this. Epic & Microsoft have both disappointed me with this. How bout they spend some time to fix the lag issues and glitches and just make the game friggen work RIGHT. I’d pay 1600 points for THAT.