May 7th 2009 10:28 pm PT

Fallout 3 Broken Steel – FIXED


As you know, we are committed to delivering quality game experiences on Xbox LIVE and Games for Windows – LIVE. After receiving reports of errors with the Fallout 3 Game Add-on Broken Steel on Games for Windows – LIVE, our technical team removed the file from Games for Windows – LIVE Marketplace and worked to quickly resolve the issue.


We’re pleased to say that Broken Steel is back up on Marketplace and ready for our Windows gamers. For those of you who previously downloaded the file, you need only re-download it on Games for Windows – LIVE Marketplace to receive the new version.


A number of Xbox 360 gamers have also reported that their Achievements from Broken Steel are not being added to their Xbox LIVE Gamerscores. If you encounter a similar issue, you need only recover your Gamertag to populate the Achievements you’ve earned, which have already been saved to your console. Detailed instructions on this process are located here.

The team would like to apologize for any inconvenience, and wish you well as you return the Capitol Wasteland with your newly increased level caps.


Marketplace By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • NeoVampyre

    First of all I’d like to say thanks for the quick fix Major and Team, some of us appreciate your hard work.
    Secondly, for the few who it didn’t work, sometimes it takes for you to delete your tag first before recovering it. Do please be careful to select ‘delete profile only!’ and then do the recover process. Yes, it also takes me in the region of an hour but hell just watch a TV program whilst you wait or something.
    Lastly. OMG Guys! Do ya’ll want some cheese with your Whine! (Okay the guide thing is a legitamate beef but do you all need to infect every thread with it?). So what you have to play 15 minutes of game again, I have played over 400 hours of this game and play it every possible differant way with differant character. If you look at the achievements then to get them all you have to play it 3 times anyway!

  • NeoVampyre

    @James in STL! – LOL, talk about coincidence! We must have both been thinking the same thing at once and both had the stones to say it!

  • wolfzero01

    I’ve got a level 20 character that is at the beginning of Death From above,& I’m currently playing a new character who is at the very beginning of the game (level 5), so does that mean I would need to recover my gamertag, or would I be okay?

  • RangerPrimeX

    Wow is there some angry people on here. I have not had the issue that others have as far as the achievements. Fallout does lockup occasionally as well as weird glitches but no surprise to me after I put in 80 plus hours in Oblivion when it came out and still can not do the Thieves Guild quest line due to a glitch. In the end though, I loved that game and love Fallout so a glitch here and there for such a massive open world game does not bother me. I just save periodically beyond the auto-saves.
    As for NXE, boy I wish they would fix the lag issue when it is pulling data down and I have FIOS so it is not my connection but in the end I bet they are working on it and I love the new interface. Screaming out Major Nelson will not fix it any faster and I am sure he has passed along the message to those who can.
    My suggestion to Major is to just do an acknowledgment post of NXE lag and let us know why and what is the current plan even though you can not go into details.
    Now I do not know about you guys, but I have some more Broken Steel to play through. Thanks Bethesda and Microsoft for providing extra DLC for us to purchase and enjoy and just know that a good number of us know you guys are probably hard at work working at issues that crop up.
    I will gladly pay $50 for Gold over the free PSN service. Free would be nice but not at the expense of losing features that your rivals do not have.

  • threeleggedcow

    “Okay the guide thing is a legitamate beef but do you all need to infect every thread with it?”

    As the person who brings it up in nearly every blog (thx for trying to steal the credit Custom Casket!), my answer would be “yes”. The guide and all of its features are what set the 360 apart from the PS3 online service. When you have to wait 20-30 second just for your guide to load or even disappear, it becomes pointless you use. I paid $50/year for this. I expect it to work properly.

    I’m sure one day MS will release a fix and Major Nelson will begin his blog post like this one and add that it has only affect a small percentage of users. Both of which are untrue.

  • threeleggedcow

    “Do you guys need some cheese with that whine?”

    Do you want butter on your corn?

  • Evil Romer

    I find it weird that a lot of the commenters here are so off topic and seem to think Major Nelson runs all of Microsoft’s Xbox division or something =p

    Actually getting back the the topic at hand, can one recover their gamertag via the Windows client? I started into the game last night on PC, had the first achievement unlocked on screen but it’s not on my account on Xbox Live (not did I receive the points for it). From what I’ve read here and elsewhere, it seems like the solution is to recover my gamertag and redo everything… can anyone confirm that something like that works on the PC version like it does on the 360?

  • L0rN

    @all the people screaming “stop whining” on here and “don`t be so offtopic”

    MN is our connectionpoint to MS. And there are problems with the Xbox. But there is no statement, no answer, nothing. So what should we do in your opinion? Shut up and enjoy the crap???? No.
    That`s why we (and the we is not a small number of people) will complain over and over again until there comes some response or it gets better.

  • PWXBOX360

    Hey Major Nelson,

    Please can you advise how us PC gamers can recover our gamertags as the achievements can be earnt but do not show up as part of our gamerscore card at all. Only if you compare them against a friend can you see them at all.


  • oxymoronx420

    It really would be nice if the Major would ever respond to our real concerns, but he never will. I doubt he’s even allowed to address us individually. It’s farking sad.

  • vI Demon Iv

    Wow… So much for the retro fix huh?
    You know, maybe if MS would listen to the gamers and change how they handle DLC this achievement problem would not be present in a large number of DLC releases. Stop treating DLC like the retail game, it is not. It is an expansion, it is a separate game and should be treated as such. Retail games never have these problems, if DLC had it’s own set of achievements that weren’t added to the Retail game’s total, this problem would never happen.
    On top of that, why have the game companies been allowed to go crazy with DLC and achievements lately? It’s insanely annoying. Maybe if a company would take their time and make a solid game the DLC would sell even without extra achievements. Allowing all these shoddy companies to use achievements as a selling point is fubar.

    I also experience the guide lag issue, it’s been getting progressively worse over the past few weeks. My guess is my HDD needs to be defraged. Oh wait, that’s not possible. Why is that? Again, a clear case of MS ignoring gamers and their needs and real complaints. You include a defrag utility in every version of Windows, yet you feel we don’t need one for our HDD on the 360? I’m beginning to wonder if I made the right choice in the 360 over the PS3 and if I should trade my 360 in for a PS3.

  • HairyToeKnuckle

    Do people actually buy anything Bethesda puts out on the first day anymore? Brave, brave souls.

  • PROTEGE420

    yes plz FIX the DASH

  • Venom Trav

    since trying this all my fallout 3 data has been lost. its frustating but im sure ill eventually go back to starting again.

  • SinistralEOC07

    Damn you people are harsh, yeah Im mad too lol but geez calm down. Lame that if we didnt have a prior save to do “Take It Back” all over to do Broken Steel and being able to use your built character, ur screwed. Now most people have to start a whole new character (profile) just to get achievements that we already earned. DAM!

  • vI Demon Iv

    We’re harsh because we expect MS to be on the ball with the release of products and have them working on the day they release?
    What if you bought a car, filled the gas tank and found the gas wasn’t registering on the fuel gauge. You contact the dealership and are told you must wait, for an undisclosed amount of time, and your fuel gauge will start working eventually. Then finally one day the dealership contacts you and says your fuel gauge is working now, but to see the fix, you must drain all gas from your car and refill it. Would you find this acceptable? I personally would not find a single part of this acceptable and would be getting refund fully immediately after finding out the fuel gauge was not working properly.

  • P00K


    Fallout 3 automatically creates a save right before you make your final “choice” in the rotunda. The only reason you wouldn’t have a save is if you explicitly deleted or saved over it.

  • JohnnyricoMC

    thanks a lot MS & bethesda, I redownloaded broken steel and recovered my account, RE-DID the missions for the achievements, and the gamerscore still doesn’t get updated.
    maybe MS & bethesda should learn the meaning of “testing” before releasing another product.

  • Freaky Priest


    I did this after reading this here and now the achievements are gone on my console, too. The only way to get them back (maybe) is to start over in Fallout 3 because I have no savegame from before Broken Steel.

  • P00K

    @Priest: I recovered mine, it worked perfectly. I had plenty of gamesaves (in fact I had one right before the very final action in “Death From Above” so I didn’t have to repeat that. If you recovered your gamertag and suddenly all your achievements are gone – it didn’t recover correctly.

  • SinistralEOC07

    The dumb factor is that if we dont have the correct save point in the game, we have to make another character just to get the broken steel achievements…F*ck!

  • XxLightkunxX

    @Mr Barrel Roll

    >Note to self: Act polite and everyone ignores you, act like a *** and everyone lines up to help!

    *And thus, another internet troll was born.*

    Ever heard of the forums? GREAT way to go elsewhere and post topics in case this, Major Nelson’s site, doesn’t do well to inform you of what you want.

    Instead of you know..trying to look cool by semi-talking-to-yourself as if you’re more important than anyone else by fake-reminding yourself on how to act here on the site. Cuz THAT is obviously a real cool and popular idea on the internets in order to win.

  • XxLightkunxX

    Also Major, funny how, even though I have no knowledge *or do not own* Fallout 3 or any of its DLC…that with this “fix” it seems nothing at ALL has been indeed fixed at all. I can’t believe the number of complaints on the process or the “broken” content alone.

    Good God Major, do you think you’re losing your touch? Oh no wait, MS apparently has.


    Major, has anyone suggested to the Achievement gurus that go through and award the first one/two story-related achievements to people whose profile shows they have the third (or second) story achievement (i.e. got it console-only, and lost it during GT recovery)?

  • Freaky Priest

    Now we all know why it’s called “broken” steel. The achievements unlocked in game and they were saved on my console, but the gamerscore was not added and the achievements were not on Now after I recovered they are neither on nor my console.

  • Xebu

    I’ll add my voice, Major you should have indicated that doing this will REMOVE your achievements not FIX them.

    This has happened in the past (can’t remember which game, sorry) and when left long enough the scores sorted themselves out eventually without any of this. What’s up this time?

    Plus I’ll add my voice to the complaints about NXE. It’s shockingly slow 90% of the time I even open my friends list and the marketplace is becoming a no-fly zone as it takes up to a minute now just to bring up lists. My download history shows about 800-900 items. A second profile with 0 items does the same task instantly. My connection is 20Mb but that obviously makes little difference.

    Finally, howsabout some acknowledgement for those with multiple consoles. I have two and it’s an increasing pain to juggle the licenses for DLC. Even though technically my GT has a floating license many XBLA games seem to ignore this and always open as trials requiring me to go through the 1 minutes wait to bring up the “unlock full game” option and re-download it EVERY time I play.

    At the moment allowing you to activate DLC on multiple consoles is the one thing Sony have gotten right with the PS3, bring it to 360 as well, PLEASE!

    And on and on. License transfer tool. When my 360 went in for repairs one SOME of the licenses were transferred so my XBLA problem is actually true on both of my consoles and I can’t do anything about it because the online transfer just says “this was done as part of the service” which is wasn’t.


  • vI Demon Iv

    And now serious issues are occurring with LIVE. I strongly suggest you guys get this straightened out quickly. This is not PSN, I pay for my subscription to LIVE and I will not continue to do so if MS can’t run the servers properly.

  • AutomaticOcelot

    Another lovely ontopic discussion I see. I think this is why The Major doesn’t have a forum. :)

    My thought is that Bethesda would garner a boatload of community respect if they simply renamed the DLC “Fixed Steel”. I hope it was at least discussed….

  • JonnyDFandango

    I think MS must be run like a zoo… hear me out on this. Their support staff are as slow as sloths, and at the mention of guide issues MS puts their heads in the sand just like an ostrich…all so they can avoid the 1000 pound gorilla in the room (i.e. guide issues). Maybe they should go into business making horse blinders, as the one’s they’ve got the Major wearing must be top of the line. I find it hard to believe that they haven’t seen the massive negative feedback related to guide lag… on this site alone there are pages and pages of it in almost every post. Maybe if MS stays REALLY still… maybe we’ll all just lose interest and give up.

    I hope that we’ll see a fix for the guide… but I won’t be holding my breath.

  • IconicSoulJA

    Umm… The PC achievements ARE NOT UNLOCKING!!! This is ridiculous!! It is not fixed on the PC side.

  • JohnnyricoMC

    confirmed, achievements on the PC DO NOT REGISTER.
    you get the unlocked crap, but your gamerscore doesn’t get updated nor your online achievements list.
    seriously MS & Bethesda, if you’re gonna blab around of how you want the best live service for everyone, start by decently testing prior to release. the amount of issues Fallout3 has had is just ridiculous, and every update patch just made the stability issues worse.
    this yet again shows MS doesn’t do crap for Games for Windows LIVE.

  • SinistralEOC07

    Im simply not touching fallout untill there is an alternate way of this being fixed, I want the achvmnts on MY character, and just cause I dont have the right save at the right time, what I have to make a 2nd character? wtf!

  • MartyPG13

    How about fixing the complete slow and crippled NXE?

  • jrmtz85

    I haven’t downloaded BS for my Xbox at all. If I get it now and get the achievements, will I still have to recover my GT and replay it, or will it already work? I just want to know that before I download the DLC.

  • mikebz28

    How about fixing Account recovery. Thanks for the broken fix for the broken DLC.

  • ShinobiSteve81

    So no word yet about the recovery issue eh? Glad I read through these comments after I tried and couldn’t recover coz signup was down or whatever….if this does take away achs, that is super lame. Achievements may not mean anything to some people, but alot of us like them, and if MS can’t get them to work right, what was the point of having them to begin with?

  • ShinobiSteve81

    Okay, well I had to recover my GT anyhow since when I first started yesterday, it went a bit, then the signup went down an stayed down other times….tha’s when I came here to check things out. After fully recovering today, I haven’t lost any achievements, but I did not get the one back that I earned, as was supposed to happen. How the hell can I have Shock Value and Who Dares Wins, but not Death From Above? Mr. PR dude, tell people to get their shit into gear. I know you’re only the voice, but be the voice of us gamers too, not just the voice of MS.

  • mikebz28

    your not the only one. My Achievements didn’t get added either. So now i have to go back and play through Broken Steel once again. Again AWESOME FIX! MS Needs to get their heads out of their asses or the next gen of consoles they will be in the same boat Sony is in right now. Look where arrogance and ignorance got them.

  • JohnnyricoMC

    I’ve recovered my GT on GFWL FIVE times now, each time going back to my saves I have just before I unlock the achievements, each time I go online my gamerscore gets put back.
    it’s quite clear what’s going on here, the GFWL client doesn’t properly register the achievements and even overwrites the local data with the data scraped from

    and instead of communicating even a little, bethesda and microsoft are acting like their nose bleeds, even going as far as to LIE TO THE PRESS that the issues have been fixed!

    this is precisely why people are moving away from Microsoft products in general: the persistent mentality of releasing unfinished products with a mentality that you can fix it later.

  • Number 905

    Honestly, issues like this have flat out convinced me to not even bother with Games For Windows LIVE any more. It’s not supported by developers, and apparently not even Microsoft themselves care enough to maintain the service.

    There’s a reason why Steam is your biggest competition for a unified PC platform, Microsoft. Try looking into it.

  • Honeycut1

    I’m having no luck with the game on games for windows live. not cool zeus. It says I have 2 unavailable achievements, unlocked some, but got no gamerscore for it. ugh

  • nmg82

    Achievements are still broken on the PC/Games for Windows Live. Major, is there anyway you can let the right people know and then get back to us with a status update? I have yet to see any official response/acknowledgement of this. A community manager on the Bethesda forums said they didn’t handle gamerscores and that we should deal with GFWL support ( To me this is an unbelievable response, and I really hope they aren’t leaving it up to individual gamers to sort this issue out. That’s a little insulting after all we’ve been through just to get the DLC up and running. So how about it Major? Any way you could help the Games for Windows Live gamers our here and let somebody know that there is STILL a problem, and it’s with the PC achievements? Thanks…

  • JohnnyricoMC

    By the Bethesda people:
    “We don’t control gamerscores/gamertags, this is a Microsoft-specific issue, so you’ll need to work with the support team for Games for Windows LIVE.

    If I find out any information that would be helpful to you guys, I’ll let you know.”

    how the frak are we supposed to feel about such a worthless response? instead of actually helping they’re just shoving us to people who will shove us right back to bethesda, pushing us in a vicious circle.
    us PC gamers paid 800 MSP for this DLC.
    for that 800 MSP we expect all the advertised features.

    MS or bethesda, stop acting like your nose bleeds and make it frakking happen!

  • PWXBOX360

    Good news guys,

    PC Achievements are now working properly. But you need to re-earn them though. All I did was sign into GFWLIVE within Fallout 3 and my glitched achievement had vanished then I reloaded my save just before I earnt it and its working properly now.

    We need to thank gamertag “e” as he is the man who fixed this apparently.



    i just did what you said to do to get the other achievements that I’ve got but it wiped them so i have to do them all over again but i don’t have a save with the right information on it . thanks a lot . the achievement information said i was 64 of 64 achievement’s but know it say’s I’m 62 of 64 …
    not happy. thanks

  • Evil Romer

    I can confirm that PC achievements are working now. If you’re playing through Broken Steel for the first time, you’ll have no troubles at all.

    If, like me, you unlocked one (or more) of the achievements while they were broken, you’ll have to do the PC version of recovering your gamertag, like Major Nelson recommended to 360 users once the issue was fixed for them.

    On PC, bring up the Games for Windows Live overlay, sign out, click on Delete Profile and delete your gamertag profile.

    This only deletes the profile from your PC. Your saved games are still intact. [ Save games are saved in a folder like: C:\Users\windowsusername\Documents\My Games\Fallout3\Saves\gamertag ]

    Once that’s done, sign back into your gamertag. It will have to download your info (past achievements etc) from the Live servers and then you have to replay whatever parts of the game you’ve done in order to get the achievements again. I know, it’s sad times =(

    The game automatically creates a save for you just before entering the final room at the end of the original Fallout 3 story. That’s the save game I used to go back to the beginning of Broken Steel.

  • Xebu

    This was just a bonkers solution that would NEVER work.

    If your local profile is the only one showing the achievements how is deleting it and downloading the online one, which doesn’t have them, ever going to magically make them appear?

    I’ve answered my own question haven’t I? Magic? I don’t believe in it though so maybe that’s why mine didn’t work, dang :-(