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 Crackdown Theme

I just got word that a Crackdown NXE Theme is coming to Marketplace tomorrow. I’m a big Crackdown fan, so I was pretty excited when I was able to get a preview of what it will look like as well.


Here are the details as they’ll appear in Marketplace tomorrow MORNING after 0700 ET/0300 PT


If you a Crackdown fan, be sure to download the Agility Orb sound file. It makes a great message tone for your mobile phone!


Content: Play More Crackdown!
Price: 240 Microsoft Points
Availability: Not available in Germany
Dash Text: Two years later, Crackdown is still an awesome game. Here’s a new Premium Theme in celebration of its sheer awesomeness. Why not dust off your copy, give your friends a nudge, and go stir up some mayhem in Pacific City?

Edit: Updated region availability



    Good thing theres a link to marketplace to buy this, imagine waiting 15 minutes on the XBOX360 to navigate ti download this theme.


  • MartyPG13

    **YaoIsGod said: “People pay for themes and pics?”**

    People pay for ring tones too … no I don’t get it either


  • BleedingGuitar

    Still the best game on the system, IMHO, and one of the best of all time.

    I really hope for a sequel announcement on E3, too … unfortunately, I know it ain’t so …


  • CrossyX

    I would definitely bought this but developers still feel the need to put the games name all over the theme, a big Crackdown logo at the bottom of the theme dosent look good :(.

    Anyways please can you preview all the themes as you have done here, i always back away from buying a theme after buying a few that were rubbish due to no preview being available.



  • THC FightDog 85

    “Availability: All Xbox LIVE regions” < Thats wrong, its not available in Germany! :(


  • Quandoz

    Availability: All Xbox LIVE regions > Execpt Germany…


  • BloodOmen360

    I’m still waiting for the Free-For-All and Getting Busy packs to be available in my region. I loved Crackdown, but I won’t be buying number 2 if it comes out, not if I’m gonna be cut from the “whole” experience again.


  • antkappa

    Great game. Crap theme :( Sorry.


  • Whetzel

    This theme looks nice, but I’m not going to pay $3 for something as worthless as a theme. Plus I try to spend as little time on the dashboard as I can since the NXE launched. I hate seeing those stupid looking avatars.

    I thought for sure that a theme for a game this old would have been free.

    What’s next, an 8 bit Pac Man theme?


  • Willeth

    “I had 499 orbs and gave up, I looked absolutely everywhere :(”

    I think there’s at last one place you didn’t look. :D


  • CajunSamurai84

    Nice looking theme


  • Secret Fuller

    I will never pay 240 MS points. That would be the end of the world! GIVE US SOME FREE FUCKING THEMESE YOU PUSSY’S


  • Sneeches

    wow i can’t believe there’s so many people here that like shitty games…this game was one of the worst in history and i hope it never has a sequel.


  • bUbbALoUmCc

    @ Sneeches that said “wow i can’t believe there’s so many people here that like shitty games…this game was one of the worst in history and i hope it never has a sequel.”
    LOL Says someone playing a CSI game and buggie bunnies. LOL Talk about bad games.
    OH yeah one more thing. You cant talk down on a game and think people will value your opinion when you never played it. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.


  • anthonycougar

    I’d venture most of the themes are purchased by those who’s MS points are paid by someone else, aka. parents and so on. Now if theme design were opened up for user created content like community games are, there could be something interesting to spend money on.

    Other than that, I do agree that games should come with themes and gamerpictures and such. Gamecontent is already split up to downloaded parts to discourage second hand market. Adding these things wouldn’t certainly be much of an leap going down that road.


  • oue

    I love crackdown but $3.00 for a theme to a game that was release 2/20/2007 over (27) months ago. Yeah 27 months! I wish they could of done better on the price.


  • CheekyLeeth

    The timing seems rather odd, it has to be said. Still, I suppose it is good that it is there at all for those strange people who would want to buy it. Never let it be said that MS don’t cater to people who enjoy wasting money! In other news, a whole lot of people wouldn’t download this even if it were free because they don’t want to put anything else onto their history for fear of never being able to use the 360 dashboard again. I think MS have their priorities wrong.


  • northerntrack

    Oh Hell Yes! This surely means Crackdown 2 is incoming, please?! Maybe there is a god :D



    I like this. We need more things like this. Just stumbled across the RE5 premium theme last night and I’m digging that one too.


  • Sneeches

    @Bubbal – I’ve played the game, and it was fucken horrible so I took it back. Its shitty games like this that’ll keep the 360 in second place. You guys think games like this are good, have you never played a metal gear, or uncharted? You must not have because that’s what a good game is, and it shines in every aspect.

    PS: My games are played by my wife and I, so if you see a XBLA game that you dont like then it’s prolly my wife playing it.


  • GhStRdR2k

    I do agree that Crackdown was one of the best games that I have played. I really hope that we see a sequel in the near future, maybe announced at E3? lol While I love this theme I also hope that we can get a premium Fallout 3 theme.


  • MrGreen13

    it’s really funny that this just showed up…I have been all over this game again lately!


  • X Ray Hamburger

    This is still a great game. Oh and that sound file is awesome, been rocking that for about 2 years now on my Moto Q.

    Would love to see a sequel.


  • z0rk

    ditto on the pricing comments. Nice looking theme, but too bad it’s 3 bucks to essentially get users to promote a game via a handful of wallpapers that can’t be seen most of the time. The friends list is the only place the premium themes offer much – and many people find the guide button offers a much more useful friends list… :(

    Truly custom themes might be worth a little money, but themes to sponsor/advertise for a game should be free.


  • sho220

    i like the theme, i like crackdown and i will play more crackdown but, i am not going to pay 240MSP ($3) for this theme. rock band songs are cheaper. anyways, i’m down for getting back on crackdown. if anyone wants to run around co-op or whatever, msg me. i finished the game but, i still need to get the rest of the hidden orbs (i have all of the agility). and i’m willing to help if people have missions left or questions on how to get to certain orbs.


  • asphaltOnline

    + Nice to have a preview

    – Too expensive
    – When will previews be mandatory on Marketplace?


  • Ark Hunter


    Totally. Why would they release this if not?



    I just hope this means some type of Halo-related Beta.Frankly,that’s what the previous Crackdown meant to me.Although, I did get into it a little during the wait for the beta release.


  • Anonymous

    Should be free since I pay for Xbox Live.


  • SToNeP2277

    Two years later it should be free damn.


  • rogXue

    btw You can find this game at newegg for $9.99. For those interested in spending a few dollars more for something with actual value ;)


  • SoulAssassin808

    “Should be free since I pay for Xbox Live.”



  • Anonymous

    Instant win!

    Getting ready for Crackdown 2, MS? ;)



    Well looks good…
    But why do themes cost so much?
    $4 Australian dollars for a theme
    I would buy a lot more themes if they where from 50 to 100 points.
    Themes just seem like impulse buys,cause we have no idea what they look like half the time.


  • STONED1999

    Wish this was free, I hate spending points on frivolous things, but I do love this game, I own two copies so that I can play with my kids. Shouldn’t I get this for free for that fact alone :(


  • Techromage

    Dude. Crackdown is, was and always will be balls out awesome. Too bad I never found those last 2 agility orbs. I lost my original save cuz the console with the original save on it was a three red ring incident in 2007. So now if I want em all, I gotta start over. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    Oh, and the theme looks nice. It’s just not $3.00 nice, sorry. Does Microsoft not know that there are millions of us without jobs and therefore have almost no disposable income to waste on frivolous things such as premium themes? The game is old. This theme shoud be free, damn it!


  • Scooterific

    If you spend real money for a theme for your Xbox menus, you might have a mental disorder.


  • Warrengonline

    Its ‘Crackdown-erific’, not mental. I’ve been waiting for Crackdown 2 (when it was suspended and APB was up for PC only (according to the site). This is great news. Even greater would be a World Spree Mode for up to 4 players ort roam free chasing gangs or each other and doing the mini tasks (collecting orbs, stock piling, stunts, climbing tall objects, check point chases, car races, etc) would just be totally wild and welcomed. This thime is a MUST for anyone who is a fand of Crackdown. $3? Don’t buy the $5 footlong. :)


  • MartinChris

    I don’t understand the concept of paying for themes – it’s the dashboard for crying out loud! Hopefully you’re just there as a means to start something else (a game, movie, etc). Be smart and avoid it.



    This would actually make a perfect complement for those who spent the 560 points on the Fable II See the Future DLC and want to even up their points again.


  • AutomaticOcelot

    ”I was pretty excited when I was able to get a preview of what it will look like as well.”

    I think I speak for the entire community Major, when I say that we do too.
    I don’t ever buy a gamerpic or theme without seeing it first. I hope your Marketplace guys make the publishers aware of that, because I think the big guys put too much stock in their brand names.


  • ZR Leigh

    I wish that i could use the agilty orb sound on my iphone. I can create ringtones on garageband but not message tones :(


  • Arsenic13


    Im tired of a freezing guide and parties that wont even connect for no reason. Also, why do i have to access the market place just to start the photo party App. Make a god damn app bar for this crap. My whole experience for the last 3 hours has been a slow mess all because of these problems that have been ignored.


  • Macedonia Mafia

    I refuse to pay for themes or gamer pictures. Give someone five minutes in photoshop and they’ll make something equal or better than the “premium” themes. Gamer pictures? Charging for something that takes two seconds to make is great!


  • Hawaiian c

    lol mafia i a-gree in some cases but i think the avatar background is a 3d mesh done by 3d studio or something like it btw major just ask if u can answer if you read this far back in the posting is there or are you guys are able to let the NXE community able you make the Premium themes for there arcade i mean it only fare to make it even playing ground for the new programmers that making the spot light in marketplace


  • blinker flewid

    we should be getting premium themes with the game tbo. the prices for some of the DLC is bad enough, but to add insult to injury? especially when this game is so old. get it together.


  • DredPirateStorm

    This is a nice theme, but we really need some more non-game themes. How about a free beach theme for the summer? After spending all that money on themes for the old Xbox interface that I can’t use anymore it would be nice to get something for free.


  • Maini8000

    they need to have previews like this on all premium themes… i want to know what im buying looks like… i wont be buying any themes without a preview… LISTEN TO ME MAJOR!


  • NuAngel

    Freakin’ LOVE this game. It’s still probably my all time favorite. All 800 Orbs collected. :)

    Plus, a big thanks to MajorNelson for those sound effects – I remember downloading them in… what, 2007? But yeah, when I got my “new” phone (Moto Q9C with Windows Mobile 6.1) back in November, I set up a sound scheme for my phone:

    Text Messages are the achievement unlocked sound
    Voice Mails are the Agility Orb
    Notifications and error messages are the Hidden Orb.

    I never thought I’d pay for a theme – I never did on the old dashboard… but this might just make me do it!



  • MarcJo33

    There have been rumours of Ruffian Games working on a sequel or a remake of the game. You can see a Crackdown map poster on the wall of one of their offices


    Hopefully this new theme will mean an announcement soon, E3 maybe?


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