May 22nd 2009 10:36 am PT

Coming to Arcade next week

Monday is Memorial Day, which is a National Holiday for the U.S. (and the unofficial start of Summer) so I am able to break tradition and share with you a little early what next weeks Arcade titles will be. Wallace & Gromit from Telltale Games and Yosumin Live from Square Enix will both be available Wednesday, May 27th for 800 points each.  We’ll also see Boggle get added to Hasbro Family Game Night for 800 points.


Edit: Fright of the Bumblebees is the W&G title being released.

Arcade By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Raz 360

    Strange how ‘summer’ is about to begin and Primetime was supposed to be out in ‘spring’….seems to have gone unnoticed!

  • Anonymous

    HD Trailer :

    ps : please mod delete previous post

  • Anonymous

    Laggy guide patch every going to be released ?

  • rogXue

    wow a puzzle game from square that’s…odd. Not worth 800 pts though

  • SumHydroponic

    Wallace & Gromit for the win!!

  • rogXue

    Major, which Wallace will this be? The website shows four. Is this a compilation?

  • Anonymous

    @raz 360 spring ends sunday 21 june 2009

  • L0rN

    Wow, another 2 crappy games coming out. At least Blazing Birds was a little bit original this week.
    Laggy guide fix…when?
    1 vs 100.. when?

    Enjoy your holiday Major, you`ve done so much for us as our voice in the marketing department. *ironic*

  • nastyswan

    Are these just available to the USA people? Just wondering after your Black-whatever-day release.

  • JimmyStewart

    Great news on Wallace and Grommit! Gotta love TellTale and their revival of the old school graphic adventures. Hopefully this will help bring Sam and Max closer to release, MS really needs to streamline the XBLA process. The game’s been on the PC for a few years, on the Wii for a year… and I’m still waiting on MS to let me buy that version too! If I wasn’t such a fan (with the desire to buy them all) I would’ve long since given up on the 360. Get this poppy out. Sam and Max season 3 will be out by the time you guys get around to releasing Season 1!

    But for now I’ll be playing W&G on Wednesday, and staring at my PC version of the second episode while I wait months for that to release…

  • ItsNymo

    finally, Boggle!
    And nice to see Yosumin! The game was rather fun on the DS, can’t wait to see the XBLA version.
    And to top it all off: Wallace & Gromit!
    Sounds like another fun week!

  • Warrengonline

    @Raz 360
    Have you heard of “Having issues”? Would you want them to release a major buggy version that’ll make you want to cower in the corner and cry for hours or let them test it, fix the majority of all the kinks and release a fun enjoyable experience? I’ll take the later, but five years should be more than sufficient given the right tools (dedicated servers for each quadrant).

  • I Great Wolf I

    Hey Major, will the Deal of the week be up on Monday or Tuesday? Any idea what it will be?


    Celebration = crappy arcade titles getting released….. amazing!

  • monosocratic

    jesus, people. so many of you come on here every day and whine and complain about things not even relative to the post. yes, microsoft gets it: you think that the guide is laggy. you think that the arcade games are too expensive.

    troll somewhere else, or try to find a balance between the positive and the negative.

  • AnEternalEnigma

    Awesome. Another addition to Hasbro Family Ripoff.

  • damon5334

    Anyone know any new news on the Magic: The Gathering game for live, or if there will be a Marvel vs. Capcom 2 demo released soon? I was expecting one of these two to make a showing for the holiday weekend.

  • Raz 360

    @ Warrengoonline, No i havent heard about “having issues”. Has there been a press release of something to confirm that Primetime has been further delayed? I realise it was delayed from NXE, but it was supposed to be out in Spring. Half a year has gone by since NXE was released and still no primetime? Takes em 6 months to fix something that shoulda been out with NXE? How bad are these programmers?

  • HunCity87

    @monosocratic I was starting to think I was the only one with that thought!

  • Warrengonline

    @Raz 360
    Not sure, but ANYTHING, EVEYTHING that has to do with the web, synchronizing more than 15 players across the globe is no weekend feat. I only said that as when I watched the previous E3 demo , I could see an ‘issue’. Also after watching the current vids, I happened to email one of the beta testers out of curiosity and he said “cool but slow” – but then I noticed he was in the U.S. and not Canadian. So, I can wait. Even though I do not like the game, have you tried Wits and Wagers? It’s similar in simple play mechanics. I’d recommend trying it out, although the trial is lame. If you want multiplayer fun, it is indeed that. I think it’ll curb your 1 vs 100 appetite a little.

  • Anonymous

    Lame overpriced games on a national holiday. Yeah, thank you Microsoft. I mean you’d think a free theme or something damn …

  • Pandapadawan

    Overpriced? I’m just glad that they finally went back to 800 point games and even released a 400 point game this week. And I really like that they started releasing two games a week.

  • Quicksand

    It’s too expensive! Microsoft and the developers should give everything away for free!! The games stink before they even come out!!! I’m being sarcastic, when will you whiners ever stop.

  • Chitwood7412

    Wallac & Gromit + Boggle, Really? Atleast it won’t take up two weeks. And 1 Vs 100 comes out soon I hope.

  • TaygetaVendetta

    Didn’t care for either of this week’s games and next week’s don’t look much better.

    I hope King of Fighters ’98UM comes out soon, I am aching to play it.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, almost everything should be free and not overpriced. An arcade game should be priced fairly. Charging for themes, gamer pictures, and rip off DLC is stupid, especially since I and others are paying customers of Xbox Live. You’d think we’d get on a break but that’s not what Microsoft wants. I have a right to complain. it’s only going to get worse from here if everyone stays shut and ponies up the cash.

  • PriusGuy2004

    W & G!!! Awesome! I have the two W & G games on my Original XBox…and they are fun. Have always loved the clay-mation animation shorts. Hopefully, this one will be completely different than the Original XBox titles.

  • Ark Hunter

    Is Wallac & Gromit one episode or all 4 that are on that site?


    Hopefully the LAGGY GUIDE and the SLLLOOOOOWWWW Marketplace will be fixed so people will be able to $$PURCHASE$$ and download these games.

    I wonder if it’s quicker to mail out the code to people, than it is to use the marketplace?

  • K04 Passat

    Add me to the list that complain about the slow marketplace, and dashboard. The marketplace I can kinda live with, but the dashboard… It feels like I’m being punished for having too many games. I have downloaded over 100 XBLA games, and I think it takes a couple of minutes to load up my available games EVERY time.

    Know what else, though? I am going to wind up running out of space on my 120 gig drive, and I have NOTHING but DLC and XBLA games. No movies, no audio files, no pictures… Are we going to be seeing a bigger hdd, if the 360 lives for a few more years?

    I’ll pick up Boggle, and maybe the Square puzzle game. I’m looking forward to King of Fighters 98, Mark of the Wolves, and Marvel vs Capcom 2.

    Shame about Midway falling apart. I could’ve dealt with some of their arcade racers… California Speed, Rush, Hydro Thunder…

    Capcom, are you still listening to us? You’ve done GREAT with Xbla games. New Strider, please. Also, how about Power Stone 1 and 2, Street Fighter 3 Third Strike, and Vampire Chronicle?

    I’m almost there, to not needing a Dreamcast hooked up anymore.

  • Sausage Villan

    i highly doubt the wallace and gromit is all four games i doubt it is even 2 games . the website lists all four of them for 35 dollars and microsoft is going to give them away at only ten bucks? where in our history with microsoft have they ever been that generous. no i think that it will be the first game released and then each successive game for ten bucks each as well. so it will be forty bucks if you want all of them instead of the $35 offered by the website . NOW that’s the microsoft i know

  • Jonah Falcon

    Yousmin Live multiplayer looks pretty cutthroat. It’s gotten some rave previews on IGN, too.

  • Jonah Falcon

    I reviewed Fright of the Bumblebees for GameStooge:

    I loved it. It’s longer than, say, Penny Arcade Ep 1, thought that’s not saying much. The achievements are clever, though.

  • Shinji257

    I’ll probably get the square soft and boggle demos but that will be about it. Burnout Paradise island is coming out in a few weeks and I need to make sure I can get it.

  • Malrinth

    800 points for Yosumin Live sounds steep for a game of that description. Its Square’s game; they can price it as they see fit. They should just be aware of the consquences of overpricing content. Should they bring down the price later down the road, but by time people may not care anymore.

    With prices like this I wish MS was more competitive with their pricing and consider once and awhile whether they would make more money selling less copies but at a higher price or more copies at a lesser price. Because right now I think they’re getting greedy and trying to do both, releasing games at a higher price to begin with than discounting them later and at the moment that’s not working very well. As a consumer that’s hurting me.

  • Aliasalpha

    The Wallace & Gromit game is definitely something worth getting and given the size of the game I’m pleasantly surprised at the low price point.

    To answer a few of the questions, its only the first of the 4 episodes, Fright Of The Bumblebees which has been out on PC for a month or 2. The length of the game varies according to your style of play, if you do a speed run, skipping dialogue, knowing in advance how to solve puzzles etc you could probably get through it in 15-20 minutes. If, however, you play it as an adventure game should be played, talking to everyone, trying to use objects on everything just to see if it works then you’ll get a good 2-4 hours of solid varied gameplay out of it.

    Given just how much stuff there is in the game, I’d have felt satisfied if I’d paid 1200 points for it (and I’m damned satisfied that I got the whole series on PC as a 50% off pre-order bundle)

  • SilverFox863

    Let’s see…800 points = $10.00….right? For quality games, 800 points is a good deal. I almost always download the trial game first and then decide if an Arcade game is worth 800 points to me or not.


    What would have been a celebration would have been a free xbla game or something, not overpriced games which are so dry.

  • TheColdWolf

    May be fun

  • TheColdWolf

    May be fun

  • sleepydumbdude

    Might pick up Wallace & Gromit depends if I like the demo. No plans to ever get Boggle at that price. I’m having the same problem as K04 Passat when it comes to my games. Wish I could customize the dashboard more to make getting to what I want to play less laggy.
    I feel like the whole xbox live experience is starting to get outdated and I’ve only had it 6 months. If it wasn’t for me wanting to play a few games online on it then I’d just get rid of it.

  • GrindingFarmer

    Very good price for Wallace and Gromit.

  • Serblander

    Looking forward to finally seeing W&G in action. Heard a lot of positive things about this game so i hope its worthy of the praise.