May 26th 2009 6:21 pm PT

Win tickets to the Xbox E3 Media Briefing


If you’re in the LA area and you want to attend the Xbox E3 Media Briefing on Monday, June 1st at The Galen Center on the campus of USC let me know.

I’ve got 100 tickets for winners (and guests) to giveaway. How do you win? Read on.


Who: You and a guest
What: The Xbox 360 Media briefing
Why: To see the cool stuff we are announcing this year
Where: The Galen Center on the campus of USC (directions)
When: Monday, June 1st 2009. Briefing begins at 10:30am, but you’ll need to check in by 8:30am.
How: Send me an email with the subject line ‘Ticket to the Xbox 360 E3 briefing’ Please include your first name, last name and your gamertag*


A couple of details:
Limit of two tickets per person (each winner will get two tickets, one for them and one for a guest)

Must be able to be in Los Angeles on the morning of June 1st by 8:30am.

If you win, you will get two tickets to the invite only Xbox Press briefing.
This does NOT include tickets to E3 show floor or any other related events.

Winner and guest must be over 18 since we’ll be showing M rated titles


I’ll choose 100 random winners from the emails I receive before this Thursday, May 28 at 12n PT. You’ll win two for you and one for a friend. Everything else is up to you. If you get picked, I’ll send you an email with additional details and how to pick up your tickets by Friday at 12n PT.


Good luck and I’ll see you Monday.


*This information will only be used to contact you if you are chosen to win tickets. It will not be used for any other purpose.

E3, Events By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • SuperDunners

    100 pair of tickets? You, sir, did some string pulling :D

  • Code to Joy

    Man, do I wish I was in California… any events in the DC area anytime soon?

  • BillyMagnumFOD

    hmm i think i was first….not that it will matter ;)

  • desynch

    done and done.

  • CALZ88

    wooooot enterd….i sooo skiving work if i win to go from the uk

  • Hardtrget

    man i wish I lived in LA :(

  • ochua1

    Email sent. I can’t believe it’s already next week. Looking forward to the new announcements!

  • Monster Warfare

    I wish I could attend, but I am all the way in Maine, but good lcuk to all those who get the tickets, never know, might enter in later tonight.

  • yolarrydabomb

    ahh damn!

    Wish I live in LA and got $$$ to go there.

  • Frayteez

    email sent. I wonder how many people know about major in the LA area? Myself included.

  • NoDryLand1

    email send.

  • ydg2008

    Lucky me, I live in LA.

  • NavComm81

    Wish I could make it… but Ottawa, ON is little far, and I can’t afford plane tickets/hotels right now.

  • mrfusiononcar

    Email Sent, Lucky me I live in LA as well, and only an hour away from USC. Hope I win.

  • RealRuler

    E-mail sent. Hope I score some tix, even though I went to UCLA. ;)


    laggy guide slow marketplace,


    will be like in the past reached the e3 xbox 360 as demos, videos, themes and gamer pictures


    Email sent – hope i win some tickets :D

    I’m in the UK, but would be on the next flight to LA if i was picked :D
    Have always wanted to go to E3, maybe this will be my chance. :)

    Keeping fingers crossed – never won anything b4.


    I can’t send an Email some one help!!!!!!!!!!

  • XxLightkunxX

    Wow. What a nearly useless contest. This only benefits those who actually live in the area and doesn’t cover any hotel or travel expenses, much less food or other accessories.

    I can’t enter any contest that doesn’t cover travel expenses. I’ll just stream the conference on my computer, thanks.

  • Vasilii Zaytsev


    No love for Canada

    I second XxLightkunxX

  • Chotu

    Some of you can’t be satisfied. No love for Canada? Come on, really, you can enter it’s just that the onus is on you to get there.

  • Spargo CXVII

    Thanks for the chance!!! And Yes I live in San Diego, and I would love to go.

  • TDiddy

    Your post says to put in the subject line ‘Ticket to the Xbox 360 E3 briefing,’ but the link to open Outlook on my computer has ‘Tickets to Xbox360 E3 Briefing’ already filled in the subject line. Will that matter? Or will one of these be thrown into a junk mail folder while the other is safe?

  • peachy001

    How about you do a contest for some of the people in the UK. You could earn me some major brownee points (like MS points, but used with wives and girlfriends to purchase such things as gamer time and permission to spend time on XBox related websites). You would need to provide airfare and hotel, c’mon that would be great. And I’d be able to take my girlfriend around LA. I bet she would even sit through the conference. She would never question my “obsession” with Xbox related things ever again.

    Viva UK

  • MthdDirector

    Hey Maj, I’m unsure if I’d be able to go to the press briefing or not, so I think a safer bet is to catch you guys on the show floor. Any news on a community event?

    I’m looking forward to seeing E3 in it’s former glory. Hopefully all its former glory!

  • Titan Colossus

    Wow, if everyone here who said they submitted an email is it, this will be a short list to choose from.

    While the airfare and hotel are not included, I think this may be a once in a lifetime chance to see something big. It’s like the super bowl, you gotta go at least once.


    Alrighty Major! My bro and I both have media passes to E3, but didn’t get an invite to the press briefing. Hopefully we’ll get lucky and win.

    We sent the email with the Title you had linked on the description. It was “Xbox360″ not “Xbox 360″. Hope that is still ok!

  • Audioslavery

    I entered this and registered for Major Nelson with aspirations of winning this :P. I have dreamed of going to an Xbox presser and USC is ridiculously close :D.

    I just hope all the winners are local to USC and actually attend, me and my friend may just wait outside with hopes of getting in anyways due to no-shows. (We can hope right?)

  • Titan Colossus

    I’m going to have to assume that people who live in the LA area will get priority. If there is one think I’ve learned from these “contests” from the Major and Microsoft, it’s that one location will never win access to these things, and that’s the east coast.

  • Joebot33

    I’m guessing if i haven’t received an e-mail yet, that i didn’t get any tickets? anyone get any?

  • The Smurf 21

    I’ve yet to receive an email as well. It sure would of been awesome to go… :(

  • Audioslavery

    My friend got one already! IM GOING!

  • Rod1musPr1me

    @ Titancolossus

    Not true. I actually live five minutes from USC and me, as well as some friends, did not receive any tickets. I also thought I was a shoe in considering my proximity. I guess these winners were truly picked at random. I just hope someone didn’t register knowing full well they could not attend.

    If you’re reading this Major, if someone fails to show last minute, I can be there in five minutes.


    wow – 100 pairs of winners & only one person posts that fact that hes got a ticket.

    where is everyone else?
    there should at least be a few more people posting their excitement.

    kind of makes you wonder if some of those who have been picked are even aware of it.