May 29th 2009 1:53 am PT

How you can prepare for E3

It’s almost E3 ! Despite the turbulent past this event has had it is now slated to be back in full force.  To prepare for the flurry of gaming news that will be flying around next week, we’ve beefed up our chat server ( to ensure that console gamers from all platforms have a place to hang out and chat about the latest headlines in real time.


Whether you’re all about Xbox, the Playstation, Nintendo, or any other gaming platform; whether you’ve only got a few minutes to get filled in on the latest and greatest, or you want to be filled in on everything going on during every second of E3 we’ve got you covered. Before you hit the chat, check out the Chat FAQ for everything you need to know before you go or if you’re confident you’ve got it all down feel free to dive right in.


Of course, I’ll be live blogging the Xbox 360 Media Briefing Monday morning at 1:30p ET/10:30am PT/17:30 GMT so open up two browser windows: one for the live blog and the other for the chat.

E3 By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • desynch

    i’ll be on the chat, administering sweet justice to those who can’t abide by the rules. ;]

  • SnowPhoenix9999

    Let it be known that the chat community is awesome! :D

  • a peeking duck

    Major, have you ever been told you look somewhat like Danny Huston?

  • Captain Bluey

    I am really looking forward to hearing what MS will annouce for the 360.

    Also Major, is there any chance of getting info on whether 1vs100 will be released in Australia? Thanks.

  • Xbox Sonic

    I’ll be online then. I want new Primetime games on E3.


    @captain Bluey, fellow Australian two things, Major Nelson NEVER answer questions like that, and we are NOT getting 1 v 100 as it is owned (in Australia) by a different company, and some company, who will remain nameless, hasn’t asked for permission!

    Only the great nation of CANADA (oh Canada!), and the people below them are getting this game, even our fathers and there fathers, UK are not getting it! might be somthing todo with intelligence of something, not to sure!


    the guide is laggy and the marketplace is slow!

  • Logic Squirrel

    I am so… NOT gonna be on chat lol, I have got a life and I will hear the news coming from e3 later sometime.

  • DarkGin87

    IMO the platform party chat will be a bad idea. it turn to a flame console war of what console got better at E3

    im looking forward to hearing MS announcements 1v100 soon to come hopefully and primetime

    i wonder if there announce there partnership with Sky though :)

  • DarkGin87

    @VEGEMITE 98 – were did you hear that about 1v100? see last i read was that ALL xbox live gold accounts will be able to download 1v100 for free

    and that it unsure that silver accounts will have any access at all to the game

    so have you any proof?

  • PzR Tak


    No need to announce it at E3, it is already featured on UK

  • EdibleSky

    Can’t wait

  • Mic Mayhem

    Looking forward, is there going to be any streaming on xbox live?

  • oO MG81 Oo

    Sweat definition – To excrete perspiration through the pores in the skin; perspire.

    Sorry, but almost everyday I see you make the same mistake and I can’t take it anymore. Unless of course you’re genuinely seeking hygiene tips? :-P.

  • CALZ88

    i will be sat in chat 2…absorbing the atmpospher and watchin online @


    I will be there at this historical event in my mind while I chat to all the game buddies here,good job Major.You have just been promoted to LIEUTENANT COLONEL ,Ten-Hut!

  • monosocratic

    @VEGEMITE 98

    are all aussies as grumpy as you? you come here pretty much every day and post something negative that doesn’t even relate to the topic. cheer up, dude.


    Il be catching the highlights

  • Warrengonline

    Hmmm…. I’m waiting, but the only thing that strikes me is Palm Pre (info out before E3). I have not perused a dream list, but what happened to the OLED Displays? I thought FOR SURE I’d have a wall covered in that stuff with videos playing wall sized this summer if not in 2010. Any solar powered cellphones or PDAs (not attachable solar re-chargeable power cells).

    Umm… video game related, hopefully MS and Affiliates/Third Parties will have games with the technology used in You’re in the Movies – i.e. air instruments – drums, bells, guitar, piano, symbols, etc) just fun mindless mini games for high score – but not like Totem Ball (smiles).

    Surface (Lite) – I wanted that in restaurants years ago for ordering and paying the bill instead of waiting and waving the server down. Basic use, but very effective.

    June 1st…..

  • Number 01

    Good to see that the US beta for 1 vs 100 is FINALLY starting on Monday – I’ll be there for sure! One thing I noticed though is that it says “Beta season free with your gold membership”. Does that mean that we have to pay for it once the final version starts?

  • TBizzle4Shizzle

    I’d like to prepare for E3 by having a faster guide :)


    1 v 100 proof is held by XBOX official, who will not tell you, if you want to check for your self go to your classification website of your country, I don’t what englands is called but australia’s is do a search for 1 v 100, and bingo there it ain’t

  • Captain Bluey

    @Vegemite 98 – I dont expect an answer back from Major but I was hoping for some clarification at E3 about the 1v100 rollout across other XBLA countries. I am still hopeful that we will get it but who knows for sure?

  • DarkGin87

    @Vegemite 98 – just because you could not find it does not mean UK or Australia ain’t getting it just means you didn’t find any info perhaps bad research or perhaps the details still ain’t confirmed


    @darkgin87, Every game released in australia must have a OFLC rating if it doesn’t then it’s a not released, there have been heaps of games we have missed out on due to the publishers of games not spending $2500 on a classification rating. If a game is released on XBOX LIVE without a classification then it is illegal, hence why we don’t have any community games available. also the owners of 1 v 100 in America are different owners of it in Australia, although it seems that they are the same company, permission still has to be asked.

    You call it bad research if you want, but at least I did my homework, I have contacted Southern Star Endemol(Australian owners of 1 v 100) and as of 1 month ago, they still have no idea that the game was being released on XBOX LIVE and no permission as been asked. the only request they did acknowledge was via Nintendo for the Nintendo DS which is the only classifcation given.

    So at this stage the only countries that are getting it are Canada and US, I will not bother checking whether England is getting it as that doesn’t concern me in the slightest, maybe if you did your own research you can check yourself there website is Good luck (see I am even doing your research, get chopping!)

  • DarkGin87

    @VEGEMITE 98 –

    Confirmed for UK

    UK would get it near the end simply because of all the different languages but were getting it

    though even though you researched and contacted southern star you do realize you probably hit 1st line customer support which knows nothing of what goes on,and if you want proof of that then next time there is an update to xbox dasboard call the xboxline they wont even know about it lol


    @Darkgin87 Good research you should be commended, I do hope you get it in the UK, that would at least give Australia some hope to get it before 2011! for your information I actually contacted the head of promotion at Southern STar Endemol no just some secretary.

    When Australia didn’t get the Atari retro games awhile ago, I actually spoke to the CEO of stainglass games, he was shattered that his games weren’t going around the world, all because Atari Australia wouldn’t spend $2500 to get a rating from oflc.
    So when I ring places, I go higher.

    in any case, I did check for england classification rules it’s the same as Australia, no classification means no release, so they better submit it to the bbfc quick smart if you hope to have any chance of getting it!

    but Major nelson should have told us all in the first place on who is getting and who isn’t, why should be left to the consumers to find out any information about games, dont you agree!

  • BeAkErOo

    hey i like your style vegemite

    to be honest 1 vs 100 sounds like garbage so i’m not interested but you could always use a US account to play it

  • fwb1973

    @vegemite 98 – check wiki for bbfc, games are normally exempt from bbfc classification unless they depict human sexual activity, human genital organs or gross acts of violence, in which case the publishers should submit the game for classification. it is not mandatory for bbfc classification in the uk for games. get your info correct before spouting

  • Crimson Sin

    The best thing you can do to prepare for a E3 is to never put your socks on, becuse they will surely be blown so far away you will never find them.


    @fwb1973, so your telling you have games being released without a classification!!!, and when questions in 1 v 100 talk about rape! the censors are going to let it through, what a bizarre country you live in guv!

  • XxLightkunxX

    E3 isn’t as big as it was anymore, and I doubt simply another year of hyping it up to be what it isn’t will change anything. Nintendo’s stupid pandering to the lowest-of-the-low tier of people who aren’t even watching the E3 conference to begin with (the casuals of the casual players) was so ridiculous I wanted to vomit.

    Microsoft was o-kay, still waiting for the big “variety” and other things that Rare was making a big stink out of the NXE with the avatars as we have a preset type of clothing to wear WITH NO COLOR CHANGER AT ALL. lol, Silly Rare, just shut up and make us another Banjo Kazooie thanx.

    You guys are really going to have to not rely on Halo 3: ODST to at the very least, get me pumped up to hope for anything new.

    I will say this, PLEASE pass this along Major Nelson: Thank you Microsoft Team for NOT BORING US WITH A MILLION CHARTS EVERY E3 LIKE NINTENDO DOES.

    It’s gotten old and nobody’s stopping them.

  • UNSCleric

    Are you posting a show tonight? I was thinking there was going to be one but can’t remember.

  • AnguishedEnd

    Can’t wait!

  • ushman360

    Does anyone know if there will be any live video feeds?

  • JorisTheWise

    Today is the day :D. I will rush home for it for I dont want to miss it :D.

  • ImaginedBug

    I’m a bit bummed Microsoft doesn’t take advantage of Live to stream the video feed directly to our Xbox 360s. Maybe it’d ask too much of the servers or something, but it’s something I do hope will happen in the future. As long as it streams smoothly, unlike the two trailers I’ve seen on the dashboard so far.

  • Exu

    ATTN: The keynote is now five minutes EARLIER than listed here.

    Furthermore, Major’s post is semi-incorrect about the British time zone. It in fact starts at 6:25PM, since we’re observing BST at the moment.
    (So Larry’s actually sort of right since he posted GMT, but if you go on at half five you’re gonna have an hour to wait! ;D)

  • Anonymous

    w00t can’t wait for the MS Press Conference to start!
    Just like the past years, always exciting!


    G4 is airing ALL the press conferences (even EA and Ubisoft’s) live and commercial-free.