June 3rd 2009 2:23 pm PT

At E3? Come by and get the first Xbox Avatar prop


In his letter to the community yesterday, Xbox LIVE’s Marc Whitten (Notwen) outlined some of the new things we’re bringing to the Xbox LIVE service later this year. One of the new features we have is called props which will allow you to add cool new items for your avatar to interact with. If you are attending E3 this year, you have a very special opportunity to get the very first prop: An 2009 E3 Trophy cup that will commemorate your attendance to this years show.


All you need to do is drop by the Xbox 360 booth and sign up. Later this year, we’ll email you a code for your prop that you can download from the upcoming Avatar Marketplace.
Look for the special sign up computer we’ve set up in the Xbox LIVE section of the booth. (South Hall, Booth 1523)  If you’re having trouble finding the right section, it’s on the side facing Ubisoft’s booth.

Tell them Major sent you.


E3 By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • JackBurtonHERO

    What I want this so bad let us poor people that could not join have a chance at getting this!!!

  • Anonymous

    nice idea but does this sound to similar to trophys – ish?

    obviously not straight copy of the system but I can see people thinking it initially

  • Tavin

    Oooh, I hope they do one for PAX as well! :)

  • TheGreatSilence

    Do we just need to be BY E3 since I’m assuming a majority of your forums users aren’t members of the media/electronic entertainment industry with passes to attend E3?

    Cool, but a tease.

    Wonder if the time between signing up and downloading it is like waiting for the free DLC for Rock Band 2 when it was released and the content was release six months later.


    omg – that is pretty unfair.

    people who don’t live in USA/LA have no hope in hell of getting this.

    at least give some away here – maybe to the fist 5 comment posters :)

  • Captain Andreas

    anyway you can sign me up ;-)

  • PAT2K9

    That’s very cool.

  • BillyMagnumFOD

    I cant wait to see how ridiculous the prices are going to be for avatar clothes/props and how stupid people will waste their money on it. Seriously, stuff for avatars isnt worth anything so I think ALL of us should get it all for free or at least let us create stuff ourselves

  • Aberfoyle

    How about for us plebs not at the show?


    Do a contest so us unlucky ones can have a chance at snagging one?
    Hopefully one day I can go to E3 :) :(

  • Sgt Quackers

    Thats a cool idea. But why do all of the big gaming shows have to be on the west coast and I live on the east coast.

  • Lucky 13 X

    That is pretty neat Major. Reminds me of the opportunity to get the exclusive Zero Hour gamerpicture and achievement at the 360 launch event.

    Enjoy, to those who get this.

  • Elwakka

    If somebody sees this, sign Elwakka up please :)


  • Quicksilver4648

    Awww, I want one too. Someone sign me up “Quicksilver4648″. I live on the other side of the county.

  • Frayteez

    The 100 winners to go to the Microsoft Press Briefing should get their email on that list! Technically we were at E3 right? haha I want that trophy!

  • LuKhon

    @macktiger … So Sony copies the Xbox Achievements and calls them trophies and MS should be worried that they have a prop that is a trophy?

  • ChrisPilote

    Me wants shiny trophy!

  • Pheis

    Sign me up someone :D

  • DarkBrazil

    I want that tooooooo, can anyone sign me up there too??

  • Sogeman

    Do want. Oh wait I’m not with the Gaming “Press” and I live on the other side of the friggin Planet.

  • Mosher666

    cool. live in uk, but if someone could sign me up, that would be awesome

  • HsitH

    I want a trophy too, SOMEONE IN LA, PLEASE sign me up :'(

  • Anonymous

    If you love METAL GEAR SOLID RISING on 360 sign me up please !

  • XxLightkunxX

    Sure love the immense one-sided love you guys are giving to those who attended E3…

  • Alex Atkin UK

    Geez get a grip people. It makes perfect sense that this is an exclusive to attendees only. It is effectively a trophy to show you were there, would make no sense giving it away to everyone.

    I am sure there will be plenty more stuff like this once Avatar Marketplace finally launches. Hopefully a lot of unlockables from games too.

  • WPAK

    Would like to have it, but it’s a bit hard for me to get it while living in the Netherlands ;-)

  • Ahmedz

    I WANT!!

    And I don’t want to fly half-way around the world and pay $2000+ just to get it >__>

  • DarkTear81

    Major could pay everyone NOT living in the US the flight to the E3 so everyone can sign up. That would be 700€ for me, I’ll chew up the other 40. =P

  • Sausage Villan

    this scares me …. props are a great idea however i get the sneaking suspision this is going to be 200 ms pts for power armor or 240 ms pts for a sword
    just another way to nickel and dime us

  • DarkSynopsis

    Might have to pick this up since 400MSP but what happened to CellFactor: Psychokinetic Wars!?

  • xx2FOOTSHOExx


  • DL CyberSkull

    Well, crud. I don’t have any friends (or enemies) at E³ that I can ask to put my email in. :'(

  • RagdollHero

    This Trophy is a nice treat for people at E3 (and a momentous E3 is has been so far). Also, great to see the Avatars getting used more. Would love to see some footage of how and where they will use these props on the dashboard. With regards to the Avatar Marketplace; I hope we will be looking a true micro-transactions here (less than 90 pts or so).

  • I Scarface UK I

    Basically here you go LA People, would be more fair if these were given out at more global events similar to Halo 3 release. There was like locations over the World for this release were careless celebs came to them to get beaten at games

  • Atheist Primate

    I’m the first norwegian to post in this news, so I demand that prop for my avatar!
    Please? =D
    I’ve had the 360 since launch day in Europe, december 2nd. Does that help my cause? =P
    But seriously. This is good news. I can see this being added to games in addition to achievements. Kill 1000 people online in Modern Warfare 3 and get a golden rifle for your avatar!

  • Mr BoomStick XL

    I have a small but important coment that I wanted to make regarding Xbox @ E3. Where are the Demo’s? I mean every year MS talks about “Bringing Home” for the people who can’t get into E3, this year there has been nothing! Why? Yes, Wolfenstin HD is nice @ 400 ms points and the FREE Perfect Dark Prem. Theme is good as well, but where are the super cool demo’s that you can “Only” get on the 360??

    And yes, it certainly would be very nice to have a trophy next to your avatar to show that you were there!!

  • Pharen

    Ah, very cool to see props coming. Too bad I’m not able to grab this one though, heh.

  • A Place for Us

    Sure. I’d love to pop by.

  • Monster Warfare

    That’s pretty sweet, to bad everyone can’t get one… :p

  • DHartmann

    oh noooo~

  • monosocratic

    gah. the very first prop and the average joes cannot grab. despite my disappointment it makes sense. now temper this with a prop that those of use who do not get to attend the premier gaming event of the year can have.

  • Lord viscius

    all i want is a way to changes the cloors of avatar clothing cause the same tired clothing is just that tired

  • Wiiking

    This prop are for those that was really there, dont signup your friends.
    It ruin the purpose of what the “trophy” should be, exclusive to those that visited E3,
    but you also maybe ruin for future “trophies”. Think about that

    Sure I hate not getting it too but im cool with it. Enjoy those that gets it.

    Sidenote: Wonder how they gonna display these props on dashboard, The avatar holding the “trophy” in his hand all day long?

  • Anonymous

    @LuKhon – no they shouldn’t lol – yep everyone copies someone else at some point in a consoles life cycle so we shouldnt worry

  • Ganon255

    I’d like some avatar props. Maybe someone will slip my name into the mix. ;)

  • leebrownhill

    Sounds like a good idea. Unfortunately however, if you the UK a bit irelavant at the moment (but hey, thats nothing new). Looking forward to seeing the Avatar market place though.

  • Warrengonline

    Hmm… avatar prop. Cool. Can we see video of this ‘avatar interaction’?


    Lol some1 sign me up MADEIRA STEVE88


  • Goodeye84

    Cool that your giving it away. But I question your reasoning for putting it on here. Surely you know Major most of your reader base here is not at E3 even some of us Media folks were not able to make it (myself included) So basically this is something for media or a regular person who paid $700 to get into this years E3.

    Again It’s cool you guys are giving that away. I just question your reasoning behind posting it.

  • Exu

    Gives it here, meanwhile make an avatar prop that is a pie. Ta.