June 16th 2009 12:46 am PT

Reminder: Xbox Live Maintenance on Tuesday


One last reminder that on Tuesday, June 16th starting at 12:01AM PST Xbox Live will be offline for up to 24 hours while we perform scheduled maintenance.  During this time Xbox Live and the ‘My Xbox’ section of Xbox.com will be unavailable, and the Xbox.com forums will be read-only.  The rest of Xbox.com will be available with limited interruptions.


When we turn the service back on you won’t see anything different on your console.


I know that Litheon and others will be hanging out here in the Chat and I’ll try and drop in every once in a while.  You’ll also be able to find me and a couple of my co-workers at the new Xbox Live Operations Blog.


Trixie and the community have gotten together to suggest a few things to keep you busy while we’re busy – check it out.


EDIT: Maintenance is now underway.

EDIT part deux: We’re back!  Thanks for your patience.  We’re not quite ready to pack it in yet so I’ll try and say a few more things before calling it a night.

Archive By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Jezuz OPT

    hopefully live is back on soon i havent played for days, i wanna play some gears online and some Fifa ultimate team…

  • clarky456

    Its back on.

  • Kindergamer

    It’s back. as of 12:01 a.m. PDT

  • Yukon Cornelius

    Except the Marketplace is still dead. :-(

  • clarky456

    Xbox.com has changed. The friends list, message centre ect all have a new NXE look to them now.

  • Perfect Code

    Bah, chat wont work for me atm…

  • UKresistance

    xbox.com is still down. Not like it matters since I’m at work.

  • TaygetaVendetta

    The new My Xbox page on Xbox.com looks great.

  • Cumore

    @UKresistance – clear your cookies and cache and reload the page, it’s up dont worry just have to recycle your old files. I think you can also solve the problem by just flushing your DNS but I didnt try that.

  • dafin0

    just for the heads up major nelson the “my xbox” part of xbox.com does not render very well in google chrome 3.0.1

  • DarkTear81

    You can see xbox.com? All I can see is “500 – Server Error”

  • DarkTear81

    Sorry for double-post…

    Now it’s working, but the new “MyXbox” looks awful in Firefox too…

    Oh and horray for advertising now even on my PC <.<

  • clarky456

    I cant be sure as there is now way for me to confirm this but the friends list cap may have been raised to over 100.


    Wow total overhaul of the xbox.com profile page! I like the way it matches NXE now. Not everything is working on it at the moment, but what’s showing now looks good! Well done guys!


    @ DarkTear81: I went to the profile page in both IE and Firefox and it looks almost exactly the same on both. Can’t say about Chrome or any other browsers though.

  • dafin0

    yeah displays fine in firefox for me, only chrome giving me trouble

  • Mikro

    Xbox Live is Back but Majornelson.com chat is down

  • Anonymous

    is that what this maintenance was for? changing the website? the dashboard is still taking its time loading crap.

  • dafin0

    you have to be joking right?… there is no software update for the 360 for a few more months so your dashboard isnt going to load any quicker because they have maintained there servers.

  • Vice Destroyer

    I don’t know how many times it has to be said. The maintenance was never going to fix the dashboard loading issues.

    But one thing I do wish is that there was some sort of iPhone app for xbox.com. Please, whoever is in charge of this stuff. I would actually pay for this.

  • LordBBH

    clarky456: negative, friends list is still capped at 100.

    And I don’t care if maintenance wasn’t supposed to fix the NXE lag, it needs to be addressed and fixed soon, because it is seriously horrible.

  • CrimzinD

    Shouldn’t the XBLA games be out by now? *wants MTG*

  • FightDog 85

    I think during the maintance are some Arcade-Games was going lost. Sonic 3, Comix Zone and so on are all gone from the Marketplace. And wheres the Arcade Games for today (waiting for Magic!)?

  • Slider2nl

    (My xbox) is changed on the xbox.com website?

  • SOG Random

    I noticed that it appears that it appears to be everything from the past week that is no longer up, demos, community games, XBLA games etc.

    It appears that when they restarted the server the marketplace reset to an earlier date for some reason

  • MeS FEAR

    And i cant download the optional media update for some reason…it goes to 1% and then error message. I dont know if other downloads are broken too

  • metallicorphan

    is sam and max up yet?

  • metallicorphan

    okay Sam and Max is up,but i can’t retrieve data from the marketplace,so i can’t select it to download it..is there still some teething problems?…or is it just me?

  • MeS FEAR

    yea there are download issues as well…ms should fix it…but i knew there would be issues after the maintanence

  • ShiftyInc

    Still some serious problems with marketplace and the website. Can’t download stuff. Guess MS dont want my money :P

  • Exu

    Nice to see the maintenance went without a hitch as usual.

  • HeavenOrHell

    I hate how you guys changed the look of xbox.com. It’s just so ugly with that giant gray blob taking up 75% of the screen. Also I don’t need to see frickin avatars on the website. I hope you guys eventually change it back to the old look because the new one is horrid.

  • HeavenOrHell

    I hate how you guys changed the look of xbox.com. It’s just so ugly with that giant gray blob taking up 75% of the screen. Also I don’t need to see frickin avatars on the website. I hope you guys eventually change it back to the old look because the new one is horrid.

  • Anonymous

    At least they added more info on when you can use the license transfer tool :)

    Good job Microsoft. You just gained 1 cool point point, with 999 to go.

    According to my time to use it: “Your next opportunity to use this tool is: 6/26/2009 9:18:49 PM UTC.”

  • Exu

    Oh, while a ton of other stuff vanished, at least Space Invaders Extreme and Arkanoid expansion packs are listed, even if they don’t work!
    Yes, you too can pay 240 points for retro Space Invaders, which was advertised as being in the game in the first place!
    Or failing that, how about paying 240 to buy those last episodes for Arkanoid? You know, where there was absolutely no indication whatsoever that you weren’t actually buying a full game when you bought the “full game”? Where the trial said “purchase the full game to play all episodes”?

    Oh, and they’re 108.00KB.

  • BustedChain

    I really don’t like the new page from an aesthetic perspective. If it was “customizable” where I could add additional elements to it or take things away, that would be cool. As it is, it really sucks. Did you just hire a beginner web designer and they are just figuring things out?

    There was something about it I liked, but after digging around a bit I can’t recall what it was. The old page was vastly superior in design, layout, and usability. I do like the popup when you put your mouse over a “friend” in the list.

  • Goodeye84

    Ok so Xbox.com is still hosed Im still getting errors and I did clear my cache.

    Also I love how I can’t even redeem my code that came in my Ghostbusters game. Not that I need it to play or anything but it would be nice to be able to use the codes I’m given.

  • Goodeye84

    Ok so Xbox.com loads for me but still get errors from time to time.

    I personally like the new set up of my xbox page.

    Now how bout we get those codes redeemable now huh?

  • wolfzero01

    man the new look of the my xbox section on xbox.com really sucks. it seems like it is just a place holder, or someone forgot to finish uploading the rest of the code. if that’s the way it is going to look from now on, the you need to give everyone the option to replace the ugly gray background with a pic, theme or the option to return it to the way it was.

  • FightDog 85

    24h offline for a broken marketplace and a real ugly xbox.com page!? And then no Magic the Gathering. Nice job MS, well done! Thats the reason why I love it so much to pay for Gold-Membership, pure entertainment on LIVE ;)

  • Tjoeb123

    Hmm…it would appear that Zune didn’t get any updates, either…Dang it, I’m still looking forward to the next update on that.

  • KurosawasGhost

    can we please get an update on this weeks arcade titles…when will they work? don’t even SEE magic the gathering! Is it so much to ask for an update???? Way to go guys.

  • Rolodzeo

    It’s quite disappointing that AFTER 24hrs of maintenance, LIVE is broken and last week arcades are gone. Not to mention the mess with Magic and Sam & Max.

  • MasterAbbott

    Just to let you all know that the Market Place for Australia is very very slow and your not able to download any demo’s or arcade xbla titles. I hope it gets looked into soon as its quiet annoying.

  • ShiftyInc

    I love the fact that MS always makes no comment when something is broken.


    Hey does the new DLC for Space Invaders add achievements?

  • Ox Pson

    Hi Major

    I love the new look on My Xbox @ xbox.com

    One question – the 3 friends, are they random or/and can you decied which 3 you want?

    If you can’t decied your self it would be a cool feature to ad.

    Thanks for a good job.

  • KurosawasGhost

    update PLEASE! for most of the country its alreayd mid morning or later….please tell us whats going on as weve spend money on games we cannot download!

  • metallicorphan

    well i have bought sam and max,but i cannot download it,when it gets to 1% it informs me that i cannot download it….5.15pm UK,good job i didn’t take a day off work for this game

  • KP ScuzzyBunny

    According to xbox.com, the Space Invaders add-on does NOT add achvs (still only 12 listed), BUT, since it is so hosed right now, who really knows! I am also very disappointed in some of the changes (especially when we were told repeatedly that “we won’t see anything different” (I know they said console, but there was no reason to mess everything up on xbox.com), and having to take time to “learn” how to do something simple like compare games is ridiculous! (You have to put your cursor over their gamerpic, in case anyone else needed to know)…and why exactly don’t the Ghostbuster codes work? I was told when I picked my copy up from Gamestop that they weren’t going to work because Live was down for maintenance (which wasn’t true at 1201 CST), and yet it didn’t work, and here we are, a day and a half later, and, just like with Sacred 2, our codes don’t work. Yes, it’s only a different color suit, but that’s not the point…if you sell something with any kind of content code, it should work when the game comes out.

    AND WHERE DID BIG SURF ISLAND GO???? It’s no longer on the marketplace!