June 24th 2009 3:17 pm PT

Audio files from Ghostbusters


If you’re enjoying Ghostbusters: The Video Game, then I’ve got a little something special for you today. My friends at Terminal Reality sent me a few of the master audio files directly from the game to share with you. There are clips of of the PKE Meter, Capturing Sequence and two clips of an angry Stay Puft Marshmallow man.  I have created two ZIP files. One is the WAV version (the masters) the other is a 96k MP3 version.  Each ZIP contain the same four files in the appropriate file format.


Right click and choose ‘Save as’ (or something similar) to save this to your computer. Go ahead and make this your ring tone, new mail sound or whatever you think is cool. I’d love to know how you use it.


Download the Ghostbusters audio .ZIP file (WAV format, 3.50 MB)


Download the Ghostbusters audio .ZIP file (96k MP3 format, 316 K)


These are for individual, personal use only.


Gaming By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Sneeches

    AWESOME – I’m so changing my msn to the Capture audio when someone signs into msn :)

  • CALZ88

    niceeeeee downloadedddd

  • TheGreatSilence

    The potential for awesome is great with these treats. I’ll have to download them when I get home but I think a new ringtone might not be too far off.


  • Halfazedninja

    Nice, I think the PKE Meter is going to be my new Twitter tone on my phone.

  • Euphoric Fusion

    Downloaded :)
    Wish you could customise the sound of popups on the 360… that would be awesome.

  • Warrengonline

    Screensaver Ghostbust’in Time. “I ain’t ‘fraid no idle time.” Thanks.

  • Alex Atkin UK

    :sigh: Now if only I had the game. :-(

  • Alex Atkin UK

    Incidentally there is something I have not seen covered.

    If people in the UK import the US version of Ghostbusters – is that classed as owning the game before release and so risking a wipe of our gamerscore?

  • Crymerge

    Links appear to be broken

  • dedtime

    Can’t Download it :(, says that the file doesn’t exist.

  • deathcap00

    broken for me too.

  • Miss Tart

    I hope you guys love it!!!! Major rules! :)

  • IIII Bobby IIII

    i have same problem file dont exist :(

  • DL CyberSkull

    Getting a “file does not exist” error.

  • Agent Klutz

    Link is broken

  • Anonymous

    Could someone who already downloaded the file could upload it and post the link here
    if it is allowed here.


    I’m still laughing about the GhostBusters PS3 exclusive !!!!
    thanks to activision for this region free and multilanguages game

  • Major Nelson

    Looks like we broke Libysn…let me work on getting that fixed

  • Racer X

    404 = tears.

  • Major Nelson

    All fixed! Try again.

  • dedtime

    awesomeness Major…. awesomeness

  • z0rk

    work now – thanks.

  • Warrengonline

    @Alex Atkin UK
    The game is out and you imported it. Your score shouldn’t be affected. Early games are legal, it’s the ‘theft’ and pirating that is wrong. The thing you might want to worry about is if it is region locked – not sure if it applies, but better to be safe than sorry. Right?

  • Baron Brain

    Just an FYI. but the MP3 file download is broken again.

    It downloads as a 44kb file (and shows as a damaged archive if you attempt to uncompress it).

    The WAV file still is downloading properly.

    Thanks again for the files!

  • xCrazyMonkeyx93

    it works for me thanks Major!!

  • One Crazy Idiot

    I’m having the same problem as Baron Brain:(

  • Wodkaredbubu

    Hey Major, sorry to bother, but the summer clothes still are not available for everyone.

  • hparker


  • tajparis

    Thanks Major!

    I love that you do this. I still use the Bioshock clips you posted a while back on my iPhone. Time to switch things up a bit.

  • metallicorphan

    is this true Major?…can’t see it myself,if it did happen,i hope they are nicely priced


  • Tyger Cheex

    Thanks Major… you really delivered! Shame there are only 4 sounds as the GB universe is FULL of great audio!

  • DNAgent

    Lame. The game itself was horrible and likely only sold because of nostalgia (which this game ruined for me). I still like the Ghostbuster movies but this game was horrible and Terminal Reality has terrible developers. Not to mention that the Infernal Engine is garbage.

  • metallicorphan

    @DNAgent did you play this game on someone else’s 360 or on a PC/PS3?,its just that Ghostbusters isnt in your played games,and i have heard nothing but good things about the game..unfortunately i have to wait for the game to be released in Europe,if it ever will

  • Atomicow

    Sweet, I love it when devs put out stuff like this!


    IPhone3G ring tone :)

  • ape dk

    MP3 link works grand….thanks….

  • Tyger Cheex

    @metallicorphan Just import it (like me). Game want £45 for it in store and play.com want £40 online (for the PS3 version) I paid about £42 including postage to import it and delivery was less than a week. Check out videogameplus.ca

  • Grumpybum

    I’m having the same problem with the zip for the mp3s

  • Captain Bluey

    Love the sounds. Thanks.

  • Warrengonline

    @metallicorphan [Off Topic]
    Hmmm, not sure how I missed that. But they pose a good question:

    Would you pay for a 1TB hard drive in order to start buying downloadable Xbox 360 games that are also available at retail stores?

    With that kind of space, I’m sure I’d purchase it, but not download just retail games only (I like to have a solid product), more for videos and my own personal music (disconnect my FlashDrive). Sounds great, but will it be SSD? Or will it be as fast (or faster than) the Western Digital Raptor X hard drive?

    And with digital downloads, there is are no shipping, duplication or import fees, etc, which means cheaper games? Thanks metal, even though it is just a rumor.

  • SumHydroponic

    @DNA Agent

    Um, are you sure you played the same Ghostbusters game that so many others are playing? The game is pure win, one of my favorite games released this year. Sure it has it’s Nostalgic draw to it, but it is easily THE BEST GAME BASED ON A MOVIE FRANCHISE EVER! I’ve played through the game twice already and have easily spent 10+ hours on the multiplayer and still can’t get enough. Any Ghostbusters fan should love this game, and most gamers should atleast have a entertaining play through of the story mode.

  • MasterAbbott

    Im using the ROAR of the StayPuff Marshmellow man as my wake up in the mornings on my iPhone !! Wooo Hooo

  • DeathConvoy

    I hate you Sony
    I love you Atari

  • BustedChain

    MP3 file is still broken as of a moment ago. It downloads a ~44KB file which is corrupt.

  • Miss Tart

    I love the StayPuft Rawr as a wake up call HAHAHAH

  • Miss Tart

    I love the StayPuft Rawr as a wake up call HAHAHAH

  • Kevlaria

    Can download the MP3.zip but it won’t work.

  • xTheTruth72x

    the WAV unpacked fine but the MP3 is broken. only displays “tubby soft squeeze” roar #2.

  • metallicorphan


    i WOULD pay for a 1TB HDD,and then i WOULD start buying games through this download thing

    but i would not pay a stupid amount of money for the 1TB…some for PC can be found that are cheaper than the 120HDD for the 360!!,but i certainly would like to have 1TB,i install a lot of my games also,and at the moment i am juggling stuff on and off the HDD which is a pain,i have a lot of Arcade games,but i have had to delete some of my Xbox Originals(Nanja Gaiden was 6gig)

    still not sure why Microsoft doesn’t let us use a USB external HDD,and that would be problem solved

  • Warrengonline

    True, I would purchase maybe two or three casual titles. Being one with a 20GB HD with only 13GB to use, I’ve been juggling for a while. Games that have my slightest interest usually get skipped over, I’m just getting around to Kingdom for Keflings, although I’ve purchased newer games such as Peggle, Metal Slug 3, etc… I am not cheap, but when people buy stuff and not even take in account what they are getting it becomes standard, it worries me just a slight (I’m guilty of that too). I know the Xbox360 is not a PC or is it? And an External HD would be great, but we saw what happened on the Xbox System – Hacker Heaven. MS has to re-coup the losses somehow. Most need to understand that, but like you said, I will not overpay for something such as that personally.

    I have a 16GB flashdrive for $39.99 (Radioshack: http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=3605639 – that’s a deal for my portable office apps) – keep in mind ‘No moving parts’. I’ve purchased a load of Burnout Paradise’s current DLC, won’t belong before Halo 3, Rock Band and Gears of War DLC is knixed off my HD for space.

    As for installing games, I installed Mass Effect, played it for 5 minutes and uninstalled it. My personal experience was null as it took up 6GB of my HD.

    “Whatever happened to just buying a game, playing it for a month and having pure fun?” Even better I wonder why we are still using optical when gruvi, microSD, SDHC, CompactFlash have made leaps and bounds in capacity and technology?

    And lookie-lookie: http://www.walmart.com/catalog/product.do?product_id=10884495 ; wow.

  • Teh Samuel

    doesnt work for mac users :/