June 29th 2009 12:19 pm PT

Deal of the Week: Fable II’s Knothole Island

Take a trip to Knothole Island

Xbox LIVE Gold Members can now grab the Knothole Island game add-on for Fable II for only 560 points. Normally 800 points, this Deal of the Week will be available until Monday, July 6th.


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Deal By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Chitwood7412

    If you don’t have it yet 560 is not a bad deal if you like fable II. I was thinking about getting See The Future soon.

  • StaticFree

    Unfortunately I just sold my copy of Fable II or I would have bought this one as soon as I saw it. Back to Fallout 3 I guess.

  • Shiaoran

    Finally a good DotW.

  • NavComm81

    It’s still listed at 800 points when I try the link.

  • GrindingFarmer

    This is an awesome deal, one I’ve been waiting for months! Bought it ASAP!

  • Sneeches

    yeah i didn’t like fable 2 enough to waste more money on their game. Not a bad deal of the week though.

  • GrindingFarmer

    This is an awesome deal, one I’ve been waiting for months! Bought it ASAP!

  • a peeking duck

    Bought it two days ago. Yup. :(

  • a Master Ninja

    The Deal of the Week should be a weekly permanent price drop that gets the spotlight. Temporary sales on DLC for old games like Ghost Recon is kinda silly. Knothole and See the Future have a similar amount of content, why not leave Knothole’s price at 560pts?

  • moocow21

    Eh, at 400 pts I would have considered it. But these 240 pt “deals” just don’t cut it.

  • Arsenic13

    Its still 800 points. See the future is 560.

  • Blue Thunder28

    this is what it should have cost to begin with… but i still dont regret purchasing it at 800, love fable 2.

  • NavComm81

    “See the Future” was always 560. They’ve still got “Knothole Island” marked at 800 though. I’m still early in the game, so would both packs seem more fun as opposed to being done the game and be over-leveled for the add-ons?

  • Chitwood7412

    Just saw “See the Future” for 560 and got it. If that is MS screw up oh well I took advantage of that fast.

  • Luminaria

    Anyone having issues with the web marketplace? I keep getting a ‘page not found’ message from xbox.com while trying to purchase this, or anything for that matter.

  • NavComm81

    I’ve been having issues with Live today. I tried to get something off the marketplace earlier and kept getting an error. I gave up and went out for a few hours instead.



  • Naquadah

    If it still says 800 points you’re probably not signed in, try signing in and it should change…

    i may pick this up.. so many expansions and things out there that i WOULD HAVE bought had they been for a reasonable price.. but due to the stupid pricing i rarely by anything instead… as for the week.. it should remain at this price.. there’s so many expansions for old games still at full price, i never bothered getting the shivering isles expansion for oblivion cause it was overpriced, and its still the same amount… if it was made much cheaper (cmon the game is over 3 years old) i would definitely pick it up… careless pricing ends up making you loose customers and make less money… not a good idea.. the pricing for market place content needs a serious look at. now that iv passed on this wisdom feel free to award me with bajillions of MS points, as im skint right now too!

  • WinterSnowblind

    Definitely worth it for 500 points, but that’s how much it should have been to begin with. Pretty boring plot, but the scenery is nice and you get some cool equipment. Too bad I already own it, but I’d love to see more deals along these lines again. There’s been a big improvement the past few weeks.

  • NavComm81

    I am signed in, and it’s showing the sale price now. But, of course, “Sorry, This page is unavailable.” now shows up for anything I try to purchase. Damn Xbox. Even outside of it’s hardware issues it still pisses me off. :)

  • moocow21

    “See the Future” was always 560 points; that’s not a discount.

  • ToothlessFrog

    I hesitate buying this simply because I know in the not so distant future, they will release “Fable: Game of the Year Edition” which includes all the downloads. I felt rather suckered with Oblivion (though I loved the game) and the call of duties (take your pick). So I will wait on this one. Still debating…

  • Monhegan

    If you liked Fable II, this purchase is a no brainer.