July 1st 2009 9:00 am PT

Arcade: Worms 2: Armageddon


Worms 2 Content: Worms 2: Armageddon
Price: 800 Microsoft Points
Availability: All Xbox LIVE regions
Dash Text: Prepare yourself for war! The worms are back, and this time they’re back with a bang! Prepare yourself for more mayhem than you can handle… “Armageddon” style! With online and offline multiplayer, a raft of new weapons, all new landscape themes, play modes, hats, skins, speech-banks and single player content; it’s a package as high on fun as it is destruction!


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Archive By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • AUT greatX

    not (yet) available in Austria :/

  • Indigo0086

    I can’t download anything yet, Xbox can’t retrieve the information.

  • L31GHS

    got it, sweet

  • Captain Bluey

    Got it. Nice!

  • Jonah Falcon

    Kodu is available!

  • MeS FEAR

    MS fix the marketplace issues…i got kicked from a content when i choose one…all because of the error messages…sometimes its working and its possible to buy something but the error messages are annoying


    I heard that British people will absolutely destroy you in multiplayer in this game…

  • noddegamra uk

    What is the difference between this and the other Worms game? I don’t see why paying for a slightly modified version of the original would be worth it.

  • Anonymous

    ^^Tons More weapons, landscapes, music, voices, mission, modes. So not much, really.

  • Biff Tanner


    You can’t blame us its been a classic over here since the mid 90’s, on the same note I’d expect you americans to destroy us at madden because you know american football alot better than us.

    Can anyone tell me if in this one you can finally play online with more than 1 person per console?

  • xTheTruth72x

    When Worms came out, I played the demo, quit, and plugged in my N64 to play Armageddon. Well this IS Armageddon+. I guess I have no excuses. Other than that I have 760 points. FAIL!

  • iseenit08

    I just tried to download to queue and this is what i got Sorry, this page is unavailable

  • sashimix

    Anyone else notice how your DLC / XBLA titles that you purchased show up with a price again??? I noticed it when I was going to play Worms. In the Featured Downloads section, it lists Worms Full game as 400 MS Points even though I’ve purchased the game already…

    I’m not buying a single thing until they get the Marketplace sorted out because it’s really messed up now. The whole “can’t retrieve information” was one thing, but showing all my purchases with a price tag just isn’t cool..

    I’d also suggest people backup their Purchase History either by capturing video of it or taking pictures (though video might be better as far as proof is concerned). I’m going to try and do that tomorrow because who knows what would happen if your PH gets wiped just like the Marketplace…

  • DKR1138

    Seriously non related to Worms, but this 80004004 problem better get fixed soon because its driving me freaking insane, im trying to redownload my content (because I just transferred from my older console) and im being dilled over. Can’t the LIVE tech team actually make it work stable for more than a day straight… I mean seriously, for a paid service, it really sucks at the current moment.

  • Danowat32

    Marketplace seems borked, again…., maybe it will all be better when XBL is ad supported.

  • KP ScuzzyBunny

    Though the support page shows the marketplace as “up and running”, nothing works here. I cannot download a full version or demo of ANY game, I put in my pre-order code for 007 QoS (it’s about 6 months late, but what can you do with crappy game support) and it says “error, try again later”, and of course later it says “code already redeemed” (luckily it was in my download history, so whenever it gets fixed I won’t have to pay again), and I needed to add MS points, but that is absolutely not going to happen with all the craziness going on! Why can’t the mp go down on a Monday, when nothing is released? Guess they figured a Wed, with two very popular releases, is a much better time to inconvenience EVERYONE!

  • PsychoFemm

    Biff Tanner

    “Can anyone tell me if in this one you can finally play online with more than 1 person per console?”

    This is my question too!

    It sucks having to use both my systems when a game would/should work perfectly fine with local/live simultaneously. (hate not playing on my 65″ … so spoiled)

    another on that should have supported it = WOTB: Commando 3

    Still… I’m super excited to get home an annihilate my friends and husband!
    most especially the latter. :)

  • Alex Atkin UK

    Marketplace sure does seem a lot sore since the server upgrade. Its taken me 2 weeks to download Sam & Max as it kept giving errors. Then when I wanted to buy it I had to add MS points from the website as it was just giving me an error page on the console.

    Obviously the fixes that were done to the server either a) failed big time or b) are only really compatible with the marketplace fixed version of the dashboard coming in Fall.

    Either way, something needs to be done immediately to fix this. There is no telling how many people are not buying content because of this issue, it seems insane Microsoft would be risking revenue leaving things screwed up like this. Get the dashboard improvements released NOW, or else you are going to be left with nobody buying anything off marketplace until Fall and probably a lot of defectors to the PS3 in the meantime. Their system sucks, but at least Playstation Store works reliably.

  • Biff Tanner

    Yes its a bit silly isn’t it PsychoFemm, one of the few games where its all on one screen so its not an issue of performance or anything.
    I guess they must be worried that you would team up with the person your on the screen with, but they could just make split-screen multi work on unranked games so it doesn’t have too bad an effect.

    I’ll be getting it regardless as I’ve loved worms since the amiga, just would be nice if they gave us a bit more functionality.

  • AD1994

    There is a issue with the Xbox 360 LIVE Marketplace the message says Can’t retrieve information from Xbox LIVE.
    Please try again later.
    Status code: 807b01f4
    Does anybody else get this same error message.

  • DKR1138

    You are one of many (or I presume, one of everyone)… They buggered Live up completely this time.

  • peachy001

    the market place is down for me too.

  • yolarrydabomb

    I keep getting a error every time I log in to live.


  • tabicat

    Marketplace is down for me also. When I click on the link to download the trial version, I get an “unknown web page” error.

  • Jambi Bum

    Anyone know how to solve challenge number 21? It’s the one where you only have two girders and a super sheep. I can’t for the life of me figure it out.

  • RingoDot97

    Hey Major, Sorry to be off topic….but Kodu is in major need of some central site for builders to share info on. Any chance of creating a Kodu Forum on xbox.com?

  • Monhegan

    I’ve had marketplace issues too. I can’t seem to download anything, not even stream Major’s Minute. It’s been like this for almost 2 days now.


    Server is Unavailable – Well done Microsoft!

  • wolfzero01

    this has nothing to do with Worms, but does anyone now WTF is up with the marketplace? I either get the 80004004 error code, or if I try to access the Rock Band 2 store in game, I get the message that I can’t access the store because the family settings on my console don’t allow it. which is funny because I have never had a child account or even touched the settings ever


    @ wolfzero01

    don’t worry m8,

    i have had similar things happen to me today; such as, the web marketplace telling me i don’t have Silverlight installed, but when i go to the provided link, it says i have the newest version (stupid Microsoft, of course i do! – i always have my PC up to date.)

  • AD1994

    Fix the Marketplace asap

  • MeridusBeta

    What really irks me are the hundreds of tweets going on about telling me Kodu is on the marketplace, and Worms 2 is on the marketplace, and ordering me to download it. I would if I could! Before checking in here, I was almost convinced I was the only one having the damn problem.

  • HypnoticPenguin

    Typical, the first thing I’ve been looking forward to on XBLA for ages and I can’t download :(

  • modemman11

    yes, please fix the marketplace. it’s been about a week now. Everything i try to download on xbox.com leads me to “page unavailable” messages, and the console marketplace is just as bad.

  • Custom Casket

    So how about Microsoft putting in new technology for the dashboard so they can put MORE ads in? Basically my money that I pay for live helps fund Microsoft putting more ads into a PAID service? I don’t understand it. It’s bad enough my console starts up onto that “Spotlight” channel where I get to look at ads. THANKS MICROSOFT, might as well make silver memberships a gold membership since they have to look at ads too therefore you’re making money off them.

  • Alex Atkin UK

    This game is soooo much better than the first one. They have thankfully restored the physics closer to Worms Armageddon so the granage etc lands properly rather than bouncing like its made out of rubber.

    The first game I found hugely disappointing as a fan of Worms Armageddon. This one while it might not be perfect (I always used the Kidz sound pack as it annoyed my friends, seems to be missing though possible it will be a download pack later) my first impressions are positive.

  • FunkyCD

    Didn’t the original Armageddon have the Super Banana Bomb? I loveeedd that weapon and am disappointed its not in this one :(

  • Mongey Mongrel

    The game is great. Much better than the 1st one. I did have some laggy online games with international players . Took forever in bewteen turns



  • Ollyh

    Very good game.

  • Snucki

    I love the Challenges.
    The Ability to “dress” your team and stuff.
    Pretty interessting ways to get GS, though…

  • CoatedTrout

    This game convinced me to buy the first one again.


    This game is great… takes my back to middle school when this was one of the most fun games I had on my old PC. I used to play for hours with friends, and I found myself playing for hours today too!!

    I like it much better than the first one, because there are more weapons, customization, and I love the smoke effects for the fire in the wind :)

  • MetalGearFloppy

    Awesome game… good pricing… Nice one MS!!!

  • Smell007

    Does this have the Holy Hand Grenade?

  • TheKillingBean

    Great game, just bought it yesterday. Worms at their best.

  • StammyFi

    Just testing. Sry. ;)