July 9th 2009 2:00 pm PT

2nd Annual Summer of Arcade kicks off July 22nd


TMNT 2 M v C 2 Blowing things up is fun Trials HD From the creators of Gears of War


Edit: I’ve updated the below schedule to reflect a last minute schedule change.

Last year was big, and we’re bringing Summer of Arcade back with some of the most highly anticipated titles from this years E3. Mark your calendars* with this full schedule for the 2009 Summer of Arcade:


July 22: Splosion Man™  800 Microsoft Points
(Twisted Pixel Games/Microsoft): Fools they were, to tread where knowledge should stay forbidden.  For what emerged was not a man – it was a Splosion Man. "And all who saw him were sploded, for he was the fire and they were but meat." Able to splode himself at will, the Splosion Man launches his way through levels as an uncontainable force.  From Twisted Pixel Games, developer of the award winning The Maw™, Splosion Man will keep you on your toes as you play through more than 50 single-player levels and 50 multiplayer levels. Nominated by GameSpy, Gamespot, IGN, and 411mania, this meat-riddled splosion-fest took several Best of E3 awards including Best Platformer and Best Downloadable Game.

July 29: Marvel vs. Capcom 2 1200 Microsoft Points
(Backbone Entertainment/Capcom): One of the most popular fighting games of all time, “Marvel vs. Capcom 2,” arrives worldwide on Xbox LIVE Arcade. Choose from 56 legendary characters from Marvel Comics and Capcom history, including Ryu and Wolverine. With online multiplayer over Xbox LIVE and enhanced HD graphics, decide your own dream team in the ultimate tag-team fighting experience.


Aug 5: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles™: Turtles in Time Re-shelled 1200 Microsoft Points
(Ubisoft Singapore®/Ubisoft®): Cowabunga dude! Marking the franchise’s 25 anniversary, everyone’s favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game is back with a brand new look in “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time Re-Shelled.” The arcade classic has been revamped with all new 3D graphics, but the same classic beat ‘em up gameplay.

August 12: Trials HD 1200 Microsoft Points
(RedLynx/Microsoft): Nominated for GameSpy’s Best Downloadable Game of E3 award, “Trials HD” is guaranteed to get our heart racing.” Put on your helmet, and rev your way through “Trials HD,” a full-featured, physics-based motorcycle racing platformer in stunning HD graphics. Tear up more than 50 tracks and test your metal in two unique game modes: Race and Skill. Create, share and download an unlimited number of free tracks with the level editor, and customize your rider to fit your personality.

August 19: Shadow Complex 1200 Microsoft Points
(Chair Entertainment and Epic Games/Microsoft): Winner of numerous Best of E3 awards including Best Downloadable Game from 1UP, IGN, GameTrailers and G4TV, “Shadow Complex” is the next evolution in downloadable games. “Shadow Complex” marries the quality and depth of a full retail title with the stunning visuals of Epic Games’ industry-leading Unreal Engine 3, and a classic side-scroller. Set in the world of Orson Scott Card’s best-selling novel, “Empire,” Shadow Complex provides more than 10 hours of in-depth gameplay and introduces a compelling universe.



Arcade By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Anonymous

    @ Radical R – totally agree with you pal, its not like a geometry wars or a cloning clyde or whatever – games like castle crashers( which totally justifies its 1200 price point) or whatever are basically inbetween a basic arcade game and a full retail game hence the price – like I mentioned in my earlier point – if people play the trials and then make a judgment then thats fine, you don’t have to pay for it if you don’t want to – shadow complex and trials hd look great games, I’ll def give them a trial and see what they are like – just out of curiousity, is anyone who was def gonna buy one of the above games before they knew the price of it, are they put off because of the price now?

  • Anonymous

    ffs 1200 points for 4 of them, i was thinking of buying all of them.

    can’t afford your robbing prices, sorry where in a bloody world wide finance mental down at the moment, and you bump up your prices. Nice thanks very much.

    Looks like i’ll only be buying MvC2 then.

    stick the rest where the sun don’t shine.

    And fix the license tool, been 2 weeks now since it says i can redo my license, but yet it still doesn’t work.

  • StanleyPain

    I’ve been pretty happy with XBL for years now, but now it’s just getting to the point where it’s transparently obvious that MS is going on a “Screw the fans” kick. We still have to pay for Gold accounts, yet now there will be MORE ads on the dashboard AND prices for everything are going up. $15 for TMNT? Come on…updated HD graphics or no, 10 used to be a rare high mark and now it’s the norm. Why? These games aren’t getting any more elaborate or fancy. There are no new features. Now I hear that it may cost an additional fee eventually to do things like play 1vs100. So I have to pay TWO monthly fees just to play a TRIVIA game? Now there’s rumors MS will be forcing community games to raise their prices as well (though the current system of pricing based on game size is equally ridiculous). This is what caused the major economic problems in the music industry: continually finding ways to nickel and dime the customer while putting out inferior product and then wondering why they’re losing money when they keep asking people to may more for the same old crap. The video game industry is heading into a perilous realm if they keep up this attitude of gaining success only by siphoning the customer’s wallet. You can’t go wrong with reasonable prices on quality product that people will buy. If you can’t deliver the “quality” part, trying to cover it up with price gouging has NEVER WORKED ever in any business model. It only brings short term cures. In this economy, this new trend we’re seeing on XBLA is worrying and sends a very disappointing message from MS.

  • MajikNET

    Lets all keep some perspective here – the games that we’re getting now are much bigger and better than the 128MB-limited ones we started off with. Yes, they’re going to be more expensive, but you’re getting more game!
    That said – it would be nice to see some more of the lower-priced “arcade” games hitting XBLA aswell – my favourite reason to turn on my console is still Uno…

  • Anonymous

    @Warrengonline – Fan boy lol.

    man you spend two many microsoft points lol.

  • shadaik

    If I pay 15$ for it (the price is even worse in Euros), I demand a packaging, a manual and a DVD. This is digital distribution, it costs you like what, five Cents per copy?

  • sepulturas666

    ‘Splosion Man + Shadow Complex are instant buy for me.

    And yeah, the price for TMNT is a joke.

  • noddegamra uk

    I don’t like how expensive a lot of new titles are becoming.

  • StanleyPain

    Just as a quick note to add on to what I already said:
    I know that digital distribution is not as cheap as a lot of people think it is. While no physical medium or marketing costs are present, there are still a tremendous amount of costs to pay for the bandwidth, storage space, and server farms required to keep something like XBLA going. I appreciate and understand that. However, passing the costs of your overhead to your customers is always a very poor way to run your business. Raising prices does have to happen in some instances to defray the overhead, however in this case, I think that clearly MS has just gone that route without thinking of a better way to do it. Also, MS has started passing on the costs of their overhead to marketing partners. HAve any of you wondered why you don’t see a lot of things anymore like, for example, movie trailers? Because MS starting charging massive storage/bandwidth costs to advertisers to do that sort of thing. This is the kind of thing that really hurt and nearly killed third-party support for Nintendo, and they’re still recovering. In fact developers often have to pay money to have their game put up on XBLA, just to help pay for the service they’re using so it actually takes a lot of sales of a game before a developer even starts to see profit.

  • WinterSnowblind

    @KMetalmind: Like I said, I don’t think the price for TMNT is a good idea, but it’s not a quick port, it’s a full HD remake, which is going to have cost a lot to make. I can understand why it’s priced how, but considering how much it’s going to sell, it would probably have been worth making it cheaper. Marvel vs Capcom is the only port here, that’s the only one that definitely shouldn’t be so high.

    People complained when we were limited to 150mb games.. Now that the limit is gone, people are complaining that the bigger games are more expensive.. Come on, what do you expect?

  • Mr Knocturnal

    For those of you complaining about turtles in time then why dont you just play it on an emulator over kaillera with four friends and be quiet about it. If you don’t like it then why would you spend your time complaining knowing the game is still going to come out at the price and still be number one that week.

    I have absolutely hated the new $60 standard for this generation of games but you know what I did, I spent my money on something else and just dealt with it.

    Did you honestly expect prices to stay the same on Arcade games over time? As the games have grown to be higher quality graphics wise and content wise of course the price would go up. There is no way the cost of development for some of these games are the same as some of the original arcade titles on Xbox live that used to be cheaper.

    Believe me, I know this economy sucks, I feel it every single day. But if your finances are that limited then ah well. Life isn’t fair, there are a TON of five star games out there that I would love to get my hands on but I haven’t and you know what, it didn’t kill me.

    If it’s a game that you truly want and think you would enjoy then grit your teeth and bear it. I knew going in that Ghostbusters was a short game but I was a huge fan of the movie and up to that point SFIV was the only game I ever spent $60 on for the 360 but I knew I would enjoy it so I dealt with the price tag and bought it because it was a game i really wanted.

    As for people complaining about turtles don’t forget how much us old schoolers (heck I’m only 27) had to pay for the game when it came out on consoles back on the SNES. But guess what, we did it, we enjoyed it and we went on with our lives. Just because a game is old doesn’t mean it’s value should decrease. For 1200 points you’re getting the entire game, better graphics, acheivements and ONLINE MULTIPLAYER! Compare that to what we got in the original game and that’s a steal. We got a cartridge, an instruction manual and a box and that was it.

    Bottom line is if you want a game and you think it costs too much then save your money and buy it or just don’t get it at all and move on. We aren’t meant to buy every great game that comes out and if you think that you should then you might as well prepare to be dissapointed.

  • Shonk

    More overpriced tat that i wont be touching

  • Jay ITFC

    No comment from Major? Hmm. Put a word in for the community Larry!

  • Warrengonline

    Mr Knocturnal said a mouthful and well said it was.

  • Anonymous

    may pick turtles up, but deffo Mvc2 there rest don’t interest me at all now looking at them.

    lost interest in epic’s games after the joke gears2 was.

    Warreng, take it your buying them all ?

  • DarkTear81

    1200 MSP for 4/5 games. I’ll stick to retail games this summer I guess…

  • krisxx

    you ppl all forget, its still a BUSINESS! and they are out to make money. It cost money to make these games, they wanna make a profit and survive in the world like everyone else with a job. remember when arcade type titles didn’t exist? and if you wanted a video game for your system, it was $50? no matter how crappy?

    the world we live in, revolves around MONEY. I don’t get why everyone is always “shocked” when a game is $15 or $5 more then they are willing to pay. lets be lucky they are not more.

  • Thiago123

    Too bad the only game I am NOT interested in (Splosion Man) is the cheapest. Well Turtles will probably be a day one buy (maybe…the 1200 points for a short game is tough to swallow), but the others will have to pass the trial. MvC2 I may pass on since my original Xbox version is enough for a fix. Shadow Complex is meh so far…I’m kind of over side scrollers. Trials HD is the only one that I am truly excited to see…

  • Static Jak

    1200 points?. No thanks.

  • Ronan Berthelot

    1200 Points :'(

  • ll 1337sauce ll

    Uh oh, five more dollars than normal. Let’s all not buy them because it’s a rip off… Give me a break people. Play the demo. If you like it, buy it. If you don’t, then don’t buy it! And if you people are as cheap and stubborn as you sound, video games shouldn’t be your thing. They’ll always be over priced.

    But anyways, I’m looking forward to picking up MvC2, thanks for the post Major!

  • KMetalmind

    @WinterSnowblind Aren´t Monkey Island and Prince of Persia Classic in the same boat? Then why do they cost 800 points? Comparing prices, I would assume Gears of War 2 costed only four times more than TMNT. Did it? Nope. I still see an overpriced game. And if you don´t think that, then retail games are underpriced.

    @Mr Knocturnal Where were you in the 16 bits era? Games like Sonic 3 had a 72€ price. And 60$ price tag has been there for many years now. In fact, if more quality means more price, I don´t see why Xbox360 games aren´t more than 100$. I can clearly see that time has passed and they are really bigger games. Yet they retain the same price. Why can´t XBLA games be the same?? I don´t see Modern Warfare 2 or Halo Reach costing 80$ because they have more content or replay value than other games. Oh, and TMNT 1989 was 400 points with multiplayer too.

    I´ll try the demos if they seem to be good enough, but come on… This doesn´t happen in the retail market. And yeah, they are only five dollars… per game. Maybe I´ll start buying old games, many of them have the same price tag with much more content. Because that´s the worst, there are really low chances of them being discounted.

  • WarioFan63

    Oh lord I’m so sick of people bashing a game just cause it’s $15…slowly losing faith in gamers….

  • oO MG81 Oo

    @ ll 1337sauce ll
    The only place video games are over priced these days is on Xbox Live Marketplace. Btw I’m not cheap or stubborn, I just like to get value for my money. DRM riddled DLC games that you don’t physically own, costing £12.75 a pop (and continually rising) don’t cut it for me. There are alternative and cheaper sources for getting retro video games, Xbox Live Marketplace isn’t the only option. Microsoft and their increasing number of fanboys seem to forget this.
    I bought dozens of Arcade titles in the past when they were still reasonably priced at 400-800. Since these 1200 games have started appearing I’ve stopped and spent my money elsewhere. For the bulk of what’s on offer it’s simply just not worth it anymore.

  • Vasilii Zaytsev

    Drop the prices or I’m not buying

  • Sogeman

    yay Splosian Man earlier.

    The Demo has to be reallly bad for me not to buy it.

  • NavComm81

    Well, I’ve decided to pass on the TMNT remake at that price. :( I’ll wait for the sale price next year and get it then, or just not bother since I’ll likely lost interest in that time period.

  • N3WB13 R0N

    Splosion Man™ first what?? I was more exsited for TMNT first.. *dies* Why do they need to change everything.. I wont be geting a game this month then..

  • WinterSnowblind

    @KMetalmind: I’m not trying to defend Turtles, I’m just saying I can see why it costs more for a game that would have required more work. Monkey Island is cheaper, simply because they seem to have someone with more sense working in marketing. Monkey Island would not sell at 1200 and neither will Turtles. Lucas seem to be more keen in reastablishing the Monkey Island franchise, rather than making as much money from one game as possible.

  • Dark Charger

    Nice series of arcade titles for summer while I anticipate the crazy Fall/Holiday season of retail games.

    Great price for Shadow Complex which looks to be a great upcoming release. I love that Metroid/Castlevania-esque style.

    Not as excited for games like TMNT for 1200 points. It will need to impress me just that much more at that price point. 800 would have been an easy purchase for that particular title.

    Reserving judgment on the rest until I see more.

  • ManicBomber

    I’m not going to get Turtles in Time unless it has unlimited continues in the multiplayer. That 3 continue thing from the original game was not so much fun when I was just trying to get four people together for some multiplayer fun.

  • p0yo77

    amm you guys at microsoft should start thinking about every other country in the world, i mean in the us you get 10 or 12 dollars an hour for work, but in pretty much every place else, 12 dollars is a whole day of work. besides, 15 dollars is a lot for tmnt 2.

  • WinterSnowblind

    I can’t believe there’s not more hype for Splosion Man. It looks amazing, and unlike the Maw, seems to have a decent amount of levels :)

  • Ramstein

    Kinda funny, I remember when the average Arcade title price was 400MP, years later at 800MP, now every title that comes out is MINIMUM 1200. The worst thing that could’ve happened is allowing big-name developer/publishers to release games on XBLA. I will be buying MvC2, but because Backbone does good work and all of my friends will be playing it too. I was REALLY interested in TMNT but at 1200 and in this recession, I find myself being more picky.

    Here’s hoping that the price-gouging stops.

  • sleepydumbdude

    I’ll be getting all of them but Turtles and maybe Trials. I don’t care for their make over and was even going to debate getting it for 800. I don’t know what Trails HD is so might get it. I don’t mind the prices on the others.

    I loved The Maw so ready to play Splosion man and I’ll be getting tons of play from Marvel vs Capcom 2. Shadow Complex looks sweet and I’ll most likely get it with the trial.

  • Maniac3000

    The only way to get them to stop charging higher prices is to not buy the more expensive games. But Microsoft has seen through the likes of Castle Crashers, Braid, and especially Hasbro Family Games that people are willing to spend more. And I don’t suppose there’s much you can do about that, short of tracking down and beating up everyone who buys it at a higher price. :-P

  • Rathwirt

    Terrible pricing. Not even going to bother.

  • Maniac3000

    And Microsoft’s goal is making money, not pleasing the community. So they’ll listen to the community enough so we keep paying, but won’t get rid of the MS points system, let you cancel your subscription without calling, remove the ads from the dashboard, or make Live free. They also didn’t care that the gaming community and many game designers wanted the HDD to be required. Because these things make them money. That’s capitalism for you. Of course, people (going back to Alexis de Tocqueville in 1840) have noticed that Americans prefer cheaper things of a lower quality than more expensive things of a higher quality.

  • Atomicow

    Pricing fail.

  • a peeking duck

    Good change of the release schedule. :D

  • Rixxar 06

    yeah waiting for shadow complex

  • heater06

    1200 for Turtles? Ouch.

  • Joergen8

    I think the disappointment with the Arcade pricing is that we all know they will NEVER come down in price, so we dont have a choice of waiting for the bargain bin if we’re too cheap to buy it day one. So if something we had our eye on shows up at 1200 points and thats over our budget, then thats it.

  • programad


    I’ll have to wait more for TMNT!!!!

  • Xerus

    This would be ok if the Digital Marketplace acted like a real life market place. After a game has been out for a year it should be so much cheaper, not just the short term mini-discounts that they are doing on some select items. So because that is not occurring making a judgment on initial price I think is very valid.

  • KMetalmind

    @WinterSnowblind Yeah, I agree with you. I´m not telling they doesn´t have a huge job behind them, just that I think it´s not enough to warrant that price :(

    Personally, Splosion Man doesn´t make me smile because, although I enjoyed The Maw, it was too easy, and had so fast new content that it couldn´t be developed after the game, it was planned till the beginning. Okay, it´s cheap, but final price makes 1100 points, so it isn´t really a 800 points game as it seemed. Anyway, if Splosion Man is harder, and gameplay it´s cool, I will buy it surely :P

    @Joergen8 Yeah, that´s the worst problem. You can either buy at the price tag, or wait forever for a lucky week discount.

  • Dragon King

    Sorry MS. For $15, I’ll have to stick to playing MVC2 on Dreamcast. The demo was great, but I just can’t afford it.

  • Exu

    I see you reshuffled the schedule. Shame you couldn’t reshuffle the prices TO SOMETHING THAT MAKES SENSE.

  • K04 Passat

    All five look like good games, and the prices seem fair. My only 2 comments would be that we know nothing about Splosion Man, and I don’t know why TMNT Turtles in Time needed the 3D update. The original 2D art direction was fantastic.

    Oh, and thank you to Capcom. MvcC2 was probably a licensing nightmare. Looking forward to having one less reason to have a Dreamcast hooked up. Keep them coming, after this! Capcom vs SNK 1 and 2, Powerstone 1 and 2, Vampire Chronicle…

  • XxLightkunxX

    You know you losers are all missing the point. You all paid (I’m hoping) for a $400 estimated machine, do you REALLY expect everything that releases on it that is worthwhile of your time to be cheap? God, every single time Major Nelson releases things it’s always the same whiney cuntwagon-fan parade of complaints every time about “pricing” this and “Pricing” that….I saw complaining about 400 points once because some users felt that the content should have been free! Heck, we have thousands of people complaining (but for good reasons) that Left 4 Dead 2 should be free…are all of you going to just keep going about doing this incessantly? Give it a rest, good lord. I remember when people would pay upwards $50 for a Genesis cartridge when the system was hot and nobody complained. Nobody went “$40 used? That’s too much!”, or at least in all of my experiences they didn’t. Who are YOU guys to judge how pricing goes about and why the prices are high? Sure maybe some stupid decisions (Look at Lode Runner, a game nobody cared about for its gameplay AND price put together) hinder business but for the most part if you pay higher you get more quality; getting Banjo Kazooie for $15 compared to going to a pawn shop (maybe) and seeing it, box and manual included, for $20+ or $40+ on Ebay is a deal when also considering the Live capabilities and HD enhancements to the visuals.

    You guys will just never be satisfied, that’s what I’m predicting. Just like the Sonic fans. :\